Temu Dropshipping:  A Way To Make An Extra $10,000

Sharline Shaw

Hey, Have you ever heard about Temu dropshipping? Are you running a dropshipping business? If YES, then you must wonder why Temu is growing in such a short TIME in the ecommerce industry. 

Temu is among the most popular shopping apps in the US. The Temu shopping app was launched by Chinese suppliers in early September 2022. 

Leeline Sourcing has more than ten years of experience in the ecommerce industry. We are here to assist you to BOOST your business in Temu. After doing in-depth research, we collected every Temu-related INFORMATION for YOU.

Keep reading! This blog post will give you more details about Temu Dropshipping. 

Temu dropshipping

What is Temu? (and why you need it

What is Temu

A new shopping app in the US launched on Sept 1st, 2022. This app is Temu

The MARKETPLACE Offers high-quality, affordable goods with the best shopping experience. 

Temu has achieved a $1.5 million daily GMV, like the Chinese Brand Shein & Wish.

Temu appears to stem from its parent company, PDD Group. Founded in 2015, it has grown to become a Chinese e-commerce giant. 

It is a well-known shopping app in China. PDD has created a vast network of dropshipping suppliers. In 2021, it processed over 61 billion orders, generating $14.7 billion in revenue. 

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Advantages of Temu Dropshipping

Advantages of Temu Dropshipping

Low Price Strategy

The debut of Temu in the US was timed with the hectic holiday shopping period. 

The website was filled with eye-catching “70-90% OFF” deals and numerous “$0.99 specials”. The wholesale prices covered different categories, including clothing, and home furnishings products. The majority of goods on offer had prices below 5 dollars.

What are the BENEFITS? Buy CHEAP PRODUCTS and Sell at HIGH PRICES on Temu. 

The Temu app and website offer US consumers low prices and free shipping services. The prices and discounts are remarkable, even for experienced drop shippers & e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Cultivate Users’ Shopping Habits

Temu offers low prices, deep discounts, and many 1-cent items. It also has a purchase protection program that fully refunds damaged products. This has likely boosted customers’ confidence in Temu.

I have purchased products from TEMU. Dropshipping is an excellent way to start here. Lower investment. Quality products.  And what else do I even need?

JoJo, a YouTuber, says Temu’s low prices make people buy things. She says her shopping habits on Amazon changed because of Temu. Now, she checks Temu before purchasing anything on Amazon. So your MONEY will never go to waste.

Experienced dropshippers say, “Once customers enjoy buying from you, you get MORE PROFIT.”

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

How to Use Temu for Dropshipping

Use Temu for Dropshipping

Hey, Are you a dropshipper? Do you want to know about the PRODUCT PRICE offered by Temu?

Why do you think about this? Oh, we CAUGHT YOU. You want to use Temu for dropshipping. 

To be TRUTHFUL, Temu is a unique platform for end-users. To use Temu for Dropshipping, you have two options. 

Register as a VERIFIED SELLER on the Parent Company or Sign up as a TRUSTED SELLER on Temu ITSELF.

Enter as a Verified Pinduoduo Seller

Are you an old Pinduoduo seller? If YES, then your task is very SIMPLE. You don’t have to go through SUPPLEMENTARY processes.

But, if you are not registered, the process takes a few MINUTES to complete. 

Step 1 is to visit Pinduoduo’s official website. Select the cross-border e-commerce button on the left side. 

After signing into your account, apply for cross-border e-commerce. If it is a victory, you are successfully registered. 

Join Temu as a New Seller

Are you registered with the parent company? If Yes, then registering for a Temu DROPSHIPPING account is TOO EASY. 

Visit the Temu website and Complete the REGISTRATION PROCESS. 

The verification process takes about 3 to 5 working days. 

While SIGNING UP, you need a few documents:

  • Store manager ID
  • Distribution documentation, such as evidence of warehouse partners.
  • Brand qualification documentation such as trademarks.
  • Legal representative ID or a passport.
  • International Business license.

I have purchased products from TEMU. Dropshipping is an excellent way to start here. Lower investment. Quality products.  And what else do I even need?

How to Find the Right Suppliers on Temu?

Find the Right Suppliers on Temu

Do you want to know how to select the RIGHT SUPPLIERS on Temu? Read the following two tips:

Focus on Temu Products Differentiation

Product differentiation is crucial for success in Temu. Their focus on low-priced everyday items means they face market saturation and competition. 

The products often appear cheap with a high likelihood of defects. You should offer high-value, unique products to satisfy customers seeking a higher-quality lifestyle. 

This can be achieved by selling luxurious jewelry and cutting-edge electronics. The approach appeals to customers looking for an ELEGANT lifestyle.

Avoid Price War for Finding the Right Supplier

The most notable advantage that Temu possesses is the vast funds given by PDD Holdings. 

The investment at the outset enables Temu to offer the lowest prices in the market. Also, when, if it means a temporary reduction in profits. 

Dropdrop shippers are either individual business owners or small company entrepreneurs. They can’t compete in a price war against a massive corporation like Temu. 

But, import products at low prices and sell them at HIGH PRICES to earn more PROFIT.

I have followed this STRATEGY to boost my business. I import products up to 100% lower prices. Then pay the taxes during import. Finally, my profit is around 50% per item. That is quite handsome profit.

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What are Shipping Costs and Delivery Times in Temu?

Shipping Costs and Delivery Times in Temu

Do you KNOW that LESSER SHIPPING time attracts more CUSTOMERS? Following is the delivery time of Temu. 

After SUCCESSFULLY placing an order on TEMU, you see the exact PROCESSING TIME and COST.

The WAREHOUSE time is 1 to 3 days to PROCESS order. The GOOD THING is that you receive confirmation messages for each process.

You get a shipment notification to estimate delivery time. You also get the tracking number to view the estimated delivery time.

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Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Temu: Buyer Guarantee and Return Policy

TEMU Buyer Guarantee and Return Policy

To initiate a return, follow these steps:

  • You need to visit the Temu website or use the Temu app to request a refund. Now, log in to your account if you don’t have a Temu account yet; no worries! 
  • Find the “Save your Order” button in the email you received when purchasing. Follow the instructions to initiate a return.
  • To initiate a return, locate the specific order in the “Your Orders” section. Once you have found it, click the “Return” button to start the process.
  • To start the return process, you need to choose the item(s) you want to return. You might have to give extra details about your order based on your selected reason. Now, click the “Next Step” button to move forward.
  • The final step if you don’t need to return an item is to pick how you’d like to get your refund. You have two options: as a Temu credit balance or back to your payment method. Just make your choice and click “Submit.”
  • If you want to send back your item(s), you can choose how you wish to return it and get your money back. After you ask for a return, we will give you a label to send back the item(s). The shipping is free for the first time you return an item within 90 days of buying it.
  • To send back your item(s), stick the label we gave you onto the outside package you’re returning. Then take the box to the closest USPS / UPS place, and you’re all set!
  • Look at the order details to see if you got your money back for the item you returned. Make sure to return the package within 14 days of asking for a return, or the process will stop. The label we give you is only for returns made within the US.
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FAQs about Temu Dropshipping

1. Does Temu allow custom packaging and custom messages?

No, Temu does not allow custom packaging and messages for the target audience. Temu prints its logo outside every package. 

2. What items can you sell on Temu?

If you are a registered seller on Temu, then you can sell products in every category, such as:
· Home décor
· Tools and crafts or same product
· Garden tools or sewing products 
· Women, men, or children’s clothing
· Accessories
· Kitchen items or smart home appliances 
· And other most  products.

3. Is Temu and Shein the same?

No, Temu and Shein are both different. Temu serves as a host between suppliers, buyers and customers. On the other hand, Shein is a fast fashion retailer. Shein has various sub-brands, such as Dazy, SheGlam, Motf, and many more.

What’s Next

Wrap up!

INDEED, the procedure of selling on Temu looks EASY. But it is COMPLICATED for people without REQUIRED documents for verification. 

What are you WAITING for? LAUNCH yourself and your ecommerce BUSINESS on one of the best marketplaces in the US market.

Still, having any difficulty while SIGNING UP on Temu? Leeline Sourcing is here to help you in every STEP of TEMU DROPSHIPPING solution. Contact us, and our professionals will get back to you quickly.

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