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As a custom plastic bags manufacturer, Leeline Sourcing is ahead of their peers. We’ve been in the industry for a whopping DECADE, bringing you a wealth of experience. Leverage our global supply chain network to guarantee you always have stocking efficiency. Ensure that your enterprise is SECURELY positioned in the market, allowing you to generate MORE INCOME.

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Superior Quality

Ensuring durability, comfort, and standout style for your satisfaction.



Enjoy the flexibility of ordering without any minimum quantity constraints.

Private Label

Private Label

Elevate your brand identity and establish exclusivity with our private label solutions.

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Unlock cost efficiency without compromising quality and empower your business.


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Your Best Custom Plastic Bags Supplier

Our industry-leading factory is on point with matters of production. The tech we use ensures you get the HIGHEST QUALITY plastic bags that are sustainably made. So, each product comes with a guarantee of DURABILITY and PREMIUM VALUE.

A dedicated team of 50 talented in-house designers is at your beck and call. They are situated in China and are backed up by 100 members on the back end. We effectively service a client base of over 5000 clients with over 150K products. Whatever your order size, we deliver with EASE.

You also have access to a support team to help solve your issues 24/7. Just choose your preferred medium including calls, emails, and chat support. Combine this with our stellar network of LOGISTICAL PARTNERS, and you get your goods fast. Safety and packaging quality is also a top priority.

Each aspect of our supply chain employs CUTTING-EDGE TECH, resulting in cost-effective offerings. Enjoy the best products in the market at the lowest prices. Become an industry leader and corner the market with us.

Custom Plastic Bags Product Features

Eco-Friendly Materials

Eco-Friendly Materials

Get a variety of ECO-CONSCIOUS materials to highlight your commitment to the environment. These include compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable choices. Your commitment to sustainability makes your plastic shopping bags STAND OUT. Enjoy an unmatched REPUTATION as the CLEAR CHOICE in the market.

Size and Shape Customization

Size and Shape Customization

Go wild with our made-to-order options. Customize the sizes, shapes, and outlines of each bag based on the use case. Get Versatile Shape Options, Gusseted Bags, Precision Cutting and Sealing, and Custom Closures. Ensure you match each packaging need with an elegant and perfect bag. Effortlessly increase the SALES CONFIDENCE of each item.

Vivid Color Options

Vivid Color Options

We bring you a solid color selection to get CREATIVE with your personalized plastic bags. Get Expansive Color Palette, Pantone Matching System (PMS), and High-Quality Inks/Dyes. Go for Translucent or Opaque, Metallic or Specialty, and Color Consistency Across Finishes. Create eye candy with your products. And easily achieve BRAND MARKETING with each colorful plastic bag.

Advanced Printing Techniques

Advanced Printing Techniques

Bring your logos, artwork, and designs to LIFE with our advanced printing. That includes High-Definition Digital, Flexographic, Rotogravure, UV, and Silk Screen Printing. Increase your brand awareness with CLEAR BRANDING in your shopping bags. Gain more market share with printed plastic bags.

Reinforced Handles and Features

Reinforced Handles and Features

Enjoy great DURABILITY with our reinforced products. You get Heavy-Duty Handles, Double-Stitched Seams, Material Strengthening, and Customizable Handles. Our bags come with great Load-Bearing Capacity Testing too. SATISFY your consumer usage needs. Eliminate COMPLAINTS in your store.

Innovative Closures

Innovative Closures

Create bags with UNHEARD-OF closures. Opt for Zip Lock Closures, Slider Zippers, Tamper-Evident Seals, and Self-Adhesive Strips. You also get Drawstring Closures, Hook and Loop Fasteners, and Magnetic Closures. Bring FORM or FUNCTION to your bags, depending on the styles you choose. Easily generate word-of-mouth referrals and BOOST REPUTATION.

Textural Finishes

Textural Finishes

We give you a variety of finishes to POLISH your designs with. Go for Matte, Glossy Finish, Textured Patterns, and Soft-Touch Coatings. Also, choose from Frosted and Translucent Finishes, Anti-Slip Surfaces, and Eco-Friendly Textures. That sends the message that the bags are HIGH VALUE. Cement and hold your COMPETITIVE POSITION in the market.

Special Add-ons

Special Add-ons

Top off your bags with special features to WOW your CUSTOMERS. Opt for Pockets and Compartments, Hang Holes and Euro Slots, Tear Notches, and Anti-Static Properties. These enhance the overall experience with customers looking for stand out features. Make your bags unique and INCREASE SALES in your store.

Drive sales and brand recognition with durable, customizable plastic bags! Perfect for bulk orders. Discover our wholesale solutions today and take your business to new heights.

What Do We Offer?

Efficient and Comprehensive

Efficient and Comprehensive

Leverage our second-to-none PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY. It helps us smoothen out the production process that epitomizes quality output. We meet TIGHT DEADLINES without breaking a sweat or skimping on your needs. As a result, prototyping is done pronto in an efficient and iterative process.

Our eagle-eye quality assurance team ensures the best from EVERY POINT. From material selection to packaging, we’ve got it. Exploit our flexible production capabilities. Bulletproof your business against MARKET CHANGES with us.

One-Stop Solution Partner

As a custom plastic bags manufacturer, we handle it all. We are talking from INITIAL PRODUCTION to advanced printing solutions. The team brings innovation every step of the way. That also translates to sustainability from PRODUCTION to PACKAGING.

Also, this ensures you get your products no matter where you are by leaning on our trusted GLOBAL NETWORK. Our logistics are on point, eliminating UNNECESSARY DELAYS. Plus, our customer support team is here for you all day. FREE UP corporate resources to focus on other aspects of your business.

One-Stop Solution Partner
Unmatched Customization Assistance

Unmatched Customization Assistance

We guide you through the entire design process to help you resonate with your clients. Our seasoned design creates BESPOKE products using a range of materials. You get STRENGTHENED plastic, reinforced handles, and so much more. Our custom plastic bags manufacturer also relies on the LATEST printing techniques.

Get vibrant colors or subtle embossing, depending on your needs. Throw in extra customization for tamper-proofing your bags or aesthetic enhancements. Grow your customer satisfaction and increase BUSINESS VOLUME.

Customized Service Process

Let us know your PRECIOUS needs about the products. And tell us colors, designs, and PRINTING processes.

Our designers PLEDGE TO create the perfect design. Pay attention to details. There is your FAVORITE sample! 

Help you CHOOSE the fabric and printing types. After confirmation, we produce the first SAMPLE.

The very next moment, thePROTOTYPE is in your HANDS! Check it and CONFIRM whether it conforms to your NEEDS or not. 

Bulk manufacturing BEGINS after you give a GREEN signal. Ensuring that every piece reflects the quality and craftsmanship you envision.

Once products are READY, we apply QUALITY checks. PACK it.  Ensure packaging has MULTIPLE LAYERS. Resistant to damage and moisturization. Finally, ship it to you. 

Unlock endless branding opportunities with our premium plastic bags! Ideal for businesses seeking bulk packaging solutions. Click here to access wholesale pricing and enhance your brand image.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Design Support

– Expert Design Support

As your custom plastic bags manufacturer, we invite you to the design table from the get-go. Our team is built on a COLLABORATIVE ETHOS that creates products centered on your vision. Lean on our diverse team of seasoned professionals for innovative designs. 

We are also keen on the LATEST industry trends, ensuring that your products are on top of what is hot in the market. Improve your CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Global Logistics Capabilities

– Global Logistics Capabilities

Work with our extensive GLOBAL NETWORK. We make it easy for you to navigate the complexities involved in shopping. Our offerings are flexible to your needs. Opt for sea freight, express delivery, air freight, or sustainable shipping

Enjoy REAL-TIME tracking information with complete transparency of product location. In case of issues, things are addressed IMMEDIATELY. Get your products when you need them. Establish TRUST and RELIABILITY in your business.    

Packaging Options

– Packaging Options

We guarantee every bag is packaged with the utmost CARE as your custom plastic bags manufacturer. Get a myriad of options ranging from MINIMALISM and sleek to vibrant offerings. It doesn’t matter what style you are going for, we deliver the goods. 

We ensure that each package is customizable giving you creative control to the end. Make a splash with our package. Grow and maintain ORGANIC MARKETING and increase your PROFITS.

Risk Management in Sourcing

Risk Management in Sourcing

Let us handle your SUPPLIER CONCERNS as we leave no stone unturned. We scrutinize their finances, legal compliance, operational efficiency, ethical practices, and international standards. We also handle stringent inspections at EVERY STAGE of development. Stay on top of international regulations, environmental guidelines, and industry best practices. With this custom plastic bags manufacturer, AVOID RISK. Maintain a good CORPORATE IMAGE.

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Attention B2B entrepreneurs! Elevate your brand presence with our custom plastic bags. Explore our wholesale options now for exclusive deals and take your business to the next level!

Custom Plastic Bags Production Process

Experience the best Custom pouch Manufacturer bringing you PREMIUM Quality with every order. Do you want industry-leading colors, patterns, or custom designs? We are the way to go. Here is how we do it:

  1. Consultation and Design 

We start with a thorough CONSULTATION to get a full picture of what you want and how it ALIGNS with your brand. Here, we make sure to align our objectives with YOUR EXPECTATIONS.

  1. Material Selection

We bring you a large and DIVERSE SELECTION of fabrics to choose from. We curate them guided by our commitment to sustainable production. Choose from biodegradable, recyclable, traditional, or eco-friendly options.

  1. Prototype Development

It’s time to test and bring your design to life. We come up with a PHYSICAL SAMPLE to give you a sense of what your bags look like. The goal is to ensure that you are pleased BEFORE moving forward.

Custom Plastic Bags Production Process
Custom Plastic Bags Production Process

4. Branding and Printing

Print your logos and designs onto the bags using the LATEST BRANDING TECHNOLOGY. We capture your brand’s essence using crisp and clear colors in custom-printed plastic bags.

5. Bag Fabrication

Our expert craftspeople create the bags using industry-leading techniques and machinery. They cut, shape, and seal the bags. The team sprinkles in REQUESTED FEATURES, such as closures, handles, and reinforced handles.

6. Finalization

We put every bag through the wringer making sure that it PASSES our quality standards. Our quality inspection checks for durability, strength, stress endurance, material integrity, and aesthetics.

After ensuring that every piece is in order, we package the products and send them your way. Partner with us to establish yourself as a LEADER in quality and attract MORE CUSTOMERS.

Customers Cases

Customers Plastic Bags Cases
Customers Plastic Bags Cases
Customers Plastic Bags Cases
Customers Plastic Bags Cases

What people say about us

Do you want the best plastic bags custom work? Leeline Souring is where it is at. Here is why. I ordered mine from them. I got PRIMO quality on custom-printed plastic bags. And the service? It was on point and professional. Even when I got stuck in the design process, these folks CAME THROUGH! They even suggested I incorporate drawstring handles.

Naomi T Miller

I want to introduce you to Leeline Sourcing. Why, you ask? They are ON TOP of the game at making die-cut handle bags or just any other custom plastic bags. I got mine in DIFFERENT STYLES, and I couldn’t be happier. Their smooth supply chain operations stood out to me as I got my purchases exactly when I NEEDED THEM.

Russell E Harrison

    Send us your inquiry and we will get back to you in 24 hours


    LeelineSourcing will always be your best custom products partner for providing high-quality goods from China.


    Hello, I’m Sharline, the founder of LeelineSourcing, a seasoned manufacturer specializing in customized products. Leveraging a decade of experience, we have evolved into a trusted name, specializing in tailored solutions. Our commitment extends beyond production – we ensure a seamless process from concept to creation, providing personalized service at every step. Join us on this journey of innovation and excellence. Our team is here to transform your ideas into bespoke realities.

    Whatsapp ID : 8613986152456

    Skype : sharline1983

    Wechat: 13986152456

    [email protected]

    Address: Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

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