CJ Dropshipping Reviews 2024 Really Worth Your Money?

Hi Dropshippers! Welcome to our EXPERTS’ review of CJDropshipping.

Most Guides on GOOGLE are 100% Fake. Not worth reading. Even they are misleading. But our review will SAVE your time.

Our experts have been toiling for years to manage the DROPSHIPPING orders, source, and ship the QUALITY products. You get guaranteed on-time shipping to your customers with HIGHER SUCCESS RATES.

CJ Dropshipping is FUN, FAST, and POWERFUL MEDIUM for dropshipping at NO COST. ( It is what we have learned after reviewing.)

In this CJ Dropshipping reviews, you will learn:

  • CJ Dropshipping Fundamental Features
  • Pricing
  • In-depth Analysis of the working mechanism and customer service


Let’s go.

CJ Dropshipping Reviews

Overview of CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping; A MAGIC TOOL! Say this won’t be wrong.

It is a one-stop shop.


Your customers receive PRODUCTS at their doorstep. FLAWLESS and FAST shipping services develop a strong relationship with your customers and turn your first-time consumers into long-term ones.

My customers kept complaining about shipping from my previous supplier. Then I switched to CJ Dropshipping and did not hear a single complaint after that. 

So, what about the COMPANY PROFILE?

It was established in 2014 and had headquarters in CHINA.

Wait. Please don’t consider it to be a MERE Chinese company.

Instead, it enables WORLDWIDE SHIPPING, engaging more customers and increasing retail sales to the far end of the WORLD.

Is CJ Dropshipping safe, legit, and trustworthy?

CJ Dropshipping safe

CJ Dropshipping has a HISTORY of trustworthiness as per customer reviews.

Even our experts’ reviews put this platform at the top of the LIST of drop shipping websites.

  • On SiteJabber, it has WHOOPING reviews of 4.9 out of 5. Over 1600 drop shippers have reviewed this site.
  • With over 6k reviews on the TrustPilot, it has a POSITIVE RATING of 4.9 out of 5.

Is it not enough to justify the legitimacy of this platform?

This one-stop service platform has an APP that does what?

Smoothens the DROPSHIPPING process and chooses multiple SHIPPING METHODS on your phone.

Let’s check out more about this PLATFORM.

How does CJ Dropshipping work?

CJ Dropshipping work

CJ Dropshipping offers all the SERVICES related to dropshipping of products. ( You get sourcing, integration with your store, and shipping with multiple SHIPPING METHODS.)

So, the working mechanism of this platform is CRYSTAL CLEAR.

Here are some steps to understand how you can BOOST DROPSHIPPING business with them.

  • Integrate your store

Do you have an online store on Amazon or Shopify?

No problem. The CJ team can reach there. No matter if you have a Shopify Store, they are available 24/7 to fulfill orders with their UTMOST CAPACITY.

Link your Shopify store with CJDropshipping.

  • Receive Orders

A customer hits the ORDER BUTTON.

The very next STEP, “I congratulate you on receiving your order.”

What to do NEXT?

  • Let CJ Dropshipping deliver it.

Order received? Fulfill it.

CJ’s Dropshipping team handles this task professionally.

They jot down the ADDRESS, finalize the shipping date, and let customers track their order.


Timely shipping fulfillment ensures 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and, in turn, more business opportunities.

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How do you use CJ Dropshipping?

Use CJ Dropshipping

CJ dropshipping is 100% EASY to use International retail platforms.

It provides the APP to drop-shippers to automatically process their orders.

First of all, INSTALL THE APP that is 100% FREE. Connect products and SHOPIFY APP STORE.

In simpler terms, What can you do with the CJ dropshipping app?

  • Sourcing Request

Don’t have the WINNING PRODUCTS?

Why not let the CJ sourcing services HIT THE JACKPOT for you?

Make a sourcing request. The CJ team will closely observe your sourcing request and provide the private inventory at a COMPETITIVE PRICE. You will get many ideas even if you just scroll by their catalogue in different categories.

  • Video Material For Marketing

Are you trying out the ADS for the first time?

A VIDEO AD has more conversion chances than a simple one.

The CJ team can take HIGH-QUALITY videos of your private inventory.

What will be the RESULT of it?

Higher conversion with better sales of your WINNING PRODUCT.

Let’s try.

  • US warehouse Shipping

CJ has overseas warehouses in WESTERN countries. So, shipping to domestic customers is NO BRAINER. Not only the US, but CJ also has warehouses in many regions. Filter out suppliers with warehouses and region options to get the closest supplier. 

They ship directly through the US WAREHOUSE  to customers in the US.

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CJ Dropshipping Reviews-Pricing & Cost

CJ Dropshipping Reviews-Pricing & Cost

Nothing is FREE in this world except CJ DROPSHIPPING.

They don’t charge a SINGLE PENNY for the drop shipping. 

You can open a CJ ACCOUNT for free. Moreover, they offer a FREE PRODUCT SOURCING SERVICE.

But a question arises— is everything NO-COST on the CJDropshipping?

Simple answer. No. Here are free services.

  • Free Features

They offer:

  • Free product sourcing service
  • No monthly fee
  • No charges to post sourcing requests
  • Free Quality inspection
  • Product listings
  • Free storage

These features have NO COST. Feel free to BOOST DROPSHIPPING with a quality inspection of your print-on-demand inventory.

  • Paid Features

Some features are NOT FREE.

Do you know what those FEATURES are?

Here are those:

  • Order Private inventory
  • Customized packaging
  • Order processing fees for fulfillment
  • Videos and image shooting services

Whether you order private inventory or choose CUSTOMIZED PACKAGING, pay the charges per the GIVEN RULES. Only go towards paid features when you get good sales and profit margins. Customized packaging helps you to establish a brand’s Identity easily.

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

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CJ Dropshipping Reviews- Return Policy

CJ Dropshipping Reviews- Return Policy

CJ has GLOBAL WAREHOUSES; for example, overseas warehouses in the US.

When a US customer orders the inventory, CJ ships the products from local warehouses.

But when it comes to returning the items, you have to send products to the CHINA WAREHOUSES.

And that is INCONVENIENT because your product might be damaged or lost during that time.

However, what is the return policy for DESIRED ITEMS?

You have 10 Days to RETURN the item through any SHIPPING METHOD.

Refund is possible in the FOLLOWING CASES.

  • Orders are NOT RECEIVED. If you don’t even receive the item or it is lost for any reason, you can apply for a REFUND.
  • Orders are DELAYED. If the order takes more delivery time than expected, you can return it and get a refund.
  • Products are DAMAGED. In that case, you must prove that the products are genuinely damaged.

Send a product through a LOCAL POST OFFICE back to China. It is an extra hassle and affects business interests. My best strategy is to refund the customer and ask them to keep the product unless it’s too premium. It builds trust with them and good word in the community. 

CJ Dropshipping Reviews-Main Features

CJ Dropshipping Feature

CJDropshipping offers multiple features to the drop-shippers.

Curious to know them?

Check them out here!

  • Automatic Order Fulfillment and Management

CJDropshipping allows trending products to CHOOSE and IMPORT.

You can easily import dropshipping products, receive orders, and fulfill ORDERS automatically. Business automation saves much time that could be utilized in marketing and innovative ideas. My business scaled drastically with automation. 

Since everything is automatically synchronized, CJDropshipping handles the desired product and fulfills it independently.

  • Direct Sourcing Services

You can post a SOURCING REQUEST. 

The CJ sourcing team will look into the order details and find the RELEVANT top products.

Direct sourcing services enable access to QUALITY TRENDING PRODUCTS.

  • Quality Control

All stocked products undergo QUALITY INSPECTION.

CJ sourcing team verifies the standard of team items and ensures they comply with all quality rules to a GREATER EXTENT.

What you get; QUALITY POD PRODUCTS with high-end results. It prevents quality damage and returns due to damaged products. 

  • Large Product Catalog

Over 650K products are in their catalog.

Just imagine such a WHOOPING NUMBER!

Get the top POD products and choose the BEST ITEMS for your selling store.

In the end, what?

More customer trust leads to MORE BUSINESS opportunities. Go ahead and ROCK!

  • Custom Packaging

Custom packaging COSTS some pricing, but it is essential when your customers need it.

CJDropshipping provides the CUSTOM PACKAGING upon your request.

So your customers will be satisfied. And, in turn, what will happen?

More BUSINESS EXPOSURE, MORE sales, and more REVENUES per month.

Looking for the Best China Sourcing Agent?

Leeline Sourcing helps you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

CJ Dropshipping Reviews-Customer Support

CJ Dropshipping Reviews-Customer Support

Stuck in a PROBLEM? 

No problem. CUSTOMER SUPPORT is available 24/7 to resolve all your issues instantly.

What you have to do is to contact them.


Here are some methods to contact CJ dropshipping customer support.

  • Submit a Ticket 

The ticket system is not NEW.

Most big retailers and websites allow customers to submit TICKETS regarding their PROBLEMS.


So you can SUBMIT the ticket if you are AUTHORIZED, CLIENTS.

  • Join Live Chat

This is another option to connect directly with the CJ Team. The ticket option is time-consuming, but Live chat solves the problem instantly. You get your solution right on that point unless it’s too complex. 

You can open the LIVE CHAT panel on their site and tell your problem to the attending agents.

  • Email Them

If you want to contact them, email them.

The customer support email is [email protected].

You can drop a message explaining the problem.

CJ Dropshipping Reviews-Parcel Packaging and Delivery Time

Delivery Time

Shipping time and shipping prices are CRUCIAL.

A drop shipper has many questions in mind. For example;

  • What is the average shipping time?
  • What is the shipping time to the US?
  • What is the Shipping time to the UK?
  • What will be the shipping fees for the shipping?

The shipping time includes two factors:

  • Processing Time
  • Shipping Time

These are:

  • Processing Time

Processing time includes the product packaging and making it READY for shipping.

Usually, it takes 24-48 hours to get the desired product, pack it, and get READY.

  • Shipping Time

Shipping time is DIFFERENT. It is a FUNDAMENTAL difference between CJPACKET SHIPPING and USPS.

CJ Packet usually takes 7-12 Days on average delivery time to ship desired items to your address in the US. I prefer CJ packets from their nearest warehouse. Chinese warehouses usually have the best prices, but shipping is usually slower. It depends on the nature of your customers. 

The US warehouse makes it even FASTER.

However, you can choose the USPS with a FAST DELIVERY time of 2-7 Days.

CJ Dropshipping Reviews-Pros & Cons

Pros and cons

CJDropshipping ADVANTAGES compel the drop-shippers to list the dropshipping products and choose other platforms to sell.

So, are you curious about knowing the pros of CJDropshipping?

Let’s discuss both the PROS AND CONS.


  • Competitive Price


CJDropshipping can be the ONE you must try. They have a list of products available at a more competitive price than the ALIEXPRESS or Oberlo.

  • Fulfill orders automatically

Order is synchronized automatically.

Whenever you receive an order in your store, the logistics team gets ready to fulfill the order AUTOMATICALLY.

Order tracking and order processing are both EASIER.

It does business FASTER and brings MORE domestic customers.

  • Mobile CJ App

The CJ app is an EXCELLENT choice. You can get all the information while on your mobile.

Try the CJ app and easily import dropshipping products.

Everything is MORE FEASIBLE, and BRAND EXPOSURE is more.


  • The user Dashboard is Complex.

Too FUSSY dashboard. It is a TRUE HEADACHE.

If you are a complete beginner, it isn’t easy to use the CJ app.

  • A limited number of products

No doubt, a dropshipping supplier on CJDropshipping has no Minimum Order Quantity Requirements.


The number of TRENDING PRODUCTS is less compared to the competitors such as ALIEXPRESS.

It causes problems WHEN searching for specific trending products for ORDER PROCESSING.

What can you sell or source from CJ Dropshipping?

 Sell or source from CJ Dropshipping

ANYTHING. You source and sell anything; no one CARES except your customers.

Develop your BRAND and sell decently.

But the worthy question is — what to sell?

Here are some popular CATEGORIES to choose from.

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Toys, Kids, and Baby products
  • Home Improvement products
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Sports and Outdoor
  • Women’s Clothing

My favorite category is Home and kitchen or sports products. There is less chance of damaged products, and it’s easy to market them. Importing products and selling them is like CLOSING OCEAN IN A BOX unless you know it.

The simple method is to upload excel and add product details.

Why wait, then?

Go ahead and sell.

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

How to find winning products on CJ Dropshipping?

Winning products on CJ Dropshipping

The products that guarantee the selling is WINNING PRODUCTS. And you can find them on CJDropshipping.

Here are some ways.

  • Look for First Page Banners

First-page banners indicate what is currently going on( I mean trending). For example, if the Halloween season is ON, it will show similar banners. See how many orders they get and check past reviews. Check the keyword on google trends to see their overtime popularity. 

And don’t you think it is a WINNING OPTION?

  • Find the Flash Sales

Flash sales offer some discounts.

Why not TRY those items?

Go ahead. Check the flash sales stocked products, determine product prices, and import them.

That is all.

  • Go to the Trending Inventory category

The trending inventory category is a PIECE of cake for those looking for an opportunity to import products with complete product details.

Alternatives of CJ Dropshipping

Here are some alternatives to CJ dropshipping.

1. AliExpress


Who doesn’t know about AliExpress?

A sister company of Alibaba, Aliexpress, has done wonders in DROPSHIPPING.

You have an APP to connect existing products and start your DROPSHIPPING BUSINESS immediately.

Alibaba GROUP launched AliExpress in 2010 to facilitate drop shippers and retailers to purchase inventory at wholesale prices and rock in the eCommerce industry.

Any pros of AliExpress Dropshipping?

  • It has an APP. You can connect existing products and PURCHASE products at a more competitive price. 

AUTOMATIC synchronized inventory shipment doesn’t require much concern. So, no worries about the order fulfillment because it is automatically synced.

  • International access. Not China, not the US. They have warehouses around the major countries in the WORLD. FAST shipping with a more customer base attracts more customers. 

What do you expect, then? A better business opportunity with a HIGHER number of sales. Monthly profits are HIGHER with more income in your BANK account.

2. Oberlo


HASSLE-FREE dropshipping with OBERLO makes it a popular choice for a drop shipper.

Oberlo is a dropshipping platform where you connect products from your Shopify store and sell them to your customers.

Once you have done all the tasks, leave everything else on the Oberlo— Order fulfillment process.


  • AUTOMATIC DROPSHIPPING. Automatically synchronized stores make dropshipping FASTER. You don’t have to worry whenever a customer orders. Oberlo does everything from SHIPPING TO CUSTOM PACKAGING. No mental stress and better use of intelligence. More business is expected.
  • They have a FREE PLAN. So, you don’t have to pay any penny. Financial stress is less in that case: no MONTHLY FEES, no TENSION.
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3. Spocket


On the Shopify App, they have a RATING of 4.6 in 3000 customers.

Astonishing, right?

What about them?

Spocket is a DROP-SHIPPING APP that handles print-on-demand inventory management to order fulfillment.

You can explore dropshipping suppliers and order Print-on-demand inventory for your dropshipping business.


  • FAST SHIPPING. They have local warehouses in several countries, making SHIPPING FASTER and EASIER—no long waits. Your customers will be HAPPIER. More sales and more business.
  • 30-60% DISCOUNT. What I said is 100%. So, you can save more bucks, invest in the RIGHT PLACE and make businesses even better. More Profits and HIGHER income keep your hope ALIVE.

Automatically synced systems make dropshipping FASTER.


Dropshipping becomes EASIER with a suitable business model and the right dropshipping apps.

Are you importing products?

Are you choosing inventory?

Are you trying different apps?

Keep one thing in mind. Everything must be COMPATIBLE with you.

So, you get a GOOD GRIP on your business and expand it over time.

Try your luck!

FAQs about CJ Dropshipping Reviews

1. Is CJ Dropshipping better than AliExpress?

Yes. To some extent, we can say CJDropshipping is better than Aliexpress because of its sole focus on DROPSHIPPING, and product prices are also comparable. Moreover, the ease of using CJDropshipping is MORE.

2. Does dropshipping take a lot of time?

NO. The shipping time determines the time for a processed order to deliver at the DOORSTEP. Dropshipping services enable FASTER and more EFFECTIVE shipping of inventory 

3. Can you use CJDropshipping on eBay?

Yes. You can use CJDropshipping on eBay and import products to get the BEST PRODUCTS for your eBay store. 
Simple method. Integrate your store and start selling.

What’s Next

Dropshipping had NO CONCEPTS until multiple tools like AliExpress or CJDropshipping made it EASIER.



The game is OVER.

To make more sales, you must provide HIGHER QUALITY PRODUCTS with excellent sourcing.

And do you need services for product sourcing?

Contact Leeline Sourcing. Our experts procure a decade of experience and know how to DEAL with sourcing.

Contact us RIGHT AWAY!

Do you want a successful import business?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  LeelineSourcing. We’ve helped 2000+ customers import from China.

Do you want a better price on product or shipping?

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