Custom Keychains for Amazon Seller

Destination Country: United States

Client: Amazon Seller

Delivery Timeline: 78 days


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Custom Keychains for Amazon Seller

Amazon Seller Vantamo Seeks Sourcing Assistance from LeelineSourcing for Keychain and Keyring

On August 3, 2022, Vantamo, an Amazon seller, approached LeelineSourcing with a request to source a keychain and keyring that would complement their personal alarm product. At this initial stage, Vantamo had no specific preferences regarding the design, size, or material of the keychain and keyring, emphasizing a preference for a minimalist style. They provided reference styles from competitors on Amazon for guidance.

Key Ring

Prior to this request, LeelineSourcing had successfully assisted Vantamo in sourcing a safety cutter, demonstrating our continued collaboration and expertise in meeting client sourcing needs.

Initiation of Supplier Sourcing for Vantamo’s Request

Responding to Vantamo’s needs, we engaged with nine factories for quotations and selected six for sample procurement, organizing the details in a “Keychain Supplier List.”

suppliers checklist

At this stage, Vantamo hadn’t set a target price but expressed a desire for simplicity in design, favoring brass as the material for the keychain.

Reference samples

Guided by these preferences, we sought a broad selection of products in terms of size and shape, ensuring the procurement of samples aligned with these criteria.

  • Upon receipt of the samples, we conducted thorough evaluations, including photographing the samples and creating test videos as per Vantamo’s specifications. These tests focused on the ease of use and durability of the keychains, employing a sandpaper abrasion test to assess the likelihood of fading and scratching.

Through this testing, we discovered that copper, especially in its natural, non-electroplated state, showed remarkable resistance to wear compared to other metals.

  • Based on the sample quality and factory conditions, we narrowed down the list of potential suppliers for Vantamo, also clarifying their preferences regarding color and size.

Vantamo specified a desire for keychains in champagne pink and rose gold, with a small oval copper buckle measuring 60mm in length.

This led to a revised search and sampling process, with many factories either unable or unwilling to produce keychains in the desired colors.

Our search extended beyond the initial supplier list, incorporating new manufacturers like Dongguan MiZ.

suppliers list

Upon receiving and evaluating samples from these selected suppliers, we provided Vantamo with detailed feedback, including images, videos, and simplified test reports.

MZ pink


MZ Rose Gold

MZ-Rose Gold

Leeton Rose gold

Leeton-Rose Gold

Lvoduff pink


Jiawo Rose gold


Subsequently, Vantamo requested a narrower design for the keychain, specifying a width of 20-25mm.

This requirement presented a challenge, as the standard market size is typically 60x30mm, and custom sizes often necessitate new molds or tool adjustments at additional costs.

After consulting with nearly 20 factories, we selected eight based on various factors, including cost and sampling timelines. Due to time constraints, we only procured copper samples.

Following our established process, we documented these new samples with comprehensive photos and videos, including comparisons with the personal alarm for context, and prepared simplified test reports. These samples were then dispatched to Vantamo for final evaluation.

smaller oval samples

Order Finalization

  1. Supplier Selection: After reviewing samples from various manufacturers, Dongguan MZ Hardware emerged as the preferred supplier. Their samples outperformed others in terms of aesthetics and quality, including factors such as color appeal, plating durability, and the ease of unlocking the keychain.
  2. Finalizing Dimensions: The client deliberated over the size of the keychain, particularly the width. Following an evaluation of the smaller-sized sample (20-25mm in width), the decision was made to slightly increase the width. After extensive discussions and multiple iterations of photos and videos with the supplier, the final keychain dimensions were set at 60x28mm.
  3. Color Selection: Initially, due to the pressing timeline, a copper keychain was proposed to avoid the delays associated with electroplating.

However, the client was particularly drawn to the champagne powder and rose gold samples provided by MZ Hardware, noting the uniqueness and attractiveness of these colors in the market.

Consequently, despite the predominant market trends favoring copper, chrome, and black, the decision was made to proceed with the champagne powder and rose gold color options.

The resolution of key aspects such as supplier choice, product dimensions, color, and delivery schedule marked the comprehensive finalization of the order details.

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Hey I'm Sharline, the founder of Leeline Sourcing. With 10 years of experience in the field of sourcing in China, we help 2000+ clients import from China,Alibaba,1688 to Amazon FBA or shopify. If you have any questions about sourcing , pls feel free to contact us.