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May 13, 2021
Being an e-commerce startup has been quite popular in the world with the advanced IT technology. You create your own website and build your shop online, and receive orders from customers. It seems that everything goes smoothly as your expectation. Then you manage your orders and deliver your products or items to customers’ destinations. You...
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Following a disastrous downturn in March, global markets have been recovering at different rates. Some, like China’s, were exposed to the economic crisis earlier and are thus further along in their rebounds; others are likely still dealing with the worst of things, and will need a great deal of time yet to truly begin their...
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When preparing to sell a product, it is important to study the product and understand it well. This is crucial in helping you avoid various business risks. The product analysis report of magnetic whiteboard in this post by LeelineSourcing is based on various statistics and research. It analyzes the sales situation of magnetic whiteboards, profit...
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Q: I am thinking about putting my logo in the corner of each of my Amazon listing photos (except for the main image). It would be pretty small. Idea is to help get some brand recognition (it is the first product of this brand). Any thoughts on this? A: Well since people share pictures on...
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Q: Hey guys, Do you enable the Repackage Unsellable Customer Returns Options in ur seller account? I am thinking about turning it off and check the return by myself. Amazon recently sent a “used product ” to my customer and I don’t know if it is because they made a mistake when repackaging my returned...
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Q: I am the lowest prime seller on this product and still there is no buybox? Why does this happen? How can I get the buybox? A: That’s not how the buy box works. I’ve had buy box being the highest prices seller. Things that get taken into BB; seller performance, in stock rate. Droping...
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Q: Do any of you sell on Walmart’s online marketplace and Amazon? If so, how do the sales from Walmart compare to what you get on Amazon? A: If you do it right, id say every 100 sales on amazon, you could get 5 sales on walmart. They dont accept everyone in, if you are doing...
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Q: Are there any other product tracking software other than the Jungle Scout product tracker? A: Xray from Helium 10 allows you to pin whatever products you want to track. You can also do this from Black Box also from Helium 10. _____________________________ If you have any more questions about Amazon, please do get in touch so...
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Amazon Pay-Per-Click, also known as Amazon PPC and Sponsored Products, is an advertising platform designed to help Amazon sellers increase their sales. This is quite similar to Google PPC – as an advertiser, you pay only when a potential buyer clicks on your advertisement and views your product. This is why we use the term...
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Q: What is the best way to link from your website to purchase your product on Amazon? A: Set up the product on your website to automatically fulfill via Amazons multi channel fulfillment after customer makes payment. This way, you build brand equity and get a higher percentage of the profit. It’s very silly to...
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