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With years of product sourcing experience, many customers have found our services valuable to acquire reliable suppliers and low prices for their products. Grow your dropship online business with us today!

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Is Dropshipping Backpacks Online profitable in 2023

Of course, it is profitable! Backpack dropshippers worldwide are making bank in this industry, even in 2022.

Many online stores sell backpacks through eCommerce with the help of backpack suppliers. The global backpack market is growing at a swift rate.

Wholesale Backpacks For Dropshipping

Wholesale Clear & Mesh Backpacks

Wholesale Clear & Mesh Backpacks

Wholesale Preassembled Backpacks

Wholesale Preassembled Backpacks

Wholesale Coolers & Lunch Bags

Wholesale Coolers & Lunch Bags

Wholesale Duffel Bags

Wholesale Duffel Bags

Wholesale Reusable Tote Bags

Wholesale Reusable Tote Bags

Wholesale Drawstring Bags

Wholesale Drawstring Bags

Our Backpacks Dropshipping Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Backpacks Suppliers

Plenty of companies have trusted Leeline Sourcing with our sourcing abilities for years now. With our expertise, we help you choose the leading wholesale backpack distributors for your company. Thus, you can save so much time and money in your dropshipping backpack business.

Product Quality Control

We always conduct strict product quality control since many customers emphasize the quality of their hiking backpacks. You can always be confident that your products will bring the best experience to your customers, no matter the manufacturers’ origins.

Product Quality Control
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Branded Dropshipping

In the global backpack market, you can find backpacks with simple designs from Leeline Sourcing. Besides, you do not need to worry about branding and packaging for your dropshipping business details. Leave it to us to build your brand image.

Private Label & White Label Products

We help you find backpack suppliers that allow you to personalize your brand. You can build a fantastic brand image with white label services from wholesale suppliers. Young professionals, women, and kids who need backpacks will trust your business more with private labels.

Private Label & White Label
dropship fulfillment

Dropshipping Fulfillment

Some say you need to buy in bulk to run a profitable dropshipping business, but Leeline Sourcing can help you choose suppliers that keep your inventory. You’ll get dropshipping fulfillment services for all varieties of backpacks at affordable prices!

Hear it from fellow Backpacks Dropshipper

I always turn to Leeline Sourcing when I source products from China. Everything goes without a hitch whenever I do business with them. Be it a popular niche or an undiscovered niche, the inventory we’ve acquired is of high quality. Thank you for your great assistance!

– Jack, USA

Source Backpacks and Start Dropshipping

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Best 5 Backpacks Dropshipping Supplier

People are slowly discovering the world of dropshipping, especially backpack dropshipping businesses. Many backpacks are sold through eCommerce, and the market is constantly growing. 

Nowadays, people love to browse the web for bags and other dropshipping products. With our professional sourcing team for over a decade, you can dip into the backpack industry and grow your business. Hence, you can avoid problems, and your profits will increase tremendously.

In this article, we will talk about the A-Zs on dropshipping backpacks for your business. Let’s get rolling.

Advantages of dropshipping backpacks

  1. Constant Demand For Backpacks

There will always be customers who need backpacks. You can sell computer backpacks and schoolbags, and there will never be a lack of a customer market.

  1. High-Profit Business

There are many wholesale backpack distributors, so you can always hunt for suppliers with the best deals. Thus, you can keep your cost low but sell backpacks at a decent price.

  1. Simple To Handle

You can dropship through platforms such as Shopify with an amazing variety of backpacks. With a quick search, eBay returns millions of products that are trending worldwide. Amazon returns over 200,000 items that you can choose from as well.

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We can Made Backpack DropShipping Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

Best 5 backpacks dropshipping suppliers 

1. Bags In Bulk

1. Bags In Bulk

From small tote bags to large hiking bags, you can be sure to find choices that suit your taste from this dropshipping supplier. They will supply backpacks catered to your business.

Why Choose Bags In Bulk?

  • Huge variety of backpacks to choose from
  • Amazingly affordable prices
  • Occasional discounts offered on their site

2. Backpacks USA

2. Backpacks USA

Backpacks USA supplies backpacks that are known for their bright bursts of color. Colorful and bold, they are perfect as school supplies for kids.

Why Choose Backpacks USA?

  • Lots of products are sold based on hot trends worldwide
  • Offer customers more choices and thus encourage more purchases
  • Wide variety of backpack accessories sold as well

3. Tote Bag Factory

3. Tote Bag Factory

As the name suggests, they specialize in the sales of tote bags. Many female customers love their products.

Why Choose Tote Bag Factory?

  • Huge customer demand for tote bags
  • The best for dropshipping businesses that want to sell only tote bags
  • High-quality products guaranteed

4. Bulk Backpacks

4. Bulk Backpacks

Their tagline is “quality backpacks, always low prices.” It is pretty apparent why many businesses choose them as their supplier. With such low costs, you can profit more when choosing Bulk Backpacks.

Why Choose Bulk Backpacks?

  • Affordable prices for backpacks
  • Well-organized and user-friendly
  • Quick shipping

5. Borneo Bags

5. Borneo Bags

Their products are woven by the Penan tribe of Borneo. From handmade tote bags to laptop bags, they have it all. Choose Borneo Bags for guaranteed customer satisfaction!

Why Choose Borneo Bags?

  • Affordable prices
  • Offers bags with unique styles and comes in different colors
  • High-quality products guaranteed

How to start dropshipping backpacks business?

dropshipping backpacks

1. Decide On Your Business Branding

Even if you have decided to sell backpacks, you can choose a specific type to specialize in. For example, you can choose only to sell hiking bags. This decision will make your store stand out by focusing on the niche group of customers who love hiking.

2. Find Backpack Dropshipping Suppliers

Pick manufacturers that can offer high-quality products at reasonable prices. You are selling bags to customers you want to please, so you should always choose suitable suppliers. You can choose many suppliers that give discounts when buying in bulk too.

3. Set Up Your Store

You can set up your online store on platforms such as Shopify by following the instructions on their website. In contrast, you can set up shop on your website too. Just make sure that your site is integrated with your dropshipping suppliers. 

4. Promote Your Site

You can promote your business on social media to reach more people and gain exposure. When people start buying from your store, they leave reviews that may help your business. Thus, customers will believe your business to be more reliable.

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SAFE + EASY Dropshipping from China

We do the hard work in China, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

FAQs About Dropshipping Backpacks

Are Products From Borneo Bags Sustainable? 

Yes. Borneo Bags use recyclable pallet strapping instead of weaving with traditional rattan. Thus, their products are durable and washable. Perfect to be used for many years to come! Plus, you can do your part in protecting the Earth.

Can I Use AliExpress to Dropship Backpacks?

Of course! You can even use AliExtractor to research backpacks suitable for your online backpack business. There is no need to fret or worry too much when you drop ship with AliExpress.
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Is It Too Late To Start Dropshipping Backpacks?

Never! There is never a moment too late to venture into this business. You can start anytime, anywhere you like. As long as you are prepared to work hard, you will start earning in no time

What Are The Best Types Of Backpacks To Choose From?

There is never a “best choice.” Instead, you should choose products that suit your store’s branding. Thus, you can decide if you want to specialize in women’s totes or young professionals’ laptop bags. There are plenty of choices to choose from!

What’s Next

When you do backpack drop shipping, your goal is to make your products stand out. Show your customers why they should choose you.

To grow your business, you may choose from the backpack dropshipping suppliers we have provided above. If you are tentative about the backpack industry, follow our guide provided above. We will help you kickstart your business and start earning money.

I hope you find all you need about the backpack dropshipping industry in this article. Talk to us if you need more information to become a backpack dropshipper.

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