Designing Product Packaging: The A to Z Knowledge

Designing product PACKAGING can increase your sales by 30%. Can you believe it? I have done this EARLIER. 

Different statistics prove my PORTRAYAL. In 2020, the packaging DESIGN stood at 21 BILLION USD. It is expected to reach 31 BILLION USD by 2030.

It shows how vital DESIGN is. 

Our Leeline Sourcing Experts have HELPED sellers. We help you choose the CUSTOM PACKAGING DESIGN. Tell your PACKAGING expectations. And get your packaging solutions at a SINGLE PLACE. 

Want to know more? 

This article discusses the type of packaging and DESIGNS. 


Let’s go. 

Designing Product Packaging

What are the four elements of packaging design?

What are the four elements of packaging design

Industry standards define four ELEMENTS of a package. 

Want to know? 

Here are these. 

  • Colors

Packaging is what? It is the BRAND’s presence. 

And different colors work the same. For example, logo design COMPOSES multiple colors. 

You should be very SELECTIVE in colors. There are tens of thousands of color combinations. Choose what defines your BRAND. 

  • Visuals

Visuals and mascots do WONDERS. 

It shows what your brand is. And how the visuals are going to depict the value of your brands. 

Mascots INCREASE the brand identity. You should keep an eye on both the VISUALS and mascots. 

  • Topography

A package has multiple taglines. Sometimes, the BRAND NAME is there. 

A blank canvas has a LITTLE bit of effect. However, topography on the CURVED surfaces boosts your brand identity. 

It is like the COLORS. 

  • Format

Packages come in different shapes and colors. 

I prefer the relevant ones. For example, bottles are the BEST for fluids. Food is often in the SQUARE PACKAGING. Macdonald‘s BURGERS come in square packaging. 

You should define the PRODUCTS. And then choose the BEST-FITTING PACKAGES. 

Why does designing product packaging matter? 

Why does designing product packaging matter

I have discussed how IMPORTANT the packaging is! 

Still not enough? No problem. I will explore the BUSINESS BENEFITS of the packaging. 

Let’s explore. 

It gives your BRAND an identity. 

Do you want to impress your target market? It is the RIGHT TIME. 

Do research. Try a creative brief for a PACKAGING OPTION. And then launch your final product design. 

I jot down the response of customers. And then I make it KEY for future reference. 

Products are safe. 

Do you want to INCREASE customer experience? 

I keep my inner packaging more STRONG. It GIVES the ultimate support to the products. And keeps them safe. 

Why not take on it? 

High customer experience will make MORE regular customers. 

Sales occur rapidly. 

Sales depend on various factors such as: 

  • Product QUALITY. 
  • Packaging design. 
  • Customer Experience. 

In packaging, you are providing two effects. Your customers make more sales. And you’ll make more revenue. 

Isn’t it something you want? 

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Key factors to look for in a product packaging design

Key factors to look for in a product packaging design

The product package is as crucial as the PRODUCT. 

I never COMPROMISE about it. Still, there are many questions revolving around the BRAIN. 

I have listed major vital factors you should consider. 

  • What is your MARKET? 

Every market has got some rules and regulations. I just check them out. 

Whenever you enter a market, what do you EXPECT? A positive response, right? 

It is only possible when you launch a PRODUCT with a perfect design. And an ideal structure must QUALITY the market standards. 

For an EFFECTIVE response, launch something suited. 

  • Research your competitors

Let me explain the competition with an EXAMPLE of a soap. 

Suppose you WANT to package soap. In real-life, every seller is LAUNCHING a square box. And it is PRETTY SAFE. 

Do you want to try the square package? If yes, you are fighting the HUNDREDS of sellers. It can HIDE your brand identity. 

Why not try something else? 

You can bring up a NEW design. It gives you a BRAND IDENTITY. 

  • What type of product do you want to pack? 

The most significant limitation of the DESIGN ideas is the products. 

You can’t use a square package for the LIQUID. It may leak. 

The finished package must be ACCURATE and safe. One thing is more important. I also consider Eco-friendly options. 

Folding cartons and cardboard boxes require DIFFERENT products. 

  • How much budget do you have? 

Budget can limit the diversity of DESIGNS. 

If I want to put a SEPARATE lid on a cardboard box, consider: 

  • What products do I want to package? 
  • How much is the WORTH of the product? 

The higher the BUDGET, the better the packing. You can use the HIGH-quality print materials to impress your customers. 

Be very CHOOSY. Take a ROUGH IDEA of your budget. Get the MOST SUITABLE DESIGN. 

It helps sell an enclosed product in your retail store. 

Steps of designing product packaging

Steps of designing product packaging

The package design process is not a CATCH-22. And it is not either an EASY process. 

You have to be FOCUSED and design what exactly you need. For this reason, CHOOSING the right tool with types of packaging is 100% crucial. 

I have LISTED some steps to make your EXCLUSIVE design. 

Step 1: Understanding packaging layers

Before designing packaging, I know the NUMBER OF LAYERS. This point is key in DETERMINING packaging. 

There are two LAYERS. 

  • Inner layer: Inner packaging is more for the protection of the products. Especially when you PACKAGE  food products, it should be SAFE. Internal packaging is GOING to play a crucial role. 
  • Outer Layer: Outer layer is the KINGMAKER. If you want to impress your consumers, just FOCUS OUTER PACKAGING. Packaging graphics help you get a UNIQUE DESIGN. 

Both layers are IMPORTANT for retail packaging. On the outer part, you can ATTACH your business logo to promote your BRAND. 

Step 2: Choosing the correct type of packaging

It is where most PACKAGING IDEAS fail. When ideas fail, the seller fails to MAKE A NAME. 

And I’m sure you don’t want that. No compromise on it. 

The packaging type is a NO-BRAINER. But it is not that easy. You have to design product packaging; what types of packaging should there be? 

Here are some shapes of the CUSTOM BOXES. 

  • Bag design
  • Bottle Design
  • Square Box
  • Non-square box
  • Label Design 
  • Tube Design
  • Cup Design

Don’t choose. I repeat, don’t. Take a LOOK to make your CHOICE BETTER. 

  • What do you want to pack? 
  • Competition in the market. 
  • How many funds do you have left on the TABLE? 

Step 3: Lining up your printer

First of all, I complete my DESIGN. Have you done that? 

If yes, then I recommend moving to the PACKAGING ARTWORK. 

There are a couple of FACTORS you should consider. 

  • Does your printer offer DIELINES? 
  • Printers require the VECTOR files. You have to provide VECTOR FORMAT to print. 
  • Ensure the color options are the BEST ONE. 
  • Digital Design vs. Offset. What type of printer do you have? 

Step 4: Creating information architecture

What type of customers do you have? What things do you aim at? What are your COMPETITORS? 

Every brand wants to assist its consumers. A logo design is a KEY to promote your brand. 

But I have got another important thing. It is the TAGLINE on your products. Packaging needs it to PROMOTE your brand. 

So, don’t ignore it. 

Step 5: Evaluating a packaging design

The next step is to evaluate. And I do that by keeping some QUESTIONS in mind. 

For example: 

  • Is your custom packaging PERFECT? 
  • Does your PACKAGING define your product? 
  • How does your product look in a 3-dimensional VIEW? 
  • How will your PACKAGE look in the store? 

Step 6: Collecting feedback

Is your design READY? 

Don’t rush. Calm down. And get FEEDBACK from others. Most probably, you should ask the customers. Your loyal customers will give HONEST FEEDBACK. 

Here is my perfect choice.

  • Send product packaging to customers. 
  • Get Feedback. 
  • Implement or redesign

Step 7: Getting the files

Are you 100% sure? If yes, move ahead to the FILES. 

I ask my designer to give me the FINAL DESIGN from vector software. Now, you can decide on PACKAGING MATERIALS and get the proper packaging. 

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Tips for designing a product package

Tips for designing a product package

The packaging manufacturer gives you the PERFECT DESIGNING. It is only possible with the RIGHT DESIGN ELEMENTS. 

Have you chosen it? 

Packaging designs are undoubtedly IMPORTANT. Here are some TIPS on the creative process. 

The design should be classy. 

Customers hate FANCY DESIGNS. The problem is not LOOK but over-efficiency. 


What is the IDEA of keeping your design simple? It is the BEST idea to try. Know your target AUDIENCE. Define what they expect. 

Get your PACKAGING size perfect.

It should be EASY TO OPEN. 

What if I buy a food product and it does not open? Believe me; I’ll never BUY such a product again. 

The reason? 

Food packaging is a BIGGER problem. I do not want to waste time. 

Think like that. 

Your setup boxes must be EASY to open. Hassle-FREE opening is going to impress your customers. 

Product materials should be of HIGH-QUALITY. 

Quality is EVERYTHING. Whenever I buy the SETUP boxes, I check the quality. 

Does it fit the BEST-quality criteria? 

Ensure the BEST QUALITY. Don’t compromise on it. PRODUCT’S quality is also a GOOD idea with packaging.

Test your packaging before launching. 

The EARLY mistake sellers make is: 

They do not test the PACKAGING. In that case, 70% will fail in the PRIMARY PHASE. 

You should test the products. Send them to at LEAST 10 customers. It will give you the DIVERSITY of the ideas. You’ll settle on the BEST design. 

FAQs about Designing Product Packaging

1. What is a packaging design for?

The purpose of product PACKAGING is to make your products unique. You implement business ideas to get MORE CUSTOMERS. It plays a crucial role in driving sales. 

2. What tools do you need for packaging design? 

There are VARIOUS TOOLS for the product’s packaging. For example, you use PHOTOSHOP or Adobe ILLUSTRATOR. Graphic designers use BLENDER 3D for product packaging design. 

3. What makes packaging attractive?

Color Palette is the KEY FEATURE. However, shape proportions and textures play a KEY ROLE in designing your packaging. You’ll get more ATTRACTIVE packages with the correct balance. 

4. Should you hire a graphic designer for package design?

Yes. You should. A professional PACKAGING DESIGNER has a VARIETY of options. You’ll get more DIVERSITY in the packaging design process. And hence more sales. 

What’s Next

Product packaging design tips are VERY HELPFUL. Sometimes, you need the TOP GRAPHIC DESIGN EXPERTS. 

And it is where you’ll have to IMPLEMENT all your expertise. Still can not find graphic design experts? 

If yes, NO PROBLEM. Leeline Sourcing has got the RIGHT DESIGNERS. 

We have packaging designers for PERFECT PACKAGING. Just give us your DREAM IDEA. And the next moment, get it. 

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