Newchic Reviews: Is Newchic Legit?

Sharline Shaw

Do you want to purchase from the NewChic? New Chic provides the customers with fast fashion inventory with the same quality products. Before making a purchase, you need to check the NewChic reviews.

Based on ten years of experience in sourcing inventory, we have helped customers purchase high-quality items. Checking the reviews for NewChic or websites like Shein is quite essential to differentiate the positive feedback from the negative reviews. It assists you in deciding whether the product quality is high or not.

Today, we will look at NewChic reviews to determine why it is a safe site.

Is Newchic Legit?

Is Newchic safe and legit?

Yes. New Chic is a legitimate site. When you visit their help center for the inconvenience caused, the customer service team responds instantly.

When you have quality problems, feel free to contact them. They will check the different aspects of your quality problems and put essential measures to resolve them. Isn’t it sufficient to prove them a legitimate site providing customers with the latest high-quality clothes?

Overview of Newchic

1. Company profile

NewChic is a Chinese fast fashion brand that offers high-quality services with reasonable quality clothes at affordable prices. It has a headquarters in Hong Kong, leading to the shipment of your inventory from this area.

Moreover, you can explore the warehouses of the NewChic and make your next purchase right away!

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2. Customer service

NewChic team is highly efficient when it comes to customer services. You get three basic options to contact the NewChic team. Here are three methods:

  • Live Chat
  • Email Support
  • Call center

You can choose any of these methods to contact them and resolve your quality problems. The newChic team will respond to you ASAP! 

3. Shipping time & Cost

When you order some quality products from the Newchic, the next task is to choose the shipping method with different shipping times. The shipping time and cost vary from country to country.

For example, when exporting items to the USA, you get 15-20 days of shipping times in the case of Priority Air Mail. In the case of standard shipping, the delivery time varies from 15-25 days. Shipping cost also changes for the order.

4. Return policy

Newchic Return policy

Like other websites, the Newchic has a refund policy. According to the refund policy:

  • You get 30 days to return the products.
  • If more than 30 days have been spent after delivery of the item, you can’t return it.
  • For hygienic items such as shapewear, underwear, pajamas, and swimwear, you can’t return them.

When returning an item, ensure it qualifies for the return shipping policy.

5. Product quality

Good quality products are always a priority for the customers. Newchic provides high-quality items with access to an extensive collection of inventory.

An amazing selection of products would give you an excellent experience. When choosing the item, check the detailed description of the products and assess the quality from the pictures and videos of the item.

Looking for the Best NewChic Products?

Leelinesourcing helps you find the Best Products in NewChic with high quality at an attractive cost.

Top 10 reviews of Newchic 

NewChic Reviews #1

IMG 20220416 175354

In this positive feedback, the client seems happy with the product quality but has some suggestions about the shipping process. Shipping is a pain when you need to ask for products earlier than before. In that case, the customer wants the NewChic to offer the inventory overnight or 48 hours for extra charges through FedEx or UPS shipping companies. Maybe the customer team of New Chic might apply the new suggestions in that case.

NewChic Reviews #2

IMG 20220416 105551

This positive feedback from the customer exhibits the customer service and product quality of the fashion articles on Shein. According to customers, the trousers are simply an excellent offering resilience and extended-lasting features. Moreover, the website is responsive and makes the shopping experience effective. The client is looking to order more products from NewChic.

NewChic Reviews #3

IMG 20220416 105535

The client seems to be a permanent member of the NewChic, ordering inventory and providing positive feedback to the NewChic. The client has excellent experience with the NewChic products. The quality of the products is impressive. The review shows the other concerns of the customers about the multiple products purchased.

NewChic Review #4

IMG 20220416 105514

While checking the positive feedback, see the tag of verified site experience. If it is available, most likely, fake reviews are not possible with such clients. However, the customer appreciates the quality products from the NewChic and has recommended its friend to use it for shopping the inventory. According to the customer, it is pretty easy to explore a range of products in the same category.

NewChic Review #5

IMG 20220416 105455

NewChic is an excellent fast fashion brand. Some customers have a wonderful experience while others don’t like it due to some issues like shipping issues. You can observe the positive feedback from the customers about the fashion articles she ordered. According to it, the products are of high quality with accurate sizes and stylish designs. Always check the size guide when ordering.

NewChic Review #6

IMG 20220416 105427

Here is the list of negative reviews about the NewChic. It is essential to check them when looking for a great shopping experience on the NewChic.  The customer has ordered a hat, and there is a problem with the shipping system. The ordered product was never received, and customer service didn’t help. Shipping problems arise more due to incorrect details.

NewChic Review #7

IMG 20220416 105352

There are two things highlighted in the negative review from the customer. The first thing is a slow and crashing system of the NewChic, leading to a terrible experience. Even after three times, it was impossible to order. Second, the customer wants to keep the shipping fee the same for Puerto Rico as the US. NewChic team might consider this point.

NewChic Review #8

IMG 20220416 105333

In this negative review, the customer has genuinely had an unpleasant experience with the NewChic shop. There is an issue with the product shipping to the customer’s shipping address. Maybe the customer has entered the wrong address, and the Newchic team is not giving good responses. The only solution is to wait in such cases. When finding the products, check the overall rating and detailed descriptions of the usual size of the item.

NewChic Review #9

IMG 20220416 105311

The customer considers NewChic a scamming site. After ordering the items, no product has been received even after the standard shipping time of 10-45 days has passed. The customer is precisely worried about the scenario and has contacted customer service, but no good response from them. Such cases might arise with some customers due to system faults or shipping team problems. Items shipped occur late in such cases.

NewChic Review #10

IMG 20220416 105254

The customer has ordered the products. Two problems caused the negative reviews from the customer side. One is the late shipment after months, while the second is a difference in the size of the products. The product’s own size is not just what the client has ordered. To resolve such cases, always look at the detailed descriptions of products and size details, and choose the correct parameters when ordering the inventory. It is the only satisfactory solution.

How to buy from Newchic safely?

NewChic offers a variety of fashion products to purchase. Here are tips for buying the inventory safely for overseas retailers.

Step 1: Open your buyer account on NewChic.

Step 2: Search for the item you want to purchase and compare different products to get the best.

Step 3: Compare the feedback about the product from different customers.

Step 4: Hit the button to purchase that item.

NewChic offers three ways for resellers to purchase the inventory.

NewChic Affiliates:

NewChic affiliate program allows the sellers to earn the commission for the products sold. You can make the 16% commission for selling the products through your referral. 

NewChic Dropship:

NewChic drop ship program is for resellers who want to purchase and sell the inventory without dealing with shipping and shopping.

NewChic Wholesale:

If you want to buy inventory in bulk, then NewChic wholesale mechanism allows 35% discounts. Moreover, you can receive exciting deals and make better profits.

SAFE + EASY Buying from NewChic

We do the hard work in NewChic, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

FAQs About NewChic Reviews

Where is NewChic Located?

New Chic is located in Hong Kong, China. It facilitates the customers with clothing inventory and provides products at low prices. The online shopping experience with NewChic has become quite popular and comfortable.

Is NewChic an excellent place to buy from?

Yes. NewChic is a satisfactory solution for the inconvenience caused by other websites. They allow the other customers to choose the correct size of the products.

If you receive the wrong size, there is a return policy also. For customers, it is simply a great place to purchase.

Is the clothing website ‘Newchic’ a scam?

No. NewChic is a safe website that provides an excellent shopping experience to potential buyers. You can check the review sites to determine whether the NewChic is a secure website or not. Simply put, it can provide you with quality items.

Where is the different Shipping method available to buyers on NewChic?

NewChic allows different shipping methods to the customers. Here are these:

1. Express Shipping
2. Standard Shipping
3. Priority Air Mail

You get several other methods also to export the inventory to your location. You can check the specific estimated shipping time on the NewChic website.

What’s Next

When buying from the NewChic or any other fast fashion brand, continually analyze the product quality. If the inventory qualifies the quality criterion, nothing is better than that. So, quality must be your priority. 

Are you having difficulty exploring inventory? No problem. LeeLine Sourcing can aid you in sourcing high-quality products depending on our ten years of experience. Hit us a message right away to discuss details!

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