Rosewe Reviews: Is Rosewe Legit?

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How long have you been purchasing from Rosewe? If you haven’t ordered before, it is a suitable time to check the Rosewe reviews.

Our experts have more than ten years of experience and know-how to deal with such cases. A good practice is to check the site reviews before buying. It can keep you safe from potential scams. You can explore other websites like Shein for safe buying of beauty products.

In this article, we will explain the Rosewe and highly its reviews on products.

Rosewe reviews

Pros and Cons of Rosewe

There are many positive and negative points about the Rosewe. First, we will check the advantages and then move ahead to the disadvantages.

Here are the pros:

  • They allow free expedited shipping for orders Internationally.
  • The product quality is high compared to the affordable prices of the item.
  • Multiple sizes of the products are available, from lingerie to plus-size products.
  • Each week you can explore various new items to purchase for your retail stores.

Here are the disadvantages of the Rosewe:

  • The expedited shipping might arrive late.
  • The return process is complex, especially for beginners.
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Overview of Rosewe: Is Rosewe Safe and Legit?

1. Company profile

Rosewe is a fast-fashion brand established in 2011 and serves people with fashion merchandise. It has headquarters in Shanghai, China, with its primary location and warehouses for international inventory export. Rosewe uploads more than 300 new products each week, making it easier to access the latest and most fashionable items.

2. Product quality

The product quality from Rosewe is high for the purchase price. If you check multiple reviewing sites like the SiteJabber, G2, Capterra, and Trust Pilot, you can understand the product quality of Rosewe. Most customers appreciate the good quality materials and give positive reviews on these particular reviewing websites. However, you can check their product quality after ordering the item.

3. Return policy

Do you want to return the product? Great! Here is the return policy for Rosewe products.

  • Rosewe allows 30 days to return the item after the delivery of products.
  • Items containing the labels No Return or Exchange are non-returnable.
  • If the item is damaged, Rosewe doesn’t make itself responsible. Contact the shipping company in this case.

4. Customer service

If you are stuck in a severe problem on the Rosewe, immediately contact Rosewe customer service. There are three ways to do it:

  • Live Chat
  • Call
  • Email

Moreover, you can submit the sales ticket regarding the problem. The live chat is available 24/7, four days a week— Monday to Thursday. The product return or exchange is possible through Rosewe customer service.

SAFE + EASY Shopping from Rosewe

We do the hard work in Rosewe, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

Top 10 Rosewe com reviews

Google searches can ensure the legit status of a website.

Rosewe Review #1

IMG 20220414 084950

You can look at the customers’ positive review about the black-colored fashion article. The client seems super excited about the color and has expressed excitement about the quality of the product. Moreover, the product is the best fit. One more thing here is important to mention is that the customer checks the other reviews. Checking others’ experiences ensures safety. Open return ticket for return shipping if damaged products are received.

Rosewe Review #2

IMG 20220414 084935

In the Rosewe reviews, the client was first worried about ordering the item from the Rosewe. The consumer really loved the product but was afraid of the scams. However, after collecting the article, it fulfilled the customer’s expectations. The product material is relatively high, and it fits the size of the customer. A good practice is to select the different aspects of the products carefully. Always neglect unethical business practices.

Rosewe Review #3

IMG 20220414 084646

The customer has a positive experience with the Rosewe regarding the item’s poor quality. Most Rosewe or other websites’ positive reviews are related to quality products. It is the first factor that the client focuses on. So, it helps others to decide on whether choose that product or not. Moreover, you can decide on the shipping times because most cases are late shipments.

Rosewe Reviews #4

IMG 20220414 084630

The above review shows the two-piece suit that the consumer has ordered. It procures quality, and consumers would like to purchase it again. To avoid quality problems, it is always preferable to check the feedback from other customers. If the product qualifies the quality criterion, it is simply fantastic. Otherwise, you can move ahead with the new brand or item. You must choose alternative brands or products if you love shopping.

Rosewe Reviews #5

IMG 20220414 084614

The customer is not only impressed with the product but also with the Rosewe. According to the customer, the delivery was fast with quick responses from the great customer service. The customer service responses always determine whether the brand is a legit site or not. It is always great to check customer service before making any orders. Some fake reviews might cost you.

Rosewe Reviews #6

IMG 20220414 163609

I believe there is a problem with the system or something else because the client has ordered the item, but the order was not received on the Rosewe side. That means the order acceptance was late, and when Rosewe received the order, the thing was out of stock. So, they told the customer about the issue. It is really disappointing for the potential customers to waste two weeks.

Rosewe Reviews #7

IMG 20220414 163553 1024x823 1 e1650424298682

The customer has a serious sort of problem regarding the size. No doubt, the Rosewe has made the refund process easier for the customers, but still, the customer has interacted with the severe problem. According to the customer, there is an issue with the size. Since there is no warehouse in the UK, it would cost her high shipping fees. There is no other solution except to return the item and ask for a full refund. Avoid the Rosewe scam if someone tries to scam you.

Rosewe Reviews #8

IMG 20220414 163533

The customer has purchased products, including two Rosewe dresses. But, this time client interacted with the most inferior material quality issues. The product quality was low, and the client decided to return, but the shipping cost was quite expensive. So, the client gave negative reviews. Such feedback does not exhibit that Rosewe is not a wrong fashion brand. 

Rosewe Reviews #9

IMG 20220414 163516

Some customers face these problems due to fash shipping problems, system errors, and staff inefficiency. The customer service department has received the product and wants to return it. However, the shipping cost is higher, leading to negative reviews on the Rosewe profile. There is no solution except to pay the shipping fee.

Rosewe Reviews #10

IMG 20220414 163502

The client doubts the warehouse of Rosewe. According to the customer, the Rosewe ships from the US but shows that they have only a China warehouse and ship from that. Maybe the customer is wrong because their warehouse is in China. However, there can be other issues like delivery, quality, and return.

How to buy from Rosewe safely?

Rosewe is a safe site to explore new fashion products. It is no longer a problem with a massive inventory collection to dig up new flash sale products. Here are different steps to buy safely from Rosewe.

Step 1: Sign up for the Rosewe buyer account.

Step 2: Find the quality garments for shopping online.

Step 3: Check multiple items and compare their features to assess the quality of garments and choose them.

Step 4: Have a look at the positive and negative reviews of the ordered clothes.

Step 5: Hit the order from this company to get the product shipped to your location.

If you hard to negotiate with suppliers and pay on Rosewe safely?

LeelineSourcing is ready to help you buy from Rosewe at low cost and efficiency.


Is Rosewe a Scam?

No. Rosewe is not a scam. To ensure trading safety, you can search about the Rosewe on Google and check out feedback from other customers. It will assist you in building confidence in Rosewe.

Is Rosewe a good site?

Yes. Every week Rosewe uploads 300 new products. Don’t you think it is a vast collection to find high-quality items? Moreover, the products are at great prices. So, you can buy the fashion inventory from the Rosewe.

Rosewe vs. Shein: Which one is better?

Both are excellent platforms for purchasing fashion articles. However, the Shein has a rating of 4.7 on the reviewing site, while the Rosewe has 4.4. You can check multiple details on their official sites to analyze which one is better for you.

Where is Rosewe located?

Rosewe is a fashion company located in Shanghai, China. It contains the primary warehouses in China.

When returning the products, confirm the return address from the customer service and then proceed to the return process.

What’s Next

The whole guide discusses the Roswe product reviews. Beginners remain confused when ordering the inventory from such websites. They don’t know whether these sites are even legal or not.

Is the same case with you? If yes, Leeline Sourcing can help you find the items and purchase them safely. Hit us a message to discuss further.

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