Amazon FBA Shipping : The Complete Guide 2021

Sharline Shaw

Amazon FBA shipping may sometimes be an uphill battle. Leading most sellers to doubt whether its benefits OUTWEIGH the struggle. 

As an FBA shipping expert, it’s an EYESORE to witness businesses lose money on shipping costs. So, I crafted this guide to help you avoid the costly shipping logistics PITFALLS. Get efficient shipping methods by leveraging the BENEFITS of FBA fulfillment. Never let your hard-earned revenue go to waste. 

Continue reading to find the BEST shipping solutions for GROWING your business.

Amazon FBA Shipping

What is Amazon FBA?

With the help of Amazon, the FBA company can list the products for sale and can send the products and then ship. Further, Amazon can also handle most aspects of customer services.

Fulfillment can be Amazon is offered by the Amazon, which helps the customers in storing the products, packaging, and shipping. It can take the burden from the sellers and gives flexibility in the selling of products.

Amazon program lets the sellers ship their goods to the Amazon, where they can be stored until customers do not book an order. Whenever an order is placed, Amazon employees pack and ship the products.

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Best Amazon FBA Inspection and Prep Services In China

The benefits of Amazon FBA

You can many benefits of Amazon FBA; for instance, you will not have to handle the shipping refunds or returns.

Amazon has developed its distribution process, and customers have to rely on quick, efficient delivery of their purchases.

Both sellers and buyers can get real peace of mind through Amazon FBA. As all the orders will be shipped out right away and then the return process is also straightforward. It can save time and money for sellers.

Your Products Are Eligible For Amazon Prime FREE Two-Day Shipping, FREE Shipping, And More

Through Amazon FBA, you can get different types of benefits, including discounts. You can get discounts in the form of reduced shipping prices when sending your inventory to Amazon.

The customers can also get many benefits, as many orders on Amazon can be availed with free shipping.

Beside it, the prime members can also get the free two-day shipping on all of the FBA products. It is the incentive, which can lead to higher sales.

Customers Get Amazon’s Trusted Customer Service And Returns

Amazon is well famous for providing excellent customer services. Amazon provides 24/7 support either through phone, chat, or email. It can facilitate the customers and takes a lot of responsibilities from your side.

Amazon FAB gives a lot of benefits to you, and one of them is handling the returns. When you are getting the inventory through Amazon FBA, Amazon will assure you that they can handle the returns for you.

Amazon FBA also tries to provide the best customer services to your customers. All of these services are very helpful in improving your business.

You can save time by using the Amazon FBA. And pay attention to other things, for instance, you can improve the product listings and many more.

FBA Services Let Your Amazon Business Scale Quickly

You may not have thousands of products in start to handle. With a handful of products, t=you can create an organized and streamlined process.

Once you have successfully placed all the products, it is straightforward to scale up, and you can also add many more products. And all of this can help you to grow your business.

Furthermore, Amazon FBA also provides images of your products from different angles. It can be beneficial in showing the features of your products. It is also beneficial in scaling-up your business.

Amazon FBA

Shipping Methods to Amazon FBA

The following are the best ways to ship from China to the Amazon FBA distribution center. A detailed description of all these methods is given below.

Express Transportation

You can use Express Transportation, as it is the cheapest method of shipping the products to Amazon, especially for most of the private labeled products, which are light and compact.

It is a quick way of delivering products. This way of shipping provides a competing speed and reliable transport of the products for the FBA services.

Express transportation is the fastest way of sending your products from suppliers to the Amazon centers.

There are many advantages to express transportation. For instance, it is the fastest way of shipping, as it takes just a few days to reach the United States. But meanwhile, it is very expensive.

If you are shipping the products from China to Amazon FBA, it can be affected by two factors. First is your commodity weighs more than 21 Kg, they will charge you a cost for 1Kg. And if your weighs below than 21 Kg, they will charge you 0.5 Kg.

The transportation time for express delivery is very fast as compared to other courier services.

  • DHL: 2 to 4 business days
  • UPS: 2 to 3 business days
  • FedEx: 2 to 3 business days
Which express company is better

Sea Transportation

It is the primary transportation technique, used for the universal far and import. This way of transportation offers shipment of products low costs, enormous volumes, LCL or FCL choices. Sea freight has the longest shipping times. However, I still recommend this transportation mode to our clients with budget constraints.

The advantages of sea transportation include lower costs as compared to air transportation. Also, they handle large volume shipments. But it can be slow and may be affected by climate changes.

The shipping time for sea transportation is 35 to 45 days. The sea transportation may not cost you much money, but it will cost in the form of time. You will have to pay approximately $200 for every pallet.

Many other factors can increase this cost, for instance, port charges, document fees, domestic transportation customs clearance, and storage fees.

Air Transportation

Air transportation is the best way for the shipment of products in various ways.

You can transport a large number of goods at affordable prices all over the world without any hurdles. It attracts those wholesalers a lot who want to refill their stock in no time.

It can be the perfect option for your business if you are in a hurry and require the products for the refilling of your stock.

According to a rough estimation, you will have to pay $ for every kg, which shipping goods from China to Amazon in the United States.

And you will have to represent the custom clearance charges and duties. Through air transportation, you can get the products within just ten working days.

Air Freight

How to Ship to Amazon FBA?

The fulfillment by Amazon appeals to the sellers, and it is convenient too. Amazon does everything for you; pick, pack, and ship the products for you and then handle the customer services and returns. As a business owner who handles a large customer base, it saves me time and effort.

There are many benefits of fulfillment by Amazon, and above all is that all of your products will be Amazon Prime eligible. And the other benefit is Prime’s ever-growing popularity.

There are more than 75 fulfillment centers of Amazon, which are spread in different regions of America.

Amazon FBA shipping is straightforward but may need a little effort from your side. For instance, several product categories require extra measures.

Amazon takes strict measures to maintain its quality. Therefore, all the warehouses are operated under strict guidelines.

Amazon makes sure that all the products are appropriately labeled and packed, not only for the better safety of the products but also for the employees handling them.

The products are shipped under strict instructions. Amazon has strict rules to handle the whole process, so all the things go smoothly without any disturbance.

1.Creating an Amazon Product Listing

At first, you have to select the products for FBA shipping. You can select the required products from the Manage Inventory page.

To create the product listings, you will have to log in to the Seller Central. Then select Add a Product. If the product is already on the Amazon, it will be beneficial; otherwise, you will have to create a new product listing.

Creating an Amazon Product Listing

2.Creating Your Shipping Plan

The creation of the shipping plan is a significant step, and your shipping plan will identify the following:

  1. Products, which you re sending to the Amazon
  2. Quantity of each product
  3. Who is going to handle the product preparations and labeling, either you or Amazon
  4. Shipping method and carrier

If you are going to ship the Private Label products, you will have to prepare the Product Listing for that; before the shipping.

The products are always shipped along with the listing, and one does not exist already; you will have to create.

Once you have done with the Product Listing, you are ready to create the shipping plan. To create the Shipping Plan, Go to the Manage Inventory page and then select each item in which you want to shop to Amazon.

Select the Send/Replenish Inventory from the Actions on the Selected drop-down menu. Here you can create the shipping plan, or if you have an already, add to that.

At the next step, you will have to verify the ship-from address. It is the place where you are shipping the products; it can be your home, business, or supplier.

If you are shipping the products from a Chinese supplier, you will have to provide the address of the manufacturer here.

And then confirm the packaging type. The individual products are single products of different qualities and conditions. In contrast, case-packed products are identical items in the same condition.

Mostly arbitrage sellers create the individual Product Shipping plans, while Private Label sellers create the Case-Packed shipping plans.

In both of these situations, an arbitrage seller might have a lot of different items in just one box, which you are shipping into the Amazon.

The Private Label seller may have similar items to ship to the Amazon. Then Continue to shipping plan.

Step 1: Set The Quantity

To set the quantity is the first step in the Amazon ABA shipping plan and then fill in the quantity of the entire inventory you have in stock and want to send.

At this stage of Amazon FBA shipping you may receive any one of the following notifications:

  1. Information required: you will have to provide more details about the product
  2. Removal required: you will have to remove this product from the shipping plan
  3. Action recommended: you should remove this product, as Amazon has identified this product as slow-moving
  4. Excess inventory: you have added more number of products than the recommended number of units in the stock

All the actions recommended and excess inventory alerts can be bypassed by indicating that you have acknowledged the alerts.

You should make sure that all the removal required products have been removed before continuing.

  • Fill In The Quantity Of All Inventory You Have In Stock And Want To Send

You can receive different types of notifications, and you will have to add the products from the stock. And you will have to perform this action before you move to the next step.

  • Make Sure All Removal Required Products Are Removed

The Amazon may also ask you to remove the products, because of various reasons. So, you should remove this product.

Step 2: Prepare The Products

Amazon asks you to prepare all of the products according to Amazon standards. If you are going to prepare and label the products through Amazon, you will have to pay the per-item fee. And will have to ship the products safely to the warehouses.

This process may require soma extra packaging materials, so you should read about the packaging and prep requirements for sending FBA inventory.

extra packaging materials

And if you have not selected the Amazon, you will have to perform all the actions by yourself. You should follow all the FBA prep requirements or face unplanned prep services fees.

Mostly, sellers have their manufacturer or freight forwarder to prepare their products to save money and time.

And if you are taking help from manufacturer or freight forwarder to perform all these actions then you should be aware of the FBA prep guidelines and requirements.

You must check the Pre required tab on the Prepare Products page for preparation guidance on the products with set preparation requirements. You can any of the following:

  1. Polybags
  2. Bubble wrap
  3. Opaque bags
  4. Tape

All of the products will be prepared under the Prep may be required tab, if their prep guidance is not known.

You can select the corresponding product category to know is there any need for any additional preparation. You can click the Continue when you are ready to proceed.

  • Amazon FBA Will Only Prep Products With UPCs

Amazon FBA will prepare only prep products with UPCs. You can click investigate on the prep product page to start a review of prep requirements you feel are not applicable. You can check the under given checklist to stay organized:

  1. Product and shipment workstation
  2. Printer
  3. Scale to weigh the boxes
  4. Tape
  5. Paper for packing slips
  6. Dunnage
  7. Boxes
  8. Opaque bags
  9. Bubble wrap
  10. Sold asset
  • Require Extra Packaging Materials

Many products need to be adequately packed, which may need extra packing materials. You should pack all of these products so that they can be transferred over long distances.

Step 3: Label the Products

In Amazon FBA shipping, Amazon uses a barcode system to put away and track the products. So, all you should label all the products according to the standards of Amazon. You have the following options for the Amazon FBA shipping:

  • Using An Existing UPC Or EAN Barcode For Eligible Products

If you have a UPC or EAN barcode already, you can also use it for some specific products or for which they can be used, according to Amazon.

  • Adding An Amazon Barcode Directly To The Product Or Packaging

The second option allows you to use the barcode directly to the products. You can go through the FBA barcode labeling requirements also to know the whole process thoroughly.

If you have decided to label all the products through Amazon and then you will have to pay the per-item fee, so Amazon will provide you barcode.

FBA Label Service

Step 4: Review Your Shipment

You should carefully review the whole shipment process. It is essential to pay attention to the shipment ID, and destination fulfillment center code and location as your plan will require multiple shipments to different warehouses.

Your shipment will get a specific name, which can be changed later on. But you will also get the number of MSKUs along with the quantity of each shipment.

You need to know in mid that any amendment here can impact your packing lists. And it is better to get a print after the improvements of the shipping plan.

After the appeasement of the shipment, a view shipment page will appear. The shipment plan is set and ready to be sent to the designated shipment Amazon fulfillment center. For any further details, you can also check the work on shipment.

  • Pay Close Attention To Your Shipment ID

You must remember the shipment ID, as you can track your product through this ID at any stage.

  • Pay Close Attention To Your Destination Fulfillment Center Code And Location

The fulfillment center code is essential, so pay attention to it. The shipment ID may get changed, but the barcode will not.

Step 5: Prepare Your Shipment

In Amazon FBA shipping, you should fulfill all the shipping and packaging requirements. Few small changes can be made to the shipping plan but within specified limits. For the significant changes, you will have to cancel and recreate the whole process or pan.

Select Your Shipping Method And Carrier

Shipping methods and carriers are two critical factors. You must select both of them carefully and before the shipping of products.

Determine The Number Of Boxes Needed For Shipping

You should calculate the number of boxes that you will need for the packing and shipping of the products.

There are different categories for shipment from which you can choose the one according to your requirements. You have to choose one category according to your requirements.

You can confirm the shipping category either with the manufacturer or with the Amazon Freight Forwarder; both of them will get through it to give you the best option.

  • SPD

Small parcel delivery can be used for those products and items, which are packed in the individual boxes. You cancel an SPD delivery within a day.

  • LTL

Less than truckload (LTL) includes all the boxes which are packed and stacked on the pallets. The LTL truck can stop at different locations to collect the other parcels.

  • FTL

Full truckload (FTL) gets all the boxes and goes right to the fulfillment center; without any stop on its way. Both LTL and FTL deliveries can be canceled within an hour, after the submission of the shipment request.

ltl vs ftl
Schedule And Pay For A Shipment

After the selection of the shipping category, you will have to plan for the shipment. And you will also pay the money at this step.

Print Box Labels

After the packaging of all the products in the boxes, you can apply the labels. The labels are essential; as they contain the required details about the products.

The Two Most Important Considerations When Shipping Your Goods Are

While you are shipping your goods, you need to consider the following:

Shipping Individual Pallets vs. Full Containers

You can either transport the individual pallets or whole containers, according to your needs. If you are going to ship a large number of products, I recommend choosing the full containers. It’s an excellent way to save money and avoid hefty shipping costs. And if you have only a few numbers of goods, the individual pallet is going to be the best decision for you.

Downsides to LCL

LCL can be a good option only if you are going to ship only a few products. It can be a little time taking, as they have to stop at different locations to get the products.

Packaging and Labeling Your Products

It is an essential part of the shipment. You have to pack and label the products properly so, and all the products can be transported safely over the long distances.

Recognize The Difference Between Product Dimensions And Packaging Dimensions

You must pack the products properly. And get the boxes according to the size of your products.

As you are going to ship the products over long distances, the excellent packaging f the goods can ensure their safety.

Avoid Oversize Products

Try to choose a smaller product for shipping, as they are easy to be transported over long distances.

The oversized goods can be an issue, as they are quite heavy, their packaging is the major issue. So it’s better to avoid oversized goods.

How To Find an Amazon-Friendly Freight Forwarder?

The freight forwarder can give you all the essential services; necessary for the shipment of the products.

Amazon freight forwarders are well experienced and have all the necessary connections to book space for your products through reliable carriers.

The freight forwarder can book any carrier, for instance, air, ocean, or land, depending on your needs.

The Amazon freight forwarder is also necessary to know about the delivery requirements and other needs of the shipping.

The Amazon freight forwarder is well experienced in the delivery of the products to Amazon warehouses so that he can be an excellent assistance for you in the whole process.

The following are the platforms which you can use to get the best and reliable Amazon freight forwarder for your business:

Leeline Sourcing

The Leeline sourcing helps you to get the best Amazon FBA Prep Services in China. You can contact the company to get benefit from their best services.

Leeline Sourcing not only provides you with the list of best products from the Chines markets, Amazon FBA Prep Services, but also in finding the Amazon freight forwarder.

Our company Leeline Sourcing has over ten years of experience in this field. We guarantee to connect you with the best freight forwarders on Amazon. Deal with your small or big orders like a pro.

The company will assure you about the quality, competitive prices, packaging, and shipments. The company also offers personalized services to satisfy their customers.

You can contact the Leeline sourcing any time to know about the Amazon forwarding. The company will surely provide you with the excellent services.

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Research And Reading Online Reviews

It is highly recommended to get to know about the reliable Amazon freight forwarder. You must check the online reviews and comments.

The feedback of previous customers can be constructive for you.

As you can get an idea about the experience of others and it will let you know how experienced Amazon freight forwarder is. So, you can find the best one, according to your needs.

Joining An Amazon Seller Facebook Group Or Forum

You can also join the Amazon seller Facebook group, to get an idea about the services of Amazon freight forwarder. It is the best platform to learn from the experience of others.

You should remember various factors while selecting the right Amazon freight forwarder for your business. Always choose the Amazon freight forwarder based on pricing, responsiveness, and flexibility.

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Communities & Forums

How Leeline sourcing Help You Find The Best Amazon FBA Prep Services China

Fulfillment by Amazon is a next-level thing, which has changed the whole process. With the help of FBA, you are free of storing the products.

Beside it, you are free of storing, managing, and delivering the products to your customers.

Instead of all thee, you can focus your energy and time on ways to extend your business, and Amazon FBA will take care of the rest.

Amazon FBA can also manage the returns from your customers.

In this way, you can do many other things, including stock preparation, according to the demand of Amazon. You can also take help from the Amazon FBA Prep Services.

The Amazon FBA prep services try to facilitate the Amazon vendors in all respects. A few services inspect the deliveries to make sure that they are according to the Amazon standards.

Furthermore, they also take care of the shipment of the goods and many other things.

The Leeline Sourcing helps you to find the best Amazon FBA Prep Services for you in China. The company helps in product sourcing, quality inspection, and FAB Prep Services.

FBA Ops is the Amazon FBA Prep Services based in China, which offers an extensive product selection.

The company helps in the search for suppliers and products. They can provide you with all types of products with the lowest possible prices.

FBA Achiever provides the Amazon FBA Prep Services and shipping services. They are unique and different from others, as they have inspection teams all over the world.

FBA Sourcing China is a newly growing Amazon FBA Prep Services. They will try to help you out in product selection, and beside it, they also offer a unique product for every client.

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Leeline Sourcing Offer Amazon’s Pick & Pack Service (FBA)

FAQs AboutAmazon FBAShipping

The following are the questions which most of the sellers used to ask about Amazon FBA Shipping.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship To Amazon FBA Warehouse?

The shipping cost depends on the weight of the product. Amazon will charge you $5 for a lightweight product and $13 for cumbersome objects.

How Long Does It Take For Amazon To Receive FBA Shipment?

It can take almost 1 to 3 business days for your shipment to be received by the Amazon. But it can take more days too, depending on various factors.

How Much Is Amazon FBA Per Month?

Amazon can charge you 45 cents to $39.99 per month, depending on the products you are selling.

What Labels Do I Need For Amazon FBA?

You will need TOOFUN Amazon FBA Label 30-up Labels 1″ x 2-5/8″ on the United States White Self Adhesives Shipping Mailing Stickers for Laser Printer.

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How Do I Track My FBA Shipment?

You can monitor the FBA shipment through the Orders API section.

How To Protect Your IP for FBA Shipping?

Amazon puts the responsibility of IP for FBA Shipping on the shoulders of the sellers. According to Amazon, it is the responsibility of sellers to make sure that they are selling the products legally and within limits.

Final Thoughts About Amazon FBA Shipping

Amazon FBA brings many benefits to the sellers, which lets them focus more on their business.

Similarly, Amazon FBA Shipping also helps the sellers to ship the products at low prices. Amazon FBA Shipping assures the sellers safe shipping of their products over long distances.

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