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Private Label

Enhance your brand image and create a unique identity through our private label offerings.

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Unlock cost efficiency while maintaining superior quality to empower your business with budget-friendly solutions.


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About us

Your Best Custom Glove Supplier

Be confident. Customize your baseball gloves to a WIDER AUDIENCE with Leeline Sourcing. We have 10+ years of experience with 50+ teams of EXPERT designers. Don’t worry. Our LARGE factory of 10,000 m² is READY. To accommodate your bulk baseball glove needs. Plus, it produces 100K products every month. 

Leeline Sourcing has SERVED 5000+ clients globally. No matter if you are a BRAND pioneer, business owner, or individual BUSINESS. Expect the BEST services. Our 100+ front-end TEAM is ready to PLEDGE for the best designing experience. 

Extend your INVENTORY RANGE with our UNIQUE designs of custom gloves. Amp up your BUSINESS repo. SHOOT up your PROFIT margins with our competitive prices. More MONEY with success is on your way! 

Custom Glove Product Features

Material Choices

Put on only the BREATHABLE stuff for your custom gloves. Amp up consumers’ EXPERIENCE by choosing various MATERIALS. Gripping over leather, cotton, or wool keeps your head high. Minimize CONSUMER hassles. Earn GLOWING reviews for your business. 

Sewing and Assembly


Dyeing and Printing

Labels and Badges

Shine your brand name or hand over some usage instructions to your consumers. Make it happen with PRINTING LABELS. Keep a buckle over woven, printed, or embossed labels. Guide customers better. Enhance their experience. BRING a NEW chain of CONSUMERS. 

Embroidery & Decoration

Nothing can beat the magic of embroidery. Hand-crafted DESIGNS with a COLORFUL touch is a matchless option. Believe me, it will DIRECTLY hit your consumers’ vibes with a patch embroidery. Show your BRAND PRESENCE. Win any COMPETITION with rivals.  

Lining and Padding

Be alluring with the thermal lining. Try the moisture-wicking lining to minimize DISCOMFORT. OPTIMIZE metabolic activity of BODY in summer. We nurture you with the BEST design so you go outside with style. Feed the unique lined gloves. Make your brand more PROMINENT

Diverse Styles

Coating Treatment

Grip. Abrasion resistance. Protection against liquid spillage. BAG them ALL with the latex COATING. Add the NITRILE or polyurethane coating to your SYSTEM. Enhance product durability. Launch the ATTENTION grabber products. Raise your SALES GRAPHS! 

Unlock the potential of your brand with personalized gloves! Our customizable options cater to your unique vision. Partner with us for wholesale opportunities and elevate your brand’s appeal!

What Do We Offer?

Reliable and Consistent

Reliable and Consistent

As top custom GLOVE manufacturers, we DELIVER the best QUALITY. Unwavering dedication to QUALITY is EXCEPTIONAL. Plus, we never MISS a single detail when designing the custom baseball glove. Don’t fret; from one ORDER to the last, we promise relentless QUALITY. We check EVERY SINGLE item and TEST its integrity. Approve once they MEET your quality criterion. 

Make your CUSTOM GLOVE brand the epitome of reliability. INVITE higher-level consumers! 


End-to-End Supplier

Forget all your HASSLES for separate business deals. Our ONE-STOP services fetch ALL customization options in a SINGLE place. Get GUIDANCE on BASEBALL GLOVE materials. Or ponder about the SUPPLIERS. We will SOURCE the TOP suppliers in the town. Oh, the SHIPPING team is efficient and READY to serve you. Plus, our CAREFUL MONITORING in warehouses is an add-on. 

Let the LUXURY enter your DOORS. Save you some time. And allow you to PROMOTE your BRAND effectively.

End-to-End Supplier
Design Consultation

Personalized Design Consultation

We know how CRUCIAL it is to GET a reputation. Our experts have YEARS of experience in customization. Measure your BUSINESS goals. Get your CUSTOMIZED design with VIBRANT colors, excellent contour, and a SHINING look. Help you dress up the CUSTOMER’s FAVORITE solutions into reality. Bring in a BETTER branding opportunity. 

Master the ART of designing, branding, and CUSTOMIZATION. Polish your BRAND recognition with our experts. 


Customized Service Process

Step1: Customer needs

Let us know your PRECIOUS needs about the products. And tell us colors, designs, and PRINTING processes.

Step2: Product design

Our designers PLEDGE TO create the perfect design. Pay attention to details. There is your FAVORITE sample! 

Step3: Sample production

Help you CHOOSE the fabric and printing types. After confirmation, we produce the first SAMPLE.

Step4: Confirm the sample

The very next moment, thePROTOTYPE is in your HANDS! Check it and CONFIRM whether it conforms to your NEEDS or not. 

Step5: Mass production

Bulk manufacturing BEGINS after you give a GREEN signal. Ensuring that every piece reflects the quality and craftsmanship you envision. 

Step6: Package & shipping

Once products are READY, we apply QUALITY checks. PACK it.  Ensure packaging has MULTIPLE LAYERS. Resistant to damage and moisturization. Finally, ship it to you. 

Transform your brand’s image with custom gloves! Our tailored solutions allow you to showcase your brand identity. Reach out now to discuss wholesale partnerships and revolutionize your merchandise assortment!

Why choose us


Flexible Delivery

Your SCHEDULES are our preference! Let us know how fast YOU NEED. Relax, we will ensure PRODUCT safety with our high-quality packaging techniques. Get access to STANDARD or expedited SHIPPING. Set your CLOCKS. Receive products on time— guaranteed! Don’t let the SALES go down. Non-stop SELLING is your POWER now! More bucks! 


Prompt Responsiveness

Whether it is MIDNIGHT or mid-day, we are there. Our customer SUPPORT is available 24/7 and dedicated to resolving your issues. Handle your orders like a PRO. Echo your NAME in consumers’ brains. Be their LONG-term deal! Bring in PERMANENT customers! 

Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing

No matter if you are from the US, UK, or Europe. Or even if you are from ASIA, we serve all our GLOBAL consumers. Our quality checks ensure a PREMIUM custom glove. Plus, our GLOBAL network provides faster procurement and LIGHTNING SPEED DELIVERY. Nurture your CONSUMERS with the best custom baseball GLOVE. Win more customers. 


Rapid Prototyping

Designers are READY to level up in the PROTOTYPING game. Get tailored DREAM design. Prepare your FIRST sample. Shake the MARKET with EXTRAORDINARY designs for your products. Be the FINANCIAL independent with TAILORED baseball gloves. 

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Stand out in the market with custom gloves tailored to your brand! Discover our extensive range of customization options and elevate your merchandise assortment. Partner with us for wholesale inquiries now!

Custom Glove Production Process

Our custom GLOVE production creates a DIFFERENCE for your business. Here are steps we often follow.

  • Sourcing fabrics. Keep an EYE on all the fabric types. Hold the COTTON, wool, or polyester. Prefer the FABRIC based on your needs. 
  • Tailor. We have Predetermined OUTLINES. These direct us to shape the GLOVES. 
  • Sewing. It is time to SHOW our SKILLS in stitching. Overlock or flat lock, choose whatever you want. We will ensure STRENGTHENED stitches that don’t go away quickly. 
  • Labeling. Print instructions with our satin care labels. Or PROMOTE your brand with our embossed labels. You also get the printed and WOVEN labels. 
  • Embroidery and printing. Sublimation dye will get you vibrant colors. But consider SCREEN or heat printing also. Hand and machine embroidery is ALSO unique. 
  • Final review. From stitching to labeling, our inspectors check ERRORS in the softball glove—underrate errors. Get more FROM our inspection. 

Customize the PRODUCTION process according to your NEEDS. Minimize the risks of ERRORS. Ensure UPPER-Level quality that BRINGS you more sales.



I asked the Leeline Sourcing team to get the best quality of a softball glove. Guess what? They exceeded my expectations—best quality with a fantastic team. I loved the whole work. 

Sharen R Presley


Hey! I recommend Leeline Sourcing to everyone. It is a reliable team that works closely on your custom glove products. Their skills are just wow! Thank you, team! 

Homer M Treat

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    LeelineSourcing will always be your best custom products partner for providing high-quality goods from China.


    Hello, I’m Sharline, the founder of LeelineSourcing, a seasoned manufacturer specializing in customized products. Leveraging a decade of experience, we have evolved into a trusted name, specializing in tailored solutions. Our commitment extends beyond production – we ensure a seamless process from concept to creation, providing personalized service at every step. Join us on this journey of innovation and excellence. Our team is here to transform your ideas into bespoke realities.

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    Address: Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

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