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Choose us as your LONG-TERM custom T-shirt manufacturer. Our team HAS INVESTED 10+ years in supplying CUSTOM T-shirts. Streamline BUSINESS operations with our POWERFUL supply chain. Glow your clothing, BRAND REPO! 

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Superior Quality

Ensuring durability, comfort, and standout style for your satisfaction.



Enjoy the flexibility of ordering without any minimum quantity constraints.

Private Label

Private Label

Elevate your brand identity and establish exclusivity with our private label solutions.

Low Shipping Cost

Competitive Prices

Unlock cost efficiency without compromising quality and empower your business.


Design Style


Success Cases


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Professional Designer

Your Best Custom T-shirt Supplier

Overlook ALL your BULK order hassles when working with LEELINE SOURCING. We are a custom T-shirt MANUFACTURER with a MASSIVE production setup. Every single MONTH, we produce JAW DROPPING 150K custom T-shirts. 99% of the PRODUCTS meet the quality requirements. 

Leeline Sourcing has become a TOP-RATED choice for consumers. All thanks to our FLAWLESS sourcing, warehousing, and CUSTOMIZATION service. No matter WHAT type of CUSTOMIZATION you need, we exceed your expectations.

Ensure a HIGH-QUALITY output that matches your business needs. Our budget-friendly CUSTOMIZATION helps you OPTIMIZE your PROFIT margins. Sell products to consumers with CONFIDENCE. Grow your business at EXPONENTIAL rates. 


Custom T-shirt Features

Sublimation Dyed

Revolutionize the PRINTING with the sublimation dyeing. Accurate COLORING and PREMIUM printing protect FABRIC quality. Gives a BOOST to its external appearance. Polish your BRAND with bold T-shirt products.

Pantone Matching

Matching the COLORS with the Pantone system guarantees the DESIRED color. Avoid color differences caused by equipment, printing machines or materials. It remains a PERFECT source to imprint your T-shirts in consumers’ hearts. MAXIMIZE sales opportunity. 

Stitching Methods

Running stitch. Back stitch. Whip Stitch. Or slip stitch. Get ACCESS to all the STITCHING options. And never LET the t-shirts wear out earlier due to loose stitches. Our PERFECT stitching ensures the IDEAL impression of your T-shirts. Become their FAVORITE seller. 


EVERY SINGLE fabric is available in our DIRECTORY. Whether it is COTTON or Polyester, we ensure RING is spun. Review its QUALITY spinning and softness. Get appreciation for your fabric. Let a NEW wave of consumers into your business!

Custom labels

Printed T-shirt labels come up with various. Hang tags, heat transfer labels, satin care tag, or embossed labels. Various sizes. Durability. Allowing for personalization and creating a unique connection with the wearer. SPARK unlimited GROWTH potential for your business. 

Pocket Design

Seam Pocket. Slanted pocket. Or flap pockets. We EASE you up all the OPTIONS at this point. Allow you to better FOCUS on the MARKET trends. With our TRENDING pockets, you’ll UNLEASH infinite sales. Bring more revenue into your pockets! 

Collar Style

Classic. Medium. Spread. Figurate. Each style injects a different atmosphere and uniqueness into the custom T-shirt. MAKE your T-shirts GLEAMING. Attract a LONG LIST of consumers. PRINT more MONEY with a reputed brand.

Different Print Methods

Get all the PRINTING options like Screen Printing. Sublimation dye printing. Or heat transfer vinyl printing. Ensure the BEST quality printing without any COLOR FADING risks. Nourish the BOLD-designed T-shirts to your CUSTOMERS. MAKE more deals with such Custom T-shirt solutions.

Boost Your Brand Image: Transform your business identity with our top-notch custom t-shirts. Elevate your brand presence today!

What Do We Offer?

Trustworthy and Reliable

As LEADING T-shirt manufacturers, our WEATHER eye on quality and ECO-FRIENDLY production gets you BETTER trust. Plus, we MEET your BULK production demands without COMPROMISING production quality. Get TOP-NOTCH customized T-shirts. 

Deliver RELIABLE customized T-SHIRTS to your consumers. MAKE them SMILE all the way. Get their INFLOW into your brand! 

Custom T-shirt Manufacturer
One-stop solution

One-stop Solution

Stop your QUEST for SOURCING custom T-shirt manufacturers, warehousing, and SHIPPING. Our one-STOP services go all the WAY to CUSTOM T-shirt manufacturers. Uncover the KILLER prices. Test the MOISTURIZATION resistance. Vibrant colors. APPROVE the DEAL only if you get the HIGHEST quality T-shirts. 

Oh, the SHIPPING is there waiting for your CUSTOM T-shirt products. Feed consumers with POSITIVE custom T-shirt solutions. Urge them to BUY the custom T-shirt products from your BRAND! 

Premium Customization Options

Our SQUAD LISTENS to your NEEDS with all ears. Goes an EXTRA mile by explaining all the CUSTOMIZATION options. Whether you want SCREEN PRINTING, DTG, or embroidery, CATCH them all here! As your right T-shirt manufacturer, we OFFER all customization facilities. 

We even HELP design your DREAM graphics and PRINT THEM. Be CUSTOMER-focused by OFFERING their favorite solutions. Innovate your BRANDED T-shirts. Say WELCOME to gleaming BRAND! 

Premium Customization Options

Customized Service Process

Let us know your PRECIOUS needs about the products. And tell us colors, designs, and PRINTING processes.

Our designers PLEDGE TO create the perfect design. Pay attention to details. There is your FAVORITE sample! 

Help you CHOOSE the fabric and printing types. After confirmation, we produce the first SAMPLE.

The very next moment, thePROTOTYPE is in your HANDS! Check it and CONFIRM whether it conforms to your NEEDS or not. 

Bulk manufacturing BEGINS after you give a GREEN signal. Ensuring that every piece reflects the quality and craftsmanship you envision.

Once products are READY, we apply QUALITY checks. PACK it.  Ensure packaging has MULTIPLE LAYERS. Resistant to damage and moisturization. Finally, ship it to you. 

Crafting Quality Together: Join forces with us to craft custom t-shirts that resonate with your brand’s vision and values.

Why choose us

Quality Control

Quality Control

Our EAGLE eyes yield the BEST quality results. T-shirts LOOK, color, and FABRIC, we check all. Pre-production and POST-production quality CONTROL get you the best products. TIME to SHOCK your CONSUMERS with exceptional QUALITY T-shirts. Raise your SALES levels.


OEM & ODM Service

Whether it is a PRIVATE label T-shirt manufacturing or white label, we FIGURE out the best FABRIC options. Differentiate it from OTHERS with competitive products. Don’t let your BRAND down with our BEST T-shirt manufacturing facilities. Become the INDUSTRY leader quickly! 


Designers’ Team

Let us KNOW your MINUTE details of the DESIGN. Our TEAM does it. Attention to designing NURTURES you with DREAM T-shirt wholesale solutions. Establish yourself as a premium supplier in the clothing industry.

International Shipment

International Shipment

No matter where you live, our shipping occurs to 150+ COUNTRIES. Plus, our SAFE packaging ensures NO DAMAGE POLICY! Wait for LESS, get MORE with GUARANTEED safety. Embellish your CUSTOM CLOTHING business status with DIAMONDS! 

Competitive Price

Competitive Price

Go for the AFFORDABLE PRICES— Our promise.  We evaluate the COST of T-shirt material, design, and printing. Offer you a Fair Quote for your BUSINESS. You’ll sell the QUALITY custom-made T-shirts at REASONABLE rates. EARN more profits due to lower costs. 

Safe Payment

Safe Payment

When it COMES to payments, you get PayPal, Bank Transfer, or CREDIT cards. Our CYBER EXPERTS test the SAFETY. Make it GRAPHENE-like IMPENETRABLE. Avoid LEAKING bank info to SCAMMERS. SAVE your bucks to INVEST them for your business progress. 

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Bulk Brilliance Unleashed: Unlock the potential of bulk orders with our custom t-shirts. Elevate your brand with quality and affordability.

Custom T-shirt Production Process

Here is how our CUSTOM T-shirt manufacturing process proceeds once your FAVORITE design is there. 

  • Sourcing Fabric. We source the FABRIC such as cotton, tri-blend, CVC, and Polyester. Decide on what SUITS best for your T-shirts. 
  • Cutting. The PRE-MADE designs for the COLLARS, pockets, and T-shirt shape guide us to OUTLINE the whole fabric. And cut it according to the PATTERN. Cutting shape is sometimes POLO, CREWNECK, or V-shaped cutting. 
  • Sewing. Let’s create the required SHAPE, design of pockets, and other features. In this process, stitching depends on the design. It can be either a back stitch, whip stitch, or ladder stitch. We ensure the best STITCHING technique. 
sewing production
T-shirt Production2
  • Labeling. Printed, woven, LEATHER, or care labels, you can CHOOSE. Our MACHINES will stitch the FABRICS. And make the DESIRED labels suitable for your CUSTOM T-shirts. 
  • Printing and embroidery. In Screen printing, we USE the mesh screen. Transfer the INK on the T-shirt to create the REQUIRED DESIGN. Not only SCREEN printing but also NOURISH you with heat transfer, digital, or sublimation printing. At the same time, embroidery involves SEWING of the required contours on the T-shirts. Choose either MACHINE or HAND embroidery, whatever is best for you. 
  • Final inspection. Inspectors finally CHECK the quality. And minimize the risks of stitching, printing, and labeling errors.

You get the PREMIUM colored T-shirt that is NOTHING except your LIGHTHOUSE. Enlighten up your BRAND. Differentiate it from other SELLERS. Become a UNIQUE business with a SHOCKING comeback every time. 

Customers cases

customer T-shirt cases
customer T-shirt cases
custom T-shirt
customer T-shirt cases
customer T-shirt cases
customer T-shirt cases

What our CUSTOMERS say


I am very thankful to the Leeline Sourcing team for my APPAREL production. They MANUFACTURE shirts based on what you want. Amazing team. FAST work. And EXCELLENT quality oversized T-shirts. I loved choosing them as the best t-shirt manufacturers. Thank you, Team.

Landon P Sims

I can say that Leeline is the best T-shirt manufacturer for FASHION experts. High-quality T-shirt. Custom cut. Modern twist. And competitive pricing. No Minimum Order Quantity. Every single thing is the best. Good luck, the best T-shirt manufacturers in the town!

Lindsey W Richard

    Send us your inquiry and we will get back to you in 24 hours


    LeelineSourcing will always be your best custom products partner for providing high-quality goods from China.


    Hello, I’m Sharline, the visionary behind LeelineSourcing, a seasoned manufacturer specializing in customized products. Leveraging a decade of experience, we have evolved into a trusted name, specializing in tailored solutions. Our commitment extends beyond production – we ensure a seamless process from concept to creation, providing personalized service at every step. Join us on this journey of innovation and excellence. Our team is here to transform your ideas into bespoke realities.

    Whatsapp ID : 8613986152456

    Skype : sharline1983

    Wechat: 13986152456

    [email protected]

    Address: Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

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