Alibaba Reviews: How To Have A Secure Buying Experience

Sharline Shaw

Have you got scammed on Alibaba? That’s common when you ignore several directions to select suppliers safely. Irrespective of scams, Alibaba is far better than many eCommerce business sites in providing wholesale prices.

However, scammers manipulate Alibaba reviews. They apply multiple techniques, such as buying fake reviews or using fake accounts to review their own products.

Remember, differentiating fake feedback from authentic one is challenging. But, no worries. 

Today, we will discuss the Alibaba reviews and identify the decoy reviews.

​alibaba reviews

Alibaba review: What does it prove?

A customer’s review of Alibaba products determines the features of a seller. How good service a seller provides, and should you buy custom products from that seller or not. Simply put, it is vital to choose the commodities.

However, there are points about most suppliers on Alibaba; a review can help you infer.

  • How much a seller is reliable
  • The ratio of on-time delivered orders by a seller.
  • Performance of the seller on Alibaba
  • Response rate and time of the supplier
  • A seller might get the Alibaba Trade Assurance symbol through positive reviews from buyers.
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How do you distinguish genuine reviews from fake ones?

Distinguishing a genuine review from the fake one requires a high level of perceptual skills.

However, I am listing multiple reviews and determining whether they are fake or not. Moreover, I’ll spot the issues and give a better idea to settle them.

Review #1 Product Never Received

1 1

Sometimes, the delivery is late due to some other reasons. For example, the Chinese company is either late or events, such as the Chinese new year, are going on. In that case, you have two possible solutions for the problem.

  • Wait for some more time. Usually, it takes 20 to 35 days if you live in the US. It would help if you waited at least 55 days.
  • If more than two months have passed, you must apply for a full refund through the trade assurance on Alibaba. 

There are many other ways, for example, if the seller agrees to the refund.

Review #2 Sample is of low quality


The buyer did a great job. Can you guess what that is? In actuality, the buyer ordered a product sample to determine the overall quality of the product. When the product sample arrived, it was of low quality. So, what practices can save you from buying low-quality products? Here are tips:

  • Keep good quality control criterion
  • Discuss with the buyer and ask for the product sample.
  • Go through the quality of models and determine whether to order the supplier or not.

There are other tips to check the quality of products by checking feedback from multiple other buyers.

Review #3 Communications problem


In this feedback, the buyer has problems communicating correctly with the suppliers. Moreover, late shipping is another problem that the buyer has interacted with.

So, what is a possible solution to avoid such problems? Here are simple facts to resolve such issues:

  • Directly call or WhatsApp the supplier. You can use Alibaba Chat to communicate. If the supplier doesn’t heed your recommendations, leave that supplier.
  • Discuss the terms regarding the shipment process and negotiate the low prices.
  • Choose verified gold suppliers with Alibaba trade assurance badges.
  • It is better to ask for the sample products.

All these tips will keep you on the safe side.

No time for a long article?

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Review #4 Low-Quality Items


The buyer purchased the products from the Chinese suppliers on Alibaba. What the buyer complained:

  • Late delivery after months of ordering 
  • Low-quality products

These sorts of scams are possible on Alibaba. To solve such issues, always choose the trade assurance sellers. If the assessed supplier has a trade assurance badge, both complaints are valid and come under the terms of the trade assurance. The buyer can claim a 100% refund if the product’s defects are more than expected.

Since the quality is low along with low cost, it is better to get some samples from your suppliers instead of receiving online pictures of the products. I believe it will be helpful for you in the future.

Review #5 Custom Logo Printing Issues


Can you guess the problem with the buyer? There are two crucial issues the buyer is facing;

  • The custom logo provided by the consumer is not labeled on the product.
  • The quality is low.

Look, the feedback is short yet meaningful. An important message to derive is poor quality issues with the products. There is a possible case that custom product packaging is likely on the MOQ online orders only if the supplier allows them.

If you are looking for a custom package, discuss it with the supplier and fulfill the required terms. If the problem is still on the list, that supplier may be a scammer. So, try to avoid that supplier.

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Review #6  100% perfect comment


Just have a look at the review. What do you assume by reading it? Don’t you think it is fake? Look, all five stars can not be fabricated. Some can be so. However, here is why; I believe this is fake.

  • It seems like the professional has not written a review.
  • The review is a bit longer than that. It seems suspicious.
  • The buyer hasn’t tried the product, but how can he provide the review by just looking at the external surface.

That’s why many reviews like that can be fake. Just go through the review and check the China company profile to be on the safe side.

Review #7 Same Review repeated


Check both reviews. Look, the same person has reviewed both products. Surprisingly, the products are different, but the feedback is the same. What do you infer from that?

No doubt, the person is the same but not spending any time to review the products carefully. Maybe the review is authentic, but it can be misleading for the other buyers.

Any solution to it? Yes.

  • Always ignore such reviews and check the reviews from other buyers as well. 
  • If you go through all the products feedbacks, it will be great to understand the quality of the low-cost products.

Review #8: Misleading Reviews


I don’t understand why the buyer gave 5-star feedback after pointing out so many problems. So, the review is:

  • It is misleading for the buyers who just check the number of positive and negative reviews.
  • Have a good impact on the profile, but it is not fair.

There is one possible reason for giving the 5-star feedback; the seller might have requested to provide positive reviews for some perks. I simply say, don’t believe in such reviews ever and try to be honest. Check the history of the supplier’s company in the profile section.

Review #9: Positive Reviews with Images


The review is original. You know, why? Because the consumer has manually received the products and checked them to determine the quality. After trying the product, the buyer is impressed with the quality. So, what is the purpose of showing such reviews? I would say:

  • Read the full review and ensure the review is genuine.
  • The review is not long; the buyer is possibly honest.
  • Since there are images of the products, the product is precisely received by the average buyer and checked.

You can believe in such buyers and give some attention to the feedback. This way of approach will prevent upcoming scams on the Alibaba website.

Review #10 Short and Honest feedback 


Remember, if the feedback is short and positive, possibly, it is genuine. When Alibaba merchants purchase a review, they mistake writing long reviews to mislead the buyers. Look at the above case; the buyer appears to be honest.

So, what if the review is fake? Here are tips:

  • Go through all the feedback from other consumers to understand the quality of products.
  • Especially read the negative reviews because they are helpful.
  • Check the trading company’s status; whether they provide seller guarantees.
  • Check out the supplier’s business address to ensure you buy from the right supplier.
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How to judge good suppliers and products by reviews?

Feedback is a crucial thing to note the progress of the seller. If the supplier has positive reviews, it means the seller is credible. The negative feedback infers the opposite. 

However, here is what you can expect from customers’ positive feedback.

1. Supplier is credible

Feedback exhibits whether the seller is trustworthy or not. Negative Alibaba reviews show the scammers, while positive let you understand why the seller is credible. To prevent scams, check out the reviews from other customers.

2. Products quality:

Product quality is crucial problem buyers usually interact with. Feedback can also help you derive the quality of the product. Positive feedback means the product is of great quality and vice versa.

3. Shipments are on time:

Late shipments cause a terrible impact. If the sellers provide products on time, they receive positive feedback. So, what does that mean? It means feedback also lets you do supplier assessments.

4. The supplier delivers what it promises:

Never believe in scammers. They have fraudulent inventory. So, how to avoid them? Simple solution. Check out the reviews and understand what other customers say about the seller. If they believe in a supplier, this might be a reliable supplier.

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If you hard to negotiate with suppliers and pay on safely?

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FAQs About Alibaba Reviews

Is Alibaba legit?

Many people ask such a question. No doubt, Alibaba is legit.

But, scams are possible. Alibaba has a strict security system to differentiate a genuine seller from a scammer.

So, before ordering the suppliers, check the history and reviews. Also, keep in mind that sellers might have manipulated reviews as well.

Should I believe in Alibaba product reviews?

Yes. You can rely on Alibaba reviews.

All the reviews from customers on Alibaba are not fake. To some extent, we can say the seller manipulates some reviews.

However, check out all the positive and negative reviews from the consumers and decide on the products.

How can I buy products from Alibaba suppliers?

Maybe you are ordering the Alibaba suppliers for the first time. Is that true? Here are some steps to follow to buy products from Alibaba suppliers.

1. Contact many suppliers and discuss the rates.
2. Finalize the terms and fulfillment procedure.
3. Send the payment to the seller through safe methods.
4. Wait until the supplier transports inventory to your location.
5. That’s all you need to do while buying from China suppliers.

Do trade assurance programs help the consumers?

Simple answer, yes.

Trade assurance suppliers offer payment protection through this program. If the product quality is low or products shipments are late, no problem. You can get your money back by applying for a trade assurance order.

Go ahead and give it a try.

Which suppliers are trustworthy on Alibaba?

To differentiate a reliable Alibaba supplier from the other one, you must focus on multiple features of a seller. Here are features like:

1. The Alibaba supplier has positive reviews from the customers
2. The seller offers trade assurance.
3. Has a gold supplier membership status on Alibaba. Choose gold suppliers for your online business.

What’s Next

Customers’ reviews are helpful to make choices better. Look, you can’t trust the suppliers that have all positive or negative reviews. Different people have different experiences leading to reviews like one to five stars.

So, how do you find the best suppliers? Contact LeeLine Sourcing, which has an endless list of credible suppliers if you feel a hurdle.

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