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Made in China Products List

  • You don’t have to worry about not knowing how to import goods from China, tell leeline your requirements, we will arrange everything for you
  • Leeline can help you find the best Chinese factory to ensure product quality
  • Get factory quotes directly without any hidden costs
  • Leeline also provide amazon fba prep servce if you sell products on amazon
  • 24/7 online service to support your business!

Leeline is Your Best Choice to Import Products From China

Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing

We find high-quality suppliers for you, consolidate samples, strive for the best price, and reduce your communication costs.

Factory Audit

quality inspections can avoid your trade losses.

It is very necessary to have a further understanding of the cooperating factories, which can greatly solve our time and later communication costs and avoid some hidden product quality risks..

Product Inspection

reliable Product inspection

If you are not sure about the quality of the goods in the factory, the product quality inspection can dispel your doubts and ensure that the quality of the goods meets your requirements.

Amazon FBA Prep

the reliable FBA Prep center

Reasonable FBA prep can reduce Amazon FBA expenses. Leeline’s FBA Prep service is committed to providing customers with the best FBA Prep experience, greatly reducing the cost of FBA Prep for customers.

Shipping To Amazon FBA

Shipping To Amazon FBA

To transport goods from China to the Amazon FBA warehouse, what is the best shipping method depends on the product size, weight, and requirements for timeliness of transportation, Leeline is your professional FBA freight forwarder, doing everything for you.


order processing center

We connect with the shopify system through the ERP system, and obtain customer sales orders by express delivery. We can send customer products from the warehouse within 24 hours and deliver them to customers in the fastest time.

Leeline is Your Best Chinese Freight Forwarder

Sea Transportation

Amazon freight forwarder

Leeline will do its utmost to deal with your merchandise sea shipping logistics plan, to ensure that products arrive at your warehouse on time and efficiently, and increase product sales.

Air Transportation

Product Air Freight Shipping from China

When you are still worried about how to ship products from China by air, let Leeline formulate the best air shipping plan for you, timeliness guarantee, optimal transportation cost.

Rail Transportation

railway transportation is a more reasonable logistics transportation method

Leeline will be your best railway freight forwarder, formulating the best railway transportation plan for you, greatly reducing your logistics costs.

Door to Door

Door to Door

We can provide you with door-to-door transportation services that transport goods directly from the factory to your warehouse, with flexible transportation methods and optimal logistics costs.

Top 20 Profitable Made in China Products List:How You Can Make Big Money Importing From China?

Now made in china product list is very vast qualities it all depends on you.The real challenge is to find the right suppliers and get yourselves good bargains.

Buying and selling seem like a simple process. But there is a whole science to actually conduct this business.

To put your investment in the right products. It’s always better to get the services of an agency or ecommerce consultant. Who has the experience and right people to look at all the aspects of your import business?

If you want to buy cheap Chinese products you will find them. If you are looking for aesthetic quality things they are also available for you.

Made in China Products List


Why Popular Products Are Mostly Made In China?

Once China was a poor communist country. In 1978, the government changed its strategy. By implementing principles of capitalism and letting people own business.

They started the trade worldwide and opened their country for investments. This changed everything. Now they have significant amount of the world’s most profitable and powerful industries.

High-quality products at attractive prices

The heavy machinery brought/built in the country. Taxes and customs reduced for the costal lines cities to increase the growth.

Production in China is very cheap as compared to first world countries. Thus, in the pursuit of decreasing the costs. Many of the world’s leading high-end brands set up their production in China.

Companies like Apple, Sony, Samsung, Canon, and Microsoft have factories. In a city called Shenzhen situated in the south of china nearby Hong Kong.

90% of the electronics parts manufactured and sold in the city market of Shenzhen. It only takes a few days to assemble any prototype.

Specializes in very different product categories

China has potential ranging from raw materials. To electronics, machinery, textile, clothing, petrochemicals, automotive parts, toys, accessories, handbags, and kitchenware. This potential makes it the manufacturing hub of the world.

When everything is available in one place. It makes it even more suitable for new production and manufacturing factories.

These favorable conditions are the reason behind this. The manufacturing units of the world-leading brands are in China. And adding the world’s high end leading products are in made in China products list.


City located at two hours’ drive from south Shenzhen. This city is popular for fashion accessories, bags, and jewelry. High-quality garments production is also one of the famous things about the city.

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Xin tang (Zengcheng):

An hour away to the east of Guangzhou. The world-famous Levi’s manufactured here. This city is also known as the denim capital of the world.


Situated between Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It is the largest source of one the things made in china which are Chinese made sweaters.


South-west from shanghai. This is city is the largest children’s clothing manufacturer in the world.


Hour and a half drive in the west of Shanghai is the world’s evening wear supplier.

China frequently leads the way in developing innovative solutions

There are three main reasons why china is the world’s main leading manufacturer:

  1. The availability of natural resources provide materials necessary for production.
  2. As the government controls the Yuan (currency’s) price against dollars. It makes it more favorable for foreigners, as they are very affordable to them.
  3. The proud, hardworking, and very competitive laborers can be found anywhere. The country is full of them. Many or Chinese studies or work in other countries. Once the study is finished or learned how to do that business they were working on, they go back to their country and teach others.

Top 20 popular made in china products list

Profitable Products from Made In China

1. Sunglasses

China offers a variety of sunglasses at unbelievable prices. Sunglasses manufactured at a very massive scale.

Polarized and Non-Polarized Sunglasses

2. T-shirt

T-shirts categorized as cheap Chinese products, amazing fabric. Trendy designs are available throughout the year. You can always buy as much as you want, and to make the sale.

3. Pet Clothes

Sometimes Things made in china are unrecognizable unless you see the tag. Pet clothes are one of the hottest items that stays in trends throughout the whole year.

4. Phone protector glass

These protector glass brands made in china are accepted by the whole world. No one can doubt about the price and quality of this product.

5. Socks

Socks are one of those items sold when people are searching for Chinese products online. Everybody needs them and when china offers them at a price that is you can’t imagine. Themselves one can stop their self from buying.

Men Liner Socks

Conventional Products from Made in China

These products are invented and produced by china only. Few other countries are following the footsteps, but these kind of innovative and thoughtful products sell like a charm.

1. USB portable mini fan

A small USB operated fan that you can connect with your laptop and work anywhere outside with worrying about the weather

2. Wireless Bluetooth Ear buds

Apple invented them, but they are so costly not everyone can own a pair, china offers the product as efficient as the original ones but in way cheaper price and in variety of new trendy designs.

3. Mini air humidifier

This mini product came as the dream come true for some people who needed something like that but no one ever came up with the solution before. It’s a humidifier that impresses you with its capabilities and it’s portable.

Mini air humidifier

4. Portable mini air cooler

Things made in china have a long Chinese product list that consists of products being made portable that no one ever thought about. Mini cooler works for one or two persons provides the fresh cold breeze whenever, wherever.

5. Mini Bluetooth speaker

Just like the wired hand frees are outdated now, same is the case with mini speakers. Now they are available in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes. You can enjoy music on the go.

Mini Bluetooth speaker

Creativity Products from Made In China

1. Automatic instant tent

Tents and camps are the things that didn’t get any evolution. But china wholesale suppliers and manufacturers took the responsibility of giving the innovation to every product they think can be evolved.

2. Creative illusion lamp

Makes your room fun and full of life. Chinese products lists are full of such kind of innovative, cute and creative products.

3. Stainless Steel Drinking Straw

No one ever thought about making the straw stainless steel to be used repeatedly. But as we are moving towards make our earth clean, stainless steel straw could be a contribution.

Stainless Steel Drinking Straw

4. Mini Monocular Telescope

For those who can’t afford the actual one they can practice on this one and gaze upon the stars.

5. Reverse inverted umbrella

Like I said before, china is giving attention and changing every conventional simple products with upgraded features to enhance the results.

Reverse inverted umbrella

Useful Products from Made In China

1. Mobile Phone Holder

This product made a lot of space after the under come into existence. This product while used in the car can save you from accidents, and it allows you to track your way on the google maps while driving.

2. Mini Outdoor Survival Tool

Every car should have this product, even when you are going out for a vacation or may a picnic to some lakeside. Safety is the main concern in very scenario, keeping in mind everybody needs this product.

3. Sport water bottle

Staying hydrated is one thing, every human on earth needs it and have no doubts about it. So during your physical activities you need to stay hydrated even more, that’s where the sport water bottle plays its part.

Sport water bottle

4. Vegetable cutter

Like everything else is changing, kitchen utensils and tools should also have their upgrade to minimize the cooking time and also to minimize food wastage.

5. Smart watches

After the huge success of smart phones people stopped wearing watches anymore. Smart watches tracks your movements, activity and tells time. There is no need to check your phone every few seconds, smart watches got you covered.

Smart watches


How to Find Reliable Wholesale Suppliers to Import made in china products?

Things to Finalize before connecting to Supplier:

Before proceeding towards any vendor for import e.g. LeelineSourcing, Alibaba, or Global sources trade show, you must consider these keynotes to get high-quality products smoothly from China to anywhere in the world.

  • Focus on the top 5 products in your domain and category.
  • Decent revenue of listings but with a targetable number of reviews at any e-commerce marketplace.
  • Must not be a big brand. (To identify a big brand check the jungle scout revenue for this keyword and the revenue of this seller will be double or triple than others.)
  • Finalize 1 or 2 competitors.
  • Read negative reviews of your targeted competitors to pinpoint bad sections of their product to manufacture a better product.
  • Exact picture of product and it’s bundling.
  • Analyze which variation is doing well (for example yellow cloth is selling more than a red one).
  • Convey the improvement to Supplier and start Negotiation.
  • Check the product hottest variations.
  • It is preferred that your packaging follows a 2-color theme instead of a 3-color theme to reduce cost.


Leeline Sourcing Company is a well-settled and reliable sourcing company. They have 10 years of vast China Purchasing experience.

LeelineSourcing provides you the best costs. For the entire process of manufacturing to doorstep transport. The company also provides you some extra services.

Like inspection of product @ 0.10$/product, Product labeling @ 0.20/ unit, Polythene bagging, and bundling. At an extensive low price. They committed to source high-quality products via a complete process.

LeelineSourcing offers you Amazon Fba seller services. Like labeling to photography and shipping to FBA or Owner’s warehouses.

LeelineSourcing helps to find the right supplier for you, decrease cost, and reduce the risk of scams as well.

LeelineSourcing is recommended for small to mid-level e-commerce businesses at various marketplaces eBay, Shopify, dropshiping, and Amazon.

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Sourcing through Alibaba

After hunting a viable product, you can source it from Alibaba, a well-known and reliable brand from suppliers. Just like product hunting criteria, there is a criterion for Alibaba seller as well that is:

  • Alibaba Account health.
  • Prepare a specific template to contact suppliers on Alibaba.
  • Supplier must have a Gold badge for at least 2 –years.
  • Supplier also have 3-Gems.
  • Good response rate (80% +) preferable 90% +.
  • Contact the Supplier having Trade Assurance of Alibaba.
  • Add them all to add to compare. So that you can send messages to multiple people at the same time.
  • Never approach them as an individual but as a company manager.

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Global Sources Trade show

Global Sources Trade show facilitates multiple B2B vendors for 48 years of their excellent services.

Global services organize Trade shows from April to October of every year where huge numbers of suppliers, millions of buyers participate to buy or sell their services and help them to outsource profitable products to overseas marketplaces.

Global Sources have two mainstream buyer/seller community i.e. exclusive active and verified buyer community and pro verified supplier community of 100+ countries. They ensure the supplier’s manufacturing and supplier’s capability assessment.

Some Keynotes

  • China’s leading Business management
  • Global sources Exhibitions
  • Highly Trusted by Buyers and suppliers
  • Integrated with 020 services of reliability
  • Hassle-free connectivity advantage
  • China’s industrial manufacturing event

Trade Show

Jungle Scout Supplier Database

Jungle scout is used to checking the sales data of top competitors and suppliers (i.e., daily sales, Monthly sales, Rating, Average Price, Average Sales, Average monthly sales, etc.

  • Change your delivery address so you can see all the products.
  • Use jungle scout extension.
  • Opportunity score = >5, best is 7 or 8, high demand with medium/low competition
  • With a score of < 4, the budget will be high.
  • The stars are given come together to become the rating.
  • Brand dominancy: if the four or more top products are of brands and not amazon, then the product brand dominants.
  • Helps with setting price, checking if the product is amazon dominant.

Jungle Scout

How to Hunting Suppliers:

  • Contact at least ten suppliers.
  • Finalize according to their communication.
  • Relevancy with the product.
  • How old on Alibaba, LeelineSourcing or another B2B marketplace
  • Finalize at least three products for samples.
  • Finalize the Supplier that matches your competitor’s same quality.
  • Study the INCO terms that include EXW (ex-works price is the price that only includes the manufacturing and not the shipping. This stock is stored at the manufacturer’s warehouse) and FOB (It includes the manufacturing and delivering to the nearest port). This is less expensive because the china government gives a rebate to the manufacturer.

Sample Tips:

  • Consolidate Sample within China from a good consolidator Company. (Consolidation Company gathers all the products and packs them in one box and ship to you. This method saves you 250$).
  • The price of the sample is generally more than that of the product itself.
  • Gather sample at that place.
  • Approximate rate of shipping within China for 5$.
  • Normal freight forwarder payment trend: 100% upfront.
  • 40$-50$ for Shipping from China to anywhere in Europe, Asia.
  • NO Western Union or Bank Transfer.
  • Pay through PayPal.
  • Track the sample.
  • Get the invoice for that sample.
  • Get 30% in advance to start order then 70% after the completion.
  • Negotiation Tips:
  • Don’t praise products.
  • Don’t show Heist.
  • Amazon FBA Calculator.
  • Start with small orders like 100 than reach 1000, decreasing the per product price along the way.
  • Once you get the lowest rate from a supplier, share it with others for negotiations.

Seven Tips For Sending Money To China


Finalizing the Supplier:

  • Finalize the Supplier that matches your competitor’s same quality.
  • Normal supplier payment trends are 30% upfront and 70% money after production.
  • Normal freight forwarder payment trend is 100% upfront.
  • Once you receive the package, check it critically and then get an expert opinion on that.
  • After checking again, push suppliers with Fabricated Knowledge.
  • Get your Supplier to send you 40% stock to you early by Air to start with the Ranking Process.
  • Normal payment trend is that they ask 30% of the upfront fee.
  • You also ask them to keep the price consistent for at least six months.
  • Tasks to do during product Manufacturing phase:
  • Get in contact with the Supplier and ask them to send you pictures of the products.
  • Product photography (3-4 3d images).A total of seven images of preferable 9.Must contain infographics, lifestyle, and main 3d images.
  • Get infographics done of products with sizing.
  • Make Website. This Website will also help you in impose a good impact on the Supplier.
  • Also, get an inventory inspector. (You can also say to the Supplier that my inventory inspector is coming, so get the manufacturing done, but in the end, tell the manufacturer that the inventory inspector is not coming. So show me the entire inventory through video call).
  • You can also get the control test verifiers like Pikfuu, where they tell you how your product was by showing it to the 50 premium buyers who are quality ones.

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5 Tips for importing from China Smoothly

1. Do Your Research

If you are going to be an importer, the first thing that you need to do is to know the market. To do that, you need to conduct thorough research about the culture, rules, and regulations of the make transactions and dealings go smooth.

Every country has its different ways and models to conduct the business, so is china. Therefore, before becoming an importer, you need to know what you are dealing with.

Some key things to take into account:  

Your Rights: If you know your rights as an importer, you will anticipate what to expect from the suppliers.

Locations: Knowing the manufacturers’ locations and shipping options available will help you choose the best places to import from/to.

Having the right licensing: License will help you cut any delays or problems you may have to face during the import process.

Chinese business model: Understanding their business ways will help form long-term relations and get yourself the best deals and perks.

Language barrier: After years of dealings with foreigners, Chinese suppliers have overcome any language barriers as you can hire a freelance translator from any online market place. They will help you with the communication and for closing the deals etc.

2. Find a Product That Is in High Demand

If you already have selected some products and you know its potential audience, you are good to go.

However, if you are new at this, you can start from the products that are always in demand and have very mere chances of the failure—the products like toys, clothing, accessories, etc.

The evergreen products, which are usually imported from china:

  • Toys
  • Small gadgets
  • Electronics
  • Plastics and articles made of plastics
  • Accessories
  • Small kitchen appliances

You just need to be sure about the fact these massively manufactured products are allowed in your country. Meaning, they have followed certain safety standards, and they are equipped with the necessary safety features.

3. Understand the tariffs in China

The tax on imports and export between two sovereign states to regulate the prices I known as tariffs. You should have a good understanding of the situation between your country and China, and ultimately the tariffs.

4. Read, and understand the agreement forms (clear contract)

When you are conducting business in a foreign country, not just China, remember to read and understand the contracts before you sign them in any foreign country.

A simple term, which may look insignificant, can cause enormous amounts of damage. Never agree on anything you don’t understand completely.

5. Choose the best means of international transport

When I come to shipping products in massive quantities or bulk shipping, several methods are available to transfer your products from a supplier’s warehouse to your store.

It all depends on the type of products; fragile one’s needs are moved slowly and safely, while others that are not easily breakable will ship quickly.

Some of the goods require a special shipping process/method because of their size or sometimes radioactive nature of the pesticides and other essential materials.

Before making the transactions with the customers, you need to consider everything, like insurance can take some time to be put in place, special shipping needs and slow, and safe delivery for fragile items.

Here are some shipping methods to consider: 

UPS and FedEx can deliver your shipment in two to five working days. These express courier services are reliable, and there isn’t any extensive paperwork or requirements needed.

For larger shipments consisting of 1,100 pounds or more, airfreight time is anywhere between two to 10 days.

For sea freight, it can take three to 60 days, and it is the best way despite the longer duration of the shipping process for a larger or extremely larger number of products.

Another benefit is the expense, which is very low as compared to the methods. It also provides the door-door delivery to your warehouse(s).

Some quick checks you need to run during your waiting process: 

  • Check your commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Bill of lading
  • Other sea freight related documents.

You can track products on the courier company’s Website or by calling customer service. Its good practice to ask your Supplier about the best shipment option.

Through their experience, they must have developed an efficient shipping process to send their products worldwide.


How Leeline Sourcing Help You Import Made in China Products Efficiently

It’s simple with LeelineSourcing, too credible, reliable, and express service. LeelineSourcing ensures Supplier’ offers they listed in their advertisements and encounters any problems.

They consistently provide a standard and high-quality inspection to ensure you all products reach you in mint condition. The LeelineSourcing support team is very efficient and resolve your problem or any issue regarding order or products.

They fix all for the sake of a high reputation and business. In short, you’re most comfortable for souring with the LeelineSourcing venture.

Why choose LeelineSourcing?

Key Features:

  • Efficient product sourcing
  • Personalized Consulting Session on Company Structure
  • Company Name Search
  • Chinese Company Name Suggestion
  • Preparing Paperwork For Filing
  • Assistance in Getting International Bank Lette
  • Assistance in Getting Your Chinese Business Bank Account Application
  • Chinese employment contract advising
  • Making sure you’re correct with the Chinese company setup for your international tax situation
  • Long-term effectiveness of this new company for your business vision.
  • Hiring staff, when can you do it?
  • Money flow, who should put money in, how much for your new Chinese company business account, and your situation
  • Chinese visa, investment visa. What is necessary for you, at what point, and for others on your team.

How Leeline Sourcing Help You Find Best Ecommerce Wholesalers And Manufacturers

Final Thoughts on Made in China Products List

The made in china products list is very versatile. Whatever the niche you have selected and want to work on, you can find those products on the Chinese market places with ease.

Not only will the product be available. All the trendy new models and variations of the same products will also present the opportunity to excel in your business by purchasing more innovative versions of your product and making your store more interesting than your competitors will.

If you buy the products from the manufacturers, there is a high possibility you will have a bargain that will take your profit ratios sky high.


FAQ For Made in China Products List

What are high-end brands made in China?

D & G:

Who is not familiar with the D & G luxurious and expensive products? Something else is publicly available knowledge: the D & G brand likes to outsource its work to other countries and is a better option than China.

Yes, that true D & G outsources its work to China. China is not the only country they outsource their work to turkey and sometimes Serbia as well.

However, some high-end brands get their products manufactured in China, leaving the tag and some other small pieces to be put in place afterward. D & G always mentions the country of the product manufactured in the tags or stamps.


While some of the coach fans were angry at the brand because they think it was a bad move shifting their manufacturing to China.

Others are just concerned about the quality, which is nowhere near to be decline. The people who have visited the coach manufacturing plants in china say it’s a very pleasant place to work in, so if the coach can satisfy their customers with quality and workers with the workplace environment, they deserve extra income.

How can I buy direct from China?

There are three basic steps involved using them you can buy directly from china.

1) Find and research your wholesale china suppliers.

Buy from the wholesale site in china: This involves finding a supplier from Chinese wholesale sites. You can find the products and then contact the Supplier.

The only problem you will face is you can’t check the quality of the products. You will only be able to do that once it arrives at your doorstep. This can waste a lot of time.

Visit trade shows or factories yourself: This will get you a better price. But for this, you need to visit China, and in such a big market place it will be hard for you to find the right place or even a place that offers the products you require.

Finding wholesale vendors/companies from directory websites: again, this also comes with some pros and cons. As you will be working with the manufacturers, there will be a limitation on the quantity of the MOQ (minimum order quantity)

2) Track and record time, service, and location

 If you want to keep working with the same suppliers, you need to track everything and see if they are good enough for you.

3) MOQ 

There should be a minimum limit on the order quantity that you can work with. For the first order, it’s necessary to check the quality of the product yourself and then order more.

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Buying In Bulk From China

What products are in high demand in China?

  1. Clothing
  2. Shoes
  3. Jewelry
  4. Makeup
  5. Skincare
  6. Beauty Accessories
  7. Vitamins
  8. Fresh Produce
  9. Seafood
  10. Packaged Healthy Foods
  11. Trendy Snacks
  12. Juice
  13. Wine
  14. Baby Food
  15. Breastfeeding Products
  16. Maternity Wear
  17. Baby Accessories
  18. Natural Cleaning Products
  19. Sporting Goods
  20. Gadgets

Where can I buy made in china products?

They are everywhere; you can buy them from Chinese products online from e-commerce stores and amazon. Whatever you buy, there is a possibility that every two out of five products you buy are made in china.

What is the best Website to buy wholesale from China?

Alibaba is the Best Website to buy a wholesale from China.

Import From China

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