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TOP 1 Sourcing Agent in China for Your International Business

Sourcing and importing goods and products from China is easier than ever. However, what remains an uphill task is that small businesses aren’t able to find the right suppliers to meet their China sourcing needs. Not to mention the language and the cultural barriers that they often have to face in the entire process!

If you too are looking forward to placing a large order and need someone to take care of warehousing, shipping support, after-sales support, legal contract support or quality, then you’ve arrived at the right place. We’re the best Chinese sourcing agents, who efficiently help you meet your business objective seamlessly.

LeelineSourcing Company has been in this field about 10 years with good reputation.No matter how big or small orders are,you don’t need to worry about the quality,shipment,etc.We do our best to provide optimal cases and satisfactory services to make your business better and better.

You can focus on business, and we handle everything until you get products. Working with us, you will save both Time and Money.

Our committed team gives you 100 % peace of mind with the assurance that the products supplied via socially responsible supply chains. Clients trust us to conduct our business responsibly; mitigating risk, upholding their values and maintaining the integrity of their brands and clients brands.

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Tell us what you need and your products will soon deliver to your warehouse! We offer Amazon Seller Service from Product procurement, quality inspection, brand labeling, packaging services, products photographing, and shipping to FBA warehouse.

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No matter if you are a client of us or just a visitor, we’ve like to share our knowledge in sourcing which will help you avoid the mistakes if you importing products by yourself, you will also get inspiration of new products with our weekly updated blog.

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China Best Sourcing Agent,One-stop Sourcing Service.

Product Sourcing

Email us what you want to purchase,we will offer the quotation for your reference.


We strictly follow up your orders and do quality control.Reports will be sent to you after inspection.


Guidance about Chinese factories,markets and goods importation can be provided for your further understanding.


We arrange warehouse for your goods if necessary.

Shipping Arrangement

All exporting procedures such as container loading,customs declaration,shipping and so on will arranged by us.

After-sales Services

If you have questions after receiving goods,we are sincere to handle for you.


Read All NewsWith 10 Years of Experience in Sourcing Business, We'd Love to Share our Knowledge and Ideas in This Field.

Clients’ Testimonials

  • I had a lot of problems getting my hands on product samples before I came by B2C Sourcing. Now I can import samples easily as they have minimal processing fees and take care of the whole process by themselves. I’ve saved quite a bit of money ever since I started using their services, and it doesn’t hurt that their staff is quite cooperative and helpful …

    John Miler
    Purchase Manager
  • I Have cooperated with Sharline for 5 years. They helped me a lot on my business. They will check the quantity and quality before paying the suppliers. Within their help, I saved a lot of money and time one travelling and my business is going well now

    Jane Doe
    Co Founder
  • LeelineSourcing Sharline is really helpful. They helped me a lot for my business in China.Their work is efficient and service is good .


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