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China Import and Export Fair

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China Import and Export Fair: Super Guide 2021


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Trade shows let suppliers interact with potential buyers directly. The buyers can examine the quality of the goods and can also check the production capabilities of the suppliers.

Furthermore, China import and export fair let the suppliers showcase their products so that they can get the attention of buyers from all parts of the world.

If you are willing to importing from China, China import and export fair can be an excellent way to choose the best Chinese products.

You can continue the reading, as this guide will provide you with all the necessary details regarding China import and export fair.

China Import and Export Fair


What Is The China Import And Export Fair?

The China import, and export fair, is held in Guangzhou, China, since 1957. The canton fair is held in spring and autumn (twice a year), and now it is known as the canton fair.

At the canton, fair thousands of suppliers display their products from the Chinese markets—the China import and export fair exhibit more than 150,000 products with distinctive features at an economical price.

The canton fair let the buyer know about the best quality Chinese products from the factories and give a chance to the buyers and sellers to have face to face meeting.

So in this way, the buyers and sellers can discuss the product quality, their features, and manufacturing details. The fair also facilitated the buyers to inspect them on the quality of the goods.


Why Should You Visit China Import and Export Fair?

The Chinese markets are well famous for supplying the best quality goods all over the world.

If you want to import the Chinese goods but confused about where to get Chinese goods, visit China import and export fair.

The following can be the reasons to visit Chinese trade shows.

A Comprehensive Trade Fair In China With The Most Extended History

The trade show was first arranged in 1957, and now it is more than 61 years, the trade show is providing the best quality goods.

The popularity of the trade show is increasing day by day. The trade shows are the best place to get high-quality goods for your local markets.

A Fair At The Highest Level & Largest Scale

The trade shows provide the best quality goods. You can find the suppliers along with their suppliers and can have a face to face interaction with them.

You can also discuss all the things with the exhibitors regarding the product and can ask them questions too if you have any.

A Fair With The Most Complete Exhibit Varieties In China

The suppliers try to display their products at the trade and provide the required description of all the goods.

Furthermore, trade shows are attended by thousands of visitors. Hence, the suppliers try their best to showcase the wide variety of Chinese goods.

An International Trade Fair That Attracts The Broadest Distribution Of Overseas Buyers And The Most Significant Business Turnover In China

The canton fair is an international trade show, which attracts a countless number of visitors from all over the world. So it will be an excellent opportunity to visit the trade show.

A Huge Market Where You Could Source And Buy All The Best Products You Needed

Trade shows are the largest platforms to get Chinese goods directly from the suppliers. Above all, you can communicate with the suppliers and find all the required details of the product.


How do I get an invite to the Canton Fair?

If you are interested in attending the canton fair, you will have to get the official invitation. After getting the invitation card, you will have to apply for the visa and register yourself for the free entry badge.

There are two types of invitation cards which the visitors can get, i.e., E-invitation card and paper invitation card.

Apply for an invitation before March 30 in case of the spring fair and 305 September in case of the autumn fair.

E-Invitation Card

E-invitation is a type of official extended by the fair. A copied one is valid and can be shared by a group of representatives from the same company.

You will get the invitation through email. The E-invitation is the better option for all the overseas buyers. By getting this invitation, they can easily apply for the visa.

  • Apply for VISA to China.

After getting the invitation, you need to apply to the Chinese embassy for the visa. You can register yourself on the website of the Canton Fair and then apply to get the visa.

  • Get Registered And Free ENTRY BADGE To The Fair.

After getting register for the canton fair, you should apply for the entry badge. This badge will let you enter the trade show.

  • Register On The Official Website Of Canton Fair.

To attend the canton fair, you should register yourself before the deadline. For that purpose, you should visit the official website of the Canton Fair.

  • Get The User Name And Password In Your Email.

You can get all of your details, for instance, name, password, through the emails. The primary purpose of E-Invitation is to facilitate international buyers.

  • Log In And Fill In E-Invitation Application Form.

As you have got the name with a password, you can log in to get the application form and can ask for the invitation card.

  • Receive Confirmation By Email And Print Your E-Invitation.

After getting the confirmation email, you will receive the E-Invitation. Then you can apply to get the print the invitation.

China Import And Export Fair E-Invitation Card

Paper Invitation Card

This type of invitation is necessary for the carton fair visitors applying for the visa to China. One card can be shared by the three representatives from the same company. The copied cannot be used, and it is sent in the way of mailing.

If you want to get the paper invitation, then you will have to apply it through the trade center of China.

Then apply for the visa from the embassy, and it takes some time, so it is better to get the one as early as possible.

After getting the visa, you can apply for the further documentation, so you can get all the required papers to get the entry to the trade show.

Paper Invitation Card


Overview Of China Import and Export Fair

The Canton Fair is held in China. The trade shows have a significant influence over the economy of China and the development of Chinese technology.

The fair is a great place to interact with thousands of manufacturers under the same roof.

The importance of the Canton Fair is increasing day by day with the development of economy and technology. A countless number of people attend the Canton Fair almost from every country.

The trade shows are a great place where people can interact with Chinese products and manufacturers and find the best products according to their needs.

Featured Products

The Canton Fair is the largest trade show in China and is held twice a year.

Chinese manufactures make it an excellent opportunity to showcase their products and attract buyers from all over the globe.

At the Canton Fair, you will get every type of product, direct from the Chinese factories.

China Trade Show

Dates For 2020

The show generally opens from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm each day and is held twice a year. Due to the Covid-19, it is the Canton Fair will be held online.

The first phase held from April 15 to 19, and you can get a display of Automotive and Parts, Hardware & Tools.

According to the canton fair dates, the second phase was held on April 23 to 27; during this phase, the manufacturers will showcase the Consumer goods, Gifts, Home Decorations.

The thirds and last phase of this year held on May 1 to 5, and you can get a display of Office Supplies, Sporting & Outdoors.

The first phase of the Canton Fair will be held on October 15 to 19, and Automotive and Parts, Hardware & Tools will be displayed during this duration.

The second phase is held between October 23 to 27, and it will let the people know about Consumer goods, Gifts, and Home Decorations.

The last phase will be held from October 31 to November 4, and you will get a display of Office Supplies, Sporting, and Outdoor goods.

It is essential to pick the correct phase for you. Mostly traders used to attend the second phase, as it contains a large variety of consumer goods.

But, the best phase which suits you the most depends on what you want to purchase.


A large number of suppliers, along with their products, attend the Canton Fair. They showcase their products to attract buyers.

They also display the products, so all the buyers can inspect the products according to their quality. It is expected that more than 25,049 exhibitors will attend the Canton Fair this year.


The Chinese goods are well famous all around the world, and you will have at least one product around you from Chinese factories.

Therefore, the buyers from every part try to attend the fair. So they get an introduction to Chinese goods. It is expected that more than 191,950 buyers will attend this excellent trade show.

Business Turnover

The trade shows are held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. Well, during the history of 126 sessions, it has got the top position among the other international trade shows with the most extended history, most massive sales, and most of the attendances.

You can get products from different categories, with a wide variety. So, it is the best place to get the required product with high-quality at an economical price.

During the first Canton Fair, there were 2736 merchants from 37 countries, and the export turnover was 53.8 million USD dollars. The trade show became the future exercise of the China Export Commodities Fair.

Over the next years, Canton Fair has not only grown in popularity but has also gained a lot of success and massive turnover.

In 2019, the 126thCanton Fair was organized, and the cumulative turnover of this session was about 19.524 billion Yuan, which is almost 29.73 USD. Almost 195.454 buyers attended the trade show from more than 213 countries.

On March 23, 2020, Ma Hua, the deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, said this April the Canton Fair would not hold according to the schedule because of the epidemic situation.

Therefore, later on, it was decided that as the 127th Canton Fair held online, as there is a risk of an epidemic outbreak.

On April 16, 202, the Ministry of Commerce decides to held the Canton Fair from June 15 to 24, online for ten days.


The Canton Fair is held on the China Import and Export Complex, No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Middle Road, Guangzhou, China.

It is also known as the Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center and shortly as Carton Fair Complex.

The trade show is held at the largest modernized exhibition center in Asia, and it is located in Pazhou Island, Guangzhou, China.

It is the complete integration of human, ecological concerns, and high technology.


Exhibition Space

Every year a large number of traders visit Guangzhou, China, to attend this great China import and export fair.

The Canton Fair is the largest wholesale supplier tradeshow in the world, and a large number of vendors and buyers attend this trade show.

The exhibition space of this China import and export fair is 1,185,000 square meters. Or you can say that it is about 45 square miles in area.

It is estimated that it is equivalent to the 2018 football fields in the area.

Call Center

The Chinese Mainland: 4000-888-999, and if you are calling outside the Chinese Mainland: 86-20-28-888-999. The Hong Kong representative office: (852) 28771318.


Arriving In Guangzhou, How I Can Go To Canton Fair?

After arriving at Guangzhou airport, you can take the bus, taxi, or airport coach to reach the canton fair.

Airport Express Coach

There are many types of transportation from the Guangzhou downtown or Panyu from the airport.

So, it will be more comfortable to take the Airport Express Coach. It is a convenient and cheap choice for all visitors.

There are a total of 11 express lines available, serving the customers. Each line has a different time interval, ranging from 10 to 45 minutes. You can quickly get the parking coaches just by arriving at the Arrival Hall.

The Airport Express Coaches stop at the major hotels, business centers, residential areas, and coach stations.

Airport Express Coach

Taxi and Bus

You can take the bus, taxi to the China import and export fair from the international airport of Guangzhou.

The airport will offer you special direct shuttle bus services between the canton fair complex and Guangzhou airport, in all the three phases.

And the time interval between each departure will be 30 minutes. The fare for bus services will be 25 RMB or 4USD.

You can also get a Taxi, and keep in mind that you must get a yellow colored Taxi rather than green, and tell the taxi driver Pa Zhou or canton fair.

The fare of the taxi is 2.6RMB/Km. And if the distance is more than 35Km, you will have to pay more than 50%. The duration for both taxi and bus are the same, i.e., 60 minutes.

Taxi and Bus

Metro Trip

If you have decided to take the metro trip, you will need to transfer twice; so it is better to download the Canton Fair map.

The fare of the metro trips is about 8RMB or 1.5 USD. The metro bus will also take an hour to drop you at the Canton Fair.

Canton Fair map


How Leelinesourcing Can Help You Efficiently Complete Procurement From China Import And Export Fair

Canton Fair is officially known as the China import and export fair since 2007. The trade show in enjoying 61 years of tremendous success, and there are a lot more to come.

The China import, and export fair, offers a chance to have a face to face meeting to all the buyers with sellers. At the trade show, the buyers can get all the required information.

A canton fair is a great event that brings the world and Chinese suppliers on the same platform so that the manufacturers can introduce their products with buyers from all over the world.

Furthermore, it is the best way to keep the world updated regarding Chinese goods. The Leeline Sourcing helps buyers from all the parts of the world in attending China import and export fair.

Tickets Booking

If you want to attend the China import and export fair, then you will have to register yourself for the Canton Fair.

For that, you should visit the canton fair invitation website, fill the information, and apply for the invitation letter.

After getting the canton fair invitation, you need to visit the canton fair website to get the buyer’s badge. You should keep the passport along with you and then apply to get the badge.

The Leeline sourcing stands with you at every step and tries to help you out. After getting your badge, the very next step is to apply for the vice. The company will handle all of your dealings in China.

Hotel Booking

The company tries to book the best hotels for visitors.

When it is suitable to arrange the accommodation, you can contact the Leeline sourcing so that they can get a room for you in the hotel.

It would be relatively better if you book the hotel for almost one month in advance.

Hotel Booking

Sightseeing Tours

It will be better if you take some time to visit some other places other than the canton fair. The company will arrange tours and other visits to you.

Free Pick-up Service

The Leeline sourcing can take care of everything during your tour to the canton fair and try to provide you with the free pick-up services.

The company arranges pick-up services for all the visitors.

Car RentalInterpreter Service

You can hire a private car, and the company can also arrange the one for you. It can be expensive than using public transport, but at the same time, it will save you time also.

Car RentalInterpreter Service

E-Invitation Apply

The company you out at every step, and also try to facilitate you in getting the canton fair invitation.

The invitation will be essential if you are interested in attending the China import exports fair. The company also recommends applying in advance; earlier before the deadlines, you may not face any difficulty.

Entrance Pass Registration

After applying the invitation, the next step is to apply for the entrance pas or a badge. The badge will let you enter the canton fair. So it is compulsory to get the badge before you get an entry to the canton fair.

Find Great Suppliers For Your Ecommerce Business

Leeline sourcing tries to help the buyer, and therefore, it is well known around the globe in supplying the best Chinese goods directly from the Chinese markets.

The company provides you with a list of reliable suppliers from China, who can assure you a constant supply of goods directly from their factory.

The company also visits the factories to audit and inspect the manufacturing and quality of goods. Si the byres can get the best quality goods.

Furthermore, the company can also arrange the factory trips for you.so; in this way, you can also inspect the quality of the goods.

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5 Important Tips From Experts

Canton Fair is the largest fair among China import-export fairs. You can visit this fair twice a year, once in spring and once in fall.

The excellent Canton Fair takes place at the Import and Export Fair Complex in the Haizhu district of Guangzhou.

You can get a tremendous display of products at the Canton Fair. The primary purpose of the trade fair is to attract thousands of visitors and to boost the business deals made at any trade show.

The trade show lets the visitors have an eye on the Chinese products so that they can get an idea about their quality and other features.

In the Canton Fair, you can get a massive gathering of Chinese suppliers, who come with their products direct from the factories.

In the Canton Fair, a large number of Chinese products are displayed, including electronic, hardware, vehicles, chemicals, gifts, textiles, home decorations, and may also contain the food.

If you say Canton Fair is the golden opportunity for the importers, it would not be wrong, as the importers can have a face to face meeting with manufacturers.

The buyers can ask any question regarding the quality of products, their shipment, cost, or any other thing which they are willing to ask.

So, if you are interested in attending the Canton Fair either this year in the coming years, you need to keep the under given expert advice in mind.

1. Make A Plan For Visiting The Canton Fair

Before you land in Guangzhou, China, it is quite essential to make a plan about how you will spend your time on the Canton Fair. So, you can get benefit from this Canton Fair.

You should remember that you are going to attend a massive trade show, and making efficient use of your time there is very crucial.

Furthermore, you can also visit the website; it will help you to decide which phase or part of the trade show you should attend.

Beside it, there will also reference the convention hall floor plan, which helps you out to plan your course through the fair.

Make A Plan For Visiting The Canton Fair

2. Communicate On Your Terms

Well, it may seem awkward to have two business cards on the fair, but it can help you a lot shorter. So, whenever you are going to attend the Canton Fair, take two cards along with you.

There will be thousands of traders at the fair, and you will not be willing to share your contact details with them.

So, you can give them a business card, which will contain the details of your company. And if you found some to whom you want to develop long term relationships, you must share a card with all of your contact details.

So, instead of sharing your contact details with all of them, you can just communicate with a few, and it will be very beneficial.

3. Bring Your Empty Backpack Or Ideally A Small Piece Of Wheeled Luggage

It is a fact that no one goes empty-handed from the Canton Fair, so it would be better if you bring an empty backpack or a small piece of wheeled luggage to manage your haul.

As you will share your business cards on every booth, so in return, they will also share something with you. For instance, they may give you their business cards, key chains, lanyards, or maybe a sample.

Beside it, you may also get some other products from the Chinese markets. So, you must have space to bring them home. Therefore, it will be better to have any extra bag with you.

Bring Your Empty Backpack Or Ideally A Small Piece Of Wheeled Luggage

4. Document Your Trip

During your trip, try to take a lot of pictures. It will help you in both posterity and for practical business.

Therefore, you must bring a camera, a notebook, a pen, and a small portable stapler along with you.

As you will meet with the suppliers, you note all the necessary details of the product, about their markets, certifications, where their factory is located, monthly production capacity.

Before leaving each booth, try to grab their business card and staple it with their notebook right next to the notes.

Furthermore, you can also take the snaps of their booth, products which feel are attractive.

5. Set Aside Some Free Time

The Canton Fair can be a fantastic experience for you. It would be best if you kept some time aside from the convention center, for further business or pleasure.

You can also visit the factories or can also sit for dinner with your suppliers. If you got some time, you could visit the Canton Tower, Baiyun Mountain, or Shamian Island.


Final Thoughts On China Import And Export Fair

If you are interested in importing the Chinese products, you need to visit the China import and export fair, which was previously known as the canton fair.

The canton fair is held twice a year, where thousands of suppliers showcase their goods and introduce them to the international markets.

Therefore, China import and export fair can be worth visiting, and you can get the required products.

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Featured Products


FAQ About China Import And Export Fair

The following are the questions which most of the visitors ask about the China import and export fair.

Is Canton Fair Free?

Attending the Canton fair is free, but you have to get a visa to visit China. You will pay the airfare and hotel rent.

To Bring Some Business Cards With Me Is So Important?

The business card represents you and your company at the trade show, so it is essential to attend brings it with you at the canton fair.

Furthermore, the design ad cleanliness of the business card will represent your personality.

What Should I Do If I Didn’t Apply For Invitation In Advance?

Try to apply for the invitation card as early as possible before the deadline; otherwise, you may not be able to attend the canton fair.

And if the deadline has asses, you can visit the website and ask them to get one.

Is There A Lost Of Exhibitors So I Know Who I Can Visit?

Yes, there are thousands of visitors at the canton fair. You can get through the list of exhibitors and attendees to get an idea to whom you should visit.

Can I Pay By Credit Card In Guangzhou?

The credit cards are still gaining ground in China with the Visa or MasterCard. So, you can pay the bills with credit cards, at the Guangzhou.

Can I Buy With Much Lower Prices In Guangzhou Wholesale Markets Compared With Other Markets?

The trade shows are the best place to get Chinese goods at the lowest price, and if you want to wholesale the goods from Chinese markets, it will further decrease the price of the goods.

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