How can a traditional offline brand be successfully transformed into an online B2B?

From e-commerce to brick and mortar retail networks, most companies are still digital and focused on investing in their online experience. According to a survey of 160 US B2B buyers conducted by digital services company AVIONOS in 2018, 89% to 90% B2B buyers said they had increased the number of products they bought online compared to the previous year. But offline brand retail as an advantage to end-user relationships and is making a strong comeback.

Traditional Online B2C services are becoming the basis for supporting and encouraging customers to return to physical stores and developing them into long-term, loyal customers.

Therefore, for the development of the B2B platform project of the offline brand to work, typical and logical features like information structure and visual elements of the B2C website must be implemented. However, B2C sites have customized navigation experiences explicitly designed for B2C clients in advertising, promotions, order management, and aspects related to the user type. This aims to help them gain access to relevant information and features something not available on the B2B site. (Related Article: Why should I pay for samples when I can get free samples from Alibaba or another B2B website? )


Why develop an online B2B channel?

In a survey conducted by Avionos, 43% of B2B buyers said inaccurate product content is the main problem in their online shopping experience. However, b2b online channels can provide information about brands and current product lines for offline brand sales. Through this channel, buyers can also learn about the inventory of new products and repeated purchase of the same product in different sizes and colors. This platform can also continually updating the shop windows that match the brand’s promotional messages.

The process involves different areas from retail management, mail marketing, operations and the sales assistance (M & A), all of which run through the customer’s online shopping process.

An experienced e-commerce agency might be a good choice for a brand that wants to develop B2b on the European Development Line.

Filoblu, a European digital strategy and e-commerce Project Execution Company focuses on shoe fashion products. The Company is dedicated to helping brands, and retailers grow their businesses and brands on the international market.

Starting with the definition of strategic management, the company closely assists the enterprise in the strategic and operational aspects of creating and managing online B2B channels. This helps fashion companies move from offline and physical brands to online digital, mobile and smart sales. In simple words, the company tries to create “European versions of new retail.”

FILOBLU’S B2B success story includes a fashion product site for Lamborghini and the Italian menswear fashion brand, Antony Morato.  Filoblu b2B has moved up the physical brand path to online business and improved their sales network of the two fashion products.


The online B2B transformation of the men’s Fashion Brand Antony Morato:

Italian luxury men’s wear brand Antony Morato, with the help of Filoblu has set up an online B2B platform.  Let’s take a look at some of the platform’s features:

1. Synchronise all information in real time

Antony MORATO’S B2B platform for the wholesale customer development is now accessible to users only if they are registered. The platform is integrated with the company’s management system managing all of the information in real time. This involves synchronizing inventory information, processing, updating orders and customer records on time.

2. Faster and simpler replenishment process

The B2B platform designed by Filoblu for Antony Morato makes the replenishment process fast and straightforward. It has also provided cross-selling strategies and promotions for specific customer groups. B2B users can now purchase a single product or in bulk.

3. Shop by Look

The B2B platform also features a new advertising feature, “shop by look.”  This feature allows customers to view multiple images and video of the product before making an order. Customers can see the product and its features something that gives them a better understanding of the product before they can buy. This feature is similar to the Chinese “seller show.”

4. Video Tutorials

Antony Morato also created a professional video tutorial to showcase the new B2B platform and encourage its wholesale customers to use the platform. The video tutorial provides B2B users with a clear demonstration of how to take advantage of the B2B platform and describes the platform’s main features.

5. Develop a new B2C STORE

Filoblu and Antony Morato have teamed up to build a B2C store to strengthen their connections, following a partnership to develop the B2B platform for wholesale customers. The primary goal of the B2C store is to increase the visibility of online store data and follow a clear strategic vision.

6. 13 websites, 5 different languages across the Globe

The B2B project currently covers 13 different sites and 5 different languages around the world. This is possible thanks to an analysis of UX and the types of users the site is accessing. The project has chosen to partner with the payment technology company Adyen, Amazon Web Services System (AWS) and established service provider Netsuite.

7. User segmentation

To ensure that all store customers are registered users of the b2b online platform, Antony Morato holds a large conference so that online store customers can break down their shopping habits and participate in special promotional activities.

If you have any more questions about B2B, please do get in touch so we can assist you in getting the right information.


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