Is yesstyle legit?

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Do you love fashion inventory from Yesstyle? A safe purchase might be your priority. For this reason, you need to answer, “Is yesstyle legit?”

Our ten years of expertise helped us deal with legitimate brands and suppliers to assist the buyers. Yesstyle is one of the fast-fashion websites like Shein. But, before making any purchase on such a platform, you should decide which fashion items you want to order. Check the similar variants and then move to the other for safe trading.

Read on if you still want to know about Yesstyle and its beauty products. We will discuss them comprehensively.

is yesstyle legit

What is Yesstyle?

Yesstyle is a Korean fashion brand that sells high-quality beauty products. You can explore a variety of inventory, including clothes, bags, and the latest fashion trends. It has mobile applications that increase the ease of online shopping and yesstyle shipping merchandise.

Is Yesstyle Safe?

Yes. Yesstyle is a pretty safe platform for shopping for beauty products. You can contact the Yesstyle customer service department to resolve all of your questions. Moreover, yesstyle reviews from other customers ensure the integrity of this platform as a shopping online store.

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Pros & Cons of Yesstyle

There are many advantages and disadvantages. Only relying on the benefits can put you away from serious facts.

First, we will discuss the pros and then move ahead to the cons.


  • High-quality beauty products are there at affordable prices.
  • You can find various Asian beauty products, such as cute clothes, Asian clothing online, Yesstyle dresses, etc.
  • They allow International shipment with easy access to the products.
  • They have both an app and website to increase the ease of ordering merchandise online.


  • Poor quality products sometimes arrive.
  • Shipment is late.
  • Sometimes, damaged jewelry comes.

Yesstyle Shipping Time & Cost

Yesstyle, shipping costs rely on multiple factors. For example, the country in which you want to purchase the inventory. So, you can observe the variations in shipping costs when ordering the merchandise from Yesstyle.

Here are countrywide shipping costs and times.

Yesstyle US Shipping 

For US shoppers, the Courier company time and delivery are:

  • Express Shipping — It takes 3-4 days for delivery over the $12.99 shipping cost. Free Shipping option for orders over $99.
  • Premium Standard — It takes 5-14 days for shipping for $3.99. Free shipping over $35 orders.

Yesstyle UK Shipping

For UK shoppers, here are shipping costs and time.

  • Expedited Shipping —$13 with 5-10 days for estimated Yesstyle shipping times. Free Shipping over $99 orders.
  • Premium Standard — 7-10 days estimated delivery time with shipping cost of $4.99. It is free for orders over $35.

Yesstyle Canada Shipping

For Canada Shoppers, here is the pricing:

  • Express Shipping — 3-5 days estimated Yesstyle shipping times with shipping fees of $35. Free Shipping for orders over $200.
  • Premium Standard — 5-14 days estimated shipping with a $4.99 fee. Free Shipping for orders over $35.

Yesstyle Australia shipping

  • Expedited Shipping — $12 with 3-5 days Yesstyle shipping times. Free Shipping over $99 orders.
  • Premium Standard — $3.99 with 5-14 days of estimated delivery time. Free Shipping over $35 orders.

Yesstyle Return Policy

Are your products have some problems? It is a good idea to return them to the YesStyle. Asian online retailers and Asian brands complain about product defects. To return the products, here is the Yesstyle return policy.

  • You have 14 days to return your item, which might include footwear, and fashion products for women, men, and kids.
  • Some products like jewelry, hair wigs, innerwear, swimwear, and bodysuits are non-exchangeable. You can only return them if they have defects.

You must procure the Return Merchandise Authorization for qualified items and send the product in the same packaging as received from YesStyle.

 A Fast, Easy, and Cheap Way to Ship from Yesstyle 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline Sourcing at any time regarding your shipments.

Top 10 Yesstyle Reviews

Yesstyle Review #1

IMG 20220413 184908

Check the Yesstyle reviews of the customer for the pants from Yesstyle. The quality of the material is high with a comfortable size. Overall the product is of good quality. It is something that makes the Yesstyle a legit platform for buyers. You can check out the positive yesstyle reviews like that as help while purchasing the merchandise. If some people recommend Yesstyle, always ask Is YesStyle reliable or not.

Review #2

IMG 20220413 184831

There are two aspects the client has mentioned in the Yesstyle positive reviews. The first point is true to the size length the client has selected and ordered on the website. The second point is the high quality of skincare products leading to the exciting behavior of the consumers. So, Yesstyle is a safe website with high-quality products. If 

Review #3

IMG 20220413 184746

In the above positive Yesstyle review on the Yesstyle product, the client has ordered the jeans from this online retailer. The color is classy with precisely what it looks like in the images of the skincare products. Moreover, the products contain exceptionally high-quality materials with stable features. Don’t you think it is the brand you should order?

Review #4

IMG 20220413 184714

The client has ordered the pants from Dresslily and expressed her views about the item. According to the consumer, the product is precisely what was described in the product description. It contains quality and has an excellent fitting for the customer. So, the impressed client wants the order such items again.

Review #5

IMG 20220413 184644

Check this positive Yesstyle review about the Yesstyle product from the shopper. The material is again of high quality with fabulous color. The arrived item has high-quality fabrics with laces for better wearing on the skin. Moreover, there were no defects in the article when the customer received it.

Review #6

IMG 20220413 185137

Here is the negative review of the product to help you understand that all customers don’t have the same experience. The customer has received the item and is complaining about the quality. According to the customer, the thing is of cheap quality. There is only one solution to return such products to Asian brands.

Review #7

IMG 20220413 184850

I got the wrong pants! Many negative reviews like that exhibit the bad experience of the customer. Maybe there is an error on the customer side of the product that was replaced during the shipment process. Such problems rarely arise, but there is a solution. You can get in touch with the customer service team and return the item.

Review #8

IMG 20220413 184810

Here is the same issue of dress quality that the client has ordered from the Yesstyle. The item is different from what was shown in the product description and visualization. So, again the solution lies in contacting customer service and letting them know about the issue. Customer service responses within a short period. After arranging the shipment, you can send the item back to yesstyle.

Review #9

IMG 20220413 184729

Here is another negative review of the Yesstyle product. Remember, it is better to check the negative thoughts and understand why people disagree exactly. The customer has ordered the pants, and these have smush bugs. If you don’t feel satisfied, why not use the return policy? It makes the process easier for you. The customer service department makes the return easy.

Review #10

IMG 20220413 184659

There is a size issue in this product review. There are two same items ordered at different times, and surprisingly, they have different sizes. Don’t you think it is a serious issue? The problem might have arisen when the second product was produced with the second production batch. Customer service is the only solution for such cases.

Different Yesstyle coupons

Yesstyle offers the customers some discounts on the latest trends. For this purpose, they send the coupon codes to the customers with special offers. It doesn’t happen always. You can increase the chances of these coupons by purchasing more inventory from the Yesstyle. However, if you want to get some coupons, try these coupon sites:

  • RetailMeNot
  • Groupon
  • DealCatcher
  • CouponCabin

They offer some great deals to buy the inventory at cheap prices.

How to buy on Yesstyle safely?

Do you want to buy from Yesstyle? Here is a step-by-step guide to purchasing the inventory from the Yesstyle.

Step 1: Open your account on the Yesstyle.

Step 2: Find the items you want to purchase from the Yesstyle by searching the search bar.

Step 3: Apply some filters to specify the product features, size, and relevant factors.

Step 4: Hit the order button to let Yesstyle ship the inventory.

It doesn’t include safe trading unless you follow some tips. Here are some tips to find and buy lifestyle products safely.

Tip 1: Check the product reviews to ensure how other customers used the product and have experience with the expected product quality.

Tip 2: Explore multiple products in the same category to find the best item with high-quality materials. Remember, keep the balance between price and quality to get the best for yourself.

If you hard to negotiate with suppliers and pay on Yesstyle safely?

LeelineSourcing is ready to help you buy from Yesstyle at low cost and efficiency.

FAQs about Is YesStyle Legit

Are there any Yesstyle alternatives?

Yes, there are many Yesstyle alternatives. They share almost similar features with this fast-fashion brand. Here are multiple Yesstyle competitors.

1. Shein
3. Forever 21
4. Urban Outfitters
5. Zara
6. Rosewe

These are popular beauty brands competing for a place in the fast fashion industry.

What Is the YesStyle Influencer Program?

Yesstyle influencer program is like an affiliate system to help customers refer to other people. Influencers can refer the people and earn $5 for each customer. Apart from that, there is a 5% commission on their purchase.

What Is YesStyle Store Credit?

Yesstyle store credit refers to the store credit that works like money on the Yesstyle.

In July 2021, Yesstyle introduced the Store credit system to help the customers get them and apply them during the checkout process. You can use them for future orders within two years.

How to cancel an order on YesStyle?

Yesstyle allows the cancellation request only after the limited time after order placement. If the order has been shipped, you can not edit or cancel it. You can cancel your order on the order details page.

What’s Next

If you have ordered the item from the Yesstyle, you can observe the fact in the above discussion. Before ordering the product, it is better to conduct the proper research, check multiple variants, and proceed to the order. Contact Yesstyle customer service in case of any problems.

Do you want to source products from Yesstyle? LeeLine sourcing can assist you in finding high-quality lifestyle products at low prices, don’t hesitate to contact them.

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