Is Banggood Legit, Safe and Reliable For Your Online Business?

Sellers and buyers are questioning, is Banggood legit? Yes, undoubtedly.

Banggood is a trusted e-commerce website that sells quality products manufactured in China. “Bang” means “good” in Chinese. It indicates Banggood’s mission to provide the best services for the customers.

As experienced sourcing experts for more than ten years, we search for quality and affordable pricing products. You can find quality suppliers and useful shopping websites. As a result, it’ll be easier to compare the pricing and services for your need.

In this article, we will provide you with details about Banggood. So let’s get it on.

Is Banggood Legit

What exactly is Banggood? What are its pros and cons??

Banggood website

Banggood is one of the best global B2C online shopping websites that sell products at low prices. They deliver products to different countries by your preferred delivery option. Most of their products are from China.

Banggood launched this e-commerce platform in 2006 in Guangzhou, China. They sell all kinds of goods with high-quality services. The products provided include electronic products, accessories, RC toys, artworks, clothing, etc.

Let’s find out the site’s pros and cons:


Various Currencies and Language Options 

Banggood is providing customers with 10+ languages and 20+ currency options.

Wide Variety of Products 

Customers don’t have to hop to different retailers to suit their needs.

Fast Delivery

Banggood has multiple warehouses to provide reliable shipping using your preferred shipping method.


Challenging Refund & Return Process

Customers need to send back products to China and pay for shipping costs. 

Confusing Checkout Steps 

There are two checkout buttons: “checkout with Paypal” and “proceed to checkout.” Unfortunately, these buttons might confuse customers. 

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Why is everything so cheap on Banggood?

You might wonder: how does the site Banggood make a profit while selling at reasonable prices? Let’s discover further:

1. Strong Connections

The Banggood team had strong connections in four main sourcing cities. They are Yiwu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou. As a result, Banggood can find the best suppliers in these markets. It ultimately led them to offer great prices to customers.

2. Less Middlemen Costs

Besides, Banggood has the advantage of selling products directly from manufacturers. It prevented the retail mark-up hitched by the middle-man. Thus, customers can get wholesale prices by purchasing on the site.

3. Low Production Costs

The manufacturing industry in China is huge, with fast and efficient production. As a result, It incurs low production costs, which leads to low product prices. Consequently, you may find out that everything is so cheap on Banggood.

Is it legit and safe to buy on Banggood?

Banggood website

Reliability is one of the biggest concerns when making online purchases. So, is Banggood legit and safe to purchase?

Banggood has been in the e-commerce industry for over ten years. It specializes in cross-border shipping at reasonable prices. They always strive to give you the best value for money. Also, you can get quality goods with frequent exclusive offers and promotions.

The answer? Yes, Banggood is reliable. They offer a range of guarantees to ease your worries. Some of these include the following:

14-days No-Examination Return

Assume that you are dissatisfied with the newly received item. Banggood could offer you a partial refund. Customers can get back the amount they paid, excluding shipping.

Product Warranty

The product warranty provided is entirely dependent on each product. So you need to check the fine print before checking out. On most products, they offer a 180-day quality guarantee. On certain products (e.g., electronics), they provide one year of warranty. 

Great Customer Service

Banggood provides great support with their 24×7 customer services. It regards everyone as a very important customer and provides a pleasant experience.

What is Banggood’s Supported Payment Methods and Return Policy?

Banggood’s Supported Payment Methods

Payment method is crucial to avoid an unpleasant shopping experience. However, you need not worry as Banggood has 37 warehouses and sells to more than 200 countries. They offer 40 different secure payment methods available on the website.

With a variety of payment options, they support multi-currency transactions. From international to local payment options, customers worldwide overgo secure payment during checkout. They offer cash-on-delivery in certain countries too.

Below are some of the popular payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Apple Pay
  • G Pay

Banggood Return Policy 

The return policy varies for some product categories. However, in most cases, there are conditions to apply:

7 Days DOA Product Guarantee

The guarantee applies for damaged, different, or broken items. Upon seven days from the date of arrival, customers can return it for an exchange or request a full refund. The Banggood team will reimburse the return shipping cost.

30 Days No Reason Return

It is related to product dissatisfaction with a brand new condition. Customers can return and request a refund within 30 days of purchase. After that, however, customers need to bear the return shipping fee.

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What are the scams you need to avoid on Banggood?

Banggood website

Banggood is a legit and reputable company. However, some have reported negative reviews on Banggood. You can prevent it by doing some research before the actual purchase.

The problems that reviewers refer to as a “scam” include the followings:

Poor Quality Products

Online shopping could have quality problems as customers cannot see the products. Instead, they could only browse product photos on their devices.

Banggood’s products at affordable prices could have a quality control issue. Customers might receive the product’s quality that differs from their initial expectations. Thus, customers would refer to it as a “scam.”

Lack of refund 

Returning goods is relatively hard in Banggood as the products must ship back to China. Sometimes, the seller will only refund after receiving the products.

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How does Banggood prevent fraud?

Banggood website

1. Secured Payment Option

Banggood provides PayPal as a payment option. Customers can pay by PayPal account without giving Banggood their banking information. PayPal also has two layers of protection, providing greater security for purchases. By using this, customers can enjoy maximum buyer protection.

2. Buyer Protection

Besides, Banggood offers 180 days of buyer protection warranty policy. You could request a partial refund if you received a defective product or a broken item. One example is that the battery of an electric scooter lasts less than 30 minutes. If you wish to purchase the same product again, exchanging is possible.

3. Professional Customer Service

Customers may encounter sellers who did not do well in product quality control. To resolve this, customers can contact customer service via online chat. The customer service center takes action based on the compiled complaints.

4. After Sales Guarantee

If you face any problems on the website, Banggood customer service also is ready to serve. It includes pre-sales, purchase, delivery, and after-sales services. They are reassuring after-sales guarantee which gained lots of positive reviews from customers.

How do you know if a Banggood seller is legit?

Banggood accumulated rich supply chain resources with 10+ years of experience. They source their products from more than 100 regions in China. It ensures only to provide the highest quality goods.

You may realize that no seller’s name is shown in a particular product. Unlike other sites, you can find the seller information on the product details page. It is because every seller from Banggood sells products sourced from Banggood.

There are no ways for others to register as Banggood sellers. Therefore, Banggood sellers are all legit. The products are coming from huge manufacturers in China. Moreover, the sellers are all supervised by Banggood. It helps in maintaining website operation flow. 

FAQs about Is Banggood Legit

1. Is Banggood the same as AliExpress?

Banggood and AliExpress are both e-commerce platforms that provide worldwide services. Still, these two platforms have some dissimilarities. 

AliExpress products are sold by third-party sellers. On the other hand, Banggood products are sold by the platform itself.

2. Is Banggood safe for credit cards?

Customers can choose to pay with a credit card. Currently, there is no report regarding credit card scams. However, we recommend not to save any card info on the Banggood website. The purpose is to prevent unauthorized action by third parties.

3. How should I contact sellers on Banggood?

You may contact Banggood customer service by email: [email protected]. Banggood has excellent customer service that builds a connection between customers and sellers.

4. What can be sold on the Banggood site?

There are over 30 categories and 200,000 goods available in Banggood. It includes electronics, toys, clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc.

What’s Next

In summary, Banggood is a legit company to ship and deliver your orders. They provide a vast range of products that suits your needs. Many customers have an excellent shopping experience based on the Banggood reviews. Remember to practice precautions and do your research thoroughly when shopping online.

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