Is AliExpress Safe? How to Safely Buy From AliExpress

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If you are looking to make money online or buy certain products in bulk, Aliexpress is a good option.

Well, before starting the e-commerce business, you may have many doubts regarding AliExpress. And you can be curious to know AliExpress safe.

AliExpress is a safe marketplace, focusing on selling products to international buyers.

It is the most reliable platform to start your business.

In this guide, you are going to have a complete overview of AliExpress, and how you can safely buy from here.

It is a comprehensive guide, which lets you know how you can safely navigate through AliExpress.


What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is a top-rated online store for buying products at lower prices than Amazon or any other similar services. The store was founded in 2010. It is owned by Alibaba, which is the world’s largest e-commerce company.

AliExpress is an online marketplace for international buyers. It facilitates small businesses in China to sell their products all over the world.

You can find anything here. All the sellers are considered as the third party on AliExpress. The company does not sell anything but provide a platform for other traders to showcase their products.

AliExpress permits the suppliers to look a little more interesting, exciting, and original. If you are enjoying a dropshipping business, this platform can be the best option for you.

A user can access several languages like English, Spanish, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, and Polish.


Is Aliexpress Safe?

Wherever you buy online, the only thing that comes in your mind is AliExpress safe or this scams free? AliExpress is considered to be a safe and reliable place to buy the products at lower prices.

They have a program called “Buyer Protection” to assure you that AliExpress is safe. The company also provides complete refunds on damaged items, late arrivals, or if the product never arrives.

You can get a refund within 15 days just after the competition of the claim process.

· Seller Feedback

Every seller has a Feedback Score and a Positive Feedback on the AliExpress. You need to choose a seller with a positive feedback response.

While a Feedback Score is the sum of all the ratings, which is converted in the points. Sellers with four to five stars are more reliable and worthy.

Furthermore, all the start ratings are subdivided into the items as describes, shipping speed, and communication. And from subcategories, you can easily see whether a seller is above or below the site average. In the end, you can also check the customer’s comments about sellers.

Seller Feedback is very crucial; it will let you know about the experience and ratings that sellers had. An ideal seller should have sold at least 100 items within the last 12 months and must have a 95% or higher ratings.

AliExpress Seller Feedback

· Product Feedback

From the ‘Product feedback,’ you can know about the product’s quality. You can read the other customer’s comments and can learn what they think of the product they received—no need to get worried if you found negative feedback there. You cannot make everyone happy.

· Buyer Protections

AliExpress is a safer site to purchase the goods online as compare to other sites such as eBay, because of their buyer protection program. It is a fact that as a buyer, you are protected and safe, as long as you are buying directly from AliExpress.

A full refund within 15 days if you do not receive your order

When it comes to the buyer’s protection, the delivery guarantee always lasts to the last day of the published estimated delivery time. If you did not receive the delivery within the expected period, apply for a full refund.

The buyer protection policy will help you to get the refund along with shipment cost within 60 days. And it is a significant advantage of buying from AliExpress.

A full or partial refund if the item is not as described

In a few cases, customers may get a different or low-quality product. In this situation, the customer can get a full refund. Or can have a partial refund with and keep the received item too.

  • Payments

Most of the time, while you are buying from AliExpress, you will find a massive number of payment options. Since AliExpress offers the Buyer Protection, so you are secure against any fraud or scams.

You must try to pay through credit card or Paypal. Both of these offer the safest money transfer for the buyer.

What About AliExpress’s Quality of Goods?

In online shopping, you can see the products before purchase. So, quality can be a problem. You will be glad to hear that at AliExpress, you can find a variety of reliable products at low prices.

AliExpress is the largest platform for the e-commerce business. The majority of the suppliers are a legitimate business owner. So, you can enjoy tension-free AliExpress shopping. The buyer’s protection policies make AliExpress scams free platform for online buyers. Thus, customers can get high-quality products here.

Well, before shopping, you can check the product reviews to get an idea about the product quality. Beside it, you can also check the star ratings, to get a product of good quality.

If you are a wholesaler and sourcing from AliExpress,  You need to create a test order before buying from them. It may take a little bit of your time, but it will pay off in the end.

How Long Does Aliexpress Take To Deliver?

From AliExpress, products can be delivered anywhere worldwide. The delivery time depends on products, sellers, and the country where the product is being shipped.

The rough estimated delivery time is between 20 to 60 days. It might sound a little off since you would not wait for this long.

Delivery time depends on the shipping option. And as most of the products are shipped from China, so it can take a couple of months to reach your door. The products can be sent from the local distributor if you are living in UK, US, or Russia, and you may get it within ten days.

Shipping methods are improving with the AliExpress. You can benefit from free shipping, depending on where you are living.

The free transportation is quite sluggish, and you may not get a tracking number. If anyhow delivery time exceeds more than 60 days, you can file a complaint.

Why Is AliExpress So Cheap?

You can buy from AliExpress at low prices. Most of the merchants selling products on AliExpress are based in China. They source the products directly from Chinese manufacturers.

So, this keeps the cost down, and therefore they sometimes offer very low or cheap shipping as well. Beside it, the labor is very competitive in China, which further reduces the cost price of goods.

· Both Aliexpress And The Seller Is Trying To Gain Your Business

When you buy for the first time from AliExpress, you will get a first buyer coupon codes. The reason is simple; AliExpress wants you to make a purchase. Besides, you will notice that seller has marked down the products.

Well, take it as a promotional tool; used by most of the sellers to get the attention of consumers and get them to take action.

· You’re Buying Directly From Manufacturers

It is a matter of the fact that you can find the users of Chinese products all over the world. International traders have found different ways to make a profit.

They sell their goods directly to other businesses via Alibaba. Furthermore, they have created their brands and selling their items directly to the consumers at AliExpress.

· Counterfeit Products Are Cheap

Is AliExpress safe, or is it scam free to buy from AliExpress. These are the questions that everyone used to ask before shopping from AliExpress.

Well, as you know, online shopping is a little bit risky, but it does not mean that you will be scammed. You need to look for the signs of a safe business while buying online.

The products on Alibaba are cheap, not because they are counterfeit. They are cheap because you are directly buying from the manufacturers. You may not get a branded product this way, but that’s fine. It does not mean at all that you are being scammed.

How to Safely Order From AliExpress?

If you want to order safely from AliExpress, you will need to create an account. It is a rapid process and will take only a few steps. You can follow the under given steps to get it started

  1. Go to the
  2. Click Join button present on the top right side
  3. You will have to provide an email address with password here
  4. Then click on create account
  5. Start shopping

For the new customers, they offer a USD 3 off coupon. Select “get your coupon” and continue shopping. Or exit the scree and coupon can be utilized during checkout.

Main benefits of Alibaba Trade Assurance

5 Sites Like AliExpress To Help Shop Safely and Cost-effectively

Well, when it comes to online shopping, AliExpress sounds a good option. In this digital era, while searching for an excellent sourcing or inexpensive products, you can find endless opportunities and possibilities.

· eBay

eBay is an online shopping site like AliExpress, and it is renowned all over the world for providing cheap, unusual, and new products.

eBay provides sales channels to the merchants. You can search for various kinds of products available nationally and internationally. Anyone can open an eBay account for free of cost.

· Wish

Wish sells a wide range of products directly to consumers all over the globe. You can find every item that you can imagine here. But Wish offers very high prices for the good.

Well, products did not come straight from Wish; instead, the different sellers sold them on eBay. Wish takes only a tiny portion of their profit. That’s why manufacturers fix the price of goods.

· Newegg

For those who are looking for high tech products at low prices, Newegg is the best place for them. They can buy all the products at just one click. And above all, it is a reliable platform to buy electronic products.

Well, it is highly recommended that while you are purchasing online, common sense should be the most crucial tool. You should read all the descriptions before you buy the goods. It may also help you to find hidden extra charges.


· Bonanza

Bonanza boasts over 50,000 different on-site sellers. You can get a wide range of products here, such as electronics, homewares, and fashion.

It is a regular shopping site, just like other websites. You need to be so quick while purchasing from bonanza ay products tend to be sold out very fast.


· Cashbackbase

Cashbackbase allows the consumers to buy from the Amazon at highly discounted prices or free. Users browse the Cashbackbase and then purchase through the website to get the discounts.

You can get lots of items at rock bottom prices there. The site also offers you different kinds of discounts.

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How To Choose A Good Supplier On Aliexpress?

The most challenging task while shipping from China is finding a reliable supplier.

· Ali tools

Ali tools help you to investigate about the supplier’s behavior. It provides crucial information about the seller’s trust level as you should buy only from a reliable supplier.

You need to check the price history and avoid the overpriced products. You can also find the video reviews of the products, check the popular ones.

Lastly, combine the information that you gathered from the Ali tools with the store’s information. And make an educated assumption about supplier reliability.

· Oberlo Chrome Extension

Oberlo Chrome extension is the AliExpress product importer for Shopify. Still, one of its features is very helpful for dropshipping in general.

It will sort out the products for you, with ePacket delivery.  And will show you the handling time for the product in advance. It will also let you know if dropshipping is free of cost.

Oberlo Chrome extension is a time-saving tool. You do not need to check the product details one by one. All the information that you will get through the Oberlo Chrome extension is entirely right and reliable.

· Dropshipping Tools

After finding the reliable dropshipping supplier, you will need a tremendous dropshipping tool, which will help you to upload and monitor the items. For instance, you can choose AutoDS, and it is a great dropshipping platform.

You can upload all of your AliExpress items and can monitor their stock and prices as well. This is very helpful for keeping your business profitable.

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The Best Safety Sell Stores Of Aliexpress, Classified By Topic:

Either you have an online store, or you are dealing with a dropshipping business and want to know about the best AliExpress stores. Then, you are in the right place.

One of the essential aspects of running an online business is the selection of a reliable supplier. It is a fact, the better your supplier will perform its function, the more satisfied its customers will be. There, the selection of a trusted supplier is an excellent investment for your online store’s reputation.

Here a brief detail of the best stores of AliExpress is provided. You will also learn about some helpful tools while selecting the best store.

·  Clothing For Men, Women, And Children

When you search for one of the best online stores, you can find them on AliExpress. They have gained massive popularity because of various reasons.

For example, they provide you an easy on the pocket price for multiple products. Here you can get a detailed introduction of the best AliExpress stores of clothing for men, women, and kids.


Men fashion is popular in the modern world, just like women’s. It can repeat its ways after some time. Now the men can establish their unique styles.

Pioneer Camp

Pioneer camp is one of the best men wears. You can find them on AliExpress. The brand can provide you shorts, t-shirts and men brand clothing made up of pure cotton.


They offer you original and unique designs. The brand represents the American and European wear, both casual and vintage styles for the youth. The store is famous for providing natural materials at reasonable prices.



Inflation provides only stylish and modern fashion wears for youth. The assortments are filled with popular items. Their popular color-schemes are cosmic, Chinese text calligraphic, retro-movement, and abstractions. And these details represent all aspects of modern street fashion styles.


They are providing the best products at a low price. These women’s clothing brands may also offer you their products. If you are buying products from them, they will assure you the best services and good quality of products.

The brands mentioned here, are receiving more than 97% positive feedback and have completed the 20,000 sales of their products.


Vadim can offer you clothes for all the seasons. They choose the fabric very carefully to suits the woman’s body. Ell, the price of the clothes is very affordable. They are selling the products on AliExpress for more than six-year with a high reputation. They are getting 97.4% positive feedbacks.


Shein was started in2008 by a group of fashion lovers. The brand has gained huge popularity very the years. Shein began their work from New Jersey, and you can find them all over the world. They can offer you a wide range of styles with a touch of class.


Adyce offers you a wide range of women’s clothes, and you can get them at affordable prices with good quality.


Babies and children are the joy of life. Being parents, everyone loves to buy cute clothes for their kids. AliExpress is a place where you can get amazing and endless cloth collection for kids of all ages. The clothes you can buy from here are amazingly good and reasonable.

Bear Leader

Bear leader is considered to be the top clothing brand for girls. You can avail of free shipping worldwide and can get clothes at affordable prices.

Dave & Bella

Deva & Bella offers a variety of clothes for the boys. You can get cotton jackets, fashion wears, and casual pocket jeans at low prices for your kids.

Milan creations

Milan creation is a brand for kid’s clothes, from where you can buy clothes for your kids for all the seasons. The brand has a huge fan following, and most of the other stores try to support it.

·  Electronics

You can find hundreds of online stores selling Chinese electronic products. But the online stores on AliExpress offers you a wide range of reliable electronic products at low prices.

Electronics is one of the most money-spinning product categories and has attracted the attention of several people in the business.

Well, the selection qualified, and a trustworthy supplier is a very complicated and challenging task. Here you can learn about the best brands of Chinese products, to select a reliable supplier.

Samsung Official Store

Samsung’s official store provides you amazing products with exclusive discounts on the AliExpress. So, if being a wholesaler, you are looking for high quality at economical bulk purchase, Samsung official store is the best choice or you.

Samsung Official Store

Kingston Official Store

With thousands of items, something is always on sale. You can find incredible deals on the Kingston official store. The store gives you a platform to get everything like USB, Micro SD Memory cards and Drive high speed, etc. at low prices.

Netac Official Store

From Netac, you can get different electronic products like Memory cards, drive flash USB, consumer electronics, and cellphones. And it is the best marketplace to find Chinese electronic goods.

· Shoes And Bags

AliExpress will never be beaten on quality, choice, and price. Each day you can get new offers like discounts or the opportunity to save more money. These stores are considered to be reliable platforms to get Chinese shoes and bags for women.


You can get men’s loafers, leather sneakers, men’s smart casual shoes, casual men leather shoes, and leather backpacks. So, in short, Xper offers you a complete range of men’s shoes at least possible prices.

When singer

The brand offers you high heels, sneakers, high-quality luggage, and travel bags at low prices. It is the best place for the worldwide delivery of cheap Chinese products.


Here you can get new pumps, casual genuine leather shoes, round toe shoes for women, a wide range of handbags, and elastic rubber bands for girls/women.


· Jewelry, Sunglasses, Watches And Other Accessories

High-quality jewelry, watches, and sunglasses with free delivery worldwide are available on AliExpress. You can also download different apps to get updates regarding new arrivals and about sales. This will help you a lot to get the latest products at economical prices.

Shark Sport Watch

Shark sports watch is a platform where you can get the most popular sports watches, military waterproof watches, and Gulper shark sport watch. You will found all brands of men’s wristwatches here. They do offer a worldwide free shipment.


This brand provides a complete range of watches for both men and women. They have a collection of more than 356 best watches in the world.

You can get all types of quartz, sports, steel watches here. They can deliver the watches all over the world from China.


Through AliExpress, you can discover a variety of Curren watches. Curren is the best place to import wristwatches from china to your local marketplace.  Just like other brands, they also offer men, women, and sports watches.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can get a countless number of products on the AliExpress and can also import them in your homeland. Many questions can arise in your mind while you are purchasing from AliExpress.

So, all the expected questions with their best possible answers have been presented here. Hopefully, you will exempt all your doubts through these questions and will enjoy a tension-free shopping from AliExpress.

· What Should You Not Buy On Aliexpress?

The following are the items you should avoid buying from AliExpress.

  1. Seeds
  2. Replacement safe razor heads
  3. Motorcycle helmets
  4. Luxury clothing brands like Nike
  5. Batteries
  6. Water filters
  7. Cheap titanium stuff
  8. Safety equipment

· How Do I Start A Dropshipping Business On Aliexpress?

To start your own dropshipping business, follow the under given steps.

  1. Install the Alidropship login
  2. Choose and install the store theme
  3. Create and upload the store design elements
  4. Define product categories and create a store menu
  5. Set up currencies setting
  6. Decide the prices of products and then edit the prices
  7. Set up your payment gateways
  8. Set up SEO of your store
  9. If you want to offer discounts, activate the coupons
  10. Set up Alidropship extension for Google chrome
  11. Choose, import and edit items from AliExpress
  12. Add import product reviews
  13. Install and set up marketing add-ons
  14. Use social Rabbit Plugin setup to get benefit from social media
  15. Launch campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager
  16. Process your first order with Alidropship Plugin

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· Can I Dropship From Aliexpress To Amazon?

AliExpress dropshipping Amazon is one of the popular marketplaces for the e-commerce dropshipping business. You can transfer the product’s details and images from the to your Amazon store directly. You can choose millions of different items just at your fingertips.

You are free to set your prices. You will order the products from the supplier on the AliExpress, and they will ship it directly to the consumer from their wholesalers.

AliExpress dropshipping Amazon is quite easy, simple, and involves very low risk.

The whole process of AliExpress dropshipping Amazon can be summarized in the following points.

  1. Amazon collects the orders and transfers them to AliExpress. Amazon acts as the leading platform.
  2. After getting the request, AliExpress will start the preparations to provide the orders.
  3. During preparations, AliExpress may face many troubles like product stock, delivery time, etc.
  4. Now AliExpress will send the products directly to the consumer
  5. Finally, the consumer will get the product, confirm the order, and the whole process is completed here.

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· Is Aliexpress Shipping Really Free?

Yes, AliExpress shipping is free of cost. AliExpress dropshipping is comparatively easy, and there is the upfront cost.

So, you can test the products without any significant financial commitment. You can start the dropshipping today, free of any charge. Furthermore, you can add many products to your store with just a few clicks.

· What Is The Best Thing To Buy On Aliexpress?

The following are the best items to purchase for AliExpress shopping.

  1. Clothes
  2. Jewelry
  3. Watches
  4. Latest AirPods clones
  5. Wireless home security camera
  6. Portable camera tripod
  7. Inflatable neck pillow
  8. Apple pencil alternative
  9. Wireless Bluetooth speakers
  10. Camping hammock
  11. Stationary
  12. Beauty products
  13. Nail art, gel, polish, tools
  14. Top and base coat
  15. LED lights, lamps, bulbs
  16. Sunglasses
  17. Stuffed toys
  18. Slippers
  19. Notebooks
  20. Phone cases
  21. Cushions
  22. Graphic cards

How Leeline sourcing Help You Find Best Aliexpress Wholesalers And Suppliers On China.

A reliable supplier is one of the critical factors for the growth of your business. With the right supplier or wholesaler, you can prosper in no time.

There are several factors responsible for the growth of your business, and locating a reliable supplier is one of them.

After improvising your research, now it’s time to find a reliable supplier. You can approach the companies directly or can contact with sales representatives of a company.

In this way, you can sell the products at low prices.

Well, if the manufacturer is from another country, it may increase the cost. To solve this issue, you can import the products in bulk.

Beside it, you can also contact the domestic wholesalers, who will help you to introduce foreign products.

Final Thoughts on Is Aliexpress Safe

Is AliExpress safe to use and shop with?

Yes, it is secure, and you can buy it here without any hesitation.

AliExpress is a small business, looking to sell Chinese goods to the international audience.

If you are a dropshipper or wholesaler, you can safely shop here at an economical price. This site is no more dangerous than buying from Amazon or eBay.