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Top Ways to Reduce Customer Churn on Your eCommerce Landing Page

According to a Custom Media Labs study, the average bounce rate of eCommerce and retail websites ranges between 20 and 45 percent. Higher bounce rates, especially on smaller eCommerce websites, signal poor user experience and, most likely, poor referrals heavily reliant on single-source traffic. If you’re in eCommerce, you will need a well-designed landing page … Read more

9 Best Sales Funnel Statistics in 2024

Sales METRICS have always been a KEY. 50-75% of the businesses just TARGET this aspect. And do you know what they achieve? They TRACK DOWN their MARKETING blunders. Improve them. And RETAIN a HIGH CUSTOMER VALUE with 70% greater sales opportunities. Need VERIFICATION? Statista report shows the SIGNIFICANCE of sales funnel statistics. According to it, … Read more

Conversion Rate Optimization Statistics: Powerful Stats that could generate Leads for business

Businesses rely on CONVERSION RATES. And why is it so?  Whenever a customer visits the website, they click on the products. And if the customer purchases products, the seller receives a conversion for a click. Conversion is HIGH—and more sales occur.  And I guess every seller wants to MAKE higher sales. And bring more revenue. … Read more