Best 20 China Online Shopping Sites to Buy Wholesale


Many entrepreneurs think China’s online shopping is a COMPLICATED process. 

Trust me, though. It’s not hard. I’m a sourcing expert specializing in Alibaba shipping and other eCommerce platforms. Let me show you the best shopping sites in China. Take advantage of the best wholesale prices worldwide. 

Keep reading to improve your eCommerce store! 

online shopping

China is the biggest market for shopping on the web. It has an income of US $863 billion, setting it in front of the United States. With an expansion of 20%, the Chinese eCommerce market was added to the overall development rate of 16% in 2019. New business sectors are rising, and existing business sectors likewise have extra potential.

Worldwide development will proceed mainly in the coming years. That will be impelled by East and Southeast Asia, with their growing middle class. It is also because of the slacking offline shopping system. The market incorporates online shopping deals of physical merchandise to a private end-user (B2C), and this trend is inspiring entrepreneurs to create and invest in building e-commerce stores that cater to the expanding consumer base in these regions. The following are involved in the definition of eCommerce:

  • Buying using a PC or a laptop
  • Buying through cell phones and tablets

The following are excluded from the meaning of eCommerce:

  • Digitally circulated services (e.g., travel tickets)
  • Online shopping stores related to digital media downloads or streams
  • Online shopping stores devoted to B2B markets
  • Deals between private people (C2C) inside the eCommerce market

There are a large number of internet business locales in the Chinese market. In a real sense, you can buy anything on the web, whether you buy from an eStore or an interactive digital catalog. In this article, we will show you certifiable China’s online shopping sites. These sites offer worldwide delivery.

Why China online shopping sites attract people to wholesale goods?

Today web-based shopping is becoming quicker around the world. A large number of individual purchasers and companies like to buy from China. It is because China has the advantages of competitive prices, a wide variety of choices, and quick conveyance. Items made in China are notable for low cost and adequate quality. Purchasing items from China online is a smart decision.

You can never turn out badly when looking for made-in-China garments and shoes. They are of incredible quality and at a reasonable cost. China is the world’s driving exporter, which clarifies why quality is necessary for its line of creation.

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10 Popular Online Shopping Sites in China

Many popular shopping sites in China offer quality products.  I shortlisted 10 internet business sites that you should pay attention to. They offer the best prices and additional discounts when buying in bulk.

A large portion of them has shopping applications available. China’s online shopping sites list is as follows:


Alibaba-claimed Taobao is no more unusual to the internet business industry. The C2C Goliath sells nearly everything, in a real sense, from scratchpads to vehicles. In contrast to its western partner, eBay, Taobao owes its prosperity as the market chief in this industry. The Chinese shopping site offers free enlistment for its clients.

It is free to shop online use the online commercial center for people around the world. The online stores offer approximately 800 million products. These products range from food to garments to innovation. It flaunts 50 million users daily. It also has shopping app for users.

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  1. Tmall

Another Alibaba-claimed business, Tmall, centers around B2C services. It’s a virtual shopping center that hosts numerous brands’ fundamental web-based retailing. It hosts brands like Gucci, Calvin Klein, Burberry, and others.

I qualified for a $50 off coupon when I joined this Chinese shopping site. You also receive the same offer as a new buyer.

 Even though it has various warehouses all over the globe, its principal ones have been established in China and the US. Industry reports showed that Tmall was a pioneer by a wide edge, with 41.5 percent of income in recent years.


Beijing-based is one of the largest B2C Chinese web-based businesses and shopping stages. The online shopping store was founded in 2004. It is China’s second-biggest online retailer. Worked by Beijing Jingdong 360 Du eCommerce, Ltd., it is an online  shopping store with broadly engaged deals. Its eCommerce net deals are presented as a rule in Greater China. It offers about 40.2 million genuine items across 13 categories.

Concerning the item range, it deals with items from various categories. These items include mobile phones, PCs, PDAs, garments, shoes, watches and other consumer electronics. They also offer hardware, media, furniture, and different appliances for online shoppers. Its conveyance service can arrive in over 35 nations. It includes America, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

  1. is an interrelated site from Alibaba. It got dispatched in 1999. planned to develop its online shopping business. It is one of China’s most significant business-to-business (B2B) sites. The site has an expected 120 million clients. It gives a pathway to worldwide organizations to purchase from China. lessens human exertion. There are around 10 million organizations that sell their items here. is a notable site and, right now, the biggest wholesale site in China. The Chinese public buys items from them because of their moderately low costs. Many exchange organizations likewise buy items through and sell them worldwide.

There are currently more than 50,000 authentic dealers on I never had problems sourcing even the rarest products through this platform. You will consistently discover something you need for shopping online.

1688 1
  1. Pinduoduo

Pinduoduo is one of the biggest Chinese online retailers. It is the second-biggest online commercial center in China by the number of clients and the number of requests. It is likewise one of the world’s biggest web companies. Pinduoduo positions itself behind Alibaba Group with nearly 600 million clients. They recorded 1 trillion yuan in GMV in less than five years. Getting to a similar scale took Alibaba 10 years to accomplish. To comprehend the accomplishment of Pinduoduo is to know the fate of worldwide eCommerce.

As of December 31, 2019, Pinduoduo has created over RMB 1 trillion gross product esteem (GMV). It has 585.2 million dynamic purchasers over the most recent year. The site had 481.5 million regular monthly active clients in the fourth quarter of 2019. Average daily orders reached about 54 million in 2019.



Nanjing Suning eCommerce Co., Ltd runs It is an online shopping store with broadly engaged sales and electronics retailer. The online store was founded in 2010. Its eCommerce net deals are produced on the whole in Greater China. The store had a revenue of US$22.7 billion in 2019. is a completely secure online store. It offers items of various categories, for example, Gadgets and Media, Furniture, Food, and Personal Care.

  1. Vipshop

Vipshop is a Chinese organization that runs the internet business site The site has gained practical experience in online wholesale deals. Vipshop is based in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. It got listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on March 23, 2012. Starting in 2017, Vipshop had 52.1 million clients. Also, there were 269.8 million requests for the year 2016. Following Tmall and, it is presently the third biggest internet business webpage in China.

As per US Fortune magazine, positioned the 115th in its 2017 China 500 posts. In 2017, it got listed as the world’s quickest developing retailer in China. Moreover, in BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2017, positioned the 40th.

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  1. Little Red Book

Situated in Shanghai, it’s Chinese shopping sites. This innovative application helps more than 100 million clients. Little Red Book was made in 2014, Xiaohongshu. It is also called Redbook. It was developed to turn into China’s premier design shopping stage.

That speaks to a stunning open door for worldwide brands to fabricate their markets in China. It is the reason huge companies like Chanel and Dior are giving such a large amount of consideration to it. Little Red Book had pulled in 100 million clients by late 2018. Since its dispatch, Little Red Book has hit on some astonishing details. For instance, on June 6, 2017, Little Red Book held a shopping fair in which sales income surpassed 100 million RMB in only two hours.

Little Red Book
  1.  Dangdang

DangDang is an online retail expert that sells nearly everything. This includes attire, shoes, and devices. DangDang also has an online reader and online book service, which dispatched as of late in April. Called the Doucan, the Kindle-like online reader is produced with Dangdang’s digital book store. Clients can buy digital books from inside the Doucan gadget.

  1. Yihaodian

This is my go-to food and consumables wholesale retailer in China. YiHaodian is the largest food and consumables internet business retailer in China. Gang Yu and Junling Liu founded it in July 2008. YiHaodian is a B2C eCommerce website. Items range from food to toiletries, and consumer electronics and as of late, it has been expanding into garments and gadgets. Walmart has a controlling stake (51.3%) in Yihaodian.

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Top 10 China Online Shopping Sites in English

The following are the top China online shopping sites in English. These platforms are the easiest and fastest to navigate. Almost all of my clients use these websites for their wholesale needs. 

1. Alibaba

Alibaba, is possessed by a Chinese industrialist, Jack Ma. It is China’s, and by certain measurements, the world’s biggest online business stage. It has filled over 200 nations. Alibaba has a great many online clients. It has a huge number of organizations. As one of the biggest Chinese online stores, the site quickly develops, breaking the US $500 billion valuation mark.

Suppliers offer best products on Alibaba and secure purchasing and selling experience. It energizes dealers by providing item security. The platform is easy to use and offers a secure installment. It is a magnum opus in this developing age. You can import goods in bulk from China utilizing Alibaba. My favorite aspect of this website is its security. Verified suppliers are marked. Making it very easy to avoid fake manufacturers.

alibaba 1

2. AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the many networks of It is among China’s best online shopping websites. The site retails a wide set of items from almost any category. Their high quality products include fashion products, autos, phones, PC equipment, home appliances and hardware. They also produce lighting, shoes, and jewelry items.

Purchasers can arrange as low as one thing and appreciate quick conveyance and full-back services for shopping online. It does not sell its goods. Many people uesd to ask: Is Aliexpress safely? The site works like eBay. It gives a host stage that permits outsider organizations to sell their items here.


Banggood was set up in 2004 as one of the cheapest online shopping websites. The site is an expert in foreign exchange online business for nearly all the things you need. It is located in Guangzhou, China. Banggood is better amongst other Chinese online stores offering low-cost, top-notch goods to its clients.

The site offers a broad scope of things, including apple frills, phones, hardware, toys, dresses, and gems. Banggood includes a quick delivery service. They ensure everything goes through quality testing before being sent.

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4.GearBest is the main worldwide online wholesale and retail brand. Gearbest sells many thousand items in all sorts of varieties. Its item class includes mobile phones, tablets, consumers, home appliances and consumer electronics. Home and garden products are also there. They also produce watches and jewelry products.

Gearbest has assembled a high productivity buying framework. It additionally has a local warehouse and neighborhood warehouse in North America, Europe. It gives quick conveyance services to more than 200 nations and locales around the world. Most of its items get to have free home delivery.


5. YesStyle

YesStyle was founded in July 2006. The site has brought YesAsia’s online business stage and innovation to another level. It immediately settled itself as a remarkable Chinese shopping sites. YesStyle highly esteems a wide choice of value items from premium brands across Asia. Their selection highlights everything about stylish designs for ladies, men, and youngsters. It also includes home frills, devices, daily life items, travel gadgets, home appliances and pet supplies.

YesStyle serves its clients across the globe for each event. It has become the quickest developing online business site in the world. They have a normal yearly business development of 35%. YesStyle has an Instagram following of more than 1 million over the course of a few years.



GS-JJ is an industry-leading manufacturer and wholesaler of promotional merchandise products.   

Their huge range includes custom pins, custom medals, lanyards, firefighter challenge coins, stickers, patches, wristbands and many more. They provide excellent design and customization services, free shipping costs, on time delivery, and have no minimum order quantities!

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DealsMachine (ex. aHappyDeal) is a Chinese webshop that is working since 2011. Its collection of items is very customary. It includes mobile phones, MP-3/4 players, cameras, parts, home appliances and gadgets for PCs. They also produce DVD players, GPS guides, and others.

The vast majority of its purchasers never face any challenges. All the items have got tested with quality control, and the shop gives you a chance of wholesaling or trading it. All things considered, the shop sells its items at medium costs. Thus, you can buy some items at such affordable prices as one penny with free shipping costs. You can utilize the aHappyDeal coupons that extra markdown.



LightInTheBox stands out amongst other China web-based shopping sites. The site gives modest things (mostly created in China) to buyers. They sell a total of more than 60,000 types of wares and a total of 14 categories of items. Their items include clothes, gadgets, toys, family units, and many other things.

The site has a large number of enlisted clients from around the globe. It delivers items across 200 nations. LightInTheBox was recorded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2013. The site has extraordinary service, quick delivery, and great items. It is a reliable China online store where you can discover many Chinese outlet stores.


It is a Hong Kong-based online shopping website that got established in 2012. The webpage prides itself on offering top-level items at very affordable costs. Some of these items incorporate cell phones, TV boxes, PCs, home appliances and so on. There are various worldwide brands to look over on their site. It likewise has warehouses in the USA, China, UK, France, and Germany.

Geekbuying has a mission of making a stage that puts the client first. Since its beginning, it has become one of the central eCommerce stages of selling a broad scope of buyer electronic devices. You can hope to discover items you will cherish along with superior help from the site. I appreciate this website’s quick worldwide delivery. Shipping takes 2-3 weeks at most. 



RCMoment offers different RC models and types for RC amateurs. They also provide RC experienced or proficient players. It has the benefit of admittance to a large number of RC items and adornments providers and accomplices. The site offers fresh introductions to a routine at a very reasonable cost.

RCMoment offers a large number of items. These include RC quadcopters and RC helicopters. They also provide RC Motor vehicles, RC planes, and many more things. The site expects to be created as a notable world-driving e-trade stage for RC items. Their team tries to be imaginative. RCMoment plans to ensure our buyers and customers have the best item involvement with the most monetary costs.



MiniInTheBox has been a business pioneer since 2006. It is one of the cheapest online shopping websites in China that offers high quality products. The site has the vision to enable people worldwide to purchase and sell on the web. Whoever you are, and any place you are, the site offers a similar cost to all.

The site provides light-speed services and discount costs to distributors, retailers, and buyers. They serve clients from more than 50 nations and are developing. In any case, their vision will not transform, i.e., One world, one cost.

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How to choose the best China online website?

China is, by far, the biggest online retailer in the world. There are thousands of suppliers on different sites that you can choose from. Since the choice of a platform is the necessary part, you must be careful with your selection.

I recommend choosing from the sites I mentioned above. Your choice should be based on the factors below. Based on experience. These factors influence the quality of your importing process the most. 

garments and shoes

· Experience

You must choose a website based on your previous experience. Always try to go for the ones with a great history of customer support and item quality. On the other hand, you can consult other buyers about the various sites and their experience with them.

 · Reliability

Choose your supplier and website based on their reliability. Make sure they deliver you the same product as they show and provide security for your precious money. Once you find a reliable supplier, you can make more deals with them in the future too.

· Main Category

Look for the main category of items that the site is providing. Choose your website based on what product you need. Make sure to choose the one that offers your required item in their central category list. In this way, you can find many suppliers on the web without having to search a lot.

·Free Shipping

Find a website that provides free shipping services throughout the globe. In this way, you can save a large sum of money to invest somewhere else. Even if you could not manage to find one, go for the site that provides the cheapest international shipping.

·Payment Method

It is a crucial part of making a deal with a Chinese supplier and must be handled with special care. You must go for a reliable payment method to reduce the risks of getting scammed. Choose a website based on the reliability of their payment methods. Never choose to pay using some third-party payment methods. In this way, you can make a successful deal with your supplier.

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·Transport Range

Choose a website based on their transport range. Never make a deal on some sites that do not deliver to your region. In this situation, you may need to use some third-party shipping services. These can cost you a lot and puts your products at risk of getting damaged. This must be made clear before placing an order.

Online order

How to order from China Online Shopping Sites?

While ordering from China through online shopping websites, you need to keep some things in mind. The following essential tips will help you place an order in the best way possible:

Find Suppliers from Online Shopping Sites

Browse through different Chinese shopping sites to find the sellers with the best products at the competitive price. You need to take a little time while choosing your supplier. It is the first and foremost step to order from China.

Request a Sample to Check the Quality

You need to ask the supplier for a sample product to test its quality. In this way, you can learn more about the product you are buying. This step is a must for beginner buyers looking for quality products.

Be Specific About the Products and Ask About MOQ

You should be aware of the lowest selling quantity to arrange the cost for it.

Negotiate Payment Terms and Make a Successful Deal

You should try negotiating the price with the seller. Always try to go for compare prices and get the lowest price available to enjoy a large profit in return.

Pay for the Down Payment for your Order

In this way, you can build trust with the supplier from China.

Ship Your Goods from China Using a Delivery or Sourcing Service

You can use LeelineSourcing to ship your goods reliably and early. It is a critical step. You must handle it with great care to protect your stock until it reaches you.

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FAQs about China Online Shopping Sites

The following questions are asked the most about China online shopping sites:

1.How to source and sell products from China online?

You can source and sell your products from China online in the following way:

  • Research the market for best-selling products. Find what people want and research the most searched keywords.
  • Contact your Chinese manufacturer about the product and his MOQ.
  • Negotiate the price with your supplier to get the product at the cheapest rate possible to get the affordable prices.
  • Order sample products to test the quality and reliability of the supplier.
  • Create a product posting on the website. Upload attractive pictures of your goods and add compelling details about it. Start running ads on tiktok or facebook to get in front of customers to visit website and collect email and do email marketing to get in touch with them again.
  • Analyze your sales over some time. See if the product is selling well enough or not.
  • Reorder your stock if the product is selling, or else pivot the product. Sell your remaining products and try your luck on a new product.

2.What products do we buy from China?

The following are the top imported products from China:

  • Vehicles
  • Computers and laptops
  • Mobile phone and accessories
  • Iron and steel
  • Plastics and their products
  • Apparels and knitwears
  • Footwear
  • Furniture
  • Toys and sports equipment
  • Electrical machinery and equipment, and many more

3.What online store has fast shipping?

AliExpress, among many other Chinese online shopping sites, has fast shipping. It delivers the right product within the required time. They make sure you get your products as early as possible.

4.What is the cheapest online shopping site?

Hoping to spare some dollars? The following is a list of the cheapest China internet shopping sites:

  • Chinabrands
  • Gearbest
  • Chinavision
  • Tiny Deal

5.Which is the largest online shopping company in China?

Alibaba is by far the most extensive web shopping organization in China (and the world). Alibaba is the organization behind a portion of China’s largest eCommerce stage. Taobao Marketplace, Tmall, and AliExpress have Alibaba as their parent sites. is its principal rival and also possesses the online grocery store Yihaodian.

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6.How LeelineSourcing help you Import from China Efficiently?

LeelineSourcing is a sourcing agent that is quick to help you import from China. They offer many sorts of help to their customers so they can benefit from their business. Their expert team has a lot of experts and helps you import efficiently. They help you in the following ways:

  1. Wholesale products from China and get the best product price

LeelineSourcing tries to find the ideal quality things at the least expensive cost. They barter from your side to make the deal most affordable. You can depend on them to discover the best price without compromising on the item quality. They work their best to fulfill their customers with the cost and nature of the products. Their group decreases your endeavors and saves your money with their incredible services.

  1. Do factory certification to ensure the quality of the items

They examine the quality and sufficiency of your order request. It guarantees the purchasers of the item quality after testing it. Their team makes sure to clear all the factory certifications so that the product is up to the standards. The specialists there treat your request as their own to get you the best products available.

  1. Provides best Amazon prep service

LeelineSourcing offers Amazon prep services to manage and package your things. Their team can put everything in for you. You can use their help to precisely wrap and set up your goods for delivery. A pleasantly packed stock remains safe and shows up at the fulfillment center early.

  1. Expert in paperwork to clear customs

LeelineSourcing realizes which paperwork your items required for delivery and custom leeway. They will handle taking care of all the confirmation issues. In that manner, your item will contact you with no endeavors.

  1. Shipping products from China at the best shipping rates

LeelineSourcing provides shipping service from China at the best cost. You will not need any third-party shipping service to bring your products to your doorstep. In this way, it helps you to save a lot of money with the competitive prices. Make sure to source your next delivery using their services with the best shipping costs.

Final Thoughts on China Online Shopping Sites

Other than the above China shopping sites list, there are other Chinese sites on the internet looking for you to buy items. You can go to,, and many other options are available.

You can make an attempt and purchase nearly anything you need from China. You can download and purchase items using your phone. Also, all Chinese shopping sites given above provide global delivery. They can send items to any locale or nation on the planet.

That is all from our side. After reading this article, you will know about various China online shopping sites. You may join LeelineSourcing to make the most of their import services. You can order from any of the above sites using their services at the most competitive cost. Their group of specialists will do all the required work to enhance your import business. We hope this article will be helpful to you. Goodbye!

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