Unveiling the Numbers: Best Reddit Statistics You Need to Know in 2024

Sharline Shaw

Have you HEARD of Reddit ever BEFORE? Don’t just use FACEBOOK or Instagram as a SOCIAL MEDIA platform. 

Instead, Reddit is one of the TOP SOCIAL MEDIA platforms. You might not BELIEVE what I am going to tell you. 

The latest Reddit statistics show

Reddit has over 1.1 BILLION users around the GLOBE. 1.7 billion people monthly VISIT the Reddit website to post. 

There are many MORE statistics about REDDIT. 

Want to know all of them? 

If yes, you are EXACTLY at the right place. Our experts have LISTED the data from reliable sources. 

Let’s go and learn more. 

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Reddit User Statistics

Maybe you have HEARD about REDDIT for the first time. But believe me; it is an ASTONISHING social media site. 

You post DIFFERENT media on this platform. People POST COMMENTS and give reactions such as Upvotes. 

I love sharing about it. 

It was 2019 when I got to KNOW about this platform. Among Gen Z users, Reddit is HIGHLY FAMOUS. 


Here are some Reddit STATISTICS for 2023 validating what I am saying. 

  • Reddit MONTHLY ACTIVE USERS have already crossed 1.1 billion. It becomes almost 1/8th of the TOTAL population of the world. Around 25% of monthly active users are on the REDDIT social media site. Regarding GROWTH, Reddit users have increased by 30% from 2019 to 2023.
  • Reddit daily active users have Crossed the 50 MILLION MARK. Reddit users access social media sites daily to post content and contribute. 
  • There are AROUND 100K plus active communities on REDDIT. The Reddit community is like a GROUP having active users in it. In active COMMUNITIES, active users love to POST daily activities. 
  • On this platform, there are more than 13 BILLION Reddit posts and comments. It shows how GIANT this platform is. 
  • There is awareness of 66% among the INTERNET users in the US. 47% of the TOTAL ACTIVE USERS traffic comes only from the US. 
  • Generation Z has ALONE watched Reddit more than 8 Billion times. 51% of REDDIT USERS love this platform. 
  • Reddit users SUBMIT around 11 million posts every single MONTH. 2.8 million comments are POSTED by the users daily. These comments are posted on the POSTS in the online Reddit communities. 
  • In 2023, the number of Reddit users INCREASED to 1.1 billion monthly active users. 
  • Users watched around 168 BILLION PAGES on Reddit. It happened in the single year of 2018.
Reddit User Statistics

Reddit Demographics Statistics

Do you know the Benefits of Reddit’s demographics? 

It gives an IDEA of the most number of users in genders. For example, how many Reddit users are male? 

Moreover, you get the IDEA of the country with the most number of users. 

Do you want to know the STATISTICS related to demographics? 


Reddit shows a COMPLETELY different scenario from Facebook or Instagram. 

Agewise, we have DIFFERENT users. Here are the latest Reddit statistics. 

  • Age groups 18-29 are the CLEAR CUT winner regarding users. 64% share comes from this Age group in total users. 
  • Age 30-49 is second on the LIST. There is a contribution of 29%.
  • Age 50-64 shows a share of 6%.
  • 65 and OLDER PEOPLE have a 1% share. 
Reddit Statistics 0408 02


Guess who will be the Winner? 

Reddit gender demographics show: 

  • Male users are at the TOP of the list with 69% of users. 31% of females use Reddit. 
Reddit Statistics 0408 03


Reddit’s popularity is at the TOP in the US. Generation Z uses it the most. 

Here are some authentic sources. 

  • 49.32% of users use REDDIT from the US. It is the number one country for Reddit. 
  • The UK comes second on the LIST. It has a SHARE of 7.85%. Just note a comparison with the Most Reddit users in the US. 
  • Canada has a similar share to the UK. It contributes 7.76%.
Reddit Statistics 0408 04

Reddit Content Statistics

Have you COME ACROSS Twitter or FACEBOOK? 

What method of reaction do they have? 

Facebook allows users to LIKE the post with emojis. Twitter allows you to retweet or like. 

Reddit has the SAME CONCEPT as Facebook or Twitter. 

But the STYLE is different. It has upvotes. MOST upvotes mean the BEST posts. Moreover, there is an option to comment on a REDDIT post. 

Let’s know different statistics related to it. 

  • Video posts are the BEST EVER posts on REDDIT. The Reddit user base engages with them in the BEST WAY. Data from 150 popular subreddit communities shows the VIDEO POSTS to be entertaining. These have an upvote of 39589.
  • Images are second on the LIST, just after the videos. These have 36308 UPVOTES in popular subreddits. 
  • The third rank goes to the website. It is FAR AWAY with upvotes of 26428.
  • Questions get 2X much engagement as a NORMAL post on Reddit. People interact with questions more than anything. 
  • The BEST POST is 60-80 characters. It generated the MOST COMMENTS on this social platform. The poorest performance is by the posts above 120 characters or below 20 characters. 
Reddit Statistics 0408 05

Reddit Traffic Statistics

There are two ways to use REDDIT. 

  • Android users can install the ANDROID app. 
  • iOS users can also have ACCESS to the app. 

It concludes one way of mobile usage. 

  • Desktop usage is another way to use it. 

What do you use the MOST? 

We all have smartphones. It is FAST and super easy. I use it to do all the activities. 

Here are detailed stats for REDDIT. 

  • According to Statista, the total traffic of REDDIT is 1.7 billion monthly. Most of the SHARE is from the US. 47% of AMERICAN USERS visit Reddit. Around 84 million traffic comes from referrals. 
  • Reddit introduced its Android in 2016. At the given time, it reached one million downloads within less time. In 2023, app downloads are above one HUNDRED million figure. It is more than 100% growth compared to 6.6 MILLION app downloads in 2020.
  • 1.7 BILLION VISITED SITE in March 2023. More than 50% of traffic came from MOBILE devices. Around 38% of users accessed it from the DESKTOP. 
  • Reddit’s desktop traffic was HIGHER in 2020, going above 50%. In 2023, the Reddit app dominated. But still, we have an Excellent performance by the DESKTOP USERS. There are around 53% of desktop users for REDDIT monthly usage.
Reddit Statistics 0408 06 1

Reddit Marketing Statistics

Reddit is not ONLY A SOCIAL site. Instead, you can use it as a MARKETING platform

After knowing its ADVERTISING, you’ll agree with me. In 2022, the world was rising from the CORONA VIRUSES impact. Reddit revenue was still increasing. It reached 439 million US dollars. 

It shows how much BRANDS are investing in this platform. 

Here are more stats. 

  • Reddit has 344K premium members who pay a FEE. Seventeen million USD were collected in terms of fees from the premium members. 
  • One of the HIGHEST income sources for Reddit is MARKETING. Users will invest around Five Hundred Million USD in 2023. It is a REMARKABLE growth compared to 2022.
  • One of the TOP BRANDS on Reddit is Toyota. Ally Blank and Lenovo use the marketing strategy. 

Reddit Revenue Statistics

Reddit makes money in MULTIPLE ways. One of the BEST ways is marketing. 

Paid advertisement is one of the BEST WAYS. 

Still, there are THOUSANDS of investors looking for marketing. Many popular brands MARKET their products. 

Redsit makes most of its revenues from ADs. A good share comes from the Subscribers. 


  • In 2014, Reddit revenue was around 8 million USD
  • In 2015, the revenue reached 15 MILLION USD. It was a DIRECT INCREASE of more than 80 percent. 
  • In 2016, the increase was Still upside. The revenue noticed a rise of 10 MILLION USD. It raised to 25 MILLION USD. 
  • In 2017, Reddit never LOOKED BACK. It made 50 MILLION USD. This 100% GAIN in the revenue was an EXCELLENT achievement
  • In 2018, Ressit increased its revenue to 80 MILLION USD
  • In 2019, Reddit revenue was around 120 MILLION USD
  • In 2020, it raised to 170 MILLION USD
  • In just 2023, REDDIT had traveled a long way from its start. Ad revenue for Reddit is 439.17 million USD. The average revenue per user is 51 cents. Premium subscription revenue is around 17.21 million USD
Reddit Statistics 0408 07

Reddit Valuation Statistics

We have CONDUCTED the total revenue of Reddit. Reddit is CURRENT in the Q1 of 2023. In 2023, forecast experts assume 439 MILLION USD as the revenue. 

Only the advertising revenue is that much. 

If we combine the MILLION premium subscribers, you’ll get HIGHER VALUES. The market valuation is another thing than the ACTUAL REVENUE. 

And the market valuation is greater than the revenue. 

However, here are detailed statistics of the REDDIT company valuation. 

  • In 2005, Reddit was FOUNDED in California. Over time, it gained IMMENSE popularity among the people. In 2014, Reddit had the WORTH 500 MILLION USD
  • In 2017, it made a JUMP of more than 3X valuation. This company had a VALUATION of 1.8 BILLION USD on the stock market. 
  • In 2019, Reddit had a VALUATION of 3 billion. It was an increase of more than 60%.
  • In February 2021, it had a VALUE of 6 BILLION USD. In August 2021, its valuation increased to 10 billion USD. 
  • In 2023, Reddit’s worth is 15 BILLION USD. In the upcoming years, it is eyeing 20 BILLION USD and more. 
Reddit Statistics 0408 08

Reddit User Behavior Statistics

Reddit users use Reddit for what? 

Obviously, to browse and check the POSTS. 

However, the POSTS on Reddit affect their behaviors and life decisions. 

Here are some of Reddit’s User Base behavior stats. 

  • There are more than 3 MILLION subreddits on Reddit. 
  • Reddit has 52 MILLION daily active users. The total POPULATION on Reddit crosses the 1000 million mark every single MONTH. 
  • The average Reddit user SPENDS around 24 MINUTES daily on this platform. It includes INTERACTION and posting content on this platform. 
  • 51% of Generation Z users like Reddit because of its user-driven nature. 82% of users LIKE to know about products on this site. 

The Best Time to Post on Reddit

Brands ALWAYS want MAXIMUM users to share their POSTS. 

Think for a MOMENT. Is that possible? 

Believe me, it is. But when? 

When you got the RIGHT TIME to share the posts, there is always a SPECIFIC time when people are browsing REDDIT. And it is the BEST time to engage them. 

Here are some stats on this. 

  • The BEST time to share the posts is Weekends or Mondays. On these days, people participate MAXIMALLY. 
  • On Monday, you should target a TIME of 6 am to 8 am. While on Saturday, the maximum engagement occurs between 7 am to 9 am. On Sunday, 8 am to NOON is the best time to post. 
Reddit Statistics 0408 09

The Ideal Post Length

You might not believe it, but Post length is a KEY FACTOR. 

Can you read a LONG POST on Facebook? Halfway I leave such posts. The same case is VALID at this point for many users on REDDIT. 

Here are some stats.  

  • Up to 20 characters of post generated the MINIMUM upvotes. It generated 7500 upvotes. 
  • 20-40 characters posts generated 8500 upvotes. 
  • 40-60 characters post made 8700 upvotes. 
  • 60-80 characters posts generated the MAXIMUM engagement among daily users. 
  • 160-180 characters have the SECOND LOWEST engagement. Similarly, the Upvote index decreases. 
Reddit Statistics 0408 10

What’s Next

Reddit is ALREADY in the race for BIGGER PLATFORMS like Facebook or Instagram. 

Sooner or LATER, it will make a PLACE in the TOP 5 social sites. 


Because of information and DATA. 

Want to know more statistics? 

Visit our WEBSITE. You’ll know DETAILED STATISTICS about the different platforms. 

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