How To Import From China

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Import from china has been proved a successful approach to global sourcing for many businesses. China products are high in quality and available at low prices; therefore, they worth importing for the success of your business.

Though, it can be a tough decision for the beginners, as the importing process is confusing and complicated. But the expected gains overcome all the shortcomings and urge the buyers to import from China.

In this article, a detailed overview and guidelines are given, which can be a helpful tool while importing from China.

Import From China

Why Import From China?

More than 90 percent of the total world’s goods are manufactured in China, and almost 80 percent of goods are imported worldwide from China. And these figures show that the Chinese economy is expanding and how the whole world relies on China products.

The low cost and high quality makes China’s products the foremost choice of everyone. So, when it’s come to import of goods, China appears as the best choice. And it is present at the top of the list.

Low labor cost and cheaper raw materials, make China products most profitable. Besides, it is the high manufacturing capacity and fast delivery, which favors buying from China. Therefore, everyone seems to be willing to import from China.

  • Pros
  1. Manufacturing cost is low
  2. Labor is quite cheap
  3. China has high manufacturing capacity which let you buy products in bulk at the lowest price
  4. Access to the global market
  5. The popularity of China products urges the traders to import from China
  6. Easy transportation or shipment via sea. Air or road
  7. Custom duty is deficient as compared to other countries
  8. The assistance of the Chinese government, which makes it feasible to import from China
  9. Easy ways for payments while trading with China
  10. Chinese manufactures to offer you better services as compared to others
  11. You can also start your brand or facilitates private labeling
  12. Better expansion and diversification opportunities
  13. Free shipment, if you order in bulk
  14. Prevention from scams
  • Cons
  1. Communication can be a significant problem
  2. Difficulty in finding the producer
  3. Most of the time, the minimum order quantity is 1000 pcs, which is a considerable problem for most of the buyers
  4. Sometimes shipping may not be on time
  5. Quality of goods is susceptible in a few cases
  6. Unpredictability (economic and political issues)
  7. Exchange rate
  8. Obtaining the license and documents to import is difficult
  9. Returns or refunds are not easy


Terms Used Frequently When Importing From China

China is the largest supplier of various types of goods all over the world. The people from America, Australia, Canada, and many other countries import goods from China.

China products are available at quite a low price with good quality, therefore customers from all over the world demand for them.

While importing from China, you may encounter some new terms, so all those terms with a brief description are given below.

·  EXW (Ex Works)

EXW refers to the international trade agreement, according to which the supplier has to manufacture all on time at his business place. So, the delivery of products before the deadline can be ensured.

And the buyer will be responsible for the shipment once the products left the seller’s business address. The buyer has to manage all the costs and liabilities of the delivery.

Well, while in the case of shipment, the buyer is responsible for all the risks and charges. The Ex Works enables the buyer to get an idea about the cost and other issues related to import in advance.

Therefore, the seller cannot increase the local cost, and buyers control the price and other issues of shipment. So, indeed this term is quite beneficial for the buyer.

·  FOB (Free on Board)

Sometimes while shipping, the products may get damaged, and free onboard demonstrates that who will be responsible for the damaged pieces.

The FOB agreement is quite crucial and helps out in handling all the issue which traders’ usually face in import/export business.

Further on, the FOB shipping point implies that the buyer will be responsible for any type of loss or damage during shipment. According to the FOB destination, the seller will bear all the risks and charges in case of any destruction.

The term free onboard is employed while dealing with non-containerized sea freight or inland waterway transport of products.

·  C&F (Cost and Freight)

Cost and freight is a legal term, commonly used in international import/export business. According to this term, the seller will not get the marine insurance against the risk of loss or damage of goods during shipment.

Under this agreement, the manufacturer caters the products to the destination (sea/port). And the seller will also hand over all the necessary or required documents to the buyer with goods.

·  CIF (Cost, Insurance And Freight)

Cost, insurance, and freight is a trade term that ensures the safest delivery of goods to the port of destination and provides all the required documents to the buyer.

The European countries use the cost, insurance, and freight to calculate the duties which are paid at the import.

·  B/L (Bill of Landing)

B/L is a document supplied by the carrier to the shipper. It is like a contract, which permits the carriage of goods. The Bill of landing is a receipt for the cargo. Which is accepted for transportation and you need to get it before the delivery of goods.

The bill of lading includes the following components

  1. Vessel name
  2. Consignor’s and consignee’s names
  3. Ports of departure
  4. Dates of departure or arrival
  5. List of goods being transported
  6. Packaging details
  7. Weight, volume and cost of the freight

What Products Do You Need to Import?

One of the hardest decisions for the traders is to select the product which they are going to import. There is no doubt Chinese products are worth importing. You can import clothes, shoes, handbags, and electrons from China.

In this section, a detail of all the factors which you should consider while importing from China is given.

And it will also help you to choose the best products which you should import from China. While selecting the product to introduce, you need to pay attention to the details of the product.

·  Find out Current Trend

When you are going to select the products to import from China, try to choose one from trending or hot products. And you can find the trending product via Google trends.

The most demanding or hot product can give you a vast space to earn a profit. And you can build a successful business. Well, if you choose a product that is not in demand, it will ruin all of your money.

So, whenever you start a business, know about the demands of customers and select only those products which everyone needs.

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Trending Products 1

· Know Your Niche

Before importing from China, the selection of the niche is a crucial step. Pick the product you are familiar with. Most of the time, new importers choose a new or unknown product and lose all of their money. If you have no idea yet about the niche, you will not be able to conduct the quality inspection.

Your hobby or interest plays a vital role in the selected product. And if you do not have any hobby, choose the one who can learn later on.

·  Less Competition

Choose your niche wisely, as it is going to determine the success of your business. According to experts, one should start the company with a small niche.

The best niches to deal with are those where most of the retailers do not operate. So, focus on getting the most popular products. Take a visit to the nearby grocery store. It will help you a lot to choose the best product. Or you can also take help from a magazine.

The product which you want to import has a magazine devoted to it, and then there is a hungry market for it. And it is the most profitable niche to get starts the import business.

·  Be Profitable To Sell

Various products can give you huge profits; you need to choose them so that you can make money. The Chinese market is well known all over the world in exporting cheap, unique, new, and high-quality goods.

Chinese products are cheap, which is the most appealing factor for customers from all over the world. With the quality, the price is also economical, and therefore the demand for Chinese goods is increasing day by day.

Beside it you can also buy the products in bulk, it will reduce the cost price. And then resell them at higher rates; it will give you a considerable amount of money.

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·  Low Risk

Importing products that hurt someone is the thing that you will not import at any cost. Product liability can leads businesses towards loss.

Select the products which have low risk. And one of the most profitable to import from China is dining room furniture.

Top 8 Most Profitable Products To Import From China List

There are plenty of products profitable products to import from China, and the demand for China goods is also increasing day by day. China can supply all of its products all over the world.

China is a country with a high level of productivity and can fulfill the requirements and demands of its customers all over the world. Traders know they can get a lot of options to explore in China.

But it’s crucial to select the best and most profitable product while importing from China.  Otherwise, you will keep on changing the goods over the years; to meet the demands of the market.

Here are the most profitable and popular products to import from China.

·  Vehicles

The automotive market is growing day by day, and China is one of the leading suppliers of vehicles. Besides it, many countries import parts or pieces of different automobiles for repairing. It is the best industry which can bring a lot of opportunities and profit for the import-export companies.

Chinese manufacturers understand the needs of their customers and therefore introduce new models most frequently.

In this way, China not only supplies the automobiles but also bringing improvements in the structure of vehicles.

The most demanding vehicle is a motorcycle, as it is most suitable for the developing countries of the world. Also, motorbikes are efficient and quite easy to maintain.  So, for traders, vehicles are the best opportunity to earn a considerable profit.


·  Plastic

Plastic and plastic goods are high in demand, and urbanization is responsible for it. There is a massive number of plastic consumers around the globe. And they can import most of the plastic products at low prices from China.

Well, plastic is the primary material used in packaging, used for toys, manufacturing of bottles, and in many industries as a starting material for the preparation of goods. Due to the high consumption of plastic, it is highly in demand and provides a huge profit margin to import.

Although in most of the regions, the local supplier is trying to meet the demand for plastic. But as its demand is increasing day by day, it has become a necessary evil to import plastic from China.

·  Brushes

The brushes, either makeup or paint, are used by a massive population. So, you can import them to get the profit.

Brushes vary a lot in quality like some comes with synthetic fibers while others have artificial. So, chose the one which is highly required by the customers and start your business.

With awareness now, women are very concerned about the quality of the products. So be careful while using makeup brushes. They come in various sizes and designs, consider the demand of customers while importing the brushes.

If you are going to searching for the best products to import from China, brushes are the most practical choice.


·  Apparel

Clothing is the basic necessity of every human being and, therefore, always in demand. China offers you high-quality material and apparel that can be imported in any region of the world.

You can import second-hand clothes from many countries like America or the UK. Well, as China offers you the best quality, therefore now most of the importers prefer Chinese new clothes to import.

Now Chinese suppliers are trying to prepare the clothes according to the demand, traditions, and customs of the customers. Many importers purchase the Chinese textiles and modify them to form new clothes or decorative items in their home town.

And as you will purchase the clothes in bulk, it will decrease the price and give you the required profit. There is no doubt, garments and textiles are the most profitable products to import from China.

·  Toys

Selling of the toys can be a profitable business anywhere on this planet. But the point is which toy type you need to import?

Also, it could be a good option only if you have a massive population of kids. Otherwise, you will lose all of your investments. So, try to consider these factors before you import toys from China.

Well, china can provide you all sorts of toys for kids of all ages at low prices. Take some time to review the market demand, and then make a wise decision to select the gadget which you will import.

Chinese markets offer you unique and new toys at the lowest possible cost. It is factual, and toys provide a considerable margin to earn money.


·  Footwear

You can import anything from China, and it will offer you a huge profit margin, but shoes are on the top. China supplies any type of shoes like sneakers, running shoes, soccer shoes, pumps, platform heels, wedge heels, stilettos, and many more.

China is self-sufficient in the starting material, and labor is quite cheap, that’s why manufacturers offer goods at the lowest price. And you can resell all these products to get a high-profit margin.

·  Furniture

The demand for high-quality furniture and home decor items is increasing with time. Everyone wants to raise the standard of living, and there try to get unique, new, and trendy goods. Just like other items, Chine can also provide you latest designs of furniture.

It can be a little bit difficult to import large-sized goods across the border. But as the home décor and high standards are like necessary evils, you can get the required profit. Therefore, this is one of the most vital factors that increase the demand for furniture to import from China.

·  Sports Equipment

These days everyone wants to keep it’s healthy and fit. Besides exercise, sports are also one of the cheap and best ways to keep the body fit and to attain the required figure.

To do exercise, you will need equipment or have to join the gym, while sports are almost free. Furthermore, games also offer you to breathe in the fresh air and create the sportsman spirit in the players. That’s why now people prefer sports over gyn.

That’s why you will find a massive demand for sports equipment. Customers ask for sports equipment like football, volleyball, rackets, bats, balls, and many more.

So, you can earn a lot of profit. Besides, all of these goods are quite easy to import and required no extra care; therefore, it can be the best option for your trade.

Sports Equipment

How Do I Find A Worthy Trust Suppliers?

In the import-export business, sourcing means searching a reliable supplier that would help you to import goods from china. Beside it, the supplier also ensures the excellent quality and on-time shipment of products.

With the rapid increase in production needs, finding the right supplier at the right moment is a strategic issue. Well, it is not more accessible as it seems to be.

The following are sourcing agents that can let you help in finding the supplier.

·  Alibaba/AliExpress

Alibaba and AliExpress are the two most popular and highly recommended marketplaces of China. Alibaba can be a difficult place to work at if you are a beginner.

Alibaba has grown in size tremendously over the years. It has a massive variety of goods and a large number of suppliers. You can get all the details about the suppliers here, and can also contact them through the company.

The suppliers you will find here will be reliable and trustworthy. And AliExpress and Alibaba are the same company with a different name.

The suppliers can display the products at the company’s site and can attract buyers from all over the globe. And this way, suppliers provide the Chinese goods to buyers at low prices.

Alibaba is just a Chinese version of Amazon, and the only difference is in price and delivery time. The company is dedicated to serving the trade field while providing high-quality goods and supplier information for global buyers.

The only issue you will face here will be language, and therefore, you may face a communication gap.

Alibaba and Aliexpress

·  Global Sources

A lot of growing companies focus on offering trusted suppliers. So, customers can get reliable god quality products at low prices in a peaceful way.

Some companies can provide you cheap products, but their qualities can be susceptible. When you contact the suppliers through a company, you will get the most trustworthy suppliers.

Global sourcing takes some strict measures and follows the policies while selecting the suppliers. Besides, the company also visits the factory to ensure the quality of goods.

You can choose the supplier according to your requirements as all the suppliers are trustworthy and reliable.

·  Trade Shows

When you attend the trade shows and trade fairs, you can talk to the potential suppliers face to face. While in meeting with the suppliers you can learn about

  1. The company values
  2. Their products
  3. The production capacity of the company
  4. And quality control procedures of the company

Trade shows offer direct interaction with potential suppliers, which will allow you to see the abilities of suppliers intimately and personally. The two most popular trade shows held in China are the Canton Fair and the East China Fair.

Canton Fair is the biggest trade fair of China, held twice a year in Guangzhou near Hong Kong in southern China. Trade fair attracts thousands of attendees with a great variety of goods.

The East China Fair is the largest regional trade show of China, and it is held once a year in Shanghai. This trade show offers an excellent platform for a large number of traders to exhibit a wide range of goods with the necessary details of the products.

Besides these two, there are many other trade shows held around the year in China. The primary purpose of these trade shows is to connect buyers and suppliers under the same roof.

The suppliers the trades show with their products and display them to attract the buyers. Suppliers welcome all the queries and suggestions of importers. They communicate with each other and try to develop loyal relationships.

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Global Sources Tradeshow

·  Yiwu Wholesale Market

The city of Yiwu is famous for providing a wide range of China products. So, if you want to get reliable suppliers, take a visit to the Yiwu market and then go with the agent to contact the supplier.

The buyer can also ensure the quality of goods while visiting Yiwu. Further on, confirm the order details with the supplier.

Well, as you are visiting the Yiwu and inspecting the quality of products, there will be no issue regarding the quality. So, it is a reliable way to get trustworthy suppliers.

Before choosing a reliable supplier here, you need to consider the following

  1. The careful inspection of the details of the products offered and make sure that they are according to your internal needs.
  2. Try to know about the delivery conditions, delay management, and return policies of the company. It will let you how flexible your supplier is. Furthermore, you can also ask about urgent deliveries too. All these factors will help you to develop a stable relationship with your supplier.
  3. High risk while importing from a new supplier. To ensure reliability, you can ask for ISO certificates. It can develop the first level of trust.
  4. With the development of SRM, buyers search for new ways to communicate with suppliers. Customer service and technical support play a key role while making decisions.

Though it includes many other factors when it comes to the selection of a reliable supplier, you need to take much care of while selecting the supplier.

·  Sourcing Companies: Leeline Sourcing

Supplier plays a vital role in your import-export business. It is the supplier who can ensure the success of your business.

So, the selection of a trustworthy supplier will help you to build a long term relationship, which will be quite helpful in your industry.

It is the supplier who can provide you the required products and helps in buying from China. A right supplier can also offer you discounts and various offers, which also increase the profit margin.

Leeline sourcing helps you in finding reliable suppliers. You can get a portfolio of all the suppliers at the company’s site. And contact the one which suits the most. The company also visits the factory to ensure product quality.



How do I get Contact with Suppliers?

An email will most likely be the only way to communicate while importing from China. Language is a significant issue while dealing with China.

Now, they can take help from Google to translate while interacting with customers. And ii addition, most of them can speak English.

For the sake of clear communication, keep your emails as simple as they can be. Your email should be straight to the point and error-free so that that manufacture can entertain it in a better way.

Furthermore, try to number your questions, as it will facilitate the manufacture while answering your queries.

·  Requesting For Quote

A request for a quote is a standard business process, and its purpose is to invite suppliers for the bidding process to bid on the specific products.

Requesting for quote involves more than the price per item. Information like payment terms, contract length, and quality level per item can be required in the bidding process.

It is a straightforward process, but it’s better to take a few minutes so that you can plan for your email. It will help you to get better replies.

·  Minimal Order Quantities

You need to check the minimum order quantity twice to make sure it’s right. If the minimum order quantity is beyond your limits, you can request the supplier if he/she can negotiate the minimums.

Let them know what you can afford. And above all, the minimum order quantity is not negotiable in all cases.

·  Pricing For Sample Orders

While importing from China, quality can be an issue. So, ensure the high quality of goods to ask for a sample from your supplier.

Ask the price of samples, as a few suppliers demand a minimum amount for samples. In contrast, others can provide examples free of cost.

·  Production Pricing

It is an important question you need to ask from the supplier. Suppliers can give you a wide range of costs, so It’s crucial to ask about the exact price of a single piece.

·  Production Time

The customers cannot wait for a long to get their products, so ask the supplier about delivery time. A quick shipment can be a base of your successful business.

·  Payment Terms

You need to know about the payment term, and it is crucial to know about it. The inventory is a high cost for the e-commerce setup.


How To Ship My Products From China Easily, Cheaply, And Quickly?

Every country has its own unique needs and requirements when it comes to freight and logistics solutions. Countless factors can affect shipping requirements.

Following are the way of shipment, you need to get through them and choose the one according to your demand and needs.

·  Air Freight

Air freight is regarded as the safest and secure means of fastest delivery of goods across the country and internationally. If you want a quick shipment, wish to keep the fresh products in better condition or need to improve services, air freight can be a better option.


  1. Air freight is timeous
  2. It has an extensive reach
  3. Highly accurate shipping dates
  4. Increased safety of goods with air freight
  5. Easy tracking


  1. A costly shipping solution
  2. Size and weight limitations
  3. Unexpected weather conditions may cause a delay in shipments
  4. Shipping with new horizon freight solution
Air Freight

·  Sea Freight

There was a time when the ocean was the only choice to transport goods. But now in the age of aviation and broad-scale road, sea freight remains vital. However, there are certain conditions under which it is favorable, while other factors will make it less desirable.

Well, if you are planning to use sea freight for your next shipment, consider its pros and cons first.


  1. There is no limit to the weight
  2. Carry any kind of goods
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Ecofriendly


  1. Shipment can take a long time to reach the destination
  2. Custom papers are unavoidable
  3. Security issues

·  Rail Freight

Rail transport is a safe and cheaper way for the shipment. But you need to consider it’s advantages and disadvantages to check whether it will be possible for your shipment or not.


  1. Fast delivery of goods
  2. Can reach almost everywhere
  3. Ecofriendly
  4. Cost-effective


  1. Routes and timetables available can be flexible
  2. More expensive than road transport
  3. Mechanical failure
  4. Further transportation may be needed from rail depot to final destination
  5. Lack of dedicated cargo facilities
Rail Freight

·  Door to Door

Door to door, also known as face to face selling is an excellent way to sell the products. In this way, you can convince the customers in a better way and can also tell them about the right and not the good side of your products.

Here the pros and cons of the door to door shipment are provided. Consider them while choosing a way of delivery.


  1. You can give a demo to explain the features of your product
  2. It is an excellent way to attract more customers
  3. You can learn about the need for customers
  4. You can build a personal relationship with the customers
  5. You can use the selling skills to convince the customers to buy


  1. A most expensive way of selling goods
  2. Requires a large number of staff, and premises costs
  3. Travel time is significant
  4. It can be a little bit hectic
Door to Door


Import Duty & Tax from China

While importing products from china, you will have to pay the tax, clearance documents, and onerous duties. Chinese goods are an excellent choice for the importers, as one can easily resell the Chinese products in the local market.

The tariff depends on the goods and country to whom products are being imported. Well, it can make the whole process a little bit more complicated.

You must be aware of that custom impose a massive tax on all the imported goods. If you are going to introduce products of $800 or more, then you will pay heavy duties. Well, if the price of goods is below $800, it can be free of cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the possible questions related to the import of products from China, along with answers, are given below

· Is Importing From China Profitable?

It is a matter of the fact that Chinese products are cheap and offer you a huge profit margin. And therefore, a massive number of countries import the necessary goods from China.

Cheap labor and the availability of raw materials reduce the price of goods. And provide a considerable margin for the customers to earn the profit, which is the most attractive feature to import from China.What Is

· Required To Import From China?

Above all, you need to select the products which you want to import and a reliable supplier. And then try to get all the required documents required to cross the border.

·  Is It Easy To Import From China?

A high-profit margin with good quality of products makes them most suitable to import. The only thing that you need to consider is the required documents. So, get all the needed papers, and you are free to import from China.

·  What Is The Cost Of Importing From China?

The amount of cost to import from China depends on the number of goods and destination country. For instance, you will need to pay $3,000 for 20 containers and $5,000 for 40 containers.

·  Which Country Imports Most From China?

Well, surprisingly, it’s the United States at the top of the list, followed by European countries and Japan.

·  How Do I Start Importing From China?

The following are the requirements you need to fulfill while importing from China.

  1. Identify your import rights
  2. Select the products you want to import from China
  3. Get the required documents or permission to import from china
  4. Classify your goods and calculate the landed cost
  5. Find the supplier to place the order
  6. Arrange your cargo transport
  7. Track your cargo and get ready to receive the goods
  8. Obtain the shipment
how to import from China


How Leeline Sourcing Help You Import From China

Leeline sourcing helps you to import the hot products to import from China. The company can help you in getting the most demanding products.

Leeline supply can help you to contact the reliable suppliers and will keep on standing with you until you get the shipment.

Final thoughts on Import from China

Import from China is still profitable and worth in 2020. China’s products being cheap offer a considerable profit margin.

Therefore, China products are the center of attraction for all traders from all over the world.

So, if you are planning to start an import-export business, import from china. It will give you a platform to make a large amount of money.