How To Start A Greeting Card Business? THE RIGHT WAY

You don’t have to read through hundreds of guides on how to start a greeting card business.

I’m a seasoned eCommerce entrepreneur with a decade’s worth of experience. I have run multiple greeting card businesses. And will show you the exact blueprint you need for TREMENDOUS success in this space.

With this guide, you’ll be able to open a successful greeting card business from ANYWHERE.

I’ll cover why you need to start your own greeting card business. The steps. And tips to help you stand out from competitors.

Are you ready? Let’s go! 

start a Greeting Card Business

Is a Greeting Card Business Profitable?

Is a Greeting Card Business Profitable

Yes, a greeting card business is a PROFITABLE business model. That guarantees HUGE ROIs if done correctly. 

Just think about everything that you’d want for your next birthday. That iPhone 15 PRO MAX, PS5 with the latest games, a fresh MacBook, name it. 

Now, picture yourself unboxing ALL of them. One by one. Reading cute little notes on each present of how you are an amazing person. And you deserve the world.

Wouldn’t that make you feel special?

Good! That means that you’re already familiar with greeting cards. If they made you feel any typa way, then think of the larger population.

Is a Greeting Card Business Profitable

I’m not even lying👆🏾.

Don’t get me wrong; greeting cards are NOT just for birthdays. They could be for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Marriage, New Job, and much more.

Check this out:

The greeting card industry is worth over $7 billion in the US ALONE! And it’s projected to hit $20.66 billion by 2030 globally. Pretty amazing, right?

Also, did you know? 9 out of 10 households buy greeting cards EVERY YEAR. There’s no way you can lose!

I’ll show you how to make thousands of dollars from your own greeting card business.

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7 Steps Guide to Starting a Greeting Card Business

Here’s how to start a greeting card business:

1. Conduct Proper Market Research

Conduct Proper Market Research

I believe this is the most CRUCIAL step, not just when starting a greeting card company. But for any eCommerce business out there.

Here, you want to get three things RIGHT:

  • Identify trends in the market 
  • Analyze strategies used by the most successful greeting card business
  • Spot gaps or potential bottlenecks
  • Identify customer preferences and so much more

Oh, and while you are at it, you have to figure out your ideal target audience.

If you have been following LeelineSourcing’s articles for a while. Then you know that I’m BIG on finding your target audience.

It just cuts a lot of BULLS***. And ensures you are only targeting customers who are likely to buy from you.

These are some routine questions that help me find the RIGHT customers EVERY TIME:

1. Where do they live?

2. What are their desires?

3. Where do they hang out (dive deeper into what they love doing)?

Answering these questions helps you create your dream buyer persona. And brings you a step closer to MASSIVE success for your greeting card online store.

A GREAT place to find such crucial data is by analyzing reviews from social media. Online forums. Review platforms. Or reading through blog posts.

This seems a little hard; where do I start?


I ALWAYS say that social media is your friend. 

I’ll show you why…

Let’s fire up X and search for a keyword, say “birthday greeting cards”. Almost instantly, we get tons of results on what potential customers like. See:

birthday greeting cards research

We can see a user saying that cards are expensive. This could be an opportunity to sell your own greeting cards at AFFORDABLE prices.

Keep messing around with these keywords (e.g., handmade cards or sentimental cards). You’ll get insights into what customers REALLY want.

I also get insights DIRECTLY from my followers. I will just throw in a Google form asking my followers what they’d like. Or an Instagram Q&A of what greeting cards I should create.

Remember, engaging with followers helps you build a loyal customer base. Set the ground for a PROFITABLE business.

2. Find your Niche

Find your Niche

Now to the most important part. 

You NEVER want to be that guy who does everything – without mastering ANY. That’s a recipe for failure.

Pick what most appeals to you and stick to it. Understand the pros and cons. What sells more. And becomes a LITERAL BEAST in that niche.’s a little secret…


In lay terms…

Your target audience is likely to buy from you if you have what they are looking for.

I was selling greeting cards a few years ago (My niche: seasonal greeting cards). And I’ve never had ANY struggle with making sales.  


With just a few clicks – customers searching for birthday card sellers. They bumped into my store.

This TREMENDOUSLY reduced my social media ad spending. And other customer acquisition costs.

I had MASSIVE success in that niche market. And would rake in thousands of dollars in profits EVERY MONTH.

Some of the common greeting niches to get your feet wet in the game include:

  • Seasonal greeting cards – New Year, Father’s or Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc
  • Occasion-specific cards – Wedding cards, baby shower cards, etc
  • Handmade greeting cards
  • Personalized and customized cards

…just to mention a few. 

TIP. If you are not sure which niche to go into. Make Google your friend. A quick Google search will help you spot industry trends.  So, you pick a PROFITABLE niche for more guaranteed money.

3. Draft a Killer Business Plan

Draft a Killer Business Plan

Here’s the caveat…

Yes, you’ll make a few sales in the beginning without a business plan. But to get to the upper echelon and compete with top greeting card companies. You DEFINITELY need a solid plan.

By now, you probably know that I got started in eCommerce a decade ago.

I just had a few bucks. The determination to make six figures every month. No plan, no systems…nothing! 

The result?


I was launching new products that seemed to be working for other sellers. But after a few sales, that was it!

I figured my problem wasn’t the product I was selling. It was due to my poor business planning, to say the least.

Lemme not bother you with my epic failures. So, I’ll go straight to what you need for your business plan:

  • Detailed business summary. This is a quick breakdown of your business, operations, aspirations, and target market.
  • Product and service description. Entails the scope of greeting cards you want to sell. Maybe you want to create greeting cards specifically for birthdays. Or become a handmade greeting card business. Put it down in writing.
  • Market Analysis. Found your target market? Picasso! Add that to your business plan. Remember to make this as detailed as possible. Don’t forget to describe them based on their behaviors, demographics, etc.
  • Marketing and sales Strategy. One of the most important things to add to your business plan. Describe channels you’ll use to sell your greeting cards. It could be through eCommerce platforms like Etsy or Amazon. Or your own website. Don’t forget how strategies you’ll use to market your business.
  • Financial Goals. Sounds a bit cliche. I know sellers want to make as much money as possible. But I want you to be as detailed as possible. Is it $10,000, $100,000, heck, even a million? Doing so ensures you remain focused. And that you work EVERY DAY to hit that goal.

WARNING: Not Planning is Planning to fail!!!

4. Register your Business

Register your Business


Just check the legal requirements for registering your business in your country.

It is important to note that these requirements might vary from country to country. So, it is good practice to consult with a legal professional. And avoid unnecessary lawsuits.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you should know:

Business structure – each business structure comes with its own legal requirements. Business licenses. And costs. You’ll need to state whether your greeting card business is a limited liability company. Corporation. Or a sole proprietorship.

I started as a sole proprietor back in the day. It was quite affordable – less than $500, actually. The entire process took less than a week, too! It’s much longer for a limited company, but I guess that’s due to the requirements required.

NOTE. These structures have different registration procedures. Please confirm with a legal assistant for more assistance.

Coming up with a business name. Here’s where I want your creative juices to run wild. You want a name that is EASY. So, customers can recall your brand anytime they need a greeting card. The name is registered to avoid copyrighting. Make you CREDIBLE.

Get an Employer Identification Number(EIN). Works the same as a social security number (SSN). Just that this is strictly for tax requirements.

Apply for a business license and start paying taxes. Quite self-explanatory. 

That’s it!

Now, to the most fun part…

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5. Designing and creating your greeting cards

Designing and creating your greeting cards

Before we get into this, I just want to say that you have to be super creative with your designs. C’mon…that’s all it takes to get customers to hit that “checkout” button.

If designing isn’t your thing, like me, then you can hire a designer off Fiverr.  I got a RELIABLE designer on Fiverr for less than $100. And I think that was the best decision I ever made for my business.

  • They are cheap
  • Quick turn-around times – got my designs in less than a week
  • Unlimited designs – the guy had hundreds of card inspirations from his catalog

Just be sure to double-check their rating and reviews from previous clients. The last thing you want is to work with someone who suddenly doesn’t pick up. Once payment is made.

If you are confident with your designs. Then, I’d recommend you print your designs using Printify.

Here are a few steps to get started:

Step 1). Fire up Printify on your website. Create your free account. You only need a working email or phone number. BAM, you get access to Printify’s mockup generator and a catalog of over 800 products.

Step 2).  Pick a greeting card from Printify’s vast catalog. Start bringing your designs to life. Remember to take note of paper sizes, prices, production time, etc

Common greeting card prices are:

  • 1 piece of custom greeting card for $2.64
  • 1 piece of holiday cards for $0.37
  • 10 pieces of unfolded greeting cards for $9.22
  • 8 pieces of matte greeting cards for $11.94 

Step 3). Make your designs a reality. This is the last step. Printify’s mockup generator brings your designs to life almost INSTANTLY. You can make modifications like personal messages. Pictures or any other modifications to make your greeting cards stand out.

The best part?

They handle the packaging and shipping STRAIGHT to your customer.

Alternatively, reach out to us here at Leeline Sourcing for quality greeting card designs. And we’ll guide you towards creating a HIGH-INCOME greeting card business. You won’t have to waste your time on trial and error EVER AGAIN!

6. Find a proper sales channel for your custom-made cards

Find a proper sales channel for your custom-made cards

Just one step further to launching your online greeting card business.

There are two steps to go about this:

  1. Create your own eCommerce website (I highly recommend this)
  2. Sign up and start selling on famous eCommerce platforms

Get this – both steps will lead to success in the greeting card market. Just that the latter will get you there, FASTER. That’s because of the high volume of buyers already using these platforms.

So, you just have to focus on getting good reviews. Selling QUALITY greeting cards. And a great pricing strategy to get to the top 1%.

Some of the top eCommerce platforms include:

  • eBay
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Etsy,

But hey, who said you can’t do both?

You can use Shopify or Wix to create your eCommerce website. Develop a PRO marketing plan to attract more buyers.

7. Market your Greeting Card Business

Market your Greeting Card Business

Pat yourself at the back, big boy…we are almost there!

Now, let’s make sure customers get to know about your cards. Through EFFECTIVE marketing efforts.

A few marketing strategies are:

  • Email Marketing. Involves sending catchy promotional emails to customers. To get them to visit your website and make a purchase.
  • Social Media Marketing. Everyone’s a phone “addict” these days. So, what’s a better way to market than through social media? If done correctly, you’ll be on your way to six figures in NO TIME.
  • Content Marketing – self-explanatory!
  • Influencer Marketing. Using social media personalities with huge following to market your brand

That’s how to start a greeting card business the RIGHT WAY!

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How to Make Your Greeting Cards Stand Out?

How to Make Your Greeting Cards Stand Out

These are a few tips that will give you a competitive edge against your competitors:

ALWAYS use high-quality material

I NEVER compromise on quality. 

Customers will appreciate your brand more. You will achieve MASSIVE business success.

I use thick cardboard and quality inks for my cards. Wrap them inside LUXURIOUS envelopes. 

You can opt for cheaper material; just don’t complain when you don’t have a single sale in months.

Let your greeting cards reflect your individual emotions

I get as personal with your greeting cards as possible.

I ask the hard questions: How’d I wish my greeting card to be? The color? Message? Design pattern? EVERYTHING.

I figured if I created a card EXACTLY like the one I wanted – I won’t MESS! (Who doesn’t want the best for themselves?)

EXPERT ADVICE. Create cards for multiple recipients. For instance, design one card for a friend. One for suppliers. One for business partners. Another for collaborators. Each card will reflect inspiration drawn from a specific relationship.

That way, you get more creative and make mind-boggling greeting cards.

Don’t be boring – get out of your comfort zone.

Just because it’s a greeting card, it doesn’t have to be a square or rectangle. That’s too common these days!

I delved into creating cards with 3D shapes for your card designs. The results have been AMAZING. 

For you – It gives you a competitive advantage. BOOST your online sales.

People Also Ask about Start A Greeting Card Business

1. Will people still buy greeting cards in 2024?

Yes, 100%.
The greeting card market is booming and is predicted to hit over $20 billion by 2030. Also, 9 out of 10 households buy greeting cards, making them EXTREMELY profitable.

2. What’s the price for my greeting cards?

It depends.
Some greeting cards are very expensive to make, especially considering the material used. But a good price would be between $2 – $4. 

3. What are some of the most popular greeting card sizes?

Standard sizes for greeting cards are A-7. Other sizes include A-2 or A-6. You can do more research to identify the recommended size for your specific niche.

What’s Next

Starting a greeting card business might be your ticket to financial freedom in 2024.

I hope this guide has covered EVERYTHING you need to start your greeting card business. And scale it to GREATER HEIGHTS.

Before I wrap up…

Remember to personalize your greeting cards to reflect customer emotions. So, that you attract more customers and enjoy HIGH profit margins.

Lastly, have a proper marketing strategy. The industry is crowded and might be HELL to navigate. But if you sell yourself like a pro, then that’s all you need to take out the big dawgs.

Don’t know where to start? Looking for EXPERT advice to guide you through launching a greeting card business? Look no further! Contact us through any of our social pages. 

Leeline Sourcing guide you through the best practices. Ensure you make six-figure profits from your greeting card business.

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