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TOP 12 Cool And Unique Night Light You Should Sell Online

Cool And Unique Night Light

Nights lights are different from ordinary lighting systems. More specifically, they illuminate a room or a specific section of it with a soft glow. A piece of moss soaked in animal fat was sufficient as a night light in pre-historical times.

However, the sophistication of this light grew as human technology and innovation advanced. For example, desk lamps became extremely popular after the introduction of kerosene as a means of lighting a home at night.

Electricity revolutionized everything making night lamps available to almost everyone. Today, we even have LED bulbs that serve as night-lights.

The benefits of having a night-light are numerous.

For example, one of them is that you can see at night. That keeps you from hitting against furniture or other items on the ground as you go for a midnight snack. It is especially useful if you have a baby in the house. A night lamp would help you avoid such items reducing your risk of possible injury.

Another benefit is that it makes you feel safe because it comforts you if you fear darkness.

The third benefit is you can do a couple of things without disturbing other people who are trying to sleep. For instance, you can read a book or do some knitting. The night light provides you with sufficient light, yet it is soft enough to allow continued sleep for other people.

Nightlights are also beneficial to you because they look fantastic at night. In fact, LED lamps can come in different colors. That means you can get a night light that has your favorite color. You can even change the colors at will.

Finally, getting a night light is an excellent idea because it helps you get back to sleep if you wake up prematurely. Remember, night-lights have a soft glow that soothes your eyes as you close them. That is especially true for babies who cannot fall asleep in complete darkness or under bright lights.

Below are top 12 cool and unique night light you should sell online:

DIY Handmade Romantic Rose Night LightDIY Handmade Romantic Rose Night Light


With 2 artificial silk roses, a led strip light, a glass dome and a wooden base. You can make a creative and romantic gift yourself.

DIY your special lights with flowers and LED strip, as the stem of flower is easy to cut and bend, also the LED strip is made with a bendable copper wire and about 2 meters/6.6ft long, you can make whatever shape you want.

This night light works with 3*AAA battery. Easy to operate, just turn on the switch and small bulbs will bright warm white lighting.

Perfect gift for women at any occasions.

Color to choose: Red, White, Pink

Purchasing price range($): 4-6

Amazon sell price range($): 18-32

Cartoon Rabbit Bedside Table Night LightLED USB Charging Hourglass Night Light


With snooze alarm+ acoustic noctilucent+ strong magnetic adsorption+ LITHIUM battery charging circuit

You can activate the alarm night light function by issuing a sound more than 56 dB by clap hands or knock on the table in circumstances of low light or at night.

Easy to be installed in bedroom, entrance or washroom. Best choice for wall decorations.

Build-in 2000 mA large capacity lithium battery for long standby time. Using a USB interface, external DC5V power supply.

Color to choose: Pink, Blue

Purchasing price range($): 10.5-11

Amazon sell price range($): 20.08-52

Dolphin Colorful Silicone Night LightDolphin Colorful Silicone Night Light


With 3 light effects: Turn on power button, it turns to  warm white mode, and taps it to brighter mode. Then it changes to 4 Individual color (Red / Yellow / Green / Blue).

Best gift for babies and home decoration, the warm brightness is cozy for sleeping.

With USB charger and 800mAh capacity battery.

Using ABS+ silicone materials

Color to choose: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White

Purchasing price range($): 6.4-6.5

Amazon sell price range($): 12-19

Cute Chicken Tumbler Silicone Night LightCute Chicken Tumbler Silicone Night Light


With tumbler design and easy to operate, tap on the top to turn on/off, long press the chicken head to adjust brightness of the light.

Using ABS+PC+Silicone materials.

With USB charger and 1200mAh capacity battery. It takes 4.5 hours to get full charged.

Color to choose: White, Yellow

Purchasing price range($): 5.6-6

Amazon sell price range($): 14-29

Multifunctional Mirror LED Night LightMultifunctional Mirror LED Night Light


Multifuncational LED night light with alarm clock + makeup mirror+ thermometer.

Built-in rechargeable 500mAh capacity lithium battery, can be charged by USB charger and power bank.

Easy to operate, touch to turn on the night light, long press to adjust the brightness.

Using glass+ ABS metarials.

Color to choose: White, Silver, Champagne Gold

Purchasing price range($): 9-9.35

Amazon sell price range($): 12.99-81

Touch Sensor LED Table Night Light With Mini SpeakerTouch Sensor LED Table Night Light With Mini Speaker


With mini speakers, you can enjoy music at night.

With touch button, touch to turn on/off, long press to adjust the brightness.

It supports 3 kinds of power supply: DC5V power adapter, USB charger, or install 3 AAA batteries.

Using high-quality ABS plastic materials, durabke, safe and non-toxic.

Best gift for men, women and kids.

Purchasing price range($): 17.5-17.7

Amazon sell price range($): 19-59

3D Illusion LED Night Light3D Illusion LED Night Light


With hand sweep control: Sensing distance within 10CM to turn on/off and adjust brightness you want(tricolor or colorful)

You can custom the pattern you want, such as Elk, Birthday Cake, Bear, Tower, Ferris Wheel, Cat, Sunflower etc.

With USB charger, AC adapter, can charge freely.

Best choice for gift and decoration at any occasions.


Purchasing price range($): 5.1-7.2

Amazon sell price range($): 10-41

Vintage Tungsten Light BulbVintage Tungsten Light Bulb


Using high quality tungsten wire, long life time with high brightness.

Using featured copper lamp holder, strong conductivity.

Best choice for decoration.

Voltage: 220V,110V is optional.

Power: 40W, 25W/60W are optional.

SKU: 18041011

Purchasing price range($): 0.5-0.7

Amazon sell price range($): 5.6-20.9

Vintage Edison Bulb With Rose PartternVintage Edison Bulb With Rose Parttern


Using high quality tungsten wire, long life time with high brightness.

Using featured copper lamp holder, strong conductivity.

Best choice for decoration. You can custom pattern you want.

Voltage: 220V

Power: 2W

SKU: 18041012

Purchasing price range($): 1.9-2.4

Amazon sell price range($): 6.9-29.9

Vintage Edison Bulb With I LOVE YOU PartternVintage Edison Bulb With I LOVE YOU Parttern


Using high quality tungsten wire, long life time with high brightness.

Using featured copper lamp holder, strong conductivity.

Unique design light bulb, you can custon pattern you want.

Creative decoration for expression of love.

Voltage: 220V

Power: 2W

SKU: 18041014

Purchasing price range($): 1.9-2.5

Amazon sell price range($): 13-29

Magical Electrostatic Ball Night LightMagical Electrostatic Ball Night Light


Can effectively reduce the electrostatic pollution in the air, purify the air.

Using the principle of stimulated ion discharge. The light will follow the movement of your hand and finger, it seems you have magical power.

With  high class glass ball appearance+ ABS base.

With USB charger or small battery-powered.

Best choice of decoration with colorful lighting design.

Purchasing price range($): 2.4-3.2

Amazon sell price range($): 12-39.9

LED USB Charging Hourglass Night LightLED USB Charging Hourglass Night Light


Hourglass night light is a creative home decoration.

With thick glass, special shading plastic and sand.

Easy and inductive operation, 4 colors can freely switch.

With 800mAh capacity battery and USB charger.

Color to choose: White, Pink, Blue, Yellow

Purchasing price range($): 11-12

Amazon sell price range($): 35-79

If you have any more questions about night lights, night light supplier, night light wholesaler, night light manufacturer or night light retailer, please do get in touch so we can assist you in getting the right information.

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