How to apply for a refund on Dhgate?

Sometimes, you have issues with the product quality or serious shipment problems. So, what do you do in that conditions? Get a dhgate refund, right? Yes, it is the only solution in that situation.

Having ten years of experience in sourcing, we have dealt with many such cases on Dhgate. Usually, refunds offer essential protection to the Dhgate customer. Moreover, it ensures that the supplier’s company is authentic and adheres to terms and conditions.

Today, we will explore more about the dhgate refund and determine is Dhgate safe.

dhgate refund

How to open a refund on Dhgate?

To open a dispute to request a refund, you can follow multiple steps given:

Step 1: Log in to your account on the Dhgate website.

Step 2: Click the My Dhgate link on the top of the page to view the recent transactions being processed.

Step 3: Under the Status Column, you need to click the transaction and open a dispute for that transaction.

Step 4: On the dispute page, you need to add information about Dhgate order delivery confirmation.

Step 5: Add the information about the cancellation complaint. That’s all. That is how you can open a dispute on Dhgate with most sellers. Chat with DHgate customer service, the dhgate team will give you a response in that case.

In my experience, DHgate customer service responded within 24 to 36 hours. Sometimes it is even faster, but I keep this timeline in my mind.

That is how you can open a dispute on Dhgate with most Dhgate sellers and request refund. The dhgate team will give you a response in that case. You can also do a refund on your Dhgate app.

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The whole dispute process

Once you have submitted the dispute request, the dispute team will wait for a reply from the supplier within ten days. After that, it will be decided whether you will win the full refund or not. Moreover, you can add all the pieces of evidence.

The whole dispute process

What evidence do you need to provide for the dispute?

If you have a conflict with the dhgate supplier, you can open a dispute about the product and submit multiple pieces of evidence. I collect my evidence step by step and then proceed with a dispute. These pieces of evidence must validate your request. However, there are different types of evidence to submit.

1. Counterfeit Items

To request a refund of online service, you need to provide clear images that the item involves copyright violations. For this purpose, you have to give the official statement from the brand.

Your credit card company may be the ONLY advocate you have dealing with dishonest sellers represented by DHgate. 

2. Quantity Shortage

If there was an item missing or even the package is empty, you need to provide:

  • Package Quantity and product missing from the package.
  • Tracking number to ensure the item was shipped to you.
  • Name and quantity in each package.
  • You need to provide the sealed, broken, or damaged product images shipped in case of damage.
  • Item not as described

My assistant records a video while unpackaging as full-proof evidence, it reduces the hassle. Do you doubt the product quality of China manufacturers? Not many problems at all. It is better to provide them with explicit images and even add videos. Close-up photos would work better in that case.

3. Quality shortage

If quality is low, you can capture an inventory video and submit it to the Dhgate team. I hire third-party inspection before shipping and then submit their report

4. Personal reasons

In case of personal reasons or accidental orders, you can contact the sellers to discuss the matter. It is also an important point to mention.

How do I open a dispute If I have not received the products?

If you have not received the item from the supplier’s end, you should discuss it with the supplier. If still there is no solution, open the dispute within the following timeframe.

If the supplier’s ship inventory through the following methods, you have time:

image 3

In all these cases, you submit the dispute request within the given timeframe after the receive date. In my experience, suspicious suppliers try to convince from not to file disputes. They waste your time, and as a result, it affects our case. 

What should I do after I have reached an agreement with the seller?

Most of the time, I try to convince a supplier to decide between us as it helps both of us. If your seller has agreed with you regarding the product dispute, there are two important points here.

1. Agreements including items return

If the seller has agreed to return the inventory, you must send the list to the seller’s delivery address. You will also need to provide the tracking number for the shipment. After confirmation from the supplier, you will get a refund.

2. Agreement including replacement items

If the seller has agreed to reship the inventory, no payment will be released to the seller until you receive the merchandise. You should always deal on the platform, and this saved me from heavy losses. 

SAFE + EASY Buying from Dhgate

We do the hard work in Dhgate, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

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FAQs About Dhgate Refund

How do I get the shipping cost for the returned item(s) from the seller?

If you have had the agreement that the supplier will provide the shipping cost before starting the order.

You can get them and get invoices from the official shipping carrier’s website and deliver them to the dhgate mediation team. We will cut the shipping fee from the supplier’s account upon the evidence provided.

Why should I prepay the shipping fee/postage?

Customs Fees or other duties are usually liable to the buyers. When it comes to the shipping fee, you need to pay whether you are refunding the item or buying it from the seller according to Dhgate terms and conditions.

 Why cannot open the dispute or after-sale dispute?

There are two possible reasons if you want to open the dispute but can not do that.

1. There are some policy issues like the dispute team has passed or order has closed, or the product does not qualify.
2. Technical problems might affect the procedure to open the dispute as well.

What should I do if I cannot agree with the merchant?

Once you have opened the dispute with the seller, the next step is to discuss the matter with the supplier and get another quote. If you still don’t agree, request the Dhgate mediation team to help you confirm and get the refund amount for your order.

What’s Next

Dhgate compensation system is not very complicated. But, people get stuck when they don’t know how to follow the dispute and refund process and get refunds. Usually, the product quality is also low. So, do you want to source high-quality products?

If yes, Leeline Sourcing experts are there to further assist in this process. Our ten years of sourcing experience will never let you down. Hit us a message or call right away to discuss further.

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