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Walmart Dropshipping

  • Leeline can find best Walmart dropshipping suppliers for you
  • Do Factory Audit for you and Inspect Walmart dropshipping products one by one before shipment.
  • As a bridge between your company and factory.Follow the Production and Ensure product Quality
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Do you Need Leeline Help You Buy Walmart Dropshipping Products From China

Product Sourcing

provide Product Sourcing

After you confirm that you want to purchase products, the right factory can accelerate your business development, Leeline can help you find the most suitable factory.

Factory Audit

Inspection Services for Products

Before starting to cooperate with the factory, it is necessary to do research and certification of the factory, which can greatly reduce your business risk. Leeline will be your best choice for factory audit.

Product Inspection

produced according to your standards

Check each of our products one by one to ensure that there are no inferior products, you can provide customers with a quality product experience.

Amazon FBA Prep

Amazon FBA Prep

When you want to combine several products into a new product for sale on Amazon, Leeline provides you with professional Amazon FBA Prep service to help you quickly expand the market for new products.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Amazon freight forwarder parter

New products are suitable for delivery to Amazon warehouses by air or express, which can quickly increase product sales. Stable sales volume suitable for shipping by sea, can reduce logistics costs.


dropshipping requirements

Our order processing center can send 100,000 orders per day, you no longer have to worry about order delivery. The transportation cost is the lowest, and the time limit is guaranteed.

Let Leeline Help You Handle the Shipment from China

Sea Shipping from China

ocean freight forwarder

If your product is large and heavy, shipping is the most suitable option, Leeline will help you arrange delivery, customs clearance and other operations.

Air Shipping from China

how to import goods from China by air

Leeline will be your best air freight forwarder and help you arrange the best air freight delivery plan at the most competitive air freight price.

Rail Shipping from China


For long-distance transportation by land, railway transportation is a more reasonable logistics transportation method, which can reduce shipping costs when ensuring effective results.

Door to Door from China

Flashlight Door to Door Shipping from China

We can provide you with door-to-door transportation services that transport goods directly from the factory to your warehouse, with flexible transportation methods and optimal logistics costs.

Walmart  Dropshipping: Ultimate Guide 2021

It is time you leave the old ways of shipping behind and opt for automatic modes – Walmart Dropshipping. With these services, you can chill and stay stressfree while Shopify handles your stock.

From product listings to product researching, dropshipping does it all. If it hasn’t been a while since stepped into the dropshipping world, you must know it is one of the most convenient order fulfillment methods.

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It consists of a store, a sales orderer, and a third party supplier; your struggle is out of the picture. It is an easy-money method – you sell and advertise other people’s products and cut some slack aside for yourself.

Furthermore, for a newbie, a few aspects may seem difficult to grasp. Luckily, we have created this guide to use in your Walmart dropshipping career. Let’s begin.

Walmar Dropshipping Products

What is Walmart Dropshipping?

As you already know, how successful Walmart is, it operates on several e-commerce platforms. It is also a retail store; when a customer orders something, Walmart ships the order to the customer itself.

Walmart introduced a much better and easier program. At this drop-ship vendor, the vendor performs the duties of a dropship supplier and directly ships it to the buyer.

Walmart enables the drop ship vendors to enter their product list on the supplier chain center. After receiving the order, transfer it to the seller, who completes the request by directly delivering it to the buyer.

Why Choose Walmart For Your Dropshipping Business?

· Free “NextDay delivery”

Walmart offers a range of products with the beautiful “NextDay” delivery option. It is a useful option from the Walmart supply chain that enables you to present an attractive and thrilling search algorithm on eBay.

NextDay delivery

· A HUGE Amount Of Products

This research may seem a bit old, but according to the 2018-product estimate, Walmart contains more than 46.1 products within 921 stores that provide one-day delivery options.

·  Products From The Best Dropshipping Categories

The majority of products in Walmart belong to the category of famous dropshipping niches. Here is an example: Walmart contains 9.2 million products from the “Beauty and Personal Care” niche and more than 5.2 million products in the “Home and Garden” niche.

Furthermore, Walmart offers incredible and super-friendly customer service. Besides that, you can purchase any heavily priced products with significant profits.

· Price Matching Policy

The price matching policy works excellently. If you purchase a product from Walmart, and its price decreases during the period of returning, you can contact Walmart’s customer service to evaluate the price.

As a result, you will get money-back according to the evaluated price. See, it is a piece of cake, and not to mention, and it is hugely profitable.

Pros And Cons For Walmart Dropshipping

Before you put your entire savings into the Walmart dropshipping business plan, there are a few hard and soft truths that you must know.


  • Temporary Market Research

Yes, it can be tricky to consider Walmart dropshipping as a long-term project, but if you use it for temporary projects, things can work out.

Dropshipping can decrease the negative side-effects of trying new products used for market research. Instead of marketing a product, you know nothing about testing it out via drop shipping for a short period.

Besides discovering the product’s recognition, you will also get a better view of how much the product will sell. As a result, you will know the quantity to buy.

So, dropshipping offers this significant advantage that eliminates the chances of inherent risks.

  • Shipping high-cost products with less-cost

There are a few expensive products that can bankrupt you while shipping. In certain situations, it is best to dropship products instead of saving them.

Furthermore, “high-cost” products can be categorized in plenty of ways, including heavy products, valuables, great products, and fragile products. Besides that, certain conditions where the products require refrigeration or UV radiation.

In all of these cases, dropshipping comes in handy. On the other hand, if your brand specializes in these situations and has proper arrangements, it is senseless to pay the shipping fee for a tiny portion of your business. Still, you can offer these products via dropshipping and please your customers.

  • Easy to ship in problematic locations

The most significant disadvantage of taking your business to the top is the shipping problems. But, dropshipping can be a reliable solution for specific locations that are not under your profitable zones.

  • Money-saving process

All professional and experienced brand members must know that the market is never stable. Rather than increasing your inventory with unnecessary items, a dropshipping supplier can be a good option. Moreover, Walmart dropshipping is also perfect for seasonal and unpredictable overflow.

Walmart Pros And Cons


  • Extremely Competitive:

In any business rush, you will always find more enthusiastic, optimistic, passionate, and ready-to-do-anything entrepreneurs. They ignore everything and prioritize low overhead.

As there is not much capital involved in executing a dropshipping business, this obstacle creates a lot of problems for investors, not to mention the current overpowering situation.

On the other hand, Walmart is a huge company, which means it can quickly decrease its markups to promote low-priced products.

Still, things don’t end here, and you may come across a point in your business where you don’t have enough exclusive deals with your fellow suppliers. That said, many competitors can be selling the same product as you. Of course, you are new, so you have a lot of rivals with ancient experience.

The focal point here is, customers can easily approach other suppliers to purchase goods with cheaper rates – why would they prefer you?

  • Not easy to get recognition:

Like people who work from the sidelines, drop shippers must know that they do not receive any credit for whatever work they do.

If your product is so mesmerizing, your customers will solely focus on the brand and not on their shopping experience.

After all, the product does not contain your logo.

  • Ver less profit:

Since you have no official inventory or a store, the overhead and the returns will be low.

In short, less money. As the Walmart dropshipping process does not involve a lot of work from your side because the suppliers do it all, it is low for you.

On the other hand, the amount you receive will be enough to keep your advertisement, website maintenance, sales order management, and other stuff running.

  • Complicated Supply Chain:

In traditional and direct e-commerce, if customers feel unsatisfied with the delivery speed, return policies, or product quality, you can be the one to address their concerns.

On the other hand, when it comes to dropshipping, you are nowhere near the supplier, but you can still talk to your customers.

Dropshippers are always trapped because they rely on the suppliers to convey messages while simultaneously providing customer satisfaction.

The communication is another cherry on the top situation because the drop shipper has to stay between the supplier and the customer. If anyone of these three people lacks connection, problems can occur.

In other cases, things may get worse. Your consumers can give you a bad review, and that could end your business for real.

The verdict here is that you must consider all of these points before deciding to step into Walmart dropshipping. Still, if you can manage to take care of every detail that may come in your way, you can nail everything. So, be wise, alert, and consider the choice of everyone before you make a move.


What is Walmart’s Retail Link?

A Retail Link is a collection of data, reports, unique applications, and documentation useful for suppliers to manage their business via Walmart.

If your Walmart dropshipping business includes a Retail Link, you might think of it as Walmart keeping tabs on you. At the beginning of the Retail Link years, it came up as a revolutionary idea among all businessmen. In clear words, a Retail Link provides more strength, autonomy, and power to the suppliers.

When it comes to Walmart’s Retail Link, it is pretty simple. With the Walmart Retail Link, suppliers can monitor their data, sales, inventory volume, gross margin, inventory turnover, in-stock percentage, and more.

Walmart’s Retail Link

As a result of this eye-keeping, suppliers can avoid potential losses from damaging their future in Walmart dropshipping.

Walmart has a unique way of communicating with its suppliers; the Retail Link system communicates with the suppliers via data. It is a universal tool that provides sellers with incentives and strategies to be more successful.

With great information comes great responsibility. Since Walmart has a comprehensive and classified Retail Link System, the suppliers are held accountable for keeping track of the inventory.

If there is a way to become a popular and successful salesman on Walmart, then it is by maintaining your list. If your provided products are frequently out of stock or irregular at crucial times, Walmart may part ways with you.

A Retail Link can divide a seller’s Sales Keeping Units within seconds. That said, a lot of new information takes birth every day. A few popular brands hire individuals to evaluate their direct link statics carefully. The hired person is responsible for keeping the supply chain running like a train engine.

As Retail Link provides brands with excellent data, they can also anticipate requirements at peak hours, predict sales patterns, and keep the inventory supply consistent.

Once you get access to this, companies can get into the heads of customers and enhance their shopping experiences. In addition to this, sales will automatically boost, as customers will be purchasing products they need regularly.

Most Popular Walmart Dropshipping Products

It isn’t easy to discover products to sell on eBay then ship them to your local Walmart. Even though Walmart is everywhere, there are still a few people who do not have access to Walmart stores.


Other than that, not all Walmart stores sell the same products. Plus, let’s not forget that Walmart is not in every country.

Sure, you can find a handful of Walmart dropshipping items, and here are some of the most popularly drop shipped items from Walmart.

· Action Figures

You’ll find plenty of action figures of some iconic and ancient heroes like Indiana Jones and Batman.

Besides that, Yoda, Han Solo, and other famous Star Wars action figures will also be easy to sell, especially on eBay Europe and eBay UK.

Action Figures

· Toys

One thing is for sure; Barbie products will be everywhere. Also, Fisher-Price, Lego, Harry Potter, and Leapster/LeapFrog are popular items to sell as well.

Here is an essential piece of information: December and November are the most crucial and profitable months for all sellers. On the other hand, there is one catch, you have to be quick and be able to grab all the trendy and hot toys, even if it means sacrificing your sleep.

· Sports Fan Apparel

Walmart stores provide sports fan apparel for local teams as well. Unfortunately, fans living in farther areas may not be able to buy the merch.

Selling sports fan apparel like football jackets, caps, jerseys, flags, t-shirts, and hoodies of teams can increase your profit rates.

· Disney Products

Hannah Montana, the High School Musical, and Lizzie McGuire have been the sweethearts of every passionate Disney lover.

According to an estimate, Disney bedding sets were high in demand during Christmas time. They boosted sales and profits to a reasonable extent.

Disney Products

· Electronic Goods

The method of purchasing electronic goods is straight; buy items when on sale and advertise them at the time of Christmas.

One of the most preferred electronic items would be Wii. Still, keep your eyes open for some new and trendy additions.

· Digital Cameras for Kids

The famous Kid Tough Camera, available in either blue or pink, will be a worthy item. Still, be sure to perform a little research on competitive prices and set accordingly.

Digital Cameras for Kids

· Discontinued Products

Skincare and cosmetics are some of the most popularly discontinued products, so if you can manage to grab a few of these, profit will come your way.

As an example, Aveeno cream was once discontinued in 2008. The original price was $10, but sellers sold it for $40 after being suspended.

How To Find Reliable Walmart Dropshipping Suppliers and Wholesalers

You will come across a lot of challenges when looking for the perfect Walmart Dropshipping supplier. Although you can find several companies providing dropshipping suppliers, will they be worth it?

Check out these pointers when looking for a supplier; these will surely help you evaluate the right supplier for your dropshipping plan.

Walmart Dropshipping Suppliers and Wholesalers

· Suitable Price

The first step to finding a supplier for your business is to make your quota. You have to evaluate your budget before anything else.

Find a supplier that is beneath your budget, so if he tries to negotiate, you can make an exception.

· High-Quality Products

An important thing to consider about dropshipping models is you will not have complete control over certain parts of your business. But, you do have the authority to choose a supplier. So, go for a supplier that provides high-quality products under a consistent amount.

As you know, all customers prefer to buy well-built products with lifetime warranties, so be sure to provide quality products to your buyers.

A tricky part of dropshipping with a supplier is that you will not be able to counter-check the product’s quality. If your supplier does not offer samples, you can take matters in your own hands by ordering products from your supplier. Once you receive the product, evaluate it from an actual buyer’s perspective.

· Good Rating

When it comes to advertisement, every business owner will tell triumphant tales of their brand. So reading reviews and ratings can be beneficial for you when searching for dropshipping suppliers. By reports, we don’t mean the kind you find on the company’s web page, because those will always be positive and encouraging.

Go to independent websites and find reviews from there. You can find honest reviews from supply partners and buyers with all the necessary experiences and information.

If you come across a company with hundreds of negative reviews, it is clear not to even think about them. You must accept that no business will have all perfect reviews; there will be a few ups and downs. But, if you evaluate based on both weaknesses and strengths, you can find your supplier.

· High-Efficiency Shipping

It sure is challenging to choose a supplier when most of your selling-items are high-maintenance. Things can get more intense when other suppliers are scams.

There is a reasonable amount of scammers on the internet that offer dropshipping services. Newbie E-commerce owners become easy targets of these scammers.

The meaning of telling you this is to provide you with insight into selecting a dropshipping supplier. If the supplier puts up a few credentials on his profile and has lots of positive reviews, then go for it, otherwise, no.

· Payment Method

You can fight fire with fire by knowing better.

If your supplier does not contain any legitimate details about their payment methods or contact information, that is a real red flag.

Moreover, a few suppliers demand monthly payments, which can often be a scam as well. Still, if you are vigilant and cautious in the process, nothing will go wrong.

Furthermore, make sure the supplier has a proper payment method verified on his website.

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Walmart Payment Method

How To Becoming a Dropshipper with Walmart?

Indeed, the previous tips will provide a pathway for you to avoid scams and accept the real deal. Sure, there are many potential suppliers in the market, but that doesn’t mean you can rely entirely on them.

If you have experience or such dropshipping-related skills for Walmart, you can apply them in this scenario. Like all other E-commerce tasks, you need a few tools to become the bigger man. Here are a few useful tricks to become the best drop shipper for Walmart.

· Find the best dropshipping products to sell for a profit.

As dropshipping involves many products in bulk, make sure to look out for those products with high-profits.

Our industry is quite crazy, meaning there is always a new trend in the market each month. It is best to have a guy on the outside to provide you an insight of modern and trendy items available.

Prefer to buy fashionable products in bulk, be sure to check the quality of construction of each product, so you receive no customer complaints.

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· Upload The Products To Your Store

You are running an online store for dropshipping. Upload all of your available items to your online directory and make it accessible for all customers.

An up-to-date online website is the hallmark of a reliable dropshipping supplier on Walmart. On the other hand, not all of us have the time to manage a site daily. So, hire an assistant who will update your website every time a new product enters your inventory.

· Price And Stock Monitoring

The most crucial step of becoming a Walmart drop shipper is to be a modern one.

An excellent way to always be on top and save from losing money is to check-up on the stock and price changes. The scenario is different when working with a supplier, but here, you are the supplier.

You can opt for AutoDS to monitor the price and stock of your material. That keeps you alert and updated in the market.

· Manage Your Orders

Being active is a good thing, but being organized is another. A scattered inventory will never let you be punctual with your orders.

The golden rule is to under-promise and over-deliver. It will add a wow-factor to your order deliveries. Other than that, prefer to add a few personal and final touches on your order to mark your confirmation.

· To Optimize Your Customer Support.

The best way to optimize customer support is to adopt modern customer retention methods. Even if you have a team, empower them to deliver remarkable customer service. Besides that, do whatever you can to create a strong relationship with your client.

Moreover, you can opt for social media and other content marketing strategies to promote your business and be available on every platform

How Do I Dropship from Walmart To eBay

The first step to dropshipping from Walmart to eBay is to find in-trend dropshipping products with AutoDs Finder.

Get a hold of all niche and product pages, and with the AutoDS extension, upload the items to your store. AutoDs contain many product listers, so you can use any of them to upload your pieces onto your eBay store.

After that, price and stock monitoring come in, and AutoDS will check if the stock/price has changed or not. If changes do happen, AutoDS will set the changes accordingly. Other than that, AutoDS will also estimate the shipping price, and combine it with the final price.

With the AutoDs Helper Chrome extension, you can fulfill your orders and add customer addresses to Walmart. Moreover, AutoDS lets you manage cases, returns, and customer support all simultaneously.

How Do I Dropship from Walmart To Shopify 

Shopify is a reliable option for businesses looking for a platform to sell their Walmart products.

When it comes to dropshipping from Walmart to Shopify, go to shopify.com and start a trial. Create an account and start adding products to your store.

The simplest way to begin dropshipping on Shopify is to use an app, such as Oberlo or Spocket. You can instantly find suppliers through these apps and deliver products on time.

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How Do I Dropship from Walmart To Amazon 

You can dropship products from Walmart to Amazon via Amazon program. With this program, you can ship each of your products directly to the customers.

The best benefit of dropshipping from Walmart to Amazon is that Amazon offers quick services, so all of your products will be on time.

How Do I Dropship from Walmart To eBay

Tips And Tricks For Walmart Dropshipping

Even the smartest of retailers make mistakes, and if you are a newbie in Walmart dropshipping, you need guidance. Here are a few essential tricks that will make your dropshipping experience better and free of risks.

  • The key is never to prioritize price only. If you compete in terms of price, you will lose your battle. Price does matter, but what also matters is that you try to justify yourself at a higher rate. Even if it is expertise, product knowledge, or free shipping, there are several ways to demand a higher price while still making a sale.
  • Another essential trick in Walmart dropshipping is to sell what you know. That way, you will know what buyers are looking for. Try selling the products you have used, and make sure they are durable.
  • The next best trick to superior dropshipping is to provide excellent customer service. Make the customer your baby and give him everything you have. You can also opt for tiny gestures to make their shopping experiences satisfactory and pleasing, such as including notes in their shipments.
  • All successful drop-shippers do multichannel dropshipping. That means suppliers sell their products on more than one platform online.
  • Lastly, try to optimize product descriptions. The quality of words used in your product listings makes a significant impression on the buyer, regardless of what you are selling. Many suppliers copy manufacturer’s product descriptions because it is the quickest and safest way to receive attention in dropshipping.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to start a dropshipping business?

Before you start a dropshipping business, you need to put some money into the process before you start earning some. For starters, you must prepare yourself to spend at least $500 in the beginning, and the rest will be history.

2. How do you become a Walmart contractor?

Firstly, you must identify yourself as a legitimate supplier. Next, you will have to submit some documents regarding your supplier setup. After that, you are requested to enter your D&B number to purchase a report for Walmart.

3. How to Become a Walmart Vendor

To become a supply partner for Walmart, you can visit Corporate.walmart.com. There, you will find all the necessary information about applying.

4. Where does Walmart buy their products?

Walmart has five crucial suppliers: Plug Power Inc, Primo Water Corporation, Green Dot Corporation, Funai Electric Co, and CCA Industries Inc.

5. How does Walmart establish relationships with suppliers?

Walmart establishes relationships with suppliers based on efficient, fair, and lawful business rules. Moreover, the focus objectives are always: delivery, purchasing procedures, price, product suitability, and quality.

6. Are Walmart Groceries good?

Based on consumer reports, Walmart provides fresh and quality-filled products. In short, yes, Walmart does deliver good groceries.

7. Is Walmart a wholesaler?

Walmart is a combination of retail and wholesale, but most retail. For wholesale, you would have to make a satisfactory deal between you and the store.

8. Can I choose to upload only products sold by Walmart themselves?

You can upload products on your site that are sold by Walmart, but there has confirmation from both sides.


How Leelinesourcing Help You Find Best Walmart Dropshipping  Products

If you are on the look-out for exceptional Walmart suppliers in Chinathen LeelineSourcing is your go-to brand. The process is straightforward and involves a few steps:

  • We will help you find the best quality products to dropship.
  • LeelineSourcing will provide you a price fresh from the factory, no fee included.
  • Perform a factory Audit for your products and inspect them before shipping.
  • We will also negotiate factors with the factory on your demand.
  • LeeLineSourcing will get you the best rates possible.
  • We provide free one-month warehouse storage for your products.

Isn’t it all amazing?

LeelineSourcing will provide a kick in your Walmart dropshipping business.


Final Thoughts on Walmart Dropshipping

That was the end of the Walmart vendor guide. 

Walmart dropshipping is regarded as an efficient way to become a supplier. Nothing is ever quickly done in E-commerce, even when you opt for the easy way out.

We hope our guide will help you with your dropshipping venture. Yes, the process will be tedious and time-taking, but everything will pay off in the end.

Moreover, we wish you the best of luck in finding or becoming Walmart suppliers in the age of dropshipping.

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