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How to sell chinese products make money on amazon online

The internet has provided us with wider earning opportunities that were unavailable before this age. Online businesses are extremely profitable, and have quickly taking over even markets once dominated by the offline world. As more and more opportunities are exposed for earnings in the online world, you do not want to be left behind.

One such massive opportunity is the chance to become a seller on the world’s largest E-commerce websites – Amazon – by importing goods from China.

What do you want to sell?

What do you want to sell

Want to set up your own Amazon business? Your very first task is deciding what it is you want to sell. This is step is extremely critical to the success of your business. You want to be certain that whatever it is you want to sell is a product that is in demand, one that people will be willing to buy. After all, you do not want to pour all of your savings into a product that will not be sold. Take your time to carry out an in-depth market research to validate your idea before pushing on.

Selecting a supplier

Selecting a supplier

Once you have the ideal product figured out, you need to search out the right supplier. When sourcing a supplier, you want to confirm that this supplier has the product you need and is trust-worthy enough. Always keep in mind that your supplier is key to the success of your business, exerting control over your product – the very foundation of your business. You can hire a sourcing agent to help you seek out adequate suppliers.

Better yet, you could head over to China to search out the market in person; or you could conveniently use Alibaba to find a supplier.

Quality test and bulk order

Quality test and bulk order

When eventually you have found a supplier you feel confident about, it is vital that you order a sample to test for quality. A single low quality delivery could ruin your business before it even begins. However, suppliers are not averse to sending out high quality samples, and then turning around with low quality deliveries when you place a bulk order. Ensure that you control the quality of the final delivery.

When you are sure of the quality of products you will be receiving, and are satisfied with it, it is time to place your order. At this stage, you have gotten one step closer to getting your products into the USA/UK and putting them up for sale on Amazon.

Import From China

Import from China

Your initial thought when considering importing your goods into the US/UK might center around the use of courier service companies like FedEx and UPS. Hold that thought. Your business will be a lot less profitable when using such international courier services for large imports. In this case, freight is a much cheaper option.

Freight involves moving bulk goods internationally using regular international transport systems like air and water. It is much cheaper than courier services, but is also more involving given you have to handle the tasks involved in importation which courier services take care of on your behalf. Sea freight is often cheaper than air freight in this case, but shipments take much longer to arrive – often taking up to 6 weeks from China to the USA/UK.

Send to an Amazon warehouse using FBA

Send to an Amazon warehouse using FBA

You can get your goods shipped directly to an Amazon warehouse if you are using Amazon FBA. This makes the entire process much easier and ensures your deliveries are more time efficient.

Sell Online

The first step to selling is having your products listed on the Amazon website using your seller central account. If you’re delivering to FBA, you might be best served doing this before the shipment leaves the factory in China.

An Overview of Processing to Sell On Amazon

How to sell chinese products make money on amazon online

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