Yanwen Tracking Review 2024: Is Yanwen Tracking Fake?

Are you tired of spending countless hours reading fake Yanwen tracking reviews? Don’t worry; it ends today. 

Our team at Leeline has tested various shipping platforms over the past decade. And we’ll give you the nitty gritty details on why YOU NEED YANWEN. So you never have to worry about late shipments EVER AGAIN. 

We found out that Yanwen isn’t just any regular logistics company. Although it has a fair share of negative reviews, we strongly differ. 

Here’s what you’ll learn from this guide:

  • What is Yanwen tracking?
  • Is Yanwen tracking fake?
  • How does Yanwen tracking work?
  • How to track packages using Yanwen
  • Problems you’ll encounter while using Yanwen tracking

Let’s dive in!

Yanwen Track Fake

What Is Yanwen Tracking?

What Is Yanwen Tracking?

Yanwen tracking is the LEADING all-in-one logistic company handling local and international deliveries. 

Aside from being the best at what they do, Yanwen has operations in over 200 countries. 

200+. Countries. That’s not even close to its rival courier companies. 

Yanwen tracking guarantees you of (***DEEP BREATH***)

  • TIMELY pre-alert information. That means fast import clearance for international goods.
  • Real-time tracking updates
  • FAST Export clearance
  • Collection of goods from Chinese merchants (or e-commerce sellers)
  • International shipping (Railway, ocean, or air freight)
  • Cargo forwarding
  • Bonded warehousing
  • Logistics finance. Hence, you get GREAT support to scale your e-commerce store.

If there’s any logistics service that Yanwen doesn’t provide, we don’t know about it.  

Is Yanwen Tracking Fake?

Is Yanwen Tracking Fake

Well, there are actually A LOT of mixed reviews on Yanwen’s legitimacy. From outdated, misleading to sugar-coated reviews. 

RELAX…Yanwen Tracking is NOT FAKE. 

Yanwen Express gives you reliable information on your shipments in two easy steps.

  1. Enter your Yanwen tracking number into the search bar
  2. Click the “Track Package button.”

BOOM, timely delivery updates in no time. 

The only downside is that Yanwen might be TOO SLOW. Especially for international destinations. 

The average delivery time is 14 to 28 days, making it unreliable for top e-commerce sellers.

The good news is that ensure all packages arrive at your doorstep. If anything happens to goods in transit, Yanwen takes ALL THE BLAME. And you get your money back. Isn’t that awesome? 

 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

Do not hesitate to contact Leeline Sourcing at any time regarding your shipments from China.

How Does Yanwen Tracking Work?

Yanwen Tracking Work

Yanwen acts as a middleman in the logistics framework. 

Their job MAINLY is to pick up packages from Chinese vendors. And forward them to courier services, which then ship the packages to the destination country.

Yanwen shipping is done by air, ocean, road, or railway. But there are a variety of options depending on delivery speed and rates. 

Here’s a breakdown…

1. Yanwen Express (or Yanwen Post)

It’s BY FAR the fastest and MOST EXPENSIVE Yanwen shipping option. Delivery speed ranges between 4-20 days. 

2. Yanwen Economic Airmail

This is an EXCELLENT alternative to the Yanwen Express option. It is very affordable. And a perfect option if you are not in a hurry to receive a package.

NOTE: Yanwen Economic airmail might not be a great option if you are an Amazon drop shipper. 

3. Yanwen Special line 

Yanwen line is a GREAT alternative that outshines other shipping options. All parcels are shipped by air. The only drawback is Yanwen Special line rates are crazy and hell. 

You choose an option that best suits your business needs and budget. 

Then, you’ll receive a tracking number to monitor your package movements. 

What about parcels in the USA, U.K., and Canada? 

Technically, the Yanwen tracking I.D. stops working when shipments leave China. 

The good news is that you can continue tracking packages using local courier services. For example, FedEx or US Postal Service- for U.S. shipments. 

Canada post is a great option for tracking parcels in Canada. Royal Mail is DEFINITELY the perfect option for parcel tracking in the U.K. 

How Do You Track Packages From Yanwen?

Track packages from Yanwen

Once your package is in transit, Yanwen provides you with a set of numbers. Let’s call them Yanwen tracking numbers (sounds way cooler). 

Think of them as surveillance cameras. 

A Yanwen tracking number allows you to spy on your package from the seller to the destination country. (From the comfort of your home!)

You track your Yanwen package RIGHT from:

  • Yanwen website
  • A multi-courier tracking system such as China Post or Ship24

So how do I use the Yanwen tracking number? 

It’s pretty easy. 

I just pasted the tracking number into the Yanwen website. In seconds, I got accurate tracking details about my Yanwen parcel. Including where it is and when I’ll receive it.

Here’s an example of a Yanwen tracking number;

EXPERT ADVICE: Always double-check your tracking number. It helps you avoid typos or using the wrong tracking number. 

What Problems Will You Meet When Using Yanwen Tracking?

The #1 most common challenge is slow tracking number updates. 

In layman’s terms…

Tracking might take ages- which can be very annoying. 

The delay occurs when the courier is trying to process or register the Yanwen parcel. Or when the package is taking forever to move through Yanwen logistics. (one sorting center to the next).

TIP: Don’t constantly reload the tracking number. Wait for at least 24 hours to track the parcel again.  

When I ordered my package through Yanwen…

I got the wrong tracking number. It was extremely frustrating as I waited for the wrong Yanwen package.

Also, issuing the wrong tracking number is a pain in the neck. Imagine waiting for the wrong Yanwen package for days. Then you get alerts that differ from your order’s final destination. 



       Brace yourself…such confusions are common with Yanwen tracking details!

Lastly, there are instances where sellers issue old tracking numbers. But why?

  • A complete mistake by the vendor
  • The seller didn’t wait for the original Yanwen tracking details

TIP: You can contact the seller directly if you notice problems with your tracking number. 

Yanwen Tracking Review

· Customer Support

Yanwen Tracking Review

Amazon is very proactive in solving customer-related issues. 

You can contact Yawen at their hotline number- (400-108-5656). And you’ll receive a reply within 24 hours. 

Also, Yanwen provides an open API interface that allows you to: 

  • View estimated delivery times directly from the checkout page
  • Track your Yanwen parcels using AWB or other courier options
  • Cancel shipments with EASE
  • Create order from the courier partner’s platform

And my favorite part…

The Customer support is 100% FREE. Allowing me to CUT my overall shipping expenses. 

· Tracking Notifications

Here’s a list of Yanwen tracking notifications:

Tracking Notification                   Meaning
Picked UpThe Yanwen Parcel is ready for collection
Data receivedThe seller has registered the package. And Yanwen is yet to receive it.
Process completed in Yanwen FacilityThe Parcel is at the Yanwen sorting center
Departed from Yanwen Facility The Parcel departs from the Yanwen sorting center
Received by the dispatch centerThe Yanwen package is at the dispatch center
Item is at agent warehouse.The Package is being processed at the agent warehouse.

Yanwen sends you a set of numbers and letters once your package is in transit.

What’s the format of a typical Yanwen tracking number? 

Generally, it starts with two capital letters (e.g., U.V., U.G., or V.P.). Then nine numbers and ends with two capital letters (e.g., Y.P.). For example:

  • UV18808934YP
  • UG78945622YP

Yanwen also uses a postal tracking number such as LO536215372CN.

· Conclusion of Review 

Overall, I think Yanwen is an EXCELLENT logistics company. 

My Yanwen shipments took a bit longer to arrive, but it’s PERFECT if you’re cash-strapped. Or looking to get your feet wet in the e-commerce business.

Here’s what some customers say about Yanwen Tracking:

Conclusion of Review 

Image source: TrackingMore

Conclusion of Review 

Image source: Parcel Monitor

Yanwen Tracking Review- Pros & Cons

Yanwen Tracking Review- Pros & Cons

Let us quickly summarize the pros and cons of Yanwen Tracking in this section.


  • Massive global coverage: I was IMPRESSED when I learned that Yanwen operates in 200+ countries. That means you get your parcel ON TIME, regardless of your location. Many logistics companies I have tried don’t have this much coverage. 
  • Excellent options: Yanwen logistics has a ton of delivery options. This includes air express freight, special line, ordinary mail, etc.Hence more options ensure packages arrive on time.
  • Numerous sorting facilities: Yanwen has over 50 processing facilities in China. Thus, reducing the overall delivery speed. 


  • Shipping takes forever: My WORST experience with Yanwen was waiting for a parcel for 35 days. It was quite frustrating. Especially since they also don’t ship on national holidays or weekends.
  • The tracking number only works within Chinese borders. The tracking numbers are useless outside China. In short, you are left in the dark!

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Yanwen Alternatives

Yanwen logistics is a total rockstar (in our opinion) if you are shipping parcels around the world. 

However, there are other EXCELLENT alternatives you can choose from. 

Here are the MOST POPULAR Yanwen alternatives if it’s too slow for you. 



Epacket is arguably one of the biggest Yanwen competitors. 

It completely destroys Yanwen when it comes to delivery speeds. For instance, it only takes 4-9 to ship a package from China to North American countries. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg…

There’s a TON more you stand to gain:

  • Door-to-door tracking. You can track packages from the original country to your doorstep. 
  • Lower shipping costs than regular Chinese couriers. That means you save MORE MONEY to spend on developing your business. 
  • Free returns on undeliverable parcels


  • The Package is end-to-end trackable: You can use the same tracking number. Even when using local couriers such as UPS express services. Save from frustration on package whereabouts.
  • Free returns; get YOUR MONEY BACK if ePacket fails to deliver. Hence, your money is safe at all times. 

It’s SO GOOD, we can’t cover all details in this section. Here is our complete guide on Epacket shipping. 

Yun Express

Yun Express

Yun Express is also a leading industry provider of international e-commerce logistics services. 

They pick up the parcel from the post office and forwards it to the local courier services. 

Delivery speed in the United States…

Takes about 7-15 days. That’s half the time for Yanwen logistics. Yun Express collaborates with the U.S. postal service to ensure your goods arrive on time. 

Delivery speed to other countries…

Takes about 7-15 days. Again, they partner with agents DHL or other companies to fasten the delivery process. 

NOTE: Exceptional events (pandemic) or bad weather conditions affect delivery speeds. 

Apart from enjoying affordable shipping rates, you get: 

  • Timely delivery. That means you always meet your customers’ demands. 
  • Abnormal package warning 
  • Fast commercial DDP custom clearance. Hence reducing the entire shipping process
  • Reliable tracking system. You don’t need to reload your tracking number. 

Pros of Yun Express

  • It is fast & reliable. It’s evident by the wide range of business partners such as Amazon, Shopify, etc. You don’t have to worry about scams. EVER. 
  • Fast shipping to the  U.S., United Kingdom, and European countries
Suggested reading: Alibaba DDP Shipping

  CNE Express

  CNE Express

CNE Express is an AWESOME alternative to Yanwen Express. 

The company offers:

  • Parcel checking
  • Real-time package tracking
  • Shipping quotes
  • Parcel storage

The average delivery time in the United Kingdom is 7-12 days. And 15 days within the United States. 


  • Multi-language support: Supports up to 16 international languages. Including Chinese language statuses. So you never worry about miscommunication.
  • Top-notch tracking management: includes auto tracking and delivery notifications. That means you can monitor packages with EASE from anywhere around the world.  

Last Words

So is Yanwen Tracking worth your money? 


Yes, tracking is a bit slow, and yes, delivery takes longer, but it’s way more affordable than other Chinese couriers. 

The only downside is that Yanwen tracking numbers only work within Chinese borders. But that’s a small sacrifice you can make to enjoy competitive rates.

FAQs about Yanwen Tracking Fake

1. Does Amazon Use Yanwen?

Yes, Yanwen acts as one of Amazon’s shipping companies. Here are two reasons; 
· Yanwen is one of the leading logistics companies in China.
· The majority of Amazon’s imported goods are from China.

2. Can You Trust Yanwen for International Shipments?

Yes, Yanwen is a fast & secure way to ship packages. They pick parcels from sellers and forward them directly to postal services in the destination countries. That minimizes instances of fraud or lost packages. 

3. How do I contact Yanwen customer care?

You can contact Yanwen customer service using these phone numbers: 
Alternatively, you can send them an email at [email protected].

What’s Next

Yanwen is HANDS DOWN, a great logistics company. It sorts out everything you need, from picking and processing to shipping. YOU NAME IT! 

If you are just launching an eCommerce business, Yanwen is a trustworthy shipping partner. Especially if you are working with Chinese suppliers. 

Still, stuck on finding the right Chinese supplier? Or sourcing for winning products? Don’t worry! Hit us up at our contact pages with your quote. And our team will be at your service in no time!

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