Best China Online Shopping Websites: Unleash Shopping Power

Step into the overview of the best China Online Shopping Websites for businesses. 

Finding quality products at better pricing takes work. Also, many users are stuck on getting variety for their BRAND expansion. 

Wait! Our business expert has something for you. The sites listed below have QUALITY, better pricing, and good infrastructure for shoppers. Experts have explained their processes for your ease. Choose with complete confidence after reading our review on them. 

Still, if you feel overwhelmed, then Leeline Sourcing has your back. We filter suppliers, inspect their quality, and negotiate for the best pricing. You won’t have to surf these platforms for hours just to find a reliable supplier

Have a look to understand how these sites can help in your BUSINESS. 

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Why Do China Online Shopping Sites Attract People To Wholesale Goods?

China is a lucrative market for importers with various business opportunities. Look at the main three reasons below! 

  1. Competitive Pricing

China is a manufacturing hub with big wholesale suppliers. You can quickly get good deals regarding PRICING and low MOQ barriers. Cost-effective large-scale production processes allow the company to offer better pricing. Buyers can get discounts from manufacturers if they source in bulk. 

Quick Tip: Maximize PROFIT MARGINS by securing the best possible deal. Show your future collaboration potential for GOOD pricing. 

  1. Wide range of Products
Wide range of Products

The Chinese wholesale market is so huge. Users search for new materials, technology, and design. Access their world-class electronics or other items instantly. 

It brings another opportunity to widen your PRODUCT offerings number. Sellers add new features for shoppers to attract them. Use the same strategy to attract AUDIENCE in a competing market. 

  1. Convenience for importers 

Chinese infrastructure supports international buyers to source. You get LOGISTICS support, secure DEALING, and Easy access to business opportunities. 
Buyers can get customization and personalization services in a short time. Share your designs with reliable suppliers to get UNIQUE branded products.

Looking for the Best Chinese Products?

Leelinesourcing helps you find the Best Products Made in China with high quality at an attractive cost.

6 Legal China Online Shopping Websites Are Listed Below

NameCategoryUnique FeatureMOQDropshippingProduct QualityTrust Pilot Rating
Taobao.comB2C retail Platformvirtual try-on system
to try clothes 
NOYesGood Quality 3.7
1688.comB2B Wholesale siteDetailed Customization
and Personalization options 
YesNoDepends on Pricing 2.9
Jd.comB2C shopping sitePremium QUALITY
sports items 
NoYesGood vetting Process1.6
Tmall.comB2C Premium platform Livestream Broadcast
by sellers
NoYesPremium Quality 2.1
Pinduoduo.comB2C online siteCompeting price and
50% off shipping with deals
NoYesGood Quality 3 B2C & social community platform Community-driven app
with a direct shopping experience
NoYesVersatile quality
depending on Pricing

6 Best China Online Shopping Websites



Want to access the Chinese market more deeply? Taobao could be your best choice. It’s a B2C platform, so it’s better to stick to small single shipments. Still, no worries if you are interested in bulk sourcing. 

What are the key features I like: 

  • Variety of Products that go under a complete vetting PROCESS
  • Arrange items with popularity and pricing
  • Real-time tracking on both app and third-party sites 
  • Consolidated shipping option for bulk items

Consider Taobao a goldmine for the DROPSHIPPING business. Many shipping options for the UK, US, and Europe so that you won’t face late shipping complaints. 

The most common concern is the language barrier. You may need help with LANGUAGE pages. Use Google Translate to understand PRODUCT pages in detail. Use our Step by Step guidebook to buy from Taobao. 

Market insight: Select dropshipping PRODUCTS with the most reviews. They have existing customers who have tried and tested audience usage. 


1688 1

The first question that most people think about is the legitimacy of the 1688 site. Take a deep breath, and YES, It’s legit. Check our detailed review of the 1688 site. Many people become skeptical due to their JAW dropping prices. 

I got the same questions, but it is due to direct manufacturers on this PLATFORM. Millions of items are direct from factories. Pricing is their best selling point, especially for foreigners. 

What are the key features I like: 

  • 1688 Language setting in single click(No third party app required) 
  • Suppliers’ Performance badges for quick filtration
  • Image and Video review system 

You may need help with their outdated interface. Check the guide to buy from 1688 to stay on track without getting overworked. 

Many SHIPPING OPTIONS are available, but it is better to choose a 1688 agent. Avoid delays in customs clearance and transportation handling. Leeline sourcing comes in for your rescue with End-to-end shipment handling

Expert Tip: Deal with suppliers that have years of track record. You get professional service than new suppliers. 

Duman NUDEIBIEKE, Global Supply Chain Expert

leelinesourcing messenger 1

Hard to negotiate with suppliers and pay on ?

LeelineSourcing is ready to help you buy from 1688 low cost and efficiently.



JD, also known as Jingdong, has grown into a retail powerhouse in CHINA. Do you know what I like most about them? 

It’s their reliability, authenticity, and vast PRODUCT offering. JD has a slick logistic game that allows you to get your hands on goodies in a short time. 

Insider Tip: Look at their premium shipping options for INTERNATIONAL shipping. 

Exclusive network of warehouses around the globe. In the CHINESE region, they even offer same-day delivery or next-day delivery. 

What are the key features I like: 

  • Long Lasting items, especially in the SPORTS category
  • Exclusive discounts for LOYAL customers 
  • Effective customer support

Strict QUALITY measures, but sometimes you gotta face some flaws. Keep a product inspection service like Leeline sourcing before delivery to customers. We filter low-quality goods for DROPSHIPPING buyers to maintain your BRAND image. 



Tmall is a part of the ALIBABA group, just like Aliexpress. It is the creme da la creme of online shopping but mainly for CHINESE. Shop in every category, from high-tech gadgets to fashion items. 

Find HIDDEN GEMS while stepping into their virtual shopping paradise. You get big brands like Nike, Apple, and L’Oreal under a single platform with authenticity. Buy with confidence, knowing every item is genuine. 

What are the key features I like:

  • Sleek design interface to make shopping as smooth as silk 
  • Personalized shipping recommendations
  • Fast and reliable Delivery 

Secured payment methods include debit/credit cards. Pay via Alipay or Alibaba’s trusted PAYMENT SERVICE. Forget about the risk of getting scammed or payment errors. 



The groundbreaking e-commerce platform was established in 2015. 

They focus on a unique concept of GROUP BUYING. Do not know about it? Well, I can relate! 

Users can team up with their friends and family members. It’s like a large family bucket combination of different order items. At the final checkout, get a discounted price while enjoying such a fun experience. 

What are the key features I like:

  • Affordability for budget-conscious buyers 
  • Seamless mobile app that provides interactive experience in group buying 
  • A transparent and secure platform with individual controls 

Believe me, they have an effective algorithm when it comes to recommendations. You even secure random DISCOUNTS and sales. 


Little Red Book

Want to see a perfect combination of Social media and e-commerce? 

Well, Xiaohongshu is here for you. I know it’s hard for foreigners to pronounce it, so call it RED or Little Red Book. It’s a vibrant platform that sparkles with CREATIVITY and authenticity. 

You can transition from browsing travel ideas to SHOPPING for products like a diary. Purchase seamlessly from showcased posts with few taps. 

What are the key features I like:

  • Seamless Cross-border shopping experience without language barriers
  • Interactive features like Q&A sessions, live stream, and community discussions 
  • Secure translation while safeguarding sensitive information

An innovative platform that integrates community and eCommerce. Better place to buy LIFESTYLE products with in-depth details available. 

8 Legal China Online Shopping Sites In English Are Listed Below

NameCategoryUnique FeaturesMOQDropshippingProduct QualityTrustpilot Rating
AliExpressLeading B2C retail website Cheapest pricing
with free shipping
NOYesDepends on Pricing2.5
AlibabaTop B2B Marketplace The most comprehensive
range of Chinese suppliers
YesNoFrom Premium to cheap all are available4.4
BanggoodWholesale B2B platformA large number of
Western suppliers 
NoYesVariety of QUALITY depends on pricing3.7
GearBestB2B + B2C Operating ModelLeading Tech based
Product site
NOYesGood Quality1.7
DHgateLeading B2B and B2C marketplaceRigorous Supplier vetting process to ensure credibilityNOYesHigh QUALITY2.25
TemuB2C consumer marketplaceWide variety at
competing price 
NOYesGood quality3.1
LightInTheBoxB2B and B2C eCommerce sitePersonalized items
without MOQ 
NOYesGood Quality4.3
SheinB2C Fashion marketplaceFast shipping and
return policy 
NOYesSuperior Quality 4.1

8 Best China Online Shopping Sites In English

1. AliExpress

Well, the wait is over! I know it’s your favorite one. Undoubtedly, Aliexpress has gained immense popularity over the years. The most amazing thing is how accepting this is for international buyers. 

Quick Tip: Use the Ali Insider Chrome extension to buy from Aliexpress at LOW PRICING. 

What are the key features I like:

  • Images and video review system to filter quality products
  • Good customer service, according to many review forums
  • Cheap pricing with many DISCOUNTS for beginners 

Many entrepreneurs choose Aliexpress for dropshipping. They must understand their Shipping options before making their FINAL CHOICE. You may get stuck in the loop of delayed shipping if you don’t take the proper steps. 

Leeline sourcing helps Dropshippers find RELIABLE suppliers with fast shipping. We process your goods before shipment to give them a branded look. Make more PROFIT with a strong BRAND foundation. 

2. Alibaba

alibaba 1

Get bulk orders direct from manufacturers through ALIBABA. First choice of businesses while starting a BRAND. You can use our sourcing hacks to buy quality stuff from Alibaba

Still, many people need help with Alibaba shipping agents

Hiring a warehousing or a custom agent and dealing with other shipping hassles. Why Waste so much money and BUSINESS resources? 

What if you get one ONE-STOP sourcing solution? Leeline Sourcing handles everything from supplier selection to final delivery. EXPLORE our sourcing services that make things possible in your budget. 

What are the key features I like:

  • Quality products at wholesale cheap rates
  • Customization and Personalization for big orders
  • Product sample with different material options 
  • Many third-party inspection services are available on the platform 

Quick Tip: Don’t order samples directly. Communicate and show your BUSINESS possibilities in the future. Then ask for a sample and negotiate it’s PRICING. 

Corrado Pece, Expert Purchasing Equipment
Suggested reading: Alibaba Shipping Costs

If you hard to negotiate with suppliers and pay on safely?

LeelineSourcing is ready to help you buy from alibaba low cost and efficiently.

3. Banggood


One-stop shop for affordable goods from a WIDE RANGE of categories. Order everything from electronic gadgets to home decor items. Many people question its legitimacy, but in short, yes, it’s legitimate. Some need help with refunds or returns, so please remember this. 

Their competitive PRICING attracts drop shippers and entrepreneurs. You should explore the right way to drop ship from Banggood. Understand their eBay management and API support to excel in competing markets. 

What are the key features I like:

  • 20+ Currencies and 10+ Language Options 
  • Wide Variety of Products in various categories
  • Fast Delivery with many shipping options 
  • User rating system to rank PRODUCTS on shopping pages
  • Responsive Customer support 

Expert insight: Use order TRACK RECORD for timely deliveries and customer reviews. Evaluate sellers on this criteria before choosing it. 

Kassie Zhang, Supply Chain Consultant

4. GearBest


Good news for tech enthusiasts. You get your hands on innovative gadgets at competitive pricing. Some tech products seem so futuristic that people worry about GEARBEST’s legitimacy. 

The individual seller profile depends on its RATINGS and feedback. As long as you talk about Gearbest, they are absolutely legit. You still need to take proactive measures, like reading reviews before buying. 

Avoid SELLERS with negative reviews, as they may never ship your item. Inform GearBest in such cases, as their team can help you anytime. 

What are the key features I like:

  • Global shipping option to more than 100+ countries 
  • Extensive product range in ELECTRONIC and tech products
  • Warm community support 

User-friendly mobile app for both IOS and Android platforms. Seamless experience with added convenience for users. 

Suggested reading: Is Gearbest Legit, Reliable or a Scam?

5. DHgate


The second most popular wholesale platform after ALIBABA is DHgate. This is an exceptional option you should consider while purchasing in bulk. Quality and affordability with a killer PRODUCT range to buy from DHgate. 

Wallet-friendly prices with a positive reputation among CUSTOMERS. Many people like their customer support and transparency. Read their reviews on independent forums. 

What are the key features I like:

Leeline Sourcing helps you to source quality products with a complete inspection. We do pre-production and post-production auditing to ensure QUALITY control

Expert Tip: Use their BUYER protection features, which include trade assurance. Escrow services protect your deals until they are delivered.

Zhuosheng P., Supply Chain Consultant

6. Temu


Is Temu a scam? 

I have heard this question many times. From reading various reviews, Temu is legit. Forget worrying about these things; focus on BUSINESS. 

Temu offers a good opportunity for DROPSHIPPING. Access thousands of winning PRODUCTS to sell in your STORE. Profitable Temu Dropshipping with lowest pricing sourcing. 

If you run out of SELLING ideas, then Contact Leeline Sourcing. We have extra winning Products for you. Rigorous QUALITY checks to ensure customer satisfaction

What are the key features I like:

  • Loyalty program to earn CREDITS for free products
  • Easy SIGN-UP process for new users 
  • Seamless navigation with a user-friendly interface 
  • Secure Payment methods 

End-to-end information encryption to safeguard you from SCAMS. Do not share your personal information with suppliers. 

7. LightInTheBox

Convenient Shopping experience with an extensive PRODUCT range. What did I like most about LightInTheBox? It’s their RETURN POLICY in 7 days. I know you might be thinking about a short period, but I like their effectiveness. 

Say goodbye to the long explanation of what happened and what not. Give a valid one, and that’s all sorted! 

They emphasize CUSTOMER satisfaction. That’s why you get personalized support. Hurrah! I mean a dedicated agent to you. But only in some instances when you need to resolve urgent cases. 

It’s still a GREAT DEAL. Also, this gets them many POSITIVE reviews from consumers. 

What are the key features I like:

  • Multi-channel payment options for your ease 
  • Fast shipping and delivery process
  • Wide PRODUCT range 
  • Discounted deals up to 50% off

8. Shein


Shein should be your only choice if you are a FASHION LOVER. You get a wide range of styles from different country’s customer bases. 

Quality varies when it comes to such a diverse PRODUCT range. So check the legitimacy of the Shein seller before buying. 

FASHION is booming and becoming a sizable drop shipping industry. Good news for you: Shein supports Drop Shipper in their mission. 

Choose the best FASHION ITEMS and add them to your store. Sell and make money with Shein DROPSHIPPING. Select their best shipping option because customers want it ASAP! 

Look at the shipping options detail before finalizing any item. 

What are the key features I like:

  • Many size and fit options cater to diverse body types 
  • Affordable pricing, even on PREMIUM products 
  • 15 days return policy with two methods 

Looking to place an order with a new Chinese supplier?Are you sure they’re reliable?

Secure your supply chain by checking your suppliers’ ethical, environmental, social and manufacturing capacities for compliance through Leeline’s Supplier Audit Programs.

How To Choose The Best China Online Website?

How To Choose The Best China Online Website

You need to remember the following points when choosing an online site. Let’s explore them one by one: 

  • Supplier vetting

How robust is their supplier background checking process? Do they let suppliers list and sell without any verification? 

As for Leeline sourcing, we have an entire team to inspect suppliers before sourcing. Does your preferred platform have the same vetting process? Check our guidelines to verify suppliers

Expert’s advice: Check each supplier profile page. If they have a long track record of selling, then they are legitimate. 

Cheryl Low, Expert of Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Reviews and feedback 
Reviews and feedback 

Check which website has a better rating system. Do they have picture or video reviews? Also, how do they sort their suppliers in ratings? Research in detail. 

Pro Tip: Check video reviews of products before shopping. Compare their quality, size, and color contrast with those of the listed item. 

  • Shipping options

Here comes the vital thing to consider. If your platform offers free shipping with sales, it would probably be SLOW. Check PAID shipping options for the US, UK, or Western countries. 

Compare SHIPPING RATES with each platform during online shopping. 

Quick Tip: See the e-Packet shipping option, as it’s cheap and fast. Only suitable for small items. 

How To Source And Sell Products From China Online?

garments and shoes

You can source and sell your products from China online in the following way:

  • Research the market for best-selling products. Find what people want and research the most searched keywords.
  • Contact your Chinese manufacturer about the product and his MOQ.
  • Negotiate the price with your supplier to get the product at the cheapest rate possible to get the affordable prices.
  • Order sample products to test the quality and reliability of the supplier.
  • Create a product posting on the website. Upload attractive pictures of your goods and add compelling details about it. Start running ads on tiktok or facebook to get in front of customers to visit website and collect email and do email marketing to get in touch with them again.
  • Analyze your sales over some time. See if the product is selling well enough or not.
  • Reorder your stock if the product is selling, or else pivot the product. Sell your remaining products and try your luck on a new product.

How LeelineSourcing Help You Import From China Efficiently?

How LeelineSourcing Help You Import From China Efficiently

LeelineSourcing is a sourcing agent that is quick to help you import from China. They offer many sorts of help to their customers so they can benefit from their business. Their expert team has a lot of experts and helps you import efficiently. They help you in the following ways:

1. Wholesale products from China and get the best product price

LeelineSourcing tries to find the ideal quality things at the least expensive cost. They barter from your side to make the deal most affordable. You can depend on them to discover the best price without compromising on the item quality. They work their best to fulfill their customers with the cost and nature of the products. Their group decreases your endeavors and saves your money with their incredible services.

2. Do factory certification to ensure the quality of the items

Do factory certification to ensure the quality of the items

They examine the quality and sufficiency of your order request. It guarantees the purchasers of the item quality after testing it. Their team makes sure to clear all the factory certifications so that the product is up to the standards. The specialists there treat your request as their own to get you the best products available.

3. Provides best Amazon prep service

LeelineSourcing offers Amazon prep services to manage and package your things. Their team can put everything in for you. You can use their help to precisely wrap and set up your goods for delivery. A pleasantly packed stock remains safe and shows up at the fulfillment center early.

4. Expert in paperwork to clear customs

Expert in paperwork to clear customs

LeelineSourcing realizes which paperwork your items required for delivery and custom leeway. They will handle taking care of all the confirmation issues. In that manner, your item will contact you with no endeavors.

5. Shipping products from China at the best shipping rates

LeelineSourcing provides shipping service from China at the best cost. You will not need any third-party shipping service to bring your products to your doorstep. In this way, it helps you to save a lot of money with the competitive prices. Make sure to source your next delivery using their services with the best shipping costs.

SAFE + EASY Importing from China

We do the hard work in China, so you don’t have to: Product sourcing, quality control, shipping, and more.

People Also Ask About China Online Shopping Websites

1. What products do we buy from China?

The following are the top imported products from China:
1) Vehicles
2) Computers and laptops
3) Mobile phone and accessories
4) Iron and steel
5) Plastics and their products
6) Apparels and knitwears
7) Footwear
8) Furniture
9) Toys and sports equipment
10) Electrical machinery and equipment, and many more

2. What online store has fast shipping?

AliExpress, among many other Chinese online shopping sites, has fast shipping. It delivers the right product within the required time. They make sure you get your products as early as possible.

3. What is the cheapest online shopping site?

Hoping to spare some dollars? The following is a list of the cheapest China internet shopping sites:
1) Chinabrands
2) Gearbest
3) Chinavision
4) Tiny Deal

4. Which is the largest online shopping company in China?

Alibaba is by far the most extensive web shopping organization in China (and the world). Alibaba is the organization behind a portion of China’s largest eCommerce platform. Taobao Marketplace, Tmall, and AliExpress have Alibaba as their parent sites. is its principal rival and also possesses the online grocery store Yihaodian.

5. Can I import directly from China?

Yes, you can, but you must connect with the right people. Ask your supplier to keep ready inventory. Hire a shipping agent for transportation and CUSTOMS handling. Receive your WHOLESALE products directly without delays.

6. Do I need to pay customs if I buy from China?

It depends on the item’s worth, category, and destination country. In the US, you are expected to pay customs duties for goods valued at more than 799$. In some CATEGORIES, you get a discount or a lesser fee. 

What’s Next

Business owners love to source from any trusted CHINESE platform. Yet it comes with shipping challenges, high fees, and the need for more transparency. Save time and resources in such an economy via ONE-STOP solutions.  

Where would you get everything done under one roof? 

Leeline sourcing helps you to do each STEP without hiring multiple agents. Sourcing, Customization, QUALITY CONTROL, and shipping, you name it. Save time by taking direct action

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