Dropshipping Suppliers Los Angeles

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Dropshipping Suppliers Los Angeles

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Is dropshipping in Los Angeles profitable in 2023

YES, DEFINITELY! Dropshipping in Los Angeles has never been PROFITABLE!

Dropshipping is the BIGGEST e-commerce business model. It can generate MILLIONS of profit! Also, the startup cost is almost ZERO

So what are you waiting for? Find your dropshipping suppliers in Los Angeles with us INSTANTLY!

Dropshipping Suppliers Los Angeles

Our Dropshipping Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Product Suppliers

Looking for a LOW PRICES product with the BEST quality? We have it from our list of dropshipping suppliers in Los Angeles!

Our PROFESSIONAL team guides you through EACH STEP on choosing the TRUSTABLE seller. You get products that are PROFITABLE from us! 

No more waiting! SAVE TIME by getting our service! 

Product Quality Control

Headache from getting customers’ complaints on products from dropshipping suppliers in Los Angeles? 

No worries, we’ve got your back! We have a DEVOTED inspection team to make sure you receive SUPERB items. Also, you get CUSTOMER SATISFACTION as we CAREFULLY inspect your item.

Kickstart your e-commerce business with our QUALITY PRODUCTS NOW

Product Quality Control
branded dropshipping

Branded Dropshipping

Want to create a branded dropshipping profile that HOOKS?

Wait no more! Our creative team gives you custom branding options to make your goods MEMORABLE! So you get a HIGH PROFIT while EXPANDING the CUSTOMER BASE to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

Sounds tempting? Send your inquiry, and we are ready to help with your custom branding! 

Private Label & White Label Products

Our company also provides private-label and white-label products service! These services are available for all dropshipping suppliers in Los Angeles.

To your delight, we offer CUSTOMIZED private label service. Hand in your requirements TODAY and get a RELIABLE manufacturer from us! Also, get your store name printed on one of our FAMOUS products!

Just grab a coffee and lay back. We will do the job for you! 

Private Label & White Label
fulfillment center

Dropshipping Fulfillment

No more comparing different fulfillment services from dropshipping suppliers in Los Angeles! 

Our company provides an ALL-IN-ONE dropshipping fulfillment service to your SATISFACTION. We handle each of every order with care. As a result, you get the FASTEST and EFFICIENT SHIPPING with CUSTOM PACKAGING from us!

Say no to bad reviews! Get our service NOW!

What Makes Leeline Sourcing Stand Out?



Our BROKERS verify your paperwork to ensure compliance. Send us your records and requirements. Our PROFESSIONALS will make sure everything runs well for you. IMMEDIATELY increase your sales!

Customer Support

EXCEPTIONAL Customer Support

We have FULL ACCESS to your current customs documents. Drop us a message, and our FRIENDLY customer service will assist you IN NO TIME!


VARIETY of Services Available

We TAKE CARE of every part of your shipment. Our TOP NOTCH exporters are accessible to pick up, pack, and ship. You get PEACE OF MIND as we send the products directly to your customer’s doorstep.

Hear it from fellow Dropshipper

O-M-G! Guess what? My e-commerce business profile has reached a MILLION views! My sales have never been this high, all thanks to Leeline Sourcing! They help in all aspects, so I can SAVE TIME & EFFORT while generating high income! 

– Drake, USA

Source Your Products and Start Dropshipping

We offer the best price and dropshipping services to help you improve your dropshipping business. View More Products to Dropship

Best 10 Dropshipping Suppliers Los Angeles

Looking for a dropshipping supplier in Los Angeles but need somewhere to start? Headache with all the faulty products that leave your online store with bad reviews? 

We are here to help – with our decade of sourcing experience! We get you the BEST dropshipping suppliers in Los Angeles. Also, we have included dropshipping tips, so you take your e-commerce store to a NEW HEIGHT! 

No worry, our expert has tested dropshipping services below. It definitely helps to BOOST your sales!

Let’s get rolling. 

Dropshipping Suppliers Los Angeles

How to Work With Dropshipping Wholesalers?

Work With Dropshipping Wholesalers
  1. Contact Manufacturer

Now you’ve confirmed your niche. Call the manufacturer and request a list of wholesale drop shippers. This quick step assures that you’re looking at trustworthy wholesalers. If the same name surfaces again, this could be your ideal supplier.

  1. Use Google Search Engine

Google various search keywords and scroll through the Google results. It allows you to find more reliable wholesales. You can also find reviews from customers regarding your suppliers. 

  1. Buy From Competitors

Buy some products from competitors or drop shippers. You may find out who their dropshipping source is by searching the return address. This is an excellent opportunity to investigate the competition and locate potential wholesalers.

  1. Attend Trade Show

Trade exhibitions are an excellent way to meet wholesalers and inspect products. LA fashion district is one of the most famous trade shows.

10 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Los Angeles 

In terms of the BEST dropshipping supplier, what do you look for?

Years of EXPERIENCE? FAME? QUALITY products? 

Have some dropshipping companies in your mind? Here are the TOP 10 DROPSHIPPING suppliers in Los Angeles on our list.

1. LeelineSourcing


Looking for an ALL-IN-ONE problem-solving dropshipping company?

Leeline Sourcing is your TOP choice. 

It is a professional sourcing company with ten years of experience. From small and medium-scale to corporate dropshipping, they have ALL-ROUNDED solutions. 

You get all sorts of wholesale products. The products range from office supplies and furniture to fashion clothing and accessories.

They offer FAST and EFFICIENT services. You get suppliers at the best prices in as fast as 2 working days for FREE! The service charges only incur when you’ve found the right supplier.

Here are the reasons why thousands of merchants worldwide source from Leeline:

  • Speedy sourcing and shipping services
  • Transparent pricing
  • Excellent customer support
  • Comprehensive services

I have worked with LEELINE SOURCING this week. They have been outstanding. Shipping is fast and ready to deliver products whenever you receive an order. It is great to work with them.

2. DropshipMe


Have WooCommerce & AliDropship accounts?

DropshipMe would be your good partner.

5 STARS out of 5 stars of customer’s rating. They said YES to this plugin.

Why? Here are some reasons.

They have TONS of reliable suppliers with award-winning products. You can find niches like

  • Women’s clothing by famous fashion designers
  • Household items
  • Accessories

You directly import the products to your accounts without editing. (NO blurry images and blunt descriptions!) 

Also, you get over 50,000 product choices with professionally optimized descriptions. FREE importing 50 products when you sign up with them! 

DropshipMe provides recommended pricing markup. 

What our experts said is that this plugin is so BEGINNER-FRIENDLY!

In short, here are the benefits of DropshipMe:

  • Reliable suppliers checked by experts
  • Provide professionally edited product info
  • The free version is available.  It saved me from investing many dollars on the subscriptions. Direct shipping from supplier to the customers SAVES the overhead costs on the warehousing. You can turn up your profits.
  • Award-winning products of timeless designs are available.

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

3. Alibaba


Sure, you’ve heard of Alibaba, right?

Imagine the site’s transactions totaled $248 billion last year!

But how can such a big company help in growing your sales?

You can find ALL ranges of products on Alibaba. DIRECT interactions with manufacturers. Suppliers sell in bulk and can fill orders for your dropshipping app.

You may question whether the marketplace in Alibaba is way too huge. Finding a good dropshipping supplier is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Here are some tips! Find verified sellers to secure your order in the dropshipping app. Do various research to find a reputable supplier.

Looking for private-label production? Alibaba is the best. They provide shipping for international and domestic orders for your convenience.

Here is why people like Alibaba: 

  • Support various payment methods
    (T/T, credit card, Boleto, Western Union, Online Transfer, Paypal, Apple pay, etc.)
  • Free trade assurance
  • No minimum order quantity

4. ThomasNet


Interested in selling electronic parts?

ThomasNet has over 122 years of bringing B2B buyers and suppliers together. You get over 500,000 suppliers with multiple warehouses and large inventory. 

They specialize in electronic parts, machinery, car accessories, etc. VAST selection!

This company also provides a product catalog that differentiates product categories. You easily find your products with a low minimum purchase quantity.

Also, good news for the Los Angeles-based dropshipper! You can custom manufacture the product you want to sell. Instantly get a quote. Just send your CAD drawing (3D CAD file). MORE materials and manufacturing processes to choose from.

Here are the benefits of ThomasNet:

  • Provide high-quality suppliers
  • Easy searching with advanced filter
  • Custom manufacturing service for customers

5. SaleHoo 


SaleHoo is the first drop shipping supplier I ever tried. They have a number of suppliers with affordable prices. Working with suppliers speeds up profits and business revenue.

SaleHoo is a directory of wholesale and dropshipping businesses like Sunrise Wholesale. It has suppliers that provide the MOST affordable prices and the MOST POPULAR brands. It is on our top list too. Here are why:

  • Good supplier that sells premium brands here
  • It has one of the most comprehensive international orders of buyers and providers. 
  • The SaleHoo supplier database includes 8,000+ suppliers.

You get suppliers that ship on time when you dropship with SaleHoo dropshipping app. 

No more wasting time and effort on researching wholesalers or suppliers!

SaleHoo is directed mainly toward businesses that use eBay and Amazon dropshipping

Here are some other pros of this dropshipping supplier:

  • Reasonable annual fee ($67)
  • Reliable suppliers checked by experts
  • Gain access to the community forum of dropshipping experts.
  • 60 days money-back guarantee

6. Megagoods 


Have you heard of Megagoods?

This company provides dropshipping services for electronic products and other sectors. They are among the best dropshipping suppliers in downtown Los Angeles. 

You can source various categories here for your dropshipping store. For instance,

  • Household items
  • Children’s toys
  • Accessories like stereos and seats.

Gain better customer satisfaction and profits with this dropshipping supplier!

To dropship with Megagoods, you must follow some extensive instructions. It ensures SMOOTH transactions and fewer hassles in your sourcing process. 

Let me list down the benefits of Megagoods.

  • They provide private-label shipping.
  • They have quick shipping in 1-2 business days. That is great for my customers. It increases my sales because of FAST SHIPPING SERVICES. On-time delivery makes them permanent customers
  • You can make international shipping for your eCommerce store
  • They accept various payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

7. DHgate


DHGate is a Chinese B2B and B2C wholesale marketplace situated in Beijing. You get a reliable dropshipping supplier here that sells to Los Angeles. 

Do you know why Dhgate is on one of our lists?

  • It provides a “Returns and Refund Guarantee” and a “Buyer Protection program.” You get a refund for the product that differs from what is described in their dropshipping app.
  • Excellent customer service. 24/7 online chat tool.

Various products are available from this dropshipping supplier. Examples are:

  • Wholesale clothing
  • Office tools
  • Other accessories.

Like AliExpress, you have to go through the research. You get to eliminate fraud sellers from the huge eCommerce marketplace. 

Some helpful tips:

  1. Check their website reviews and get samples to know their product quality. 
  2. Suppliers with at least 2-3 years of publishing on the platform are a bonus. 

Here are some benefits of Dhgate:

  • More suppliers are listed than in AliExpress.
  • Secured payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.)
  • Easy refunds

8. Tasha Apparel 

Tasha Apparel 

Interested in selling women’s apparel?

Tasha Apparel is an online fashion store specializing in women’s fashion clothing. 

They are also among the BEST dropshipping suppliers in Los Angeles. 

Their wholesale apparel includes:

  • Protective apparel
  • Sports outfits
  • Workout wear
  • Plus sizes 

They sell affordable women’s apparel of new styles to help them appear attractive. Also, they wholesale clothing of all ages, so you get all you need here for women’s clothing. 

To join their dropshipping program, you must apply on their website.

Do you know why Tasha Apparel is the BEST women’s clothing supplier? Here is why:

  • They accept PayPal and wire transactions
  • Orders are processed and shipped fast
  • Shipping products to international countries take about 2 weeks
  • No minimum order. No MOQ is always the preferable choice. Because in dropshipping, most customers order one item. No MOQ helps me in serving such customers and increase my sales effectively.
  • Special discount items for bulk orders.

9. ShelterDist 


The name is APPEALING somehow. Guess what it will be SELLING? 

ShelterDist is a B2B wholesale account specializing in wholesale knives and swords. Other wholesale items are: 

  • Self-defense items
  • Sports equipment
  • Surgical instruments. 

You get FAST domestic shipping times to your customers. 

They even have a FREE dropshipping program. Register on their website, providing your info, like the company name. Email your inquiry to their email at [email protected] to start working with them! 

Here are the reasons why you must choose this platform:

  • Accept PayPal and credit card transactions
  • Ship internationally FAST
  • 15 days money back guarantee
  • Low shipping costs

10. Global Sources

Global Sources

Global Sources is a B2B platform specializing in technology, apparel, and accessories. 

Imagine partnering with a dropshipping supplier with regulations more strict than in Alibaba. You get a secure dropshipping source.

Here are a few ways you can find suitable suppliers in Global Sources. 

First, try on different buyer tools to check the supplier’s authenticity. 

Next, check on sections on sourcing news and guidance. You get information about the latest trends and leading suppliers in that section.

Here are some pros of this dropshipping platform:

  • Accept credit card and debit card transactions, Paypal, American Express, Wire Transfers, etc. 
  • Reliable suppliers filtered
  • International shipping available

FAQs about Dropshipping Suppliers Los Angeles

1. Where can I find dropshipping suppliers in the US?

You can research via the Google search engine that will show you long lists of suppliers. But you have to go through deep research to find the best dropshippers. You can also consider attending trade shows or working with sourcing agents.

2. Which state is best for dropshipping in the USA?

If you want to start an e-commerce store in the USA, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Dallas are good options. You may follow the lead of many major e-commerce firms and locate them at a vital shipping hub. Selling in the US saves delivery expenses as all US clients are only two zones away.

3. How to ship products in dropshipping?

You select the shipping methods depending on the online stores where you set an account. Some e-commerce platforms provide their own shipping options. If you wish to ship products from China and Hong Kong to the USA, try out ePacket.

What’s Next

Dropshipping in Los Angeles has UNLIMITED POTENTIAL to success. To start dropshipping, you must find a TRUSTABLE supplier with QUALITY products. 

And here you have it, the TOP 10 Los Angeles dropshipping suppliers to get a profitable online store.

Want to GROW your dropshipping business? 

Leeline Sourcing is the name you can trust with our ten years of experience!

Talk to us today to discover more online business opportunities!

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