Best 12 Sites Like Alibaba For Wholesale And B2B Sourcing

Searching for sites like Alibaba is an EXHAUSTING chase. Lots of platforms promise you high-quality products. Only to give goods that don’t meet your expectations. 

I’ve contacted thousands of China suppliers over the decade. I know how to differentiate a legit wholesale platform like Alibaba from a fake one. This article lists the top 12 sites like Alibaba. Never risk being scammed again.

The best Alibaba alternative? That’s Leelinesourcing! This company sources the best wholesale products. Perfect for your branding. You always have goods to sell to your customers! 

Keep reading to source the CHEAPEST products for your business!

Sites Like Alibaba

Importance Of Finding Alternatives To Alibaba

Alibaba Group might be one of the BIG NAMES in the world of sourcing. But relying solely on this online marketplace isn’t always ideal. So, let’s discuss why finding sites like Alibaba is essential for your business.

1. Diversify Your Supplier Base

Diversify Your Supplier Base

Putting all your eggs in one basket is a risky mistake in sourcing. But by finding MULTIPLE qualified suppliers. You’ll have backups if, by any chance, your Alibaba supplier falls through. Your supply chain REMAINS STEADY. Avoid any other hiccups that come your way.

2. More Access to Better Prices and Deals

When you have alternatives, you’re not just limiting yourself to what Alibaba offers. Keep in mind that different wholesale eCommerce platforms offer DIFFERENT prices and deals. So, shopping around lets you negotiate better terms. Who knows, you might find yourself a better bargain.

Pro Tip:  Always GET QUOTES from at least three suppliers to choose the best offer.

3. Access to Unique Products

Access to Unique Products

There are certain products that you can’t easily find on Alibaba. By exploring other sites, find suppliers offering a vast range of unique items. Help you ATTRACT more customers looking for something unique.

Want a much cheaper way to access unique products? 

Leave it to LeelineSourcing. One of China’s TOP sourcing agents that many drop shippers are dying to partner with. 

Our WIDE RANGE of supplier network guarantees you can find any item you desire. Tell us what you need, and we’ll send you a free quotation in less than 48 hours.    

4. Enhanced Security and Verification

NOT ALL dropshipping websites have the same security measures. Some alternatives offer better security and verification. Which means there are fewer chances of you getting scammed. More security for your PEACE OF MIND.

20 Top Alibaba Alternatives Sites Are Listed Below

Here are the top sites, just like Alibaba, that can be a better alternative when sourcing products.

of Suppliers
AliExpressNo MOQYes300,000+Hangzhou,
can be
1688Low MOQNoUndisclosedHangzhou,
TemuLow MOQNoUndisclosedBoston,
BanggoodNo MOQYes100,000Guangzhou,
Global SourcesHigh MOQYes196,000+Hong Kong,
Made-in-ChinaNo MOQYes6,000,000Nanjing,
SHEINLow MOQYes6,000+Singapore★★★★★
GearbestNo MOQYes6,000+Germany★★★★
LightintheboxNo MOQYesUndisclosedSingapore★★★★★
eWorldTrade InquiryYesUndisclosedDallas,
HKTDC Flexible MOQYes100,000+Hong Kong,
TaobaoLow MOQYes60,000+Hangzhou,
EC21 No MOQNo2,000,000+South Korea★★★★
ChinabrandsNo MOQYes10,000+Shenzhen,
TradeIndiaLow MOQNoUndisclosedNew Delhi,
ChinavasionNo MOQYesUndisclosedShenzhen,
DIYTradeFlexible MOQNo114,000+Hong Kong,
TradekeyAs Low As 100YesUndisclosedRiyadh,
Saudi Arabia
ExportHubFlexible MOQYes500,000+US★★★★

Looking to find a reliable supplier online?

No matter which site you choose, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Best 12 Sites Like Alibaba

Let’s dig deeper into the top 12 alternative sites like Alibaba. Know whether they are better than Alibaba, or if they fit your business needs. 

1. AliExpress — Premier Platform for Global Dropshipping


There is no better Alibaba alternative than a site owned by Alibaba itself. AliExpress.

Similar to how you can find just any product in Alibaba. Buy practically anything, too, on AliExpress. But at a cheaper price.

It’s so user-friendly that it quickly wins the hearts of small businesses. AliExpress reviews almost always say that customers can SHOP BY CATEGORY. Easily spot the top-selling items in seconds! 

With a 90-day free return, you get a safe AliExpress Dropshipping experience.


1. Source directly from Chinese manufacturers and Chinese suppliers. There’s no middleman to deal with. Leading to competitive prices and better deals.

2. Welcome deal offers for new sellers. Products are offered at discounted prices and sometimes half the price. Perfect for startups with a budget striction.


Long shipping times. AliExpress Shipping can take quite a long time. Since many products are shipped from China. Often taking several weeks to arrive.

2. DHGate — The Trusted Choice for Discounted Wholesale Goods


Looking for a site like Alibaba but focused on wholesale? DHGate makes a great choice.

DHGate has been the GO-TO SPOT for B2B e-commerce in China. 

Think of it as Alibaba’s cousin. Connecting over 2 million global buyers from over 220 countries worldwide. Undeniably making it a fantastic Alibaba alternative.

With its 30 million products across 26 PRODUCT CATEGORIES. Including everything from electronics to fashion accessories. DHGates offers the best item for EVERYONE to flip and dropship.


1. Supplier selection criteria. Every supplier on the platform is guaranteed high-quality suppliers. You avoid scams when purchasing products.

2. Partnership with trusted international couriers. DHL, UPS, and FedEx are some of DHGate's trusted shipping couriers. You can ship your products and reach international buyers anywhere in the world.


Language barrier. Some suppliers do not speak English, which sometimes complicates transactions.

3. — Biggest Domestic Wholesale Platform in China

If Alibaba or AliExpress doesn’t quite suit your needs, try 1688. Another Alibaba alternative catered specifically for the domestic Chinese market.

Think of 1688 as Alibaba’s local Chinese platform. Yup, Alibaba owns this website, too!

It’s perfect for those looking to buy quality products DIRECTLY IN CHINA. As you get to enjoy dirt-cheap prices. But be ready, as suppliers typically don’t speak English nor ship internationally.


1. Local market prices. Get products at Chinese market rates from local suppliers. Opening doors for a higher profit margin.

2. Home to Chinese factories and manufacturers. Almost every supplier in 1688 was either direct factories or manufacturers. Catering to your OEM/ODM needs is so much easier.


Language barrier. I688’s website is primarily in Chinese. Making it hard to navigate the platform. Unless you use Google Translate or hire a 1688 dropshipping agent.

4. Temu — Fastest-Growing eCommerce App


Meet Temu, the rising star in the e-commerce world. Focusing on trendy and affordable products.

Though the company was only founded in 2022, Temu has quickly made a name for itself. Which is why it deserves to be one of Alibaba’s top alternatives on our list.

So, if you’re looking for stylish and budget-friendly items in fashion and lifestyle. Temu is definitely worth checking out. 


1. Offers regular deal promotions. Temu keeps its users updated on the best deals and offers on the platform. You steal the best offers possible!

2. Consumer-to-manufacturing (C2M). You connect directly with manufacturers without the need for a middleman. This means you can customize products at lower prices.


Scams on Temu are generally high. Rumors say that most suppliers in Temu are either fraud or offer low-quality items. 

5. Banggood — Leading Marketplace in Tech and Lifestyle Products


Since 2006, Banggood has been a GLOBAL LEADER for anything gadgets and electronics. 

More than 66 million satisfied users worldwide share how amazing this platform is. When it comes to ONLINE SHOPPING

But that’s not all. It partners with 100,000+ global suppliers and offers a mind-blowing range of products. I’m talking about 30 categories and 1,000,000 high-quality products to choose from!

So, if you’re looking for sites like Alibaba that can perfectly cater to your needs. Banggood is that good! 


1. 24/7 customer support. Banggood always opens its door to any issues you might encounter. You can contact suppliers and its customer support anytime of the day. So you avoid any shopping hassles.

2. Supports more than 40 payment methods. Have the flexibility to choose a secure payment method that works best for you. Ensuring you can shop anywhere with ease.


Limited bulk options. Though Banggood is legit, safe, and reliable, it isn’t ideal for large orders. Some products are not available on bulk purchases.

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

6. Global Sources — Go-To Directory for Finding Chinese Suppliers

Global Sources

Discover QUALITY FINDS with Global Sources. Where every product comes from verified suppliers and manufacturers. 

This Alibaba alternative is one of those few websites that host virtual trade shows. Online sellers get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover new products. Right at their fingertips!

Their sourcing service, called MATCH, includes pairing you with verified suppliers. This customized service is completely free of charge. 

From screening suppliers to setting up meetings. Their dedicated team takes care of everything!


1. Offer free quotations. You can request quotations from multiple suppliers. Giving you the chance to compare their prices and see who fits your budget. 

2. Low minimum order quantity. Global Sources welcomes anyone with a tight budget. Allowing them to purchase products that fit their budget.


Higher prices. We spent a day reading Global Sources reviews. Most customers says that some products on the site can be more expensive. In comparison to other wholesale sites.

7. Made-in-China — Home of Authentic China Suppliers


Looking to source directly from China wholesale suppliers? Made-in-China is the marketplace to be.

It’s a SUPPLIER DIRECTORY of a staggering 6,000,000+ suppliers. But wait, there’s more! With over 4500 categories, the selection is simply mind-blowing!

ALL suppliers and manufacturers have undergone a strict verification process

Guarantee the highest quality Chinese products to import.


1. Massive product selection. Over 70,000,000 products are offered. You source every item that exists. More customers you can cater to.

2. Global Expos. Yearly, Made-in-China hosts several trade shows. Get a chance to meet the 1500 TOP ASIAN SUPPLIERS in every industry. Discover new products and build business relationships.


Varying product quality. With so many products available, the quality of products varies. Expect some inconsistencies.

8. SHEIN — Global Fast Fashion Powerhouse


The QUEEN of fashion wholesale markets–SHEIN. Literally, if a trendy fashion and lifestyle product exists somewhere. Except that it’s also sold on SHEIN. 

Clarification, though: SHEIN is a retailer, NOT an online marketplace. So, you’d only be buying from ONE COMPANY with no suppliers to talk to. 

SHEIN is renowned for its affordable prices, thousands of selections and fast shipping. 


1. Up-to-date with trends. Every TRENDY fashion accessory or item is available on SHEIN. Meaning, you’ll be able to PLEASE customers who always want to follow trends. 

2. Easy return/refund policy. SHEIN is a retailer. So, returning or asking for a refund is less of a hassle. Keep your investments safe and improve the quality control of your products.


No negotiation. No suppliers means no one to negotiate with. The price you see is the price you get with SHEIN. Sometimes, they’re low enough, but you can’t bargain. 

9. Gearbest — Destination for Tech and Smart Home Bargains


GEARBEST keeps the gears of many businesses turning. 

Through its affordable commercial and industrial products. Initially, it was the GO-TO for electronics. 

But it has evolved to sell all kinds of products. Including clothing, sports gear, and TECH. 


1. Extensive search filters. Narrow down options through filters. Find the products you need in seconds.

2. Wholesale perks. For specific items. You’ll get cheaper per-unit items if you buy bulk. GOOD news for business owners. Higher profit margins!


Tricky returns process. Gearbest offers returns and refunds. BUT it typically tries to push off the responsibility to the shipper. Especially when there are damaged items. This means slower resolutions. Many times, you won’t get the results you need. 

10. Lightinthebox — One-Stop Shop for Affordable Fashion and Home Goods


LightIntheBox is a TREASURE box filled with goods with wholesale prices. 

It serves as the BRIDGE between genuine manufacturers and BUSINESS. Acting as a quality control middleman that manually verifies every supplier.

Avoid the HASSLE of communicating with several suppliers online. Let Lightinthebox’s own team handle your sourcing needs.


1. Affordable prices. Its main selling point is affordability across multiple product categories. Perfect for reselling opportunities. 

2. Easy checkout process. You’ll always be less than five clicks away from checkout when using LightInTheBox. Save time and money to focus on what really matters.


High shipping fees. Compared to other sites like Alibaba. Many Lightinthebox reviews show that its shipping cost is extremely high. For some items, shipping was more expensive than the actual product. 

11. eWorldTrade — The Ultimate Platform for B2B Commerce


eWorldTrade is one of the biggest HUBS of global trade. 

It’s a B2B marketplace, much like Alibaba. Chat with suppliers 24/7 to negotiate, request quotes or follow up requests! 

Source from a DIVERSE POOL of suppliers globally!


1. Global Reach. eWorldTrade provides access to its extensive network of suppliers worldwide. You expand your customer reach and make more profit for your business. 

2. Industry Variety. Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. No matter how unique your needs are, you’ll find suppliers for almost every category.


Verification Issues. Not all suppliers are thoroughly vetted, so due diligence is required.

12. HKTDC — Gateway to Premier Hong Kong Suppliers


Founded in 1966, HKTDC has long been established. As the go-to statutory trading body for Hong Kong-based traders. 

Here, you can browse updated products, connect with suppliers, and negotiate deals seamlessly. 

Suppliers are often in the GAME for long-term connections. In other words, TONS of room for price negotiations and better arrangements. 


1. Networking opportunities. This online platform often hosts international trade events and fairs. Perfect for meeting suppliers in person. 

2. Over 50 offices worldwide. Visit its branches in person to seek in-person guidance when trading. Very few platforms allow this office visitation.


Not for fast purchases. HKTDC doesn’t work like online marketplaces where you can hit a purchase in seconds. It doesn’t handle payments. So, you must work out payment terms directly with suppliers. May be risky in some instances. 

If you hard to negotiate with suppliers and pay on safely?

LeelineSourcing is ready to help you buy from alibaba low cost and efficiently.

How To Find Reliable Suppliers On Alibaba?

Ready to find reliable Chinese suppliers and manufacturers? I’ve been doing this for over ten years, so I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. Let me share them with you!

1. Filter by Supplier

Filter by Supplier

We usually just search for products directly when buying online, right? But, if you want to hit two birds with one stone. Try clicking the supplier option too rather than only focusing on the product alone.

The result will show you not just the best-selling products. But also the TOP SUPPLIERS offering them.

2. Filter Verified Suppliers

One of Alibaba’s best features is your ability to filter suppliers not just once but twice!

Alibaba has a handy filter to make your supplier research so much EASIER. 

(See screenshot below for reference.)

Filter Verified Suppliers

The results generated on your first search are a mix of ALL SUPPLIERS on the platform. But since your goal is to find the most reliable one. Clicking on the three options will NARROW the results to verified suppliers

These suppliers are THOROUGHLY VETTED by Alibaba. The most credible and trustworthy suppliers you want to partner with.

3. Look for Certifications

Look for Certifications

Any supplier can easily claim that they’re reliable. But only a few can back that claim. 

Therefore, when looking for a supplier, make sure they have the necessary certifications.

Certifications like ISO and CE imply that the supplier follows the best practices. Meets certain industry standards when it comes to its products and services. 

Tip: Browse through their company profile. Find the certifications they hold listed there.

Kevin Xu, Investment Director at Alibaba Group

4. Consider How Long the Supplier Has Been selling

Consider How Long the Supplier Has Been selling

Of course, experience matters. Suppliers who have been on Alibaba longer than 5 years are most likely reliable. 

They know the ins and outs of the industry they’re specializing in. They are guaranteed to provide BETTER PRODUCTS and SERVICES to their customers.

Be honest, would you rather trust a new restaurant? Or the one that’s been serving happy customers for years. 

If you pick the latter option, then the same goes for choosing a supplier. 

5. Hire Sourcing Agents 

Hire Sourcing Agents

Sometimes, it’s best to leave it to the pros. 

Prominent sourcing agents like LeelineSourcing are just what you need. They’ve been in the industry for more than a decade now. Successfully CONNECTING BUYERS and numerous suppliers around the world.

You don’t need to go through all the steps I’ve mentioned above. They easily help you find the best Alibaba suppliers. Following a STRICT supplier background check to every supplier suited to your needs.

Not only that, but they can be your EXPERT NEGOTIATOR in securing the best deals. 

Focus on growing your business with this one-stop sourcing company!

Sites Like Alibaba In Different Cities

I also found the best websites similar to Alibaba in different cities and countries. Let’s go over each one! 

1. Sites like Alibaba in USA

ThomasNetIt’s an industrial sourcing platform in North America
Wholesale CentralIt is a comprehensive wholesale supplier directory.
Worldwide BrandsIt provides directories of dropshippers and bulk wholesalers.
Supplier DatabaseYou can find global verified suppliers and get useful information.
KinnekYou’ll be able to purchase products they can provide

2. Sites like Alibaba in Australia

AustraliaTradeNowOne of Australia’s most remarkable aspects is its Trade Network
Green HatGreen Hat values passion in B2B marketing
eBay AustraliaIt offers fast Shipping, is the rip-roaring e-store It’s one of Australia’s largest and most loved online retailers

3. Sites like Alibaba in Europe

EuropageEuropage is a large international B2B sourcing platform.
eSourceseSources is actually a wholesale directory.
The Wholesaler UK It’s a UK online wholesale directory of products and suppliers.

4. Sites like Alibaba in India

Exporters India It’s the largest B2B marketplace and exporter site in India.
India MARTIt has abundant product categories on the site.
go4WorldBusinessYou can find many suppliers from different countries
Trade India There are more than 1200 product categories on TradeIndia.
Made in India It’s a popular site for trade shows and online B2B marketplace

5. Sites like Alibaba in Canada

KijijiKijiji allows users to buy, sell, or trade almost anything
Canadian TireIt owns chains of 500+ retail stores across the country
Hudson’s BayIt’s a chain of department stores in Canada and the Netherlands
Newegg CanadaIt’s an online retailer of computer hardware, software, and consumer

6. Sites like Alibaba in Japan

JETRO It offers a wide range of items from Clothing to Agricultural.
Japan B2B MarketplaceAll the businesses listed on the site are verified on the site.

7. Sites like Alibaba in Thailand

ThaiTrade All relevant information is available on product tiles.
SJN. B2B-MarketplaceIt has several various sites for a few various nations.

8. Sites like Alibaba in Vietnam

Vietnam Manufacturers You can find manufacturers and supplier directory on this site.
VietnameseMadeThe range and classification of the products are abundant.
VietnamAZ It provides rich items for global buyers to source in the local city.
Vietnam Export It’s a complete site for buyers to import Vietnam products.

1688 VS. Alibaba

1688 VS. Alibaba

Have you heard of 1688 ever before? If not, no problem. I help you determine it. 

1688 is the local Chinese market where you can find local, high-quality suppliers. Sometimes, I find better rates and more efficient sellers on this platform. Just note, however, that this platform is written in Chinese. 

However, if you want a detailed comparison of both platforms, go through our guide— 1688 vs. Alibaba.

Alibaba VS. Aliexpress

Alibaba VS. Aliexpress

Aliexpress is a sister site of Alibaba. That means it is an e-commerce site like Alibaba. Both platforms provide International suppliers and offer product selling and purchase services. From experience, they also function and look similarly.  For a detailed comparison, read our guide— Alibaba vs. Aliexpress.

Alibaba VS. Dhgate

Alibaba VS. Dhgate

Dhgate is one of my favorite Alibaba alternative websites. Both platforms are in the selling race from their launch date. That’s why we can hold a comparison between both e-commerce platforms. For quick analysis, visit our other guide— Alibaba vs. Dhgate.

Made In China VS. Alibaba

Made In China VS. Alibaba

If you are a foreign buyer, you must have heard of Made in China. Offering services for the trading companies and sellers, Made in China has achieved milestones in the field of e-commerce. Skim through our guide for head-to-head comparison— Made in China vs. global sources.

Alibaba VS. Global Sources

Alibaba VS. Global Sources

Global sources is a massive business website like Alibaba. Consider it one of the best Alibaba alternatives. It has been serving this industry since 1971. So, relying on multiple factors, conduct a head-to-head comparison. Have a quick guide here— Alibaba vs. Global Sources.

 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline Sourcing at any time regarding your shipments from China.

People Also Ask About Sites Like Alibaba

1. How can you do product hunting on Alibaba?

Finding a quality product is not that easy. You might wonder, why? All this refers to the abundance of sellers and traders. So, here are some practices to do this.

1). Use product hunting tools,
2). Find and purchase products from different Chinese manufacturers or gold suppliers
3). Go through product reviews
4). Determine whether the product contains all you need

2. Why should you skip Alibaba from your list?

There are multiple reasons for this. I have listed some of them.

1). A lot of sellers incredibly ineffective Chinese manufacturers and suppliers
2). Local suppliers with quality inventory are truly hard to find
3). Higher prices because of middleman on Alibaba
4). Numerous products make it challenging to determine which product is best

3. How do I find the best global suppliers?

Best suppliers have specific features in their dealings and products. You need to be meticulous in this process:

1). Interpret the quality control of all the suppliers
2). Define the quality standards you need
3). Look for them in online sellers
4). Choose the best ones

4. Is it safe to contact suppliers on Alibaba?

Yes, it is pretty safe to contact suppliers on Alibaba. However, you need to be cautious of scammers. When talking with your wholesale suppliers, understand why they are best.

Make all your deals transparent. Never speak to them outside of Alibaba because of some security risks.

5. What are reasonable minimum order quantities?

Not all B2B trading companies pose the minimum order quantities on buyers, but some do so.

The minimum order quantity is one unit, but some sellers may have more than that. It is what makes Alibaba unfavorable for drop shipping and small businesses.

What’s Next

Alibaba is no doubt one of the best e-commerce platforms for STARTING a business. However, not all businesses cater to the same customers. Therefore, finding alternative sites just like Alibaba is essential. By having alternative options, you’ll find better deals. And discover a BETTER FIT for your specific business needs.

Want the fastest and safest way to source products?

Call LeelineSourcing! Whether you need assistance with sourcing, quality control, or shipping. Our sourcing team is here to make your business MORE PROFITABLE.


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  5. – Indicator of supplier’s reliability and compliance

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