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Leeline Sourcing hits the NAIL on the head every SINGLE TIME. We are the Custom Cosmetic bags wholesale solutions you need. Elevate your product delivery with their extensive supply chain partners. Our 10-plus years in the game means you can lean on their connections and expertise. Bring your business offerings to the NEXT LEVEL with quality products.

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Custom Cosmetic Bags Wholesale
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Superior Quality

Ensuring durability, comfort, and standout style for your satisfaction.



Enjoy the flexibility of ordering without any minimum quantity constraints.

Private Label

Private Label

Elevate your brand identity and establish exclusivity with our private label solutions.

Low Shipping Cost

Competitive Prices

Unlock cost efficiency without compromising quality and empower your business.


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Success Cases


Custom Orders


Professional Designer

Your Best Custom Cosmetic Bags Supplier

Our industry-leading factory is equipped to deliver beyond your expectations. We crank out the HIGHEST QUALITY makeup bags sustainably. Our tech also ensures excellent VALUE and unmatched DURABILITY.

We have a 50-member in-house design team that takes the lead. Plus, we have a TALENTED, back-end team of 100 people that is the backbone of our operations. Our China factory can easily handle over 150k products for over 5000 monthly clients.

Get in touch 24/7 through the support team. You get chat, email, and phone calls, so you can go for whichever you are COMFORTABLE with. And don’t worry; we have a global reach with our world-class logistical partners. You’ll get your personalized makeup bags fast and safe with PREMIUM PACKAGING.

Get the latest tech at each aspect of the supply chain. Enjoy unparalleled, cost-effective custom makeup bag solutions. Bolster your market COMPETITIVENESS with us and remain UNDEFEATED.

Custom Cosmetic Bags Product Features

Material Excellence

Material Excellence

REDEFINE quality and class with our custom makeup bags material selection. Get luxurious Fabrics for Premium Appeal and Durable Synthetics. Also, opt for Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Sustainable Brands or Water-Resistant and Easy-Care Options. Alternatively, get Transparent and Mesh Materials and Innovative Textiles. Earn a POSITIVE word of mouth referral with each custom makeup bag.

Size Customization

Size Customization

Accommodate the various SIZE NEEDS in the market. Go for Personalized Consultation for Precise Needs and Size Range for Diverse Applications. Precision Engineering for Consistent Sizing for beauty products. Additionally, get Space Optimization for Maximum Utility and Adjustable Features for Custom Fit. EXPAND market share by meeting DIVERSE NEEDS with just the right size custom makeup bag.

Vibrant Color Schemes

Vibrant Color Schemes

Color these custom makeup bags, making them ATTRACTIVE for gifts, toiletries, shopping, and so much more. Get an Expansive Color Palette or Pantone Matching. Fade-Resistant Dyes for Long-Lasting VIBRANCY, and Textile Printing Excellence. We ensure Material-Color Interplay with makeup bags. Guarantee elevated BRAND VALUE and gain a LARGER CUSTOMER base with each collection.

Printing Techniques

Printing Techniques

Our printing brings UNIQUENESS to your custom makeup bags. Get Digital Printing for High-Definition Imagery, Seamless screen Printing, and Sublimation Printing. Go for Heat Transfer, Embroidery for premium appeal, and UV Printing with extra durability Each of these images leaves a LASTING IMPRESSION. Build a strong and RECOGNIZABLE makeup bag brand.

Sublimation Dyed

Sublimation Dyed

Revolutionize the PRINTING with the sublimation dyeing. We PASS the bags through the SPECIALIZED machines. Deploy the HEAT TRANSFER to print the design. 

Accurate COLORING and PREMIUM printing protect FABRIC quality. Gives a BOOST to its external appearance. Polish your BRAND with bold bags products.

Closure Options

Closure Options

Snag a varied number of closures. Opt for Zipper Closures, Magnetic Snap Closures, Tuck Locks, and Drawstring Closures. Alternatively, choose from Velcro Fasteners, Button Closures, Hook, and Loops. Each of these manifests functionality and beauty. Enhance CONSUMER SATISFACTION and generate MORE PROFITS with these personalized makeup bags.

Interior Organization

Interior Organization

We create PROPER organization in the interior of our personalized makeup bags. You get Customizable Compartments, Dedicated Pockets, Elastic Loops, Removable Pouches, and Waterproof Linings. Also, choose Mesh Sections or Secure Zippered Sections if you are feeling adventurous. Our wholesale makeup bags mean your brand STANDS OUT, translating into BRAND MARKETING.

Custom Branding Details

Custom Branding Details

STAMP your brand into your makeup bag. We bring you Logo Embellishment that spells brand recognition and Custom Color Matching for consistency. Or go for Branded Zippers that bring a premium feel and Woven Labels that leave a lasting impression. Each makeup pouch comes with consistency and elegance. Our custom makeup bag INCREASES corporate visibility and attracts MORE PROFITABILITY.

Seeking premium packaging solutions? Partner with us for wholesale cosmetic bags that redefine luxury and functionality. Elevate your brand’s appeal and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

What Do We Offer?

Transparent and Reliable

Transparent and Reliable

Our team gives you OPEN COMMUNICATION from the very start. Keep you in the loop with initial consultation all the way through the various milestones. We SET and COMMUNICATE our expectations in a realistic manner ensuring NO gut-wrenching surprises. The team conducts a comprehensive inspection to guarantee meticulous attention to detail.

You also get a transparent price structure without any hidden costs. Stay on top of the process of the order in EVERY ASPECT. Run a reliable business and establish a REPUTATION as the go to in the custom industry.

End-to-End Solution Partner

Get complete inhouse solutions with us as your Custom Cosmetic bags wholesale manufacturer. We get you a range of fabrics to choose from, including FUNCTIONAL and AESTHETIC options. After that, the products are tastefully packaged. Yes, we go above and beyond to enhance user unboxing experience with the packaging.

Plus, we rely on a global supply chain that delivers things WITHOUT DELAYS. We also tackle international regulatory hurdles, ensuring your products meet GLOBAL STANDARDS. Our team smoothly takes care of shipping, customs clearance, and promptly delivery. Get sustained after-sales support so we get your insight and feedback on a project. Lower risks with us and secure your reputation in the market.

End-to-End Solution Partner
Bespoke Design Collaboration

Bespoke Design Collaboration

Collaboration is at the HEART of our production process. We curate and craft each element, from materials to hardware. The goal is to match the feel and finish of the product with your standards. Our team integrates current features to create stand-out bags. Get Detachable Wristlets, Mirrors, Interior LED Lighting, Charging Ports, and so much more.

The design process HEAVILY relies on prototype development. We refine it, taking in your feedback on the product before final production. Earn customer LOYALTY and PROFITS.

Customized Service Process

Let us know your PRECIOUS needs about the products. And tell us colors, designs, and PRINTING processes.

Our designers PLEDGE TO create the perfect design. Pay attention to details. There is your FAVORITE sample! 

Help you CHOOSE the fabric and printing types. After confirmation, we produce the first SAMPLE.

The very next moment, thePROTOTYPE is in your HANDS! Check it and CONFIRM whether it conforms to your NEEDS or not. 

Bulk manufacturing BEGINS after you give a GREEN signal. Ensuring that every piece reflects the quality and craftsmanship you envision.

Once products are READY, we apply QUALITY checks. PACK it.  Ensure packaging has MULTIPLE LAYERS. Resistant to damage and moisturization. Finally, ship it to you. 

Empower your brand’s identity with bespoke cosmetic bags. Collaborate with us for wholesale deals and elevate your products with packaging that speaks volumes about your brand’s sophistication.

Why Choose Us?

Rapid Production and Delivery

– Rapid Production and Delivery

We ensure sufficient speed as your Custom Cosmetic bags wholesale provider. The team relies on the LATEST TECH without skimping on quality. We are talking AUTOMATED cutting machines and speedy sewing machines. Enjoy efficient supply chain management and integration. 

Our team relies on STRONG SUPPLIER and logistics partners to bring you what you want. Get your orders prioritized at each turn, even during our quality control. Establish a TRUSTED IMAGE based on reliability.

Global Sourcing Management

Global Sourcing Management

Leeline Sourcing, as a Custom Cosmetic bags wholesale manufacturer has a GLOBAL REACH. We easily source the highest quality materials from the FURTHEST REACH of the earth. Whether you want luxurious or eco-friendly makeup bags, we’ve got you. The team never comes short on quality yet brings you competitive prices. 

All through, we commit resolutely to SUSTAINABLE and ETHICAL PRACTICES. Plus, we handle logistical complexities so that you don’t have to. Lower your time cost and enhance corporate visibility.

Sample Creation

Sample Creation

Our team quickly and iteratively develops prototypes. You easily assess the product’s design, materials, FUNCTIONALITY, and FEEL and fit. Expect to be asked for your input and feedback on the product development. 

We iterate the design till it meets your EXPECTATIONS through CONSTANT refinements. The team also tests our seams, closures, and fabric rigorously to ensure they handle real use. Bring only the BEST PRODUCTS to market and create HIGH customer retention.

Continuous Communication

Continuous Communication

Enjoy an OPEN LINE of communication with us as your Custom Cosmetic bags wholesale. You get a designated account manager from the get-go who gets you PERSONALIZED SERVICES. They keep you up to date with EACH MILESTONE. 

In case of any issues, they address them immediately through a proactive process. We use cutting-edge communication software to ensure EFFICIENT end-to-end management. Even before we ship things out, you are notified. Avoid DELAYS and NEGATIVE reviews.

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Ready to redefine your brand’s packaging? Access wholesale discounts on chic cosmetic bags tailored to your brand. Elevate your products and captivate your customers effortlessly.

Custom Cosmetic Bags Production Process

Get prime VALUE and QUALITY with us as Custom Wine Bags wholesale manufacturers. Are you thinking of unique design aspects such as colors, patterns, and more? We can deliver.

Here is how we do it:

1. Consultation and Conceptualization

We begin the process with an in-depth dive into your BRAND IDENTITY. This consultative process gives us a DETAILED understanding of your objectives and needs. So we can set clear and informed objectives. We then develop SAMPLES, allowing you to check if they meet your expectations.

2. Material Sourcing and Selection

With the samples accepted, our team courses the HIGHEST QUALITY fabrics. Relying on our global network, we get exactly the color and texture that you DESIRE. You get trendy colors or traditionally neutral and bold ones. 

3. Production Planning

Our expert team lays the appropriate timelines, milestones, and schedules on the table. That ensures we have a proper roadmap guiding our steps, and we deliver ON TIME.

Custom Cosmetic Bags Production Process
Custom Cosmetic Bags Production Process

4. Cutting and Production

Our seasoned team expertly stitched the custom makeup bags using advanced techniques. Expect laser, straight knife, die, and brand knife cutting. They keep a keen eye on ALIGNMENT and overall construction.

5. Branding and Custom Finishes

We merge your brand with our custom makeup bags. This is achieved by printing or embroidering logos and artwork. The team also throws in any ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES, such as zippers, pockets, or straps.

6. Quality Control and Shipping

The quality assurance team does not mess about with the QUALITY INSPECTION. They check if every bag works like it is supposed to. We ensure that functionality matches beauty.

Once every item passes, it is sent packing and delivered to you. Get excellent quality products in the market and allow your business to stand a foot ABOVE the rest.

Customers Cases

Customers Cosmetic Bags Cases
Customers Cosmetic Bags Cases
Customers Cosmetic Bags Cases
Customers Cosmetic Bags Cases

What people say about us

I got bulk custom COSMETIC bags for my gift-giving business from Leeline Sourcing. I am talking custom toiletry bags, a handbag, a purse, promotional event gifts and so much more. And I am wholly satisfied. Unlike most guys on the internet, their price was TRANSPARENT. So, my gifts business is on point, thanks to them. The quality of their products and services also remains UNMATCHED.

Joel N Holder

Leeline Sourcing always delivers BEYOND experience. I got a number of items, such as toiletry bags and printed cosmetics bags. Their service is on another level. Plus, they even gave me a DISCOUNT on my bulk orders. Typically, they have an agent on call for you which I loved. I couldn’t be HAPPIER doing business with them.

Norma R Calloway

    Send us your inquiry and we will get back to you in 24 hours


    LeelineSourcing will always be your best custom products partner for providing high-quality goods from China.


    Hello, I’m Sharline, the founder of LeelineSourcing, a seasoned manufacturer specializing in customized products. Leveraging a decade of experience, we have evolved into a trusted name, specializing in tailored solutions. Our commitment extends beyond production – we ensure a seamless process from concept to creation, providing personalized service at every step. Join us on this journey of innovation and excellence. Our team is here to transform your ideas into bespoke realities.

    Whatsapp ID : 8613986152456

    Skype : sharline1983

    Wechat: 13986152456

    [email protected]

    Address: Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

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