Is AliExpress Safe? How to Safely Buy From AliExpress

Is Aliexpress SAFE? The same question popped up in my brain when making the FIRST PURCHASE. And last week, I made the third purchase from Aliexpress.

I just put $7.99 into Aliexpress, which gave me three high-quality products. Even the SHIPPING speed was quick, which took around 15 days.


There are MILLIONS of buyers. Every single day they make purchases. The ultimate goal is to ENSURE safety. And you can do this in various ways.

Our EXPERTS at Leeline Sourcing help you grab HIGH PRODUCT QUALITY. We get you a REPUTABLE seller on Aliexpress. Get lower prices. And you enjoy higher profits.

Do you want to talk more?

Let’s talk about this eCommerce platform in this article.

Is AliExpress Safe

What is AliExpress?

What is AliExpress

Aliexpress is an ONLINE PLATFORM. We all know that.

But what is unique about Aliexpress?

Aliexpress has got 400+ million Visitors every month in the PAST 6 months. (Statista) How popular Aliexpress is!

Running under the ALIBABA group, Aliexpress offers no MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity). That means you can buy a SINGLE item or bulk depending on your need.

The working mechanism of Aliexpress is AS SMOOTH as SILK.

  • Sign up as a buyer.
  • Find the products.
  • Check the reviews.
  • Add products to Cart.
  • Pay with a safe payment method and ship.

Given the maximum delivery time, you get products at your doorstep. Simple and Smooth, right?

Aliexpress App is going to win your HEART. Believe me!

Is Aliexpress Safe?

Wherever you buy online, the only thing that comes to your mind is AliExpress safe, or is this scam free? AliExpress is considered a generally safe and reliable place to buy lower-priced products.

They have a “Buyer Protection” program to assure you that AliExpress is safe. The company also provides complete refunds on damaged items, late arrivals, or if the product never arrives.

You can get a refund within 15 days, just after the competition of the claim process.

1. Seller Feedback

Every seller has a Feedback Score and a Positive rating on AliExpress. You need to browse aliexpress caefully to choose a seller with a positive feedback response.

While a Feedback Score is the sum of all the ratings, which is converted into the points. Sellers with four to five stars are more reliable and worthy.

An ideal seller should have sold at least 100 items within the last 12 months and must have a 95% or higher rating.

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2. Product Feedback

From the ‘Product feedback,’ you can know about the product’s quality. You can read the other customer’s comments and learn what they think of the product they received—no need to get worried if you find negative feedback there. You cannot make everyone happy.

3. Buyer Protection & Refund

aliexpress refunds

AliExpress is a safer site to purchase goods from other online shops than other sites, such as eBay, because of its buyer protection program. It is a fact that as a buyer, you are protected and generally safe as long as you are buying directly from AliExpress.

A full refund within 15 days if you do not receive your order

When it comes to the buyer’s protection, the delivery guarantee always lasts until the last day of the published estimated delivery time. If you did not receive the delivery within the expected period, apply for a full refund.

The buyer protection policy will help you get the refund and shipment cost within 60 days. And it is a significant advantage of buying from AliExpress.

A full or partial refund if the item is not as described

In a few cases, international customers may get different or poor-quality merchandise. In this situation, the customer can get a full refund. Or you can have a partial refund and keep the received item too.

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4. Payments

Most of the time, while you are buying from AliExpress, you will find a massive number of payment options. Since AliExpress offers Buyer Protection, a proper precautions where you are secure against fraud or scams.

You must try to pay through a credit card or Paypal. Both of these offer the safest money transfer for the buyer. It can prevent identity theft. YOu don’t need to pay extra fees on platform.

Not only PayPal, but you can also get the bank transfer, debit cards or AliPay account for the Aliexpress product payment. The escrow system for payments makes it easy to get refunded when you receive poor-quality products and open a dispute with the seller.

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5. Aliexpress tax

On Aliexpress, the seller of China takes products directly to foreign brands. If you are from the US, the UK, European Union, or other countries, you need to comply with the local rules and pay the import taxes.

However, we have compiled a list of taxes you need to pay when importing inventory from Aliexpress.

  • Sales Tax
  • Customs duties
  • VAT
  • Other taxes in the local country zone

Before ordering to own products, you must check out the local customs fees, ensure it is affordable, and pay for an easy clearance process.

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6. Shipping time & cost

amazon shipping cost

Aliexpress has different shipping methods. Here are these:

  • CaiNao Global Economy
  • Aliexpress standard shipping
  • Aliexpress Premium Shipping
  • China Post
  • DHL, FedEx, etc.

When you are shopping on Aliexpress, you get all these shipping options. The average time is 15-60 days for shipment, while the cost depends on which method you choose for the faster shipping. Some methods allow the tracking number and access to the shipment 

To ship your Aliexpress products, you can choose the shipping options available, get a tracking number, add a shipping address, and confirm delivery. You also need to pay the shipping company costs.

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 A Fast, Easy, and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline Sourcing at any time regarding your shipments from China.

7. Aliexpress scams

Have you ever been trapped in Aliexpress? Is Aliexpress legit? Such questions are common, and we need to answer them.

On Aliexpress, you can find the lower rates. Remember, some scammers also have counterfeit production setups and sell counterfeit goods directly. To avoid scams, you should:

  • Ask for a free sample
  • Check product integrity
  • Contact Aliexpress support and open a dispute if there is a scam.

For safe shopping online, you should open a dispute if there is a problem with the seller. Usually, a scammer has no or very little quality control. However, you can understand how buyer protection works on Aliexpress and order carefully to get on-time delivery.

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How Long Does Aliexpress Take To Deliver?

How Long Does Aliexpress Take To Deliver

From AliExpress, buy branded goods can be delivered anywhere worldwide. The delivery time depends on Aliexpress products, unscrupulous sellers, and the country where the product is shipped.

Others say that the estimated delivery time is between 20 to 60 days. But based on experience, you don’t need to wait this long. At most, you’re looking at a month-long transit time. 

Delivery time depends on the shipping method. And as most of the products are shipped from China, it can take a couple of months to reach your door. The products can be sent from the local distributor if you live in the UK, US, or Russia, and you may get them within ten days.

Shipping methods are improving with AliExpress. You can benefit from free shipping, depending on where you are living.

The free transportation is quite sluggish, and you may not get a tracking number. If anyhow delivery time exceeds more than 60 days, you can file a complaint.

Why Is AliExpress So Cheap?

aliexpress supplier

You can buy from AliExpress at low rates. Most of the merchants selling products on AliExpress are based in China. They buy goods directly from Chinese manufacturers.

1. Both Aliexpress And The Aliexpress Seller Is Trying To Gain Your dropshipping Business

When you buy for the first time from AliExpress, you will get a first buyer coupon code. The reason is simple; AliExpress wants you to make a purchase. Besides, you will notice that seller has marked down the products.

2. You’re Buying Directly From Manufacturers

It is a matter of fact that you can find the users of Chinese products worldwide. International traders have found different ways to make a profit.

They sell their branded goods directly to other businesses via Alibaba, the same ecommerce platform. Furthermore, they have created their brands and selling their items directly to the consumers at AliExpress.

3. Counterfeit Products Are Cheap

Shopping online is a bit risky, but it does not mean that you will be scammed. You need to look for the signs of a safe dropshipping business while buying online.

The products on Aliexpress are cheap, not because they are counterfeit. They are cheap because you are directly buying from the manufacturers. 

How To Dropship From Aliexpress?

Aliexpress dropshipping is no longer a problem. However, due to scammers, Aliexpress has a bad reputation. But, here are steps to buy goods safely and avoid counterfeit goods.

Step 1: Open a free Aliexpress account

aliexpress dropshipping

First, you need to open a buyer account on Aliexpress, explore the inventory, and check whether there are good quality products or not. You can even create your startup brand identity, making your brand or dropshipping business more realistic. Remember, avoid trading the poor quality products.

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Step 2: Buy inventory

My favorite part about Aliexpress is its WIDE RANGE of product categories. You can consumer electronics and clothing articles; all are available at feasible rates—no need to rush for the inventory at Aliexpress. Do thorough research and get the best shipping option at the delivery window.

The following are the best items to purchase for AliExpress shopping.

  1. Clothes
  2. Jewelry
  3. Watches
  4. Latest AirPods clones
  5. Wireless home security camera
  6. Apple pencil alternative
  7. Wireless Bluetooth speakers
  8. Camping hammock
  9. LED lights, lamps, bulbs
Suggested reading: 25 hot-selling products on Aliexpress

Step 3: Send the customers’ address to the supplier

Receive orders on your Shopify store, get the customers’ address, and send it to the supplier in the delivery window. Now, the order responsibility counts on the address.

In the meantime, The most challenging task while shipping from China is finding a reliable supplier.

  • Ali tools

Ali tools help you to investigate the supplier’s behavior. It provides crucial information about the seller’s trust level as you should buy only from an Aliexpress reliable supplier.

You need to check the price history and avoid overpriced products. Just click the checkout button. Then you can also find the video reviews of the products and check the popular ones. It’a personal use tool.

  • Oberlo Chrome Extension

Oberlo Chrome extension is the AliExpress product importer for Shopify. 

Oberlo Chrome extension is a time-saving tool. You do not need to check the product details one by one. All the information you will get through the Oberlo Chrome extension is entirely correct and reliable. An dyou can check the track record on it.

  • Dropshipping Tools

After finding a reliable dropshipping supplier, you will need a tremendous dropshipping tool, which will help you upload and monitor the items. For instance, you can choose AutoDS, a great dropshipping platform.

Step 4: Fulfill order

Once you have sent the customer’s address, the supplier will send the item to the customer. 

That’s how exactly Aliexpress works.

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We can Made Drop Shipping from Aliexpress Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses source products from China and build your dropshipping business.

Tips for Avoiding Issues and Scams When Buying on AliExpress

Tips for Avoiding Issues and Scams When Buying on AliExpress

Aliexpress is SAFE. I have purchased many times but never got a SINGLE problem. But when does the problem occur?

When you show RED RAG to a BULL, the very next moment, your products are a TULL!

But no problem. I have got some tips for doing safe shopping.

  • Check Seller profile

Do you aim to find REPUTABLE sellers? It is the time.

You go through the seller’s profile. It will show:

  • Number of Regular Buyers
  • How many products have been sold in the past 90 days?
  • Positive feedback rate.

Seller reviews avoid Aliexpress scams. Reliable Alibaba suppliers offer a FULL REFUND.

What I do:

I just took a LOOK at the positive and negative reviews of the seller. The seller’s feedback ensures my TRADES are safe. If there is a poor QUALITY MERCHANDISE, I run.

  • Open the Seller Guarantees tab

All the sellers offer some PROTECTION. For example, a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

If I receive a SINGLE DAMAGED item, the seller will give me a FULL refund. And the purpose of doing such things is to attract more buyers.

If you are not yet SATISFIED, leave the seller. You’ll get many other reliable sellers with branded items.

  • Check Shipping Cost

In online shopping, DELIVERY WINDOW is where I hesitate. I know how the shipping can lose my products. And even without the TRACKING number, it is even a BIG HEADACHE.

Therefore, you should check:

  • What is the shipping cost?
  • What is the shipping method? (Aliexpress Standard Selection is my choice!)
  • What is the estimated Delivery time by Chinese manufacturers?

Are you sure you’ve got these points? Then you can purchase products from Aliexpress safely.

  • Ensure products have NO MOQ

One of the potential mistakes is not Checking MOQ. The bulk products have lower prices. The opposite is true for the SINGLE MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITIES.

I recommend ensuring the seller allows one product shipping. It is because you run independent small businesses. In that case, you’ll face NO ISSUE running your eCommerce business.

Drop Shipping business becomes more manageable. You can purchase single-unit quantities. And ship them to your customers. Not a SINGLE PROBLEM arises!

  • Read Product Review…Negative Reviews Specifically

First of all, I prefer product testing. Product testing is critical. You should check whether the seller has COUNTERFEIT products. Is there any violation of intellectual property laws?

If everything is fine, read the REVIEWS. Check what satisfied customers say. And compared it with the NEGATIVE REVIEWS. Reading negative reviews helps you with the significant issues with the products. Whether it is QUALITY only. Or shipping problems are adding negative points.

For me, a GOOD seller offers a HIGH-quality control. Therefore, the products procure a QUALITY.

  • A Buyer protection program must be your preference

A robust Buyer protection policy offers the PEACE OF MIND to buyers. In case of a SINGLE conflict, you can get a full or partial refund.

Common reasons include:

  • Product quality doesn’t match what was described.
  • The PRODUCT arrived late.
  • The product did not come.
  • You received damaged products.

As per my experience, most unscrupulous sellers give a FULL refund. But you know scammers are there. Aliexpress buyer protection period SAVES YOU then.

Therefore, you should buy from Aliexpress suppliers under buyer protection.

Step by Step Guide about Purchasing from AliExpress

Step by Step Guide about Purchasing from AliExpress

Want to buy from the Aliexpress Platform? SUPER!

Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Open an Aliexpress Account

Opening an ACCOUNT on the online marketplace is SUPER EASY. I have tried it!

  • Do you have a GOOGLE ACCOUNT? Use it to sign up on Aliexpress.
  • Setup all the details, including your NAME, business, etc.
  • Complete the buyer profile to start buying from Aliexpress.
  • Aliexpress gives you an EXCELLENT opportunity with the App. 

Once I create an Account, there are tons of products on my screen.

Sometimes, Aliexpress asks you to add the PAYMENT options. You can add a CREDIT card COMPANY. ( I use it!)

Is everything ok?

Let’s move!

Step 2: Check Products

Do you want to SEARCH products with their names? Go ahead.

  • Navigate to Aliexpress Search Products.
  • Add the product name.
  • You’ll get tons of products.
  • Apply filters. For example, Free Shipping. It will give a more narrowed search.
  • Choose the branded goods or non-branded ones.

There is another crucial method I apply. Since I prefer to buy from the Official stores, Aliexpress has official stores. You can check them too.

Moreover, there are discounted products. 30% discounts. 50% discount. Three products for US $1.99

You can CHECK all of them.

Step 3: Read Reviews

One of the CRUCIAL STEPS. Don’t miss it. Don’t miss it EVER!

Is Aliexpress LEGIT? It is legit when you check the REVIEWS. Some products have QUALITY. While others don’t procure.

Most sellers offer quality but one major issue…..SHIPPING IS LATE or has not arrived.

You have to confirm the REVIEWS of individual customers worldwide. It’ll give an IDEA:

  • How good is the product?
  • Should I buy it or not?

Since Aliexpress has hundreds of products, you can SKIP low-quality items.

Ensure you choose a HIGH-QUALITY item with Aliexpress’ reliable sellers.

Step 4: Check the Shipping Method

Step by Step Guide about Purchasing from AliExpress

Before I make the FINAL DECISION, shipping flashes through my BRAIN.

  • Does Aliexpress ship to my area?
  • Is Shipping Free?
  • What is the exact cost of Shipping?
  • How much time will the shipping take to arrive?

Look. Sometimes, Aliexpress doesn’t ship to your AREA. The best thing is to check manually. You add the SHIPPING ADDRESS. It will show you whether the seller ships or not.

Moreover, Aliexpress has many shipping options. Some take 10-20 days, while others might take up to 40-60 days.

The ACTUAL shipping is FAST. It is estimated time.

Step 5: Know the different Payment Options

Have you CONFIRMED your product? Add it to the CART.

Don’t pay the seller DIRECTLY when shopping online! Don’t pay to the seller’s bank account also. Whether it is Aliexpress or any other online MARKETPLACE, don’t make this MISTAKE. 

Most Aliexpress scams are RELATED To the shipping option. Aliexpress offers you Safe payment options. Aliexpress, Credit Card, Paypal.

When checking out, Aliexpress says to pay. Choose any BEST SHIPPING option and pay the cost.

Some countries have ADDITIONAL transaction charges on Credit. It is better to jot down all the expenses.

Step 6: Pay and Wait for the delivery to arrive.

Have you confirmed the order? It is time to Confirm delivery.

The shipping time and duration vary. Moreover, Aliexpress shipping options vary LOCALLY. Aliexpress has WAREHOUSES in the US. It also has contracts with the USPS.

Delivery from China to your country occurs through ALIEXPRESS. Locally, it varies depending on the CONTRACTS with a local distributor.

If you have the TRACKING ID, that is great. You can track the location. Often, 10-20 days take for a product to reach your doorstep.

Thoroughly check the products once they arrive. Open a dispute ticket or contact Aliexpress support in case of QUALITY problems.

Sites Like AliExpress To Help Shop Safely and Cost-effectively

Well, when it comes to online marketplace shopping, AliExpress sounds like a good option. In this digital era, while searching for an excellent sourcing or inexpensive products, you can find endless opportunities and possibilities.


Alibaba Reviews

Alibaba is a popular eCommerce platform owned by the Alibaba Group. Founded in 1999, you can find International consumers and thousands of cheap hot-selling products at Alibaba. It is B2B and B2C platforms facilitating more prominent brand names to connect with the Chinese manufacturers. Remember to check Alibaba reviews for your business.

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As mentioned earlier, Alibaba Group owns Taobao but has some limitations. Taobao serves the local Chinese community. Therefore, it has the Chinese language on its site.  And as a sourcing expert, I ASSIST foreign business owners in purchasing from Taobao. 

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Suggested reading: 1688 vs Taobao



Who doesn’t Amazon already? Founded in 1994, this platform focuses on B2C trades. You can find most sellers selling inventory in various categories and allowing the businesses to get the best for their dropshipping business deals. However, the prices are high compared to Aliexpress or Alibaba.

However, I find that Amazon’s prices are higher compared to Aliexpress or Alibaba. Hence, I don’t recommend using this as your primary wholesale source. 

Suggested reading: Amazon vs Aliexpress


Dhgate reviews

Dhgate is one of the top competitors for Aliexpress. Unlike Amazon, DHgate is located in China and facilitates customers around the globe with a quality inventory. You can find almost all product categories and purchase single unit quantities on the Dhgate platform.

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Banggood is also an eCommerce platform based in China. Founded in 2006, this platform provides wholesale products and features feasible prices.

My favorite part about this platform? Seeing accurate seller reviews and finding the top sellers through their badges. Banggood focuses on B2B trades. Making it PERFECT for your store’s transactions. 

Suggested reading: banggood vs Aliexpress
Suggested reading: Is Banggood Legit


wish vs aliexpress

Wish is an American eCommerce platform that connects international buyers and different sellers. Founded in 2010, this platform provides the inventory in categories. It has an online app to shop the items and order them directly. You can purchase the products right away!

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Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

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The Best Niche Sellers Of Aliexpress

I’ve been SOURCING products for 10 years. Here are the best niches that never go out of style. Regardless of the year or season.

1. Clothing

Here you can get a detailed introduction to the best AliExpress stores of clothing for men, women, and kids.


men's clothing

Men’s fashion is popular in the modern world, just like women’s. It can repeat its ways after some time. Now the men can establish their unique styles.

Pioneer camp is one of the best men wears. You can find them on AliExpress. The brand can provide you with shorts, t-shirts, and men’s brand clothing made of pure cotton.

They offer you original and unique designs. The brand represents American and European wear, both casual and vintage styles for the youth. The own online store is famous for providing natural materials at reasonable prices.

Inflation provides only stylish and modern fashion wears for youth when buying from Aliexpress. The assortments are filled with popular items. Their popular color schemes are cosmic, Chinese text calligraphic, retro-movement, and abstractions. And these details represent all aspects of modern street fashion styles.


women's clothing

They are providing the best products at a low price. These women’s clothing brands may also offer you their products. If you buy products from them, they will assure you the best services and good quality of products.

Vadim can offer you clothes for all the seasons. They choose the fabric very carefully to suit the woman’s body. Ell, the price of the clothes is very affordable. They have been selling the products on AliExpress for more than six-year with a high reputation. They are getting 97.4% positive feedback.

Shein was started in2008 by a group of fashion lovers. The brand has gained colossal popularity very the years. Shein began their work in New Jersey, and you can find them worldwide. They can offer you a wide range of styles with a touch of class wehn buying from Aliexpress.

Adyce offers you a wide range of women’s clothes, and you can get them at affordable prices with good quality.


children's clothing

Babies and children are the joy of life. Being parents, everyone loves to buy cute clothes for their kids. AliExpress is a place where you can get unique and endless cloth collections for kids of all ages. The clothes you can buy here are amazingly good and reasonable.

A bear leader is considered to be the top clothing brand for girls. You can avail of free shipping worldwide and get clothes at affordable prices.

Deva & Bella offers a variety of clothes for the boys. You can get cotton jackets, fashion wears, and casual pocket jeans at low prices for your kids.

Milan creation is a brand for kid’s clothes, from where you can buy clothes for your kids for all the seasons. The brand has a huge fan following, and most of the other stores try to support it when buying from Aliexpress.

2. Electronics

Electronic Devices

Our data shows that electronics is one of the most money-spinning product categories. These goods ATTRACT the attention of millions in the eCommerce business.

Well, selecting a qualified and trustworthy supplier is a very complicated and challenging task. Here you can learn about the best brands of Chinese products to choose the reliable Aliexpress sellers.

Samsung’s official store provides outstanding products with exclusive discounts on AliExpress. So, if you are a wholesaler looking for high-quality control at economical bulk purchase, Samsung’s official store is the best choice for you.

With thousands of items, something is always on sale. You can find incredible deals on the Kingston official store. The store gives you a platform to get everything like USB, Micro SD Memory cards, Drive high speed, etc., at low prices.

From Netac, you can get different electronic products like Memory cards, drive flash USB, consumer electronics, and cellphones. And it is the best marketplace to find Chinese electronic goods.

3. Shoes And Bags

Wholesale Handbags From China

AliExpress will never be beaten on quality, choice, and price. Each day you can get new offers like discounts or the opportunity to save more money. These stores are considered reliable platforms to get Chinese shoes and bags for women.

You can get men’s loafers, leather sneakers, men’s smart casual shoes, casual men’s leather shoes, and leather backpacks. So, in short, Xper offers you a complete range of men’s shoes at the least possible prices.

The brand offers you high heels, sneakers, high-quality luggage, and travel bags at low prices. It is the best place for the worldwide delivery of cheap Chinese products.

Here you can get new pumps, casual genuine leather shoes, round toe shoes for women, a wide range of handbags, and elastic rubber bands for girls/women.

4. Jewelry, Sunglasses, Watches, And Other Accessories

Wholesale Sunglasses From china

High-quality jewelry, watches, and sunglasses with free delivery worldwide are available on AliExpress. You can also download different apps to get updates regarding new arrivals and sales. This will help you get the latest products at economical prices.

Shark sports watch is a platform where you can get the most popular sports watches, military waterproof watches, and Gulper shark sport watch. You will find all brands of men’s wristwatches here. They do offer a worldwide free shipment.

This brand provides a complete range of watches for both men and women. They have a collection of more than 356 best watches in the world.

You can get all quartz, sports, and steel watches here. They can deliver watches all over the world from China.

Through AliExpress, you can discover a variety of Curren watches. Curren is th”””’e best place to import wristwatches from china to your local marketplace.  Like other brands, they also offer men, women, and sports watches.

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Looking for the Best Products on Aliexpress?

Leelinesourcing helps you find the Best Products on Aliexpress with high quality at an attractive cost.

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FAQs about is Alipress safe

Are there quality hair vendors on Aliexpress?

You may ask is Aliexpress safe? You can find a variety of hair vendors on Aliexpress at different prices. To find a quality hair vendor, you can follow the tips:

1. Conduct search results and contact multiple sellers
2. Check whether the Aliexpress seller allows guaranteed genuine products or not.
3. Look at the feedback to analyze the quality of merchandise from other Aliexpress sellers.
4. Choose a best particular seller on Aliexpress.

Does Aliexpress Accept Paypal?

PayPal is available to the LIMITED countries. US, UK, Spain, Germany, and only support countries use it. When paying, check whether you can pay with PayPal. When buying from the Aliexpress website, add the product to the cart, choose the shipping method, and pay safely. Here are these methods:

1. PayPal
2. AliPay
3. Credit and debit cards.

Moreover, you have a buyer protection program that has a specific buyer protection period time of 15 days to apply for a full refund or partial refund.

What Should You Not Buy On Aliexpress?

The following are the items you should avoid buying from AliExpress. Just double check the following reasons, or you’re east to open a dispute on same company.

1. Seeds
2. Replacement safe razor heads
3. Motorcycle helmets
4. Luxury clothing brands like Nike
5. Batteries
6. Water filters
7. Cheap titanium stuff
8. Safety equipment

Can I Dropship From Aliexpress To Amazon?

AliExpress dropshipping Amazon is a relatively easy, superficial, and shallow risk. The whole process of AliExpress dropshipping Amazon can be summarized in the following points. Easy way to get quick buck.

1. Amazon collects the orders and transfers them to AliExpress. Amazon acts as the leading platform.
2. After getting the request, AliExpress will start preparing to provide the orders.
3. AliExpress may face many troubles during preparations like product stock, delivery time, etc.
4. Now AliExpress will send the products directly to the consumer.
5. Finally, the consumer will get the product, confirm the order, and complete the whole process here.

Is It Safe To Buy Electronics On AliExpress?

Buying from Aliexpress doesn’t pose any RISK. When you are buying Electronic products, ensure the safety certificates. It is a CRUCIAL step to avoid identity theft.

Does AliExpress only ship from China?

No. It doesn’t happen all the time to ship from China. There are overseas sellers on Aliexpress. They send from their address to reduce SHIPPING time.

Is it safe to buy from AliExpress, especially if you live in India? What is considered a good reputation on AliExpress?

Yes. Aliexpress is a GREAT app for buying products. You can get a QUALITY product. Add address. And ships. An above 95% positive score is a GOOD reputation for a seller.

What’s Next

Aliexpress is SERVING customers from 200+ countries. They guarantee SAFE shipping with possible trades. More than that, they have a SIMPLE dispute PROCESS. You get your MONEY back.

What is stopping you, then?

For more quality, you can CONTACT sourcing companies. Our LEELINE SOURCING TEAM procures more than a DECADE of experience. We’ll ensure the 100% TRANSPARENT deals with lower prices. You’ll get HIGHER PROFITS.

Call us to get the FREE QUOTE!

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Sharline Shaw

Hey I'm Sharline, the founder of Leeline Sourcing. With 10 years of experience in the field of sourcing in China, we help 2000+ clients import from China,Alibaba,1688 to Amazon FBA or shopify. If you have any questions about sourcing , pls feel free to contact us.