SF Express Reviews: Is SF Express Legit and Safe 2024

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SF Express Reviews

What is SF Express?

SF Express is a limited multinational company in China. It offers shipping services cross-border and logistics. 

It is based in China but offers services worldwide for individuals and ecommerce businesses. Two options are available for users; economy shipping or express shipping.

The company is registered in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and is owned by SF Holdings. It is one of the most extensive courier services in China, with more than 50 aircraft carriers to deliver packages. 


Today, SF express shipping is mostly used in package delivery services in China. (YES, We are not JOKING.)

How Does It Work?

SF Express Work

SF Express provides shipping service for picking up the package and delivering it to its desired LOCATION.

It provides SERVICES in the Chinese Mainland, the United States, Canada, San Francisco, Australia, Mexico, India, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, and many other places in Asia. 

SF Express delivers packages to more than 200 countries. It also partners with other countries to ensure packages are delivered to customers within the timeline.  

Customers track shipments online using the SF Express website or the Smartphone app via WAYBILL NUMBER or TRACKING NUMBER.

Business owners expand their businesses worldwide via Logistic Solutions and SF international networks.

What’s More?

SF Express helps with logistic needs on front-end and back-end processes such as distribution. It also assists in supply and production procedures.

SF Express is a good choice if you want to ship packages from China. 

 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

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Is SF Express Legit and Safe?

SF Express has recently opened more than 600 online shopping stores across China. It is also known as Heike. 

SF Express is a SCAM and FRAUD. Have you heard this statement on different websites? 

Well, most customers have bad experiences with the shipping service but it is LEGIT. The reason is that with the Tracking ID you can track the status of your package yourself.

Is SF Express Right for Your Business Needs?

SF Express Right for Your Business Needs

For more than 25 years, SF Express has been providing shipping services. It has more AFFORDABLE RATES than other services. The shipping carrier covers the Asian regions and mainland China. 

The service also processes different shipping from the US to China. Track your shipments and packages via the SF Express website. Find the section of Track & Trace and paste your SF Express tracking id.

It offers domestic and international shipping options to large and small-scale businesses. Shipping cost is one of the factors that can reduce the PROFIT MARGINS. SF Express provides shipping services at reasonable prices worldwide. 

SF Express also specializes in LOGISTICS. It helps businesses to reduce SHIPPING COSTS by offering them FAST DELIVERY TIMES. 

SF Express Reviews: Main Services

SF Express Services

International Services 

SF Express offers two options for international services.

  • Standard Express: It delivers the parcel within 3 to 5 business days. Express delivery does not include holidays or weekends. It is one of the FASTEST OPTIONS to deliver packages to their desired destinations. 
  • Economy Express: Looking for Low-Price shipping service? Go for Economy shipping express. It also provides door-to-door delivery service. It takes no longer time to deliver packages.

Cold services 

Are you running an ecommerce store of food or pharmaceuticals? SF Express provides the option of cold service. It helps the customers to get their food and medicines parcels PRIORITIZED

SF Express ensures that food and medicines with less shelf life reach their destinations as soon as possible. 

The service offers the delivery of reagents, drugs, and biological samples. They keep them in a container at the desired temperature of 2°C or 8°C.

Warehouse services 

SF Express allows managing, receiving, shipping, and organizing the inventory. It does all the processes via STANDARDIZE WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT. It benefits the seller by saving time in organizing and managing the stores.

SF Express Reviews: Delivery time

SF Express Delivery time

It varies depending on which service option you are taking and in which region of China you are based.

Estimated Delivery Service of SF Express Standard shipping option.

The table below shows the delivery time from China to the US.

Origin (Mainland China)Desired Destination
East China2 to 3 Business days (excluding  holidays)
South China2 to 3 Business days (excluding  holidays)
West China2 to 3 Business days (excluding  holidays)
North China2 to 3 Business days (excluding  holidays)

Estimated time of SF Express delivery Economy shipping option.

Origin (Mainland China)Desired Destination
East China4 to 6 days (excluding  holidays in a week)
South China4 to 7 days (excluding  holidays in a week)
West China4 to 7 days (excluding  holidays)
North China4 to 6 days (excluding  holidays in a week)

SF Express Reviews: Costs

SF Express has different prices for different options and services for a seller.

We recommend contacting SF Express to get a custom pricing quote or proposal.


  • Weight of PARCELS

The shipping and service cost depends on the weight of the packages. Small package has lower shipping costs.  

Do you want to do multi-piece shipping? If yes, then sum up the weight of each piece to calculate the shipping or FREIGHT charges.

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SF Express Reviews: Customer Support

SF Express customer support

Is the seller facing any problems in using SF Express? Or do you have any queries related to the shipped item?

Contact SF Express carrier customer support via international Customer Service Hotlines. You can also contact them via their website. Different hotlines to contact support exist, such as Vietnam, Thailand, New Zealand, South Korea, and Japan. 

The most used HOTLINES and their contact numbers are:

  • New York Customer Support contact number: (+1) 855 901 1133
  • Mainland China Service: (+86) 755 9533883

If you are facing an issue tracking your package information, ensure you have the tracking number. After getting the id, contact support to know the current status of the parcel, if it has been delivered or not, or if it is at the UK Royal Mail or at which depot. 

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Benefits of Choosing SF Express

Benefits of Choosing SF Express


The amazing benefits of choosing the service are:

  • Logistic Providers

SF Express is the largest and leading shipping and logistics provider in China. Success in logistics means increased EFFICIENCY and increased production rates. It lowers costs and manages inventory. It helps the business to work with ease and earn more PROFIT. (WHAT else do you want?)

  • Reliable and affordable courier service

SF Express is one of the AFFORDABLE shipping carriers in China. It provides services for both domestic and international shipping of parcels. SF Express is there for you no matter where you want to ship your parcel. It maintains a network of local courier services in different overseas regions.

  • International tracking system

SF Express allows tracking the packages. It provides information on every step of the shipping procedure. You can track your parcel, whether it is IN-TRANSIT or has reached the address.

  • Free Pickup services

SF Express is offering free parcel pickup services in some locations. So, you do not need to travel to the company to hand over your parcel.

How Do I Track an SF Express Parcel?

Track an SF Express Parcel

Wondering how to track the parcel?

Visit the SF Express website and go to the section of Track & Trace. You track and trace your shipments from end-to-end online.

What do you need to track the parcel? You need only the TRACKING ID; paste it into the search bar. After that, get the status of your package in no time. 

By providing the Waybill No. in the search bar, you can track more than 20 packages at once. 

There are many THIRD-PARTY WEBSITES where you can track and trace the SF Express parcels. Ship24 is one the best websites for tracking parcels. It is a logistic tracking website. There, millions of users track their couriers and parcels every month. 

Alternatives to SF Express



What is the essential part of any ecommerce business? It’s shipping. ePacket shipping services are an excellent alternative to SF Express.

Pros of ePacket shipping company

Cheap service is cheaper than any other courier service to ship parcels overseas. Cut down the shipping costs and increase your profit margins with ePacket.

  • Fast service: Generally, it delivers the parcels to desired addresses faster than any standard shipping time.
  • Free Returns or refund: What if your parcel couldn’t reach the desired address? It is NICE TO KNOW that ePacket has the policy to return the items to the merchants.
  • Door-to-Door service: ePacket shipping service delivers the packages to your doorstep. You need not worry about how to pick up or drop off the parcels, as ePacket will do it all.
  • Tracking: Track your packages by asking the merchant about your tracking number. Use third-party sites such as USPS to track the status of your shipment. Check whether it is delivered or not. It helps to keep you updated about the shipping of parcels.
Suggested reading: EPacket Shipping & Tracking Guide -Useful Tips For You

Yun Express

Yun Express

Yun Express is one of the leading ecommerce shipping services. It handles shipping from China to the US, Europe, Australia, and Canada. 

Pros of using Yun Express shipping service

  • Best shipping carrier

Looking to make shipments cross the border? Go for Yun express. It provides the best rates to deliver packages. Save the shipping cost and earn more PROFIT.

  • Fast shipping service

It delivers the parcels to Europe and North America in a shorter period. You do not need to wait months to deliver your parcel to your desired country.

  • Recognized shipping company by Amazon

Yun Express is also recognized by notable industry leaders like Wish, eBay, and Amazon. So, from this, you know that your parcel will deliver in its original condition and within time.

CNE Express

CNE Express

CNE Express is a logistics and transportation company based in China. It specializes in delivering packages and offering the best logistic solutions. 

Pros of using CNE Express

  • Efficient Tracking System

It allows us to trace and track the parcels via TRACKING NUMBER. Knowing the status of the parcel keeps the customers satisfied.

  • No delays in delivery 

CNE Express delivers the packages to their country with no delays. It offers stable shipping timelines, which are better than standard shipping times. Deliver parcels to customers in time and build their trust; they will shop from you AGAIN and AGAIN.

  • Reliable customer support for complaints

As compared to SF Express, CNE customer support is RELIABLE. It answers the queries of customers as soon as possible. Also, the support provides innovative logistics solutions to both individuals and businesses. 


Enjoy cost-effective shipping with SF Express!

SF Express resumes the door-to-door services for picking up and delivering the parcels. 

SF express relies on UPS to deliver the parcels to customers based in the US. That’s why SF express provides faster shipping options.

What else? The service also offers to track the packages. By entering the tracking id on the website of SF Express, one can know the status of their shipments. 

FAQs about SF Express Reviews

1. Does SF Express deliver on weekends?

The delivery and pickup services are available on weekdays from Monday to Friday. 

2. What does it mean when a shipment is in transit?

In-transit means that the parcel is on its way to the desired location. Sometimes, it can be stopped at one place because the courier company depots are waiting for the scanning. 

3. What shipping company uses SF Express?

SF Express, or SF International Express, is a shipping company. It delivers parcels across borders and also provides logistics services to ecommerce businesses. 

What’s Next

Looking to ship to Asia, China, or major locations? SF Express helps you reach your ASIA-BASED CUSTOMERS.

If you are not from Asia, then it may be possible that you don’t know about the service. But in the above blog, we have discussed everything about SF Express. We hope it will be a HELPFUL SHARE about the service.

Still confused about whether to use SF Express service or not? Contact us at Leeline Sourcing; our experts will answer your queries ASAP.

Drop comments on whether you have used the SF EXPRESS SERVICE before or now or how your experience was.

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