FBA Shipping From China to Amazon : Step By Step Guide

Sharline Shaw

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA is a typical and beneficial Amazon business methodology.

It isn’t that muddled as it might appear.

Be that as it may, it is, without any doubt, a little more complicated than simply requesting the supplier to paste a UPS trademark.

In this article, we will have a look at the alternatives for shipping from China to Amazon FBA along with defining the things you must comprehend before your initial Chinese sourcing.

Shipping From China to Amazon FBA

1.How to Ship from China to Amazon FBA Warehouse?

1.1 What is Amazon FBA?

FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon. It is a service by Amazon that gives stockpiling, bundling and dispatching support to suppliers.

This truly helps the venders and provides them greater adaptability in their selling patterns. The program enables merchants to send their products to the Amazon fulfillment center, and things are then put away in stockrooms until the products are sold.

Once an order is set, Amazon representatives physically make, package, and deliver the item(s).

Amazon FBA


1.2 3 Ways to Ship Your Goods from China to Amazon FBA

In the event that you are the Amazon supplier who sends products from China. Hence, when you choose to utilize the Amazon FBA facility, you will come across an issue.

The principal issue you have to resolve is to decide the method for transporting your products from China to the Amazon FBA stockroom.

Essentially, there are different ways to ship products. The 3 of them are demonstrated as follows. With the goal that you can pick the most reasonable route for your particular situation.

  • Method 1: Direct Shipping from China to Amazon FBA

Now, talking regarding direct shipping, we allude to direct from a vendor to Amazon FBA. Being a merchant in abroad, this is the least demanding and most helpful approach to utilize. It is also the cheapest method compared to other methods.

When you choose to utilize direct shipping, possibly the provider organizes your purchase to the Amazon storehouse.

Or you can locate your own FBA cargo forwarder. In the event that both you and the provider can’t discover an FBA forwarding agent. You can then think about shipping by means of Amazon prep administration organization as well.

While deciding to utilize direct shipping, the subsequent stage is to pick the delivery technique from express, airship cargo or sea cargo.

However, we recommend going for express services, like FedEx or UPS. Because it is the finest method for direct shipping from China to Amazon FBA.

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Amazon Freight Forwarder
  • Method 2: Ship to Your Home First, then to Amazon Warehouse

Provided the element of Amazon FBA administration, if you don’t send your merchandise to your residence. You’ll not get the opportunity to see your items.

This is additionally the most evident benefit of shipping your merchandise to the home first. Since this enables you to feel and check your items.

All things considered, if quality issues are distinguished, you can set that immediately before your clients buy them.

Hence, taking out the dangers of bad client reviews. However, this method can cost you extra transportation expenses. Therefore, opt for this method only when you accept the transportation cost.

  • Method 3: Ship Via Prep Service Company, then to Amazon Warehouse

The prep service is a third-party organization that can assist you with handling import customs allowance, transport merchandise to Amazon stockroom from your provider, product assessment, packaging, and trademarking your products according to Amazon’s explicit prerequisites.

You can take assistance from one of the two prep service companies mentioned below:

a.American prep service company

There are numerous such organizations on the west shore of the United States, for example, California. These organizations help Amazon merchants transport their products from China to America.

The benefit of utilizing an American Prep organization is that these organizations can assist you. They verify the arrival assessment to check whether the products are harmed during transportation after quite a while.

Another benefit is that in the event that your Amazon distribution center is near the prep organization. Then the transportation cost can be more economical than shipping directly from China to the Amazon stockroom.

Hence, when you choose to ship by means of the third-party organization. You would be wise to pick one close to the Amazon stockroom.

b.Chinese Prep Service Company

A Chinese prep organization can likewise ship directly your products to the Amazon FBA distribution center. But there aren’t many prep service organizations in China compared to the USA.

Chinese forwarder organization, for the most part, performs the job of a prep organization.

The cost of utilizing a Chinese prep organization is additionally entirely affordable. Interestingly, you may need to hold up under the transportation cost from the provider to the distribution center of the sourcing forwarder. In any case, the expense is modest as it is in China.

Another extraordinary advantage of utilizing a Chinese prep organization is that if quality issues are discovered. You can then restore your merchandise to the production line.

In any case, if the quality problems are discovered in the product after reaching the US. As a rule, the blemished merchandise will be taken care of locally, rather than coming back to the Chinese manufactory. Because of the high logistics expense and the complex import strategies included.

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2. Shipping Methods to Amazon FBA

Now, there are 4 principal methods to ship products from China to the Amazon FBA distribution center. We have described every method of transportation comprehensively below, so you can take the right step.

2.1 Express Transportation

The express can be the cheapest method to ship your products to Amazon. Particularly for various private label traders whose goods are light and compact.

As the quickest doorway service, this way of shipping gives competing speed and reliable transport of products for FBA services. It is the fastest way to send your items from supplier to Amazon centers.

  • Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: The Fastest way of shipping as it takes only a few days to reach the US.

Disadvantages: Costly, enhances the seller’s expense.  Additionally, there are limitations on some products (fluid, battery, etc.)

  • How to choose the right Express?

When selecting the Express, consider your shipping objectives and the things you expect (speed, service quality, cost, and tracking).

Other than this, you also need to look for service providers that handle dangerous goods as well. There are many Express services you can choose from.

You just need to take the cost, handling process, and other important things into consideration. We recommend choosing any one of these three: DHL, FedEx, or UPS.

  • How to calculate the weight?

Express work on a DDU premise. Where every conveyance costs with the exception of local duty and taxes are canvassed in the freight charges.

For orders below 800 USD, there aren’t customs taxes on imported commodities into America. Also, various companies use the two techniques: actual weight or dimensional weight.

Express transportation dimensional weight method:

Dimensional weight = Length (centimeters) * Width (centimeters) x Height (centimeters) /5000

Dimensional weight VS Real weight

This depends on two situations. The first is when your commodity weighs over 21 kg, the express will then charge a shipping cost for 1 kg. Whereas, if the commodity weighs below 21 kg, the express will charge for every 0.5 kg.

  • Some Tips to save money
  1. The first tip to save money is to allow your Chinese vendor to ship the commodities to the Amazon stockroom. Or locate an agent to assist you with transportation.
  2. The second is when the product is delivered to the US. No customs duty or clearance costs for any products under $800 is charged.
  • Express delivery time from China to the US and Europe

The transportation time for Express delivery is the fastest compared to other courier services. Here are the delivery times for the famous Express courier services.

  • DHL: 2-4 business days
  • UPS: 2-3 business days
  • FedEx: 2-3 business days
Which express company is better

2.2 Sea Transportation

Sea transportation is the primary transportation technique for universal fare and import. Low costs, enormous volumes, LCL or FCL choices; every one of these points of interest settles on conveyance via sea, a significant decision for most shippers.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages: Lower costs compared to air transportation and handles much larger volume shipments.

Disadvantages: Slow and can be affected by climate change.

  • Sea transportation operation process

Simply, sea transportation offers two operations.

  1. The shipment can be shipped directly from the vendor or agent to the Amazon warehouse.

You can decide to transport straightforwardly from your provider or delivery Agent to the Amazon fulfillment center or your own distribution center.

Since huge numbers of customers decide to do Amazon’s groundwork for their item. For example, item assessment, labeling, and bundling.

  1. The shipment ships from the agent or supplier to a personal address.

The Sea transportation procedure is worked by two cargo forwarders. The first in China and the second within the US or Europe.

China’s cargo forwarding chiefly manages local transportation (from providers to port), trade announcements, and delivery to destinations.

The destinations cargo forwarder is fundamentally answerable for dealing with these things. Trade customs clearance, customs obligations and transportation from the harbor to Amazon fulfillment center.

When the customs clearance is finished, the cargo forwarder will, as a rule, organize DHL, UPS or even FedEx from the ocean port to Amazon FBA.

  • How to find your own shipping agent?

Solution 1. Find your own Amazon freight forwarder.

Being the Amazon seller, you should locate a decent FBA freight forwarder to collaborate with. Since the delivery operator can generally give you a transportation quote for the Amazon stockroom address.

So you can figure out the expense of your item in a brief timeframe and it is extremely vital.

Solution 2: Let your supplier help you transport to Amazon FBA.

You have to affirm it if your vendor has experience of delivery to the Amazon distribution center when acquiring. In the event that your vendor doesn’t have any understanding.

You should consider searching for a China Shipping Agent. You simply have to distinguish a couple of significant issues with your vendor, for example, customs clearance, duties, etc.

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​Wholesale Suppliers
  • Shipping time from China to Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Shipping times for sea transportation are protracted. So your freight will take 30 to 45 days to land at the US port.

  • Calculate the weight and size of sea transportation

Sea transportation shipping costs vary much of the time. However, as a guide, you ought to pay someplace around $200 for every pallet or $300 for every cubic meter.

Other factors for additional costs are port charges, customs clearance, document fees, storage fees, and domestic transportation fees.

Sea transportation dimensional weight method:

Dimensional weight = Length (centimeters) * Width (centimeters) * Height (centimeters) / 6000

  • About shipping to the United States

The United States is moderately enormous and wide. Amazon has distribution centers in numerous states within the United States. Hence, the FBA cargo is separated into three sections.

  • Eastern US: Codes starting with 0, 1, 2, 3.
  • Central America: Codes starting with 4, 5, 6.
  • Western US: Codes starting with 7, 8, 9.

2.3 Air transportation

Air cargo shipment is the finest decision technique for transporting huge measure of items at affordable prices. Also, it is perfect for wholesalers who require to rapidly fill their stock.

Choosing this alternative is useful over the long haul. If you are low on produce and require your items to continually in stock.

  • Weight calculation

As a rough estimation, you may hope to pay about $4 for each kilogram for airship shipping from China to Amazon within the United States. Yet you will likewise need to represent customs clearance charges and duties.

Air transportation dimensional weight method:

Dimensional weight = length (centimeters) * width (centimeters) * height (centimeters) / 6000.

Air transportation dimensional weight method
  • Transportation time from China to Amazon by Air

Air shipping time will be around 10 days obtuse compared to Express. Yet everything relies upon the flight picked by your forwarder.

  • China to Amazon distribution center in the US: Takes 10-12 working days
  • China to Amazon stockroom in Canada: Takes 12 working days
  • China to Europe (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Italy) Amazon warehouse: Takes 13 working days

2.4 Train Transportation

Train transportation is just accessible while delivering commodities to Europe from China. Cost and time are nearly equivalent of the trains and sea transportation to the Amazon stockroom.

It takes around 30 days for the parcel from China to arrive at all Amazon Centers in Europe. The train is secure compared to ocean shipping.

  • Dimensional weight of train transportation

The dimensional weight estimation of the train is equivalent to air transport, and the volume is distributed by 6000. In the event that the real weight is greater compared to the dimensional weight. It will be measured by the real weight. In the event that the weight is under 1 kg, it is determined as one kg.

Dimensional weight method:

Dimensional weight = length (cm) * width (cm) * height (cm) / 6000.

  • Transportation time from China to Amazon via train

From China to Europe (UK, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Poland) Amazon distribution center. For the most part, takes around 25 business days (counting customs clearance).

3. Customs and Amazon certification

Normally, transportation items from China to Amazon need two accreditations. One is item affirmation for customs and the second for Amazon.

While buying items from China, it is smarter to affirm what certifications the vendors have. You must try supplanting another provider if the item doesn’t have certification.

On the off chance that the provider’s item doesn’t have certifications, it implies that his item is inadequate. Item accreditation is likewise significant to sell on Amazon. Finally, item certification can not be overlooked.

  • Certification required by customs

At the point when the merchandise is cleared, Customs owns the right to need your items to give important certification. On the off chance that you can’t give it, Customs can fine, restrain or damage your item.

So you need to comprehend what sort of item certification you have to give. So as to effectively pass the custom (this is significant).

Certification required by customs
  • Amazon required certification

While selling items on Amazon, you should know whether you need item certifications to trade on Amazon. You should agree to Amazon’s item guidelines which would somehow make the posting be closed.

At the point when the item is dispatched to Amazon FBA, Amazon expects vendors to give accreditation. ASTM F963-16 confirmation in the United States, and SOR/2011-17 in Canada.

All in all, certification is significant on Amazon. When acquiring items from China, you should affirm with Amazon. If you require certification or other prerequisites to sell items on Amazon.

4. Amazon’s requirements for product barcodes and boxes

Before delivering items to Amazon FBA, you should comprehend Amazon’s necessities for items and boxes. Every item packaged, boxes should consent to Amazon stockroom guidelines.

On the off chance that you don’t conform to Amazon’s prerequisites, your item will be dismissed by the Amazon stockroom.

Or when your item package doesn’t have the right FBA mark. Amazon will not know if the item belongs to the particular seller.

When the FBA mark isn’t put, your merchandise will likewise be dismissed. Once your merchandise land at the FBA. They need to filter the scanner tag to recognize them and spot the products in the right position.

Hence, you can see that labeling is essential in FBA. This progression is significant and will determine your item into the Amazon distribution center and its deals.

Underneath are some Amazon stockroom prerequisites for items, loads and boxes:

4.1 Product label

Amazon’s giving labels to items is necessary. Amazon stockroom will examine your FNSKU labels when your items are shipped. Hence, Amazon will put your items in the right distribution center area.


4.2 Shipping label

In the event that you need to ship to the Amazon stockroom, you should make a “Delivery Plan” on the Amazon foundation.

You can get the master box labeling. In the wake of downloading the master box labeling. You can then print that out and afterward append the label to the box.

In the event that the box does not have this labeling appended, Amazon will likewise dismiss the product. Amazon necessitates that every box must own 2 transportation labels at any rate.

4.3 Amazon Requirements: Box Size and Weight

Here are Amazon requirements for the box size and weight that you have to comply with anyhow.

  1. 25 inches on both sides is the limit of the master box.
  2. The weight should not be more than 50 pounds. For more than 50 pounds, attach a “Team Lift” labeling. Whereas, for 100 pounds, attach “Mech Lift” to the box.

5. How to Track the Shipment to Amazon FBA from China?

Subsequent to when the delivery is organized, you may think about whether you can keep a track of your cargo throughout the transportation.

The appropriate response is yes! You definitely will come to know how to track the shipment to Amazon FBA from China by reading further. Here you go!

  • Track express cargos

You are just required to open the official site of your express organization. Then, insert your express tracking code or ID number. Finally, you can without much of a stretch get your load tracking records.

Track the Shipment to Amazon FBA from China
  • Track air or sea cargo

For global air or ocean freight, particularly which require travel shipment or to be transported in groups. You; therefore, require to know the freight’s real-time delivery info.

Be that as it may, the thing is for both customary ocean and airship cargo. Merchandise is taken care of by small cargo forwarders.

Dissimilar to huge worldwide organizations, such as FedEx, these small forwarders don’t hold their own tracking frameworks.

It’ll be increasingly hard for you for tracking real-time transportation data for your merchandise. Beneath we have shared how to track the freight utilizing air or ocean shipping.

Method 1: Inquire freight forwarder

As referenced earlier, the small cargo forwarders don’t hold their own tracking frameworks. So on the off chance that you need to know the transportation status of your load.

You have to connect to the sales representative or client agent of your forwarder. They will disclose to you where your freight is currently.

In situations, where you discover cargo forwarders with the help of your provider. You can straightforwardly get some information about the status of your merchandise.

Rather than connecting with the forwarder yourself, as more often than not, those cargo forwarders can’t speak in English.

While either ocean or air shipping, you simply require to check the evaluated date at these basic stages:

  • Date when merchandise leaving China port or air terminal
  • Date when merchandise showing up at American port or air terminal
  • Date when merchandise go through United States custom clearance
  • Date when the merchandise reaches the Amazon FBA distribution center

Method 2: Track via the airline or sea shipping company

In spite of the fact that the cargo forwarder under ocean transporting or air transportation doesn’t give a particular tracking site.

You can, therefore, track the status of merchandise in that particular holder through ocean shipping organizations. (For example, Maersk & COSCO) and aircraft organizations, (for example, Air China).

In any case, tracking by means of those sites. You can possibly get the data identified with when the products left China harbor of stacking.

The evaluated date of landing in the US. Or the assessed date when your merchandise will be emptied from vessels or aircraft.

In the event that you have to know when your merchandise will go through customs clearance or deliver to the Amazon stockroom. You can just ask the cargo forwarder who assists you with organizing the transportation.

Check via an airline company

a. Check via an airline company

You simply need to insert the tracking ID of your air consignment note on the site of the carrier organization. You can discover the tracking ID or a number of your aviation route bill at the top of the carrier’s official website.

After inserting the ID, you will get complete information on your product’s current location and arrival time.

b.Check via the sea shipping company

You simply need to enter your Shipping Company’s Name, Container ID or Number, B/L, also known as Bill of Lading ID or Number or Vessel Booking ID or Number as per your shipping organization’s demand.

Just with a tick on “track”, you may have nitty-gritty data. For example, the port of takeoff, the port of travel, the harbor of destination, and evaluated time of shipment, and so on.

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6.What Can I Do if the Goods are Lost after Arriving at Amazon Warehouse?

In spite of the fact that merchandise is not lost regularly by Amazon. Despite everything, you have to realize how to take care of the issue when you lose your products.

What is the deal ?

What made the loss of merchandise in the Amazon stockroom? You can investigate the problem. Get your remuneration from Amazon with the assistance of Amazon client support and an agent.

The following are the resolution steps you can utilize. You can likewise attempt to follow these means if the same sort of issues occurs.

Step 1: Contact Amazon Customer Service

Perhaps Amazon still has your merchandise or just batches have appeared on the dealer framework, or Amazon loses your products.

To discover the genuine circumstance, you have to contact Amazon client support to disclose to them that you lose your items. Request that they check what actually happened.

Below are 3 different ways to contact Amazon Client Support Contact:

  1. Amazon “Call Me” administration: Suggested for quick help.
  2. General Support contact:
  • Cost free: 1 (888) 280-4331
  • Español número gratuito: 1-866-749-7538
  • Worldwide: 1 (206) 922-0880 — extra costs may apply
  1. Get 24/7 support from Amazon client assistance:

You being a client for Amazon can reach Amazon client support. So they will inform you why they cannot locate your shipment of boxes/products.

So what would it be advisable for you to do to demonstrate that it is Amazon that lost your merchandise? In that case, just follow the second step.

Step 2: Prepare Your Delivery Receipt

If there should arise an occurrence of products lost in the wake of landing at the stockroom. You have to show Amazon your shipping receipt as significant proof.

Your shipping receipt will determine that Amazon has gotten your merchandise with the right amount. After they check the number of your products and different subtleties.

Step 3: Prepare Product Invoice

In the event that you discover that Amazon has lost your merchandise, you can prepare your item Invoice for payment. You can obtain it from your provider/operator to show Amazon about the cost or value of your merchandise.

For extra assistance, we have shared the flowchart about the entire procedure of how to discover your things are lost. Then, how to communicate with Amazon to tackle this issue.

  1. Open “Amazon Seller Central.”
  2. Tap on “Inventory.”
  3. Verify “Delivered” and “Received” product number.
  4. When the received ID is less than the shipped number, you need to clip the product “name.”
  5. Tap on “Track Shipment” along with “Shipment Contents” to comprehend the missing information of every item.
  6. Tap on “Reconcile.”
  7. Choose the alternative “Missing – Please Research.”
  8. Now, “Upload Documents,” also “Provide additional information” to assist Amazon to find your items.
  9. “Preview”, and then “Confirm the Selections” to put forward your case.
  10. After some time, Amazon Seller Support assistance will check your claim, they will give you additional information.
  11. At last, the matter is now waiting to be settled.


1.If you buy from Alibaba, can you ship goods from Alibaba to Amazon FBA?

Yes, Of course. You can ship your goods direclty from Alibaba suppliers factory to amazon fba.At the same time,leelinesourcing can help do the preshipment inspection and ensure the product quality.

2.What is the best Alibaba shipping methods to Amazon FBA?

There are three main alibaba shipping method to amazon fba.

a.Shipping by Express to amazon fba,just like dhl,ups,fedex.It takes 5-7 days.The FBA Shipping Cost is most expensive.

b.Shipping by air.Mostly delivery time is 10 -15 days.

c.Shipping by sea.It taks about 30-45 days.It is the lowest shipping cost method.

Which is the best shipping method from alibaba to amazon fba depends on how fast you want your goods to be in amazon fba warehouse.

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Alibaba shipping


This article has told you how to transport from China to Amazon FBA, FBA Prep, item labeling prerequisites, delivery calculations, and so on.

We have shared what we think about amazon. We expect this article can assist you with shipping items from China to Amazon.

The most significant is the FBA cargo calculation. So we think that it is useful to compute the expense of your item beforehand.

At last, subsequent to perusing this article, in the event that you have any inquiries. It would be ideal if you leave a remark or comment beneath.

We will answer you at the earliest opportunity. It would be ideal if you don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any data about shipping from China to Amazon FBA.

What is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a solution offered by Amazon that helps sellers with their order fulfillment. Amazon will help sellers pick, pack, and ship customer orders. Amazon sellers are only required to send their products to the Amazon fulfillment center. This makes it very easy and worthwhile to sell on Amazon.

Right from shopping to packing and warehousing, Amazon does all this on the behalf of you. What you need is to pick a suitable product and let Amazon handle the fulfillment to customers. With Fulfillment by Amazon, the sale of products has become easier for Amazon sellers.

But how can you ship your products successfully to Amazon warehouse? We will dwell on this topic and break it down to help you understand the whole process and how Amazon FBA shipment works.

A Step By Step Guide to Shipping to Amazon FBA 1

Amazon’s Inventory Placement Service

When a shipment plan is created, Amazon may divide your shipments into multiple sections and redirect to a different fulfillment center. The products and location at which you are shipping from determines the fulfillment center it will be directed to.

This is a good idea as the closer your fulfillment center is to your customers, the faster your customers will receive it. All you need do is to sign up for the Inventory Placement-Service and ship your entire inventory to a single fulfillment center. (Related Article: How to Find A Suitable FBA Logistics Company in China For Amazon Selling )

Guide On How To Ship To The Fulfillment Center

In this section, we will discuss a step-by-step guide on how to transport your products to Amazon fulfillment center.
Before transporting your FBA products to Amazon fulfillment center, ensure you have these things:

(1) Sourced product – Get your products ready for shipping from the supplier or your place.

(2) U.P.C (Universal Product-Code) – Every new product needs a UPC. You get one and present it to them to signify you’re bringing a fresh product to advertise.

(3) The number of cases and units – You will have to plan just how many items you wish to send over to Amazon.

(4) Weight and size – If you are shipping straight from your dealer or from some warehouse, you will have to ask your distributor for this information.

(5) Mailing location – This is basically where your goods are coming from as well as the carrier you will be using. For instance, if you are transporting by air, one of the top couriers could be U.P.S, FedEx, or D.H.L.


A Step By Step Guide to Shipping to Amazon FBA 2

After the above things have been taken care of, it’s time to learn the step-by-step guide to shipping.

(1) Proceed to the Seller-Central (formally referred to as the Amazon Seller-Central)

(2) Head to “Inventory” and then to its 1st subheader “Manage Inventory.” You will see all the products which you are selling.

(3) You will then proceed to check the pack on the left which corresponds to what you want to deliver to Amazon for fulfillment.

(4) The very first thing we have to do is agree that Amazon recognizes that particular listing to be F.B.A (Fulfilled by-Amazon). Whether it’s a whole new product-listing, the machine will automatically presume it to be an F.B.M (fulfillment by the merchant), not F.B.A. You will have to inform Amazon’s system that you would like Amazon to satisfy the client orders. This means you have to select the “Change-to Fulfilled-by-Amazon” from the dropdown menu.

Let’s assume that we have already sourced the merchandise, and you are ready to ship, we’ll go directly into the transport process by pressing “Convert & Send-Inventory.”

(5) We are actually on the very doorsteps of the company’s famous shipping and delivery plan. It is time to issue Amazon with some necessary details before we now go through the shipping workflow.

3 Basic items needed:

– Select “Create a fresh-shipping plan.”

– Enter an address that it’ll deliver from coming to Amazon.

– Also, choose the type of packing. For some private label products, are going to “Case Packed,” and therefore your products are the same S.K.U, and that these products can be inside one bigger box altogether.

Now, on another screen, you will notice that Amazon has put up another step-by-step procedure known as the “Shipping Workflow.” It’s mainly a rough draft of the kind of inventory you intend to ship, and exactly how. You can complete each of these areas at your pace. You will not be penalized in case you create a workflow then hold out before transport off the products.

Generally, to help make this process as smooth as possible, you can ask the dealer to get ready for the delivery so as to make it possible for Amazon can begin selling it right from the box (in such cases, the supplier is required to print scannable barcode-stickers that will be affixed onto the packaging).

It’s getting interesting given that we’re in the Review-Shipments section. Amazon will assign certain warehouses for you as it has fulfillment centers over the U.S, and will assign your shipping locations predicated on its data.

Remember, you could also decide on where you would want to ship. Also, a cost is applicable, but if you choose to take into account your transport fees and it creates more sense to deliver to at least one location, then you must instead do that.


A Step By Step Guide to Shipping to Amazon FBA 3

In order to change the settings, check out owner Central main webpage and follow through with these four steps:

– Under Options, click on the Fulfillment by Amazon.

– Under Inbound Configurations, click Edit.

– Under Inventory Position-Option, click Inventory Position-Service.

– Click Update.

As soon as you find a variety of locations that you believe would work for you, strike “Approve Shipments” to go on.

Now, we’re in the View-Shipments section.

You will realize that you can “Focus on-Shipment” for every single location of these warehouses.

You’ll want to choose SPD, probably (unless you’re shipping and delivering pallets) as well as the carrier you are using. UPS is Amazon’s preferred carrier, even though DHL among others are fine as well. It’s your decision.

Providers like D.H.L and U.P.S are accredited customs broker agents, so are going to be responsible for clearing your deals through the customs right on the way to Amazon. Ensure that you also provide your contact number that will be used as your contact for the delivery, and it will go without any hassles.

Also upon this “Focus on shipment” page, remember to save your package shipping and delivery label (this is usually the label that will be placed on the exterior of the best box that retains all your product containers in it). Which will also be downloaded as a PDF file. Then, press “Complete Shipment.”


You have just learned about how to navigate your way through the different process required to ship your products for Amazon to help you fulfill your customers’ orders. Seems quite tedious but if followed diligently, you can use this ingenious feature on Amazon to build a strong online business empire. For an in-depth guide on shipping your products to FBA centers, including screenshots and details on various parts of the process, check out  FBA shipping guide from Freightos.

If you have any more questions about FBA, please do get in touch so we can assist you in getting the right information.


A Step By Step Guide to Shipping to Amazon FBA 4


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Hey I'm Sharline, the founder of Leeline Sourcing. With 10 years of experience in the field of sourcing in China, we help 2000+ clients import from China,Alibaba,1688 to Amazon FBA or shopify. If you have any questions about sourcing , pls feel free to contact us.

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