LightInTheBox Review: Hidden Secret of The Top Platform

What if I tell you an app with 10M+ downloads and a 4.9 rating? Will you believe it? Fu**ING not, I am sure. How can such a high rating be possible? 

Welcome to the world of illusion of Lightinthebox Review!! 

Our Leeline sourcing experts have DEALT with many suppliers on LightInTheBox. Quality experience. EXCELLENT inventory. And above all, we’ll MAKE your BRAND like Chanel! Don’t you believe it? Just one call will prove it! 

In this blog, I will put Lightinthebox to the TEST! You get tons of FEATURES and hundreds of creatures craving for knowledge.


LET’S have a drink of LIGHTINTHEBOX! 

LightInTheBox Review

What is LightInTheBox? 

What is LightInTheBox

Have you heard of Light In The Box? I guess it is a bit of a weird name. But it was very MEANINGFUL when I tested the quality! Let’s explore what it is! 

LightInTheBox is a GLOBAL online retail company. It operated as a LIMITED company till March 2008. And it has become a Light In The Box Holdings Co. Ltd. Its headquarters are in China. 

The CREAM of the CROP? 

The BEST QUALITY. A large number of products. And a personalized customer service team! 

You can explore tons of categories. Test the PRODUCTS. And get the SUPERIOR quality. 

How does it work? 

Light In the Box believes more in the B2C model! For example, it purchases PRODUCTS from MANUFACTURERS. Lists them in their stores. And sells directly to the customers. 

That is why the prices can be higher than platforms like Aliexpress. But the quality of the products is at THE TOP OF THE GAME! 

Here is the exact working mechanism! 

  • Buyers visit the PRODUCTS. Make the purchase. 
  • They choose a SHIPPING method. And ship the products. 

Pretty simple, right? That is the SECRET SAUCE of the success of our BOSS, lightinthebox! 

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Is LightInTheBox Safe and Legit?

Is LightInTheBox Safe and Legit

Yes. LightInTheBox is a 100% LEGIT and safe platform. Buying the RIGHT product with 100% SAFETY can be a COMPLETE COMFORT for your business. 

I have seen many customers COMPLAINING: 

My product has not reached. Where is my ORDER? Why is my product different? What have I ordered, and what MotherF***ERs have been sent? 

Is it something YOU HAVE FACED on Lightinthebox? That doesn’t mean it is a SCAM site. Few problems are ALWAYS there. Many FACTORS are proving the safety and legitimate status of LIGHTINTHEBOX. These are: 

  • Trustpilot shows a 4.2 rating from 292,406 BUYERS! (You still think it is a DAMN SCAM site. Have some life! ) 
  • SiteJabber shows a 3.8 rating of 10,881 users. (That is a favorable rating, too.)

Many other reviewing sites VERIFY the Light In The Box. Reviews for LIGHTINTHEBOX are good. Even though it is LAMBORGHINI in front of competitors! 

I have even made a VERIFIED purchase. Decent quality with timely DELIVERY is All I can say! Excellent customer service rep! 

No reason to CONSIDER it a scam site at all! Hands up here! 

Features of LightInTheBox

Light In the Box has everything you can expect the best. Here are different features THAT can be MAKERS AND SHAKERS for you! 

Return/Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Have you got a product? It has a PRETTY poor quality. Don’t worry at all. Light In the Box is KNIGHT in the ARMOR, shining for you! 

They have a return policy of 7 DAYS for almost all products except women’s swimwear. You get 14 DAYS to return it in case of personal reasons for RETURN. 

But!!! How to return? What is the return address? 

It is PRETTY cool. Receive personalized ASSISTANCE QUICKLY! Contact customer service. Get the return address. And send the products for a refund. 

I have TESTED it. And One hell of a problem is there. SHIPPING FEE for return items. I have to pay for it from my POCKET! 

Multiple Payment Channels

Payment Channels

Many payment channels are available for payment on the Light In the Box. These include: 

  • Paypal
  • Debit and Credit cards 
  • Klarna
  • Sofort
  • Afterpay
  • iDeal
  • BanContact
  • Multibanco
  • P24
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

And the list goes on…. 

There is one QUESTION I often ask! Is the payment SAFE? Yes, I have checked the DEBIT CARD stripe payments. Plus, their SITE has SSL installed. That means you are UNDER the umbrella! 

One thing you should KNOW is to check. Verify the payment security ONCE AGAIN. And check the payment options. 

Shipping and Delivery process


Shipping is JUST a BUZZWORD with an immense meaning. 

For example, I made an ORDER of T-shirts from the Light In The Box. The average shipping time was 7-9 days through USPS. But product processing took three days. 

That shows the Shipping TIME is not a shipping time. But a COMBINATION of processing time and SHIPPING time. Moreover, it depends on your STANDARD or expedited shipping you choose at the CHECKOUT. 

Plus, Shipping costs rely on the destination country. One crucial point here. The BUYER has to pay customs or taxes during the TRANSIT! 

It is HEADACHE, right? 

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Oh! My account was stolen! My data leaked. No need to CRY when water is above your HEADS! It is time to make the right decision. And our friend Light In the Box has proved its loyalty with its excellent privacy policy. 

Light In The Box has a CRYSTAL CLEAR privacy policy. They collect your DATA for a verified purchase. Use them only for the TRANSACTION purpose. Nothing ELSE! 

Your data is 100% safe for them. They are GUARDIAN angle providing you with: 

  • Multiple security layers to AVOID cyberpunks. 
  • Easy Transactions. 
  • Safe payment methods. 

Are you still doubting them? Unbelievable, you must be! 

Product Range

Product Range

Want the DISNEY? Here it is. You’ll get the products you have NEVER SEEN. I have found many products SUPER CREATIVE. They even blow my mind. And I am 100% sure it is going to happen with you at the INSTANT. 

Light In the Box updates the PRODUCTS each week. 1000+ products are added to their collection. There are 20+ categories. And 200+ subcategories. It ensures you get your DREAM car or smartphone. 

The list of popular categories includes: 

  • Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Beauty items
  • Sporting Goods
  • Cosmetic and Personal Care
  • Home and Garden

There are many popular SUBCATEGORIES. You need to check them out. Shop online. Check the entire ORDER. And move ahead. 

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Customer Support

Customer Support

Customer SUPPORT? Indeed, there are no words for that. They are the KINGMAKERS. I have enjoyed working with their customer SERVICE team. It is a TREAT! 

Got a problem? Get with the CUSTOMER SERVICES. Want to confirm the shipping details? Contact customer service. 

100 problems. One Solution! Valued customer service! 

But how can you contact it? Simple. There are multiple options. 

  • Ticket Message
  • Cell Phones
  • Email-related Support. 

For the problems, you can use any CONTACT channel. Let them know your issues. They respond to your REQUEST within 24 hours if you use the Ticket message. For phone calls, you get INSTANT solutions. 

Deals and Discounts

Deals and Discounts

One of the BEST reasons for Light In The Box’s popularity is the deals and discounts. 

  • Flash DEALS. 
  • Discounts up to 50%. 
  • New customer discounts. 
  • First purchase discounts. 
  • Category discounts. 
  • Event Discounts such as Halloween parties. 

Hundreds of DISCOUNT. If you are a BARGAIN HUNTER, jump onto the TRAIN of discounts. And you’ll get hundreds of options to find a CHEAPER deal. 

They have 1000+ items available on the WHOLESALE rates. That means Light In The Box doesn’t let you WITHOUT making a purchase. And these hot OFFERS are your companion for the purchase. 

Ease of Use

I have USED both the website and app. Not only is the site GREAT, but the app too. You get the ultimate BROWSING experience. Plus, lightspeed website won’t let you GO without making a PURCHASING turn! 

You can GUESS the ease of use by facts: 

  • It has an Android app with 10M+ downloads. The rating is HOT! 4.9/5; can you even BELIEVE it? 

The site is excellent, too. Easy and FAST NAVIGATION like the flow of water through the lake. Sizing charts. An EASY return request. Plus, the app stores the DATA for future purchases. It becomes EASIER to repeat purchases. 

It has WHAT you need a SHOPPING ONLINE PLATFORM to have. Your dream site is here! You even receive personalized assistance QUICKLY! 

Dropshipping on LightInTheBox


Congrats! It is OFFICIAL from the Light In the Box legit company to dropship. They guide you THROUGH the whole dropshipping process. 

But where to start? How to start? Believe me, it is NOT SWEAT! 

  • Install the dropshipping app. 
  • Link it with your STORE on Amazon. 
  • Also, link it with the LightIntheBox. 
  • You can import products from Lightinthebox to Amazon. 

Cool! Amazon is not the WORLD’s END. Instead, you can use eBay or Shopify stores for better sales. 

The secret of dropshipping success? 

Maintain the margins. Increase your PROFITS. And ensure a GUARANTEED timely delivery with lower or NO SHIPPING CHARGES. 

The Crown is WAITING for you, my DROPSHIPPING king. 

Benefits of LightInTheBox

Benefits of LightInTheBox

LightInThebox reviews SHED Light on its excellent service. Here is what you can get when you shop on this platform. 

Massive selection of products

Yesterday, I checked out the COLLECTION. So many products caused my HYPOTENSION and SYNCOPE. How is it even possible when my dream products are there? 

That is the MAGIC of enormous INVENTORY. 

1000s of products are ADDED. You get tons of deals. Good quality. Great service. And PROFITABLE dropshipping business is what LIGHT IN THE BOX review promises. 

You make your BUSINESS name by launching the right products. And raising your profit margins. 

Cheaper prices

A business’s success RELIES mainly on the margins. And that is what our BOSS company lightinthebox gives. 

I purchased a ULTRA SMARTWATCH for $6. That is even a LARGE SUM of money? Not at all. 

Not only one or two products are CHEAPER. Almost every product is INEXPENSIVE. And a GOLDEN TICKET to raise your profit margins. Invest in marketing. And BECOME undefeatable in the eCommerce race. 

International Shipping

International Shipping

Where do you live? Africa, Asia, or America? Lightinthebox got you. No issues with the DELIVERY. It is because they ship. 

Being in Asia, I have shipped MANY products. Not a single problem related to SHIPPING. 

They do International shipping. Give you an ESTIMATED delivery time. And local shipping services handle the LOCAL delivery. 

Easy Navigation

Browsing app? It is MY FAVORITE. Why? Fast navigation. Easy choices. And the dashboard is full of DEALS and DISCOUNTS. I can’t miss the opportunity! 

Not only is the app good, but also the website. It supports multiple MAJOR LANGUAGES. 

You save time while browsing the products. And focus more on your BUSINESS reputation. 

Special Discounts

1000+ products are available at WHOLESALE prices. Plus, you get a VERIFIED PURCHASE with heavy discounts. What else do you even expect? 

Lightinthebox has changed the RULES of the game. Offered customers with the CHEAPER prices. And helped save money on 99% of your INVENTORY purchase. Many products have affordable pricing structures

You can save up to 50% of the money. And enjoy HIGHER PROFIT margins on your stores. 

 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

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Disadvantages of LightInTheBox

Disadvantages of LightInTheBox

On the one hand, LightInTheBox is a GUARDIAN ANGEL. On the other hand, it is DEVIL! 

Here are some disadvantages. 

Longer Shipping times

One of the BIGGEST reasons for all the hate is the long shipping time. On one hand, an American eCommerce company ships overnight. But Lightinthebox has a longer transit time. 


Because of Chinese suppliers. They ship from China. And it takes 10-15 DAYS for cross-border shipments. It is the NITTY-GRITTY! 

However, you have multiple OPTIONS for fast shipping too. 

Product Return problems

One MOUNT EVERST of problems is the return fee. You need to generate a RETURN LABEL. Arrange a POST OFFICE service on your OWN MONEY. And ship it to the LightInthebox. Plus, they don’t guarantee the REFUND. 

Even if the seller accepts the RETURN, the refund is often late. That is not less than a HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE symptom. 

All my friends have FACED such a problem. Lightinthebox should focus on it. 

Wrong Size of products

Have you received a WRONG SIZE of the product? That is 99% problem of the RETURNED clothing items. LightInTheBox has size charts for HELP. 

Even if you choose the right size, they do not TURN their way. And get you the WRONG SIZE clothing. 

That is a TOP DISADVANTAGE for the INCONVENIENCE caused to the consumers. 

Product Quality issues

Horrible quality. Bad Quality. Lowest quality. Have you HEARD that type of statement? 

It unquestionably points to the Lightinthebox. Many buyers have made a VERIFIED purchase. But when the package arrived, it was damaged. Or had a CHEAP PIECE of SH**! 

Such product quality issues have TARNISHED the reputation of this GOOD company. LightInTheBox should consider it oo. 

Tips for Safe Light In The Box Shopping

Tips for Safe Light In The Box Shopping

Finally, do you want the BEST EXPERIENCE for shopping on Lightinthebox? Here are some tips to achieve the BEST experience! 

Scan product Reviews

It is better to THINK now than cry later. And product reviews are GOING to confirm. 

It is my HABIT to check all the reviews. From one star to five stars, I go through ALL the product REVIEWS. The feedback with IMAGES is my favorite one. 

Do you know why? 

Because they give an IDEA of how exactly the product looks. That keeps you away from the LOW-quality scams. Low-quality products Always have a LOWER rating. 

Read Product Description

Product DESCRIPTION is a BIG BONUS. It prevents the cases of SCAMS. For example, I have purchased 5 HANDS-FREE from a store on LightInThebox. 

Suppose the quality is not consistent with the description, RED FLAG! It helps me get the refunds faster. 

Moreover, it becomes a PIECE of cake to TEST the products. And filter out the BEST one. Overall, you should read the product features. Match them with the other items. And decide better. 

Check the product sizes

A size chart is available on the products. 

For example, I plan to make a PURCHASE of sneakers. The LightIntheBox allows me to CHOOSE the product. Decide what my FOOT size is. Suppose it is 42. After selecting the proper size, I can make the ORDER. 

It does avoid the HELL of confusion. And keeps the BUYERS safe from product issues. Plus, you don’t have to RELY on wrong size products as well. 

Right sneakers will get you MORE COMFORT. 

See Q&A section

The question and answer section has what you need to know. Especially: 

  • The common questions about the products. 
  • Additional questions that buyers ask. 

Exploring the Question and Answer section will REDUCE your hassle. Help you find the common problems. And what solutions does the supplier provide for every issue? 

One key benefit! 

You’ll know how responsive the seller is. How he reduces the problems in the products. And how you can AVOID issues. 

Consider Taxes and Duty Charges

Look. Customs charges and taxes are TO BE PAID by the seller. And that is the time when BUYERS refuse to pay. They think it counts on the SELLERS. Sometimes, it does, but not all the time. You need to confirm it from your SELLERS. 

Check the customs charges on your COUNTRY border. And then decide to purchase. 

It keeps you in your BUDGET. Settle on the PRODUCT CHARGES. And helps you AVOID SEVERAL problems dragging your BUDGET! 

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People Also Ask about LightInTheBox Review

1. Is LightInTheBox the same as AliExpress?

Nope. Both are different platforms. And yes, in some POINTS, THEY look similar. For example, product diversity. The prices. And many such features. A quick go-through WOULD lead you to the best. 

2. How do I cancel an order on LightInTheBox?

You need to follow the process: 
· Visit the LITB ACCOUNT section. 
· Move to My orders. 
· See orders, and you’ll have a BUTTON to cancel. 
· Press cancel. 
The cancellation will occur. And you’ll get the FULL refund on your LITB account. 

3. Which shopping site is good, AliExpress, Wish, or LightInTheBox?

No SINGLE answer is valid here. In some. Cases: Lightinthebox is the BEST. While others might vote for the Wish or Aliexpress. For prices and quality, there is no ALTERNATIVE to Lightinthebox. 

4. How is LightInTheBox so cheap?

Only ONE REASON is enough to DISCLOSE THE WHOLE secret. It is the Chinese manufacturers! Store owners purchase products from Chinese manufacturers. And vend it at lower rates. 

5. Is LightInTheBox a good place to order clothes from?

Yes. Lightinthebox has EXCELLENT QUALITY clothing items. A wedding dress is AVAILABLE at half price with TOP quality. So, there is no reason to be SUSPICIOUS ABOUT CLOTHING PRODUCTS. 

What’s Next

How long have you been PURCHASE on the LIGHT IN THE BOX? To be honest, it is the BOSS of prices and quality. Home decor. Plastic bags. Lifestyle products. All are AVAILABLE at great prices.

Want to buy? 

Leeline Sourcing is the GAME CHANGER. RISK evaluation. Inspection. And attractive prices with QUALITY products! You get EVERY FU**ING opportunity to UPLEVEL your business. 

Call us to get a FREE quote for your business! 

Do you want a successful import business?


Hey, I’m Sharline, co-founder of  LeelineSourcing. We’ve helped 2000+ customers import from China.

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