Learn How To Import From China

Dropshipping Case Study

Dropshipping has been one of the most lucrative business practices in recent years, and this trend is growing further. Dropshipping is a retail approach in which a vendor provides products to the buyers by being a middleman between the wholesaler and a client (Kim, Montreuil, & Klibi, 2022). Since the retailer is not required to … Read more

What Are Service Marketplace Platforms and How Do You Start Yours?

A service marketplace is an online platform that connects service providers with customers. Service marketplaces help customers to find the services and businesses find new customers.  Also, they assist businesses in managing appointments, payments, and reviews.  If you’re thinking of starting a service marketplace, there are a few things you need to know. In this … Read more

How Technology Can Improve College Performance

The advancement of technology and its use in various spheres of human lives is a controversial and quite ambiguous experience. There is a considerable number of people who are convinced that it creates an extra distraction that affects productivity and efficiency levels. However, is it really so? First of all, it is indispensable to mention … Read more

Why Is It Important to Study Logistics Nowadays?

Every year, more young people consider studying logistics and supply chain management. This profession became not just very popular but rather essential considering the world we are living in. As the economy becomes highly interconnected, the world needs more people to connect all the dots. It means we need people on the ground who can … Read more

Studying in China: Tips for Foreign Students

Studying in another country is a dream for many students. Firstly, it’s exciting and interesting, and secondly, you can meet many new people, see a new country and visit sights you saw only in pictures on the Internet. When choosing a country where you can go to study, many people will first of all think … Read more

How to Get Your Car Insurance Policy Reinstated

Driving without car insurance can get you in both legal and financial trouble. Forty-nine states require drivers to have car insurance. Liability insurance pays for the repairs and medical treatments of the other driver needed after a road accident that is your fault.  Driving without liability insurance is a felony in most states. But that … Read more

Digital 2023: Global Internet Usage Acceleration

Usage of the Internet is on the rise globally, with a predicted increase in usage of over 50% by the year 2023. Digital innovations will continue to drive this acceleration, including the increasing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.  Increased access to broadband and mobile devices will be critical enablers for continued growth and … Read more

How Online Reviews Influence Sales

It is believed that positive reviews lead to more sales, while negative reviews have a dampening effect.  The study also found that businesses with a higher percentage of online reviews have seen increased sales. Customers are believed to be more likely to buy something after reading positive or negative reviews. Overview and Definition of Online … Read more

The Impact of Customer Reviews on Purchase Decisions

The review of a product is an important part of the buying process. It can help customers decide whether or not to buy the product and can even influence the size of a customer’s purchase. But how do reviews impact purchase decisions? Studies have shown that customer reviews can significantly impact purchase decisions. Reviews can … Read more