Bicycle Water Bottle Reorder for Vietnam Dienmayxanh

Destination: Vietnam
Client Type: Chain Retail
Lead Time: 100 days

  1. The original supplier has increased their prices.
  2. The client’s customization needs do not fulfill the factory’s minimum order quantity.
  3. There’s a need to alter the packaging to align with the client’s specifications.
  4. The client requires expedited delivery following the order confirmation.
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Bicycle Water Bottle Reorder for Vietnam Dienmayxanh

Client Profile and Order Background for Dienmayxanh

Dienmayxanh (DMX), a subsidiary of the MWG Group, stands as Vietnam’s leading local retailer in home appliances, boasting over 1,000 stores across the country by 2020. DMX is renowned not just for its extensive retail chain but also for its strong online presence. In addition to home appliances, DMX offers a range of bicycles and related accessories.

Following a successful initial order of bicycle water bottles in July 2021, which were well-received by customers and met local certification standards, DMX has decided to place a repeat order. This time, they have requested LeelineSourcing to supply 10,000 units of the bicycle water bottles, branded with DMX’s logo, adhering to specific customization needs and within the stipulated delivery timeframe.

The order was successfully dispatched to the client in two separate consignments, followed by both online and offline listings and sales facilitated by DMX.

  • On January 10th, 2022, the initial batch of 4,000 units was delivered to the client’s designated forwarding agent.
  • By March 25th, 2022, the second batch consisting of 6,000 units was shipped from the port.

Subsequently, DMX proceeded with the listing and sales of the products through their online platforms and physical retail outlets.

Black Bicycle Water Bottle Reorder LeelineSourcing


Red LeelineSourcing


Transparent LeelineSourcing


During discussions with Dienmayxanh in Vietnam, the client outlined their purchasing criteria as follows:

Chat record LeelineSourcing

Chat Record with the client

Exported Countries: Vietnam

Product: Bicycle water bottle

Quantity: 10000pcs


  1. Keep the original price of the water bottle.
  2. Replace the packaging.
  3. customize the product and packaging with the customer logo.

Order requirement

Introduce a new factory and communicate with the three factories on delivery, price, order quantity and product customization

We initiated discussions with three factories from our established and newly expanded supplier network, introducing a new manufacturer to enhance our negotiating leverage and mitigate delivery risks. The conversations revolved around product specifics, customization needs, and potential challenges. The factories involved are:

  • Dongguan **** Bicycle Co., specializing in the manufacture of branded water bottles.
  • Shenzhen **** Plastic Products Co., focusing on water bottle production.
  • Shenzhen **** Packaging Material Co., responsible for water bottle packaging solutions.

LeelineSourcing faced and overcame several challenges with this order:

I. Maintaining Original Pricing Despite Supplier’s Price Increase

  • Challenge: The original supplier sought a price hike due to rising material costs, conflicting with the client’s request to maintain the initial price point.
  • Solution: LeelineSourcing engaged in extensive negotiations with the client to uphold the original price for mutual benefit. By sourcing a new factory that bypassed brand intermediary costs, we secured a price that aligned with the client’s budget.

II. Custom Color Requirements and MOQ Constraints

  • Challenge: The order’s diverse color palette and the requirement for matching bottle and cap colors did not meet the factory’s MOQ for each color.
  • Solution: We conveyed the client’s market presence and potential for repeat orders to the factory, which was persuaded to proceed with material preparation and production based on the 10,000-unit order.

III. Upgrading Packaging Specifications

  • Challenge: The initial simple packaging was prone to product displacement during transit, prompting the client to request a more secure, branded packaging solution.
  • Solution: LeelineSourcing collaborated with a trusted packaging manufacturer to develop two packaging size options and enhanced the design with a closure and display-friendly features. The client approved the prototypes, paving the way for bulk production.
Neutral packaging LeelineSourcing

Neutral packaging

Design draft LeelineSourcing

Design draft

Customized packaging LeelineSourcing

Customized packaging for DMX

IV. Expedited Delivery Amidst Tight Deadlines

  • Challenge: A delayed order confirmation, due to unforeseen client-side changes, pressed against the Chinese New Year timeline, complicating the desired delivery schedule.
  • Solution: Immediate coordination with the factory and the freight forwarder ensured the earliest possible production and shipping dates. The first batch of 4,000 units was expedited to meet the client’s pre-holiday receiving deadline.

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