Manufacturing Part Number: Help Streamline Your business

Suppose you need to find a COMPUTER EQUIPMENT. And the main problem is:

  • You want the exact product.
  • Same manufacturer and seller item.

Appearing the Exact is still a MAGIC. But there is another secret thing streamlining this PROCESS.

It is Manufacturing Part Number.

Our Leeline Sourcing experts have helped sellers get the TOP manufacturers. You increase your online shopping experience with MPN codes. Conversion rates increase—Amazon sales increase.

Do you want to know more about the MPN code? 

No Big deal. I can make you UNDERSTAND product design better in this guide. Ready to EXPLORE?

Let’s check!

manufacturing part number

What Is Manufacturing Part Number? And When to Use it?

manufacturing part number

Have you ever VISITED a manufacturing setup? There are tons of products being manufactured each minute. Most of them can be of multiple varieties. Product variants are a Common scenario.

A common question FLASHES through my mind….

How do the manufacturers identify these PRODUCTS when storing and shipping?

Silence……Is it even possible to track them?

Believe me. It is now possible with the MANUFACTURER PART NUMBER MPN.

MPN manufacturer part number is the universal product code. It is alphanumeric and turns out to be a UNIQUE identifier.

Whenever the manufacturer prepares products, they assign a specific MPN of products.


Later it becomes easy to TRACK and SHIP the specific item.

There are many more reasons for using the MPN. Know them here!

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Advantages of Using Manufacturer Part Number

Advantages of Using Manufacturer Part Number

Manufacturer part number helps find Multiple products. Not only identification is the benefit.

Instead, there are many benefits here. Here are these:

Fewer Returns

When I get a WRONG item, my reaction….. What the HECK! I did not order this product.

MPN manufacturer part number helps track the correct item. There is no single MISTAKE once the product is ready. Sending the ACTUAL PRODUCT to your customers will compel them to say:

“Thank God…..I received the right item. Kudos to the seller.”

That thing is going to minimize the replacement part. The same inventory brings up more sales.

Quick Product Discovery

Do you know Amazon has 12 million PRODUCTS?

Among so many products, how will you find the required one? Search engines have a SPECIAL mechanism to detect the products. These are product codes.

MPN manufacturer part number labels that code. Search engines detect the code on Amazon product listings.

Both Amazon and GOOGLE browse, increasing the discoverability of the product.

More conversions

Conversions largely depend on the EXACT match. For example, if I search the EARBUD, there will be tons of products.

If I know the product code, the NEXT STOP is the exact product. Even the brand and manufacturer will be the same.

Since lead generation is SUPER easy. The probability of the SALES is more with the CORRECT MPN. Higher conversions owe much to the MPN number.

Manage Stock Levels

If I run a STORE on Amazon business, what I target the most is:

  • Manage my profile STATUS.
  • Get fewer returns.
  • Optimize the INVENTORY levels in specific demands.
  • Prevent backorders.

The ACTUAL MPN helps in product identification. Tracking inventory stocks is the next point. I reorder the Retail items in case of insufficient stocks.

The business goes on running without backorders.

Better Reviews

I won’t say it is the DIRECT result of the Manufacturer’s Part Number.

Do you know why?

Because it is an INDIRECT PHENOMENA.

  • The buyer orders the Amazon sellers.
  • The Amazon sellers verify the product data and number.
  • Ship the exact item.

Customers are HAPPY with the exact product. 

Congrats! You won the customer’s trust. 99% of cases will compel the customer to leave a POSITIVE review on your product listing.

That is how it works.

Supply Chain Efficiency

Do you want to REPEAT customers? 

I have a secret tip. Manage your supply chain. Have a BETTER COMMUNICATION with the customers. Let them know as many compatible models as you have.

Keep inventory listing optimized. A potential customer never BUYS from another manufacturer. It is true when you provide quality.

The manufacturer part number gets the correct item. Lets the product listing be optimized. And wins more customers.

Where And How to Find Product’s MPN?

Where And How to Find Product’s MPN

Customers find the MPN number to put the products for the future. Since the MPN is a universal code, it helps find the same product on other online marketplaces.

But the central QUESTION is…..

Where is the Manufacturer’s Part Number? How do I find it?

Is that so?

No problem. I have got you. 

  • Most products have the manufacturer part number on them. You can easily find the ALPHANUMERIC code.
  • Sometimes, in the product’s manuals, you can find the MANUFACTURER code.
  • Some packaging has the MPN on their sides. Take a look. If it is there, you can easily find it.

Sometimes you need to DOUBLE check. It will ensure whether you have the unique code on the product or not. One import KEY POINT here is:

  • Some products don’t have the MANUFACTURER part number. In that case, you need to contact the manufacturer. They’ll inform you about the specific products on the manufacturer’s list.

Best Tips to Include the MPN in Product Listings

Best Tips to Include the MPN in Product Listings

Once I add a WRONG item, it is just a mixed thing. The replacement parts caused a big problem in the product returns.

Here are some tips.

  • Verify and add 100% CORRECT MPN.

A single mistake can put your PRODUCT at risk.

For example, I mistakenly replaced 0 with O. Can you see if both look identical?

But the problem arises in the SEARCH indexing. Customers’ search leads them to other products. I lost the SALES.

Even if there are dashes, include those in the SAME pattern. In short, verify product listing. Add the correct number in the inventory listing file.

  • Add MPN where you can.

If Amazon asks you to add it in a REQUIRED field, do it.

However, MPN goes through an indexing process. External searches on GOOGLE increase your Amazon sales.

For this reason, I add MPN in:

  • Featured Bullet Points
  • Customized bullet points
  • Product feed

Don’t add the wrong PART. Verify it.

  • Take pictures of the Manufacturer’s number

Is your MPN on the product?

Take a Picture of that part. Upload it to impress the target audience. They’ll get IMPRESSED because the item is original.

If the replacement part has COMPATIBLE products, I include them too. It is going to win you more customers.

You’ll get FAST indexing and better discovery.

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Use of MPN in Different Fields 

Use of manufacturing part number

Sellers identify MPN as a CRUCIAL component of their businesses.


Here it is.

  • Easy Ordering Process

MPNs are the identification codes. When it comes to inventory procurements, they are the TREASURE. Sellers have to keep the Right MPN in mind.

I order all my orders from a manufacturer by giving an MPN. It simplifies the ordering process and provides more flexibility.

  • Inventory management systems

In the warehouses, manufacturers store the inventory. Even the sellers reserve and fulfill the orders.

Real-time inventory management is 100% CRUCIAL.

Why? Here is what it helps me get:

  • To streamline the orders.
  • To fulfill the orders.
  • To know the available stocks count.
  • To reorder products on time.

All these things are ESSENTIAL for supply chain management.

  • Products Details and Identification

MPN is the treasure of the product. You can get A to Z information from the MPN numbers.

Customers can know the product specifications, pricing, and features. It increases their SHOPPING EASE.

I have increased my sales by 10-20% due to CUSTOMER’s amenities.

  • Gives alternative options

Is the original item out of stock? No problem. 

MPN has helped me find alternative items. They have matching features. Give almost the same features. Just the difference is the manufacturer and a slight change in specifications. 

It is not a BIG PROBLEM, though. I can choose a better alternative.

  • Product Comparison

I have compared products many times. It helps me land a MORE EFFECTIVE product.

MPN is very efficient in finding the alternative. In this way, you can get two or more products. Compare their prices and features.

The next?

The better product will be in your HAND.

FAQs about Manufacturing Part Number

1. How do I choose a manufacturer part number for my small business’s products?

Before you assign an MPN model number, sit and define the products. Know their product category. List the main products you want to give the product’s manufacturer number. And now allot a UNIQUE number to exact item.

2. How do I get a manufacturer part number for a particular vehicle part?

It is Easy. You can contact your LOCAL parts department. Tell them the features of your product. Know the replacement parts. And get the MANUFACTURER number to allot the vehicle parts.

3. What is the difference between a manufacturer part number (MPN) and a stock-keeping unit (SKU)?

MPN is like a global item number. For example, VIVO 1723 is the unique code of the VIVO smartphone. SKU is valid for inventory listing files in the Amazon store. The seller uses it to track the inventory.

4. What are the alternatives to MPN?

Global Trade Item Number is the alternative to the MPN. It has the following types.
· GTIN-14 
· EAN – European Article Number
· ISBN – International Standard Book Number
· UPC – Universal Product Code
· JAN – Japanese Article Number

5. What can you do if the product doesn’t have MPN?

There is no such problem until the number field has no code. If you add a wrong number, it is a problem. To get an MPN, it is better to contact your Amazon manufacturer. An Amazon manufacturer can get you one.

What’s Next

MPN is available on PRODUCT PAGES on Amazon. Your search queries can get you the number. Sometimes, customers browse a Product title, but it is TOO confusing.


Because many products have SAME titles. The good thing is you add an MPN.

What if you do not have an MPN code?

No problem. Leeline Sourcing has the experts to get you the MPN number. Our team finds the best manufacturers. Your customers go on purchasing without a single issue.

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Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  LeelineSourcing. We’ve helped 2000+ customers import from China.

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