Lazada Dropshipping

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Lazada Dropshipping

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Is Lazada dropshipping profitable in 2023

Dropshipping in Lazada has never been more PROFITABLE!

First, you create a corporate seller account without costing a single PENNY. You get to sell MANY product ranges, from clothing to electrical products. You name it, they have it. 

Its 3Es marketing made it the LEADING online selling platform in Southeast Asia:

  • Easy to buy 
  • Easy to sell 
  • Easy to deliver 

Start selling on Lazada today! 

Lazada Dropshipping

Our Lazada Dropshipping Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Product Suppliers

We have 10 YEARS of experience in product sourcing for Lazada dropshipping. You get better protection dealing with suppliers worldwide. So look no more!

We have TONS of RELIABLE suppliers to meet your requirements. No worries about starting your business from scratch. Our FRIENDLY sourcing team teaches you STEP-BY-STEP to choose the FINEST product.

So just sit back and relax. We do the job for you!

Product Quality Control

Worry about getting SECOND-RATE products with bad quality? We got you covered!

Our PROFESSIONALS ensure you get TOP-NOTCH items from our TOP-RANKED supplier. You get a CUSTOMIZED inspection based on your needs. 

Prepare to GAIN PROFIT from our FINEST products with the BEST quality. Consult us today!

Product Quality Control
16 9 store logo

Branded Dropshipping

Dream of creating your branding? Check us out! 

Our DEVOTED design team assists you in creating an EXCLUSIVE branding profile. We make your product more APPEALING and MEMORABLE to customers with Lazada dropshipping. Then you get a HIGH PROFIT with payment protection. Does it sound good enough?

Private Label & White Label Products

Stop being anxious searching for TOP manufacturers

Save money, time, and brain cell with our private-label service! We offer PERSONALIZED private-label service with an AFFORDABLE shipping fee. Simply drop us your requirement, and we will make your branding REMARKABLE!

Ready to print your logo on one of our OPTIMUM products? BOOST your sales in NO TIME with our white-label service! 

Private Label & White Label
fulfillment center

Dropshipping Fulfillment

Eager to have FAST shipping dropshipping fulfillment service with low shipping fees? 

Search no more! We provide a COMPREHENSIVE dropshipping fulfillment service to make your life EASIER. We ensure aesthetically PLEASING products with detailed status on order tracking. 

We handle every order. You DO NOT LOSE SLEEP when you choose us for your dropshipping fulfillment option.

About us

Leeline Sourcing — Unlock the Best Lazada Dropshipping For You

  • EXCELLENT service. Our BROKERS always make sure that your documents meet the criteria. Just send in your records. Our PROFESSIONALS will ensure your business goes SMOOTHLY. INCREASE your sales in NO TIME!
  • TOP-LEVEL customer support. You can contact us at ANY TIME with questions or inquiries. We have COMPLETE visibility into the status of your customs documents. Reach us, and our FRIENDLY customer support will assist you IMMEDIATELY!
  •  WIDE RANGE of services. We take care of everything for your shipment. Customs brokerage is simply one of the MANY services we provide. We have EXCELLENT exporters who pick up, pack, and ship your items for you. Save your time when you receive our service to your SATISFACTION.

Hear it from fellow Lazada Dropshipper

Y’all are the BEST thing I have found for sales automation! Our sales have increased DRAMATICALLY within 2 months! The PERSONALIZED service offered here has successfully helped in creating my branding! 

– Vivian, USA

Source Your Products and Start Dropshipping

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The ULTIMATE GUIDE to Lazada Dropshipping

We agree that Lazada is one of the TOP e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. This USER-FRIENDLY marketplace has over 50 million visitors per month

Lazada dropshipping EXPOSES your dropshipping business to a bigger customer base. And this article gives you valuable guidelines to OUTSTAND among the competitors!

We are a sourcing company with 10 years of relevant experience. We’ve compiled all you need to kickstart your Lazada dropshipping business! You’ll EXCEL in your online shopping business and PROFIT better.

Let’s get rolling!

lazada dropshipping

How Does Dropshipping Works in Lazada?

Dropshipping Works in Lazada

Lazada itself is a drop shipper. Did you know?

To start selling in Lazada, you must find a dropshipping-friendly supplier. What it means is you must locate a product supplier who accepts direct consignment items. 

Also, you need to find suppliers with ready stock to list items in your store. There are a lot of wholesale suppliers out there. It includes Alibaba, the founder of the Lazada store.

I use API suppliers to quickly add products and manage order tracking. API helps me upload bulk products and synchronize the prices whenever the supplier updates it.

So what is an API method

API is equal to a key that grants access to system integration. Assume a consumer purchases something from your store. You can easily add things from your suppliers to your store and place an order with them.

Why Should You Dropship on Lazada?

Why Should You Dropship on Lazada

Lazada is perfect for sellers who want to jumpstart their e-commerce business. Here is why:

1. FREE Seller Accounts

Unlike other e-commerce sites, you COST NOTHING to drop shipping in Lazada. The accounts are completely free.

I have my FREE SELLER ACCOUNT on Lazada. It offers an opportunity to sell.

2. FAST Delivery Speed

In the Lazada app, sellers get to deliver their orders ASAP WITHIN THE SAME DAY! Many customers claim to get their product EARLIER than the promised delivery time. But, this is only applicable to a few regions. 

3. DEVOTED Seller Central App

What I like the MOST about Lazada is its app. You are at ease while using browsing Lazada.

Grow your business INSTANTLY with the features on the Lazada seller central app! You get ALL the information you need to kickstart your business via mobile devices. Moreover, Lazada seller central app provides seller tools to EASE your business. 

4. LOW Transaction Fees

Lazada does not charge listing fees, and there is no hidden cost on sellers. You get assigned a payment and commission fee based on your product unit price; only 2%! 

Is it 2% high? For me, it is like the ZERO FEE for selling compared to other platforms.

Interested in starting your business in Shopee and Lazada? Continue to read down!

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

How To Start Lazada Dropshipping?

Start Lazada Dropshipping

Step 1: Choosing Your Niche

In the first step, you need to focus on the specific product to add to your store, not too broad. 

You analyze the marketplace through Auto-suggestions from Lazada. Or, you use keyword research tools like Split Dragon. Also, remember to conduct some competition research before confirming your selling product niche! 

My tips: Niche is the key. Don’t compromise on it. Find the less competitive niche.

Step 2: Register With Lazada App

Already choosing your product niche? You’re ready to sign up in Lazada application forms!

  1. Complete An Application Form

You get to choose either an individual or corporate seller account on Lazada. You must fill in several info for both account registration, including:

  • Bank account
  • Registered business name
  • Address
  1. Activate Your Seller Center Account

Go to your email account and click the link to activate your seller account. 

  1. Select A Secure Payment Options

Lazada currently pays sellers using World First or Payoneer

  1. Upload Your First Item

You’ll soon receive an email asking you to upload your first product. Lazada requires your SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and will take 3 days to review your products. You are now ready to sell on Lazada after your confirmation. 

Step 3: Find A Reliable Dropshipping Provider For Lazada 

To begin as a Lazada seller, I need a RELIABLE supplier. And this is where we come to your needs! I find the TOP-NOTCH dropshipping supplier.

Sellers should look for the following when searching for the BEST dropshipping supplier: 

  • HIGH product quality
  • EXCELLENT Customer Service
  • LOWER price
  • FAST shipping 
  • REASONABLE shipping cost

Step 4: Promote Your Lazada Store

Promote Your Lazada Store

Increase product exposure to BOOST online purchases on Lazada platform. In this step, use marketing channels and promotional banners to reach more audiences. Here are some examples:

  • Facebook and Google ads

This method allows new sellers to get noticed. Your product will be seen by those interested in it if you target the right keyword. The customers contact you via Facebook messenger to discuss this further. 

  • Social Media

Want to operate your business in the long term? Get your product featured on social media! Constantly update your new products to connect with existing or even new customers.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Target keywords with low competition and moderate to high search bar volumes

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is fantastic because of its high ROI. Also, you contact your email list if you cannot access your website or social media accounts. 

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How to Offer Products on Lazada Marketplace?

Offer Products on Lazada Marketplace

STEP 1: List Products

All you need are product specifics since that is what sells. You begin your business with 10 to 20 products and gradually expand. 

You must present a detailed, accurate, and to-the-point product description. It keeps your customers returning to you instead of moving to other sellers.  

I recommend adding a detailed description to your PRODUCTS. It helps sort out significant problems.

STEP 2: Sell Products

You can manage all elements of selling through the lazada seller center. Then, customers start shopping online on your Lazada store.

Among the several possibilities available to you are the following: 

  • Keeping track of incoming orders
  • Updating your inventory
  • Checking your performance data


STEP 3: Ship Products

Shipping products increase the TRUST INDEX of my products and store. So, I focus on it more than anything.

You must be as explicit about shipping as you were about selling to gain customer trust. Lazada offers express delivery options. You also use the standard delivery option or other product shipment options: 

  • Fulfillment by Lazada
  • Shipping by Seller

STEP 4: Get Paid!

Lazada will deduct costs and send the final amounts to your bank account. You receive it every 14 days after the order is finished.

 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline Sourcing at any time regarding your shipments from China.

What is the Lazada Dropshipping Policy?

Lazada Dropshipping Policy

You need to follow specific policies to dropship in Lazada. Some common violations of rules are:

  • Product miscategorizing

Avoid placing products in improper classifications. This confuses the customer with the products you are selling.

  • Fail to fulfill orders

The supplier might not have ready stock, which causes order cancellation. It leads to a bad online shopping experience for customers.

  • Poor after-sales service

Only some suppliers refund the terrible products. Besides, slow responses to customers’ messages are not good too. These leave your selling user interface with bad reviews. 

Do not violate these policies to give your customers a happy shopping experience. But if you had violated one or some guidelines (maybe unintentionally), you may face the actions of:

  • Lock your listing
  • Lower the ranking of buyer’s search result 
  • Restrict you from uploading new products
  • Deactivate your store  

FAQs about Lazada Dropshipping

1. What is the minimum budget to start dropshipping?

You can start the dropshipping business with a budget as low as 100$. The start-up cost for dropshipping is low as sellers don’t have to pay for the inventory. But, you need to prepare some extra money to advertise your products.

2. Can I sell in Lazada without business registration?

Yes, you can register as an individual account in Lazada without business registration. Signing up as an Individual account requires only your IC and the bank statement. 

3. What Cannot be sold on Lazada?

Some products cannot be sold on Lazada, for instance:
· Human body parts
· Non-authentic product
· Fake products
· Products made by protected flora and fauna.
Also, you need to follow your state’s law to avoid selling products prohibited by your country.

What’s Next

So that is the ALL-IN-ONE guide to succeed in your dropshipping in Lazada Malaysia. 

Selling on Lazada is a reasonably straightforward process with low shipping costs. The most important thing is to find a RELIABLE supplier to ace your business. You should also utilize tips in this post to SCALE your business to another level. 

Want to establish your drop shipping Lazada business? We’ve got you covered. Our team has a decade of sourcing and e-Commerce experience

Talk to us for professional advice!

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