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Alibaba Reviews

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Factory Audit A Definite Guide

In the process of cooperation with Chinese suppliers, factory audit is a very important part. It can help you confirm the factory’s production capacity and qualifications, and ensure that high-quality products are delivered on time.

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Goods Inspection

If you are not sure about the quality of the goods in the factory, the product quality inspection can dispel your doubts and ensure that the quality of the goods meets your requirements.

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Leeline can come to your factory to pick up the goods, arrange the plane, and deliver the goods directly to your warehouse, with fast timeliness and good price.

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For long-distance transportation by land, railway transportation is a more reasonable logistics transportation method, which can reduce shipping costs when ensuring effective results.

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Alibaba Reviews: How To Have A Secure Buying Experience

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Going through Alibaba reviews is important in order to make your shopping experience safe. This would allow you to get reliable suppliers and quality products without any hassle.

Alibaba is one of the biggest B2B sites that you can work with. There are several products that can be sourced from this platform.

China being the biggest manufacturer in the World enables Alibaba to provide these products at affordable rates.

However, many people offer negative Alibaba reviews because of their bad experience. But that is not the case.

There are ways to have a secure buying experience on Alibaba. This guide will illustrate those methods and give insights elaborately to have a safe buying experience.

Alibaba Reviews


What is Alibaba and How Does it Work?

As highlighted, Alibaba is the biggest B2B e-commerce platform. It allows customers from around the world to interact with the manufacturers of China.

One of the core benefits of using Alibaba lies in dropshipping. Many businesses work with Alibaba when they’re looking for dropshipping partnerships.

This allows customers to reduce the need for having inventory management or fulfilling orders. Moreover, it also allows for generating B2C, C2C sales as needed by the businesses. Alibaba operates with the following core business entities:


The parent company, Alibaba, works as a B2B domain. It works with businesses so that products can be provided directly to businesses that are in need of bulk amounts.

Manufacturers are mostly from China. However, other Asian countries such as Pakistan, India, etc. also use Alibaba for this purpose. It allows great exposure to the manufacturing business, providing better profit margins.


AliExpress is the subsidiary of Alibaba that focuses on B2C prospects. This platform allows working with B2C perspectives where wholesalers can buy products in products from different manufacturers in China.

You can also find retailers that don’t have minimum order requirements. Though the prices are slightly higher than Alibaba.

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Taobao is considered to be China’s largest shopping site. From millions of products listed on the site to numerous merchants, one can easily interact for dropshipping purposes.

In addition, the platform allows merchants to list their products for free. There isn’t any transaction fee which makes it easier for buyers and merchants to interact. The platform caters to merchants whether small or big as well as facilitates individual sellers.

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Tmall is similar to Alibaba as it focuses on organizations and multinational brands. From Nike to Apple, it provides numerous products.

There are different levels of membership for the merchants that want to work on Tmall. Gold members have to submit 25K security deposit and annual seller fee as well as 2-5 % commission to Alibaba.



Is Alibaba Safe And Reliable?

Yes, Alibaba is safe. This is the point that many buyers need to understand that it’s the sellers, not the platform that is unsafe.

Almost every kind of manufacturer is present on Alibaba. You can find several kinds of products from this platform with multiple sellers selling the same product at different prices.

However, scammers can disguise themselves as sellers. They can either sell counterfeit products or not at all. These kinds of sellers make Alibaba unsafe.

There are several ways by which such sellers can be identified. One of the many ways is by communicating with them. Alibaba allows buyers to communicate directly with the manufacturers, which makes the process easier.

Alibaba Itself Is A Legitimate Platform

As highlighted, it’s not Alibaba that is unsafe. Alibaba ensures to provide credible services to customers and organizations working with it.

It itself is a legitimate platform and won’t do such a thing to put its identity at risk. Right now, it’s leading as the biggest platform for wholesale products, enabling dropshipping for a lot of businesses.

You May Get Scams From Bad Suppliers When Ordering From Alibaba

There are good and bad suppliers. Bad suppliers play the buyers by giving false information, samples, asking for payment apart from the website and other ways.

These sellers can be identified by reviews, communication and other methods. Any such seller should be avoided on Alibaba. Only then you can expect to have safe shopping experience on the platform.

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Rules for Buyers’ Review on Alibaba

Here are some rules that Alibaba follows to ensure a smooth flow of the platform.

a) Providing both buyers and sellers on Alibaba.com with a free, open, reliable and secure transaction environment

This is important since buyers and sellers are directly in contact during the transaction. It makes it easier for both entities to help make the transaction smooth.

Moreover, this is done to make sure that the buyers don’t put on bad reviews just because the order got delayed or there were some faulty products in the bulk orders.

b) Regulating members’ behaviour when making any review

Considering behavioural needs, the platform needs to ensure that the behaviour of both suppliers and buyers is regulated.

Even if the service didn’t go as plan and the seller failed to provide the demanded quality, the buyer should provide authentic information regarding the acquisition in this matter.

c) Promoting good faith when entering into any transaction between buyers and sellers

Coordination between both entities is important in this matter. From sellers to buyers, good faith in entering the transaction is ensured via the buyer’s review rules on Alibaba.

This makes it easier for buyers to get trustworthy sellers. On the other hand, sellers benefit from this by getting into a transaction with reliable buyers as well.

Rules for Buyers' Review on Alibaba


4 Facts Behind Alibaba Reviews:

Here are some facts behind Alibaba reviews that you should know about:

1. Gold Supplier

There are gold suppliers on Alibaba. These suppliers are the top-rated sellers on the platform. They’ve got hundreds of reviews and millions of products sold to the customers.

part from that, these suppliers have premium memberships on the platform. This allows them to promote the maximum number of products with several perks.

In addition, these also get perks of such as support services, etc. One can easily interact with these suppliers if they want premium services without any hassle. However, the rates for the goods might be higher than others.

2. Verified Supplier

Apart from gold suppliers, you can find a number of verified suppliers on the platform. These are the suppliers that are verified but don’t have premium or gold membership.

In this manner, they don’t enjoy the perks similar to gold suppliers. However, if you’re looking for standard services on Alibaba, then picking a verified supplier is a great option.

The prices are competitively low than gold suppliers but these help you get the things needed at reasonable costs.

3. Trade Assurance

Another factor counted in for Alibaba reviews is the assurance of trade. Alibaba ensures that the sellers as well as buyers enjoy the perks of working with the platform.

The one thing that Alibaba is handling is the presence of scammers. Apart from that, trade assurance is one of the priority features for Alibaba.

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4. Transaction History/Level: The bigger these numbers are, the better

Another thing to consider while reviewing on Alibaba is the transaction history. You’ll find a number of suppliers on Alibaba that have a history of supplying goods to the customers.

When reviewing you need to see these numbers. The bigger these numbers are, the better is the supplier working in the domain.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about counterfeit products since Alibaba customer services ensure proficiency all the way.

The bigger these numbers are, the better


How to Buy From Alibaba?

Here’s how you should buy from Alibaba:

Search Your Product

The first thing is to locate the product that you want to buy. As highlighted, several sellers are offering the same product with different MOQs and prices.

You need to see what kind of sellers are there and then proceed to the next step of selecting a supplier.

Select Suppliers

The next step is choosing suppliers. This is important since you need to make certain evaluations for picking suppliers.

These evaluations are not limited but can include certain factors. From customer reviews to prices, you can compile a list of certain suppliers that you can choose from.

Compare Results

The next thing is to ask for samples from the list of suppliers that you’ve compiled. Every supplier provides sample products to show what they’re capable of.

This makes it easier for you to know how well the supplier is working. There are times when you need custom products, which require you to create custom requirements. The supplier should be able to provide competitive services in that matter too.

Apart from that, you need to assess the suppliers based on their samples, pricing, communication, and other related factors.

These factors allow you to know which supplier is offering reliable services and can work in long terms.

Close A Deal

When all the assessment is done, you’ll need to close a deal with the supplier that fits best with your needs.

From business to product quality and performance, several elements will help in the decision-making process. Choose well since the quality of the product from the supplier determines your market profile.



6 Tips for Buying from Alibaba

Here are some tips that you should know while buying from Alibaba:

Take the time to look at products from multiple suppliers

The first thing is to pick the product steadily. This is important because several suppliers are offering the same kind of product but with different perks, pricing, MOQ, etc.

You need to assess what these factors are while taking the time to look at the products from multiple suppliers.

In addition, make sure that you ask for samples from these suppliers. This would allow you to know which supplier is providing high-quality goods at the best price.

Compare the prices and quality of products carefully

During the selection, phase makes sure that you assess and compare the prices of the goods that you want to buy from the suppliers.

Comparing the prices is important since it allows you to manage your budget competently. In addition, there are times when low priced suppliers provide poor quality goods; however, high priced ones ensure proficiency in the results.

In addition, you also have to calibrate between the minimum order quantity of each supplier. Make sure to calibrate between the prices and the products that you want so that you can create a budget for the transaction.

This would also minimize the risk involved in getting products costlier even when there were cheaper substitutes in the market.

Maintain clear communications with potential suppliers

When you’re looking for suppliers, ensure seamless communication with them all the time. You don’t want to miscommunicate anything. Neither do you want the supplier to lose contact during the negotiation phase.

That is why make sure that there’s seamless communication with the suppliers so that you don’t get stranded in the middle of the negotiation phase.

Another thing to consider in this matter is that your product quality is based on the quality of your communication.

The better the details you provide to the supplier, the better will be the result. In addition, you don’t have to worry if the supplier understands all the instructions regarding your requirements.

You can even communicate in terms of changes you want for your products when asked for samples.

Maintain clear communications with potential suppliers

Be tough but flexible when it comes to negotiating pricing with suppliers

Know that finding a reliable supplier is important and that you need to keep them close. That is why you need to stay a little flexible when it comes to negotiating the price with the supplier.

Make sure to pave a middle way that benefits both the entities. From understanding the production costs to elaborating your budget, get everything decided when negotiating the price for the project.

Apart from that, you need to stay focused on quality. Even if the supplier demands more money, you need to ensure that the quality of the goods isn’t compromised since it’s going to cost you a lot later.

Only buy validated products to avoid legal issues

This is one of the reasons why people often have trouble with Alibaba. As highlighted, there are numerous suppliers and millions of products listed on Alibaba. However, some of the suppliers don’t even validate their products.

This means these products are either stolen or counterfeit which is why you should avoid buying them in the first place. Go for validated suppliers or gold suppliers to minimize the risk of this problem in the first place.

Never buy major brand name products

Another important thing in the element is that you shouldn’t buy products that are from famous brands. You’ll get scammed in most of the cases.

Major brands such as Apple, Nike, Adidas, etc. don’t provide their products on such platforms. It’s better to shop for these products from their original stores instead of looking for them on sales with prices that are too good to be true.

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How to Avoid Alibaba Scams


How LeelineSourcing Help You Buy Safely From Alibaba

Here’s how you can take help of LeelineSourcing for having a safe shopping experience from Alibaba:

1. Wholesale products from Alibaba and get the best product price

One of the primary perks that LeelineSourcing offers is the possibility of sourcing the right kind of wholesale products from Alibaba.

Not only does the company provides effective sourcing services but also negotiates the prices from the suppliers. You’re bound to get the best kind of wholesale products at the best rates when you hire LeelineSourcing for this purpose.

2. Do factory certification to ensure the quality of the product

Another important perk about the company is that it offers product certification in terms of quality. LeelineSourcing ensures that the products that are under production are produced with excellence and uncompromised quality.

This is essentially important for your business needs as quality products will be more preferred by customers. Hence it will improve your brand’s profile further.

3. Provides best Amazon prep service

You don’t have to hassle with the preparation of goods when you’ve got LeelineSourcing by your side. The company ensures that your products reach the warehouse on time and are directed towards Amazon.

If you’re in dropshipping services, then this is the right choice to make. Not only it will minimize the expense of managing everything on your own but will result in proficiency that will result in better profits.

4. Expert in paperwork to clear customs

Your products need to be unloaded on the docks of multiple countries. That is why you need someone that can handle customs paperwork skillfully.

For this purpose, LeelineSourcing is the right choice. From handling all the paperwork to ensuring that your goods reach their destination safely, the company ensures proficiency at every level. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about storage since LeelineSourcing does that for you.

5. Shipping products from Alibaba at the best shipping rates

Another important element to be considered in dropshipping is the shipping process and rates. Many times, shipments can be delayed and can even add to the costs due to changing market scenarios.

That is why you need someone that can regulate everything seamlessly. LeelineSourcing is the choice that you should make for this purpose.

From making sure that your shipment reaches on time to providing the best shipment rates, you can expect the company to offer viable expertise in this matter.

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How Leeline Sourcing Help You Find Best Ecommerce Wholesalers And Manufacturers


Final Thoughts about Alibaba Reviews

Whether you’re looking for reliable suppliers or want wholesale products in bulk, make sure to go through Alibaba reviews for the suppliers.

This will minimize the risks in transactions as well as enable you to get a safe shopping experience.

You can also take the assistance of third-party sourcing companies such as LeelineSourcing. Such companies ensure performance as well as guarantee safe proceedings without any hassle.

You can also go through Alibaba reviews Reddit that will give insight on the type of suppliers you can count on and the ones to avoid. Follow the above mentioned ways to shop and you’ll have a splendid shopping experience.


FAQ For Alibaba Reviews

Here are some FAQs about Alibaba that will help you with your queries:

1.Is Alibaba Only for Bulk?

No, Alibaba is not only for bulk. Even though it focuses on facilitating organizations with bulk orders, you can also get single products from the platform.

However, you need to consult the supplier for this purpose whether or not they want to deal in this way.

Apart from that, the price of the goods when bought a single piece will be more than the average cost of the product bought in bulk.

2.Can Anyone Buy from Alibaba?

Yes, anyone can buy from Alibaba. There is no restriction on who can buy from Alibaba and who cannot.

No matter if you’re an individual or an organization, Alibaba customer service provides services to different entities that can benefit from it easily.

3.Why is Alibaba so cheap?

There are several reasons why Alibaba provides cheap products. One reason is that it’s a Chinese platform. China is the biggest manufacturer in the world.

Due to cheap manufacturing costs, suppliers on Alibaba can provide products at cheap rates. In addition, there’s immense labor in China; hence making it easier for the manufacturers to get cheap labor. This also minimizes the cost of production, which then results in cheaper products.

4.Is it worth buying from Alibaba?

Yes, it’s worth buying from Alibaba. If you’re looking to start investing in dropshipping or need wholesale products, then Alibaba is the right kind of place, to begin with.

Not only there are cheap products that you can buy in bulk, but you can also easily tap into a domain with millions of products to choose from.

5.Does Alibaba sell fake products?

It’s not Alibaba that sells the fake product but the sellers. Alibaba constantly works to facilitate its customers by minimizing the presence of scammers.

That is why Alibaba has made effective regulations regarding customer reviews on sellers’ services.

Keeping these in mind, Alibaba is able to determine which seller is working as a scammer and removes them instantly.

Moreover, it is making amendments in Alibaba refund policy to ensure that customers get facilitated further.

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