Perfume Bottle Covers for Prestigious Perfume Brand

Destination: United Kingdom
Client: Renowned British Surface Treatment Company
Fulfillment Schedule: 10,000 sets within 55 days

  • Translating the client’s conceptual vision into a feasible manufacturing design.
  • Adjusting structural components post-die sinking to ensure proper fit and function.
  • Achieving a premium gold finish on the covers.
  • Applying white paint to the bottles and addressing potential issues with paint adherence and finish.
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Perfume Bottle Covers for Prestigious Perfume Brand

British surface treatment company contact LeelineSourcing for customize a perfume bottle covers

Background: A distinguished French perfume brand, bound by a non-disclosure agreement, sought to create a distinctive set of perfume bottle decorations for an upcoming product launch. The project was initially entrusted to Trichord, a British company renowned for its exceptional dye diffusion techniques. After a careful evaluation process, Trichord decided to collaborate with LeelineSourcing for the preliminary processing of the decoration kit and its components.

The project unfolded over 60 days, beginning with 15 days dedicated to tripartite discussions and coordination among LeelineSourcing, the manufacturing partner, and the client, which included the stages of prototyping and approval. This was followed by a 45-day production phase, encompassing the procurement of raw materials, ongoing production, quality assessments, the compilation of quality test reports, and final spot checks, culminating in the successful dispatch of the finished products.


Due to the signing of a confidentiality agreement, we can not provide pictures of the listing

Client Trichord introduced the design concept for the perfume bottle cover and decorative elements.

Client Trichord proposed the concept of the bottle cover and decoration design

Chat record

Requirements screenshot

Preliminary design

Preliminary design

Extracted requirements:

1. The kit consists of three parts: bottle body + base + decorative rings

2. The body and base of the bottle should support the perfume bottle

3. The bottle needs carrying on the preliminary surface treatment, whose colors can be divided into bright gold and bright white.

Extracted requirements

LeelineSourcing began the search for a suitable manufacturing and inspection facility.

In collaboration with a long-standing partner, a zinc alloy parts producer, we also identified another factory adept at crafting stainless steel kits. This factory’s qualifications and processing capabilities aligned well with our standards. Preliminary discussions were held with both entities to address the challenges associated with bringing the product design to life and to clarify numerous product specifics.

Stainless Steel Kit Manufacturer: Yongkang **** Industry and Trade Co., Ltd

Zinc Alloy Parts Producer: Shenzhen **** Electronics Co., Ltd

LeelineSourcing tackled and navigated through various challenges for this order, achieving successful solutions:

1. Client Vision Realization

  • Challenge: Transforming Trichord’s concept into a tangible design was complex due to the nuanced requirements.
  • Solution: LeelineSourcing requested physical perfume bottle samples from Trichord for precise modeling. Our lead took charge of crafting the CAD 3D models for the base, decorations, and cover. Through detailed discussions and multiple revisions, the final design was confirmed, leading to the commencement of mold production.

Modeling process:

Sketch of bottle cover

Three-dimensional modeling effect of each part

Three dimensional modeling effect

Sketch of bottle cove

Visual effect diagram:







Fairy deer

Fairy Deer

2. Compatibility of Components

  • Challenge: Ensuring a seamless fit between the stainless steel bottle cover and zinc alloy parts was critical, especially considering the stringent 5kg load requirement.
  • Solution: The project team meticulously polished the contact surfaces and innovated the thread design to achieve the desired precision and compatibility, ensuring a gap of ≤0.1 mm.

3. Gold Finish on Bottle Covers

  • Challenge: Achieving a metallic gold effect on the bottle covers was challenging with traditional paint.
  • Solution: A polished silver finish was applied to the covers before undergoing a vacuum ion plating process, which successfully emulated the desired gold appearance. A protective layer of heat sublimation varnish was then added for durability and aesthetics.

4. Application of Thermal Sublimation Paint

  • Challenge: Ensuring the durability of the thin gold plating layer and facilitating secondary surface treatments necessitated a thicker varnish application, which initially led to paint run-offs.
  • Solution: Adopting a two-stage painting and drying process ensured the varnish’s thickness and firmness without compromising the finish.

5. Prevention of Paint Spray Issues

  • Challenge: The spray painting process for the white bottle bodies risked affecting the screw threads, potentially hindering the smooth assembly.
  • Solution: Protective taping and precision grinding were employed to safeguard the threads during painting, maintaining the assembly standard.

6. Packaging Integrity

  • Challenge: Ensuring the gold-plated parts remained unscathed during transit was paramount.
  • Solution: The packaging design incorporated export-standard boxes, foam inserts, and bubble wraps, alongside compartmentalization strategies for the bottle bodies, to prevent damage and wear.

7. Quality Assurance

  • Challenge: Maintaining stringent quality standards across all components was essential.
  • Solution: Comprehensive sampling and inspection protocols were established, covering material safety, dimensional accuracy, color consistency, paint durability, component compatibility, load-bearing capacity, and packaging resilience, ensuring a defect rate of ≤5‰.

These strategic solutions facilitated the successful fulfillment of the project, underscoring LeelineSourcing’s commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

LeelineSourcing team organized the first output of the sample

LeelineSourcing’s purchasing team, including Benson and Colin, collaborated closely with Yongkang ** Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen ** Electronics Co., Ltd. They convened a meeting to deliberate on various critical aspects such as material quality benchmarks, procedural norms, packaging guidelines, and acceptance criteria. This thorough discussion laid the groundwork for the creation and approval of the initial sample output.

The sample is confirmed by client British Trichord Group

Over a span of twenty-five days, LeelineSourcing meticulously refined and aligned every detail of the sample with the British Trichord Group’s specifications, ensuring the structure, effect, and overall aesthetic were in over 95% concordance with the client’s vision. Following a comprehensive video confirmation with the client conducted by the inspector, the sample was dispatched to the British Trichord Group via FedEx for their final approval.

Upon reviewing the sample, the British Trichord Group expressed their satisfaction and subsequently placed an order with LeelineSourcing, with the stipulation that the completed goods be delivered to the specified logistics partner within a 45-day timeframe.

grind the bottom up and down

Grind the bottom up and down

check thread and plating

Check thread and plating

spray heat sublimation paint

Spray heat sublimation paint



bottle body

Bottle body



full set of effects

Full set

combined effects


LeelineSourcing conducted individual inspections at both factories, overseeing a meticulous sampling inspection of the goods.

Upon successful completion and approval of these inspections, we instructed the factories to proceed with the shipment. Concurrently, we prepared all necessary export documentation and formally declared the shipment for export.


Purchase Order



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