Cheapest Way To Ship A Shirt In 2023 (Avoid Wasting Money)

Sharline Shaw

Struggling to find the cheapest way to ship a shirt? Don’t worry; there’s a solution.

We are a freight company with over 10 years of experience. We’ve helped thousands of clients source and import products to their stores. We will show you how to ship a t-shirt to any country at little to NO COST.

You will learn the following from this guide:

  • The cheapest way to ship a shirt
  • How to package t-shirts for shipping
  • How to ship a single t-shirt from China
  • How much it costs to ship a shirt
  • Packing materials required for shipping a shirt
Cheapest way to ship a shirt

Which Shipping Option Can You Choose To Ship T-Shirts?

Shipping Option

To be honest, there are a lot of shipping options out there. 


I have used many carriers, but not all are good for clothing. Some may have good shipping speed but not so good handling. I won’t add them to my list. 

But we’ll only talk of the ones that give you ABSOLUTE value for your money. No PR. No overselling. Just FACTS.

Here are the top three options you can use to ship clothing;

  • USPS first-class package service
  • UPS ground
  • USPS priority mail

We’ll dive into detail (in a few) about why these are the best options to consider when shipping. 


 A Fast , Easy and Cheap Way to Ship from China 

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The Cheapest Way to Ship A Shirt

The Cheapest Way to Ship A Shirt

Is there REALLY a cheap way to ship t-shirts?

Well…it depends. How much are you willing to spend on shipping clothes? 

Generally, we recommend using domestic shipping companies thanks to their pocket-friendly prices. 

Speaking of price…

Here are our #favorite shipping companies with lucrative rates.

USPS first-class mail

USPS first class is one of the CHEAPEST shipping options every e-commerce owner should try. I recommend not spending money on expensive shipping options While having this. 

Shipping rates cost $5 or less and vary depending on your package weight. They are super FAST, and you’ll be able to receive your order within 1-3 days. Most of my orders come in their given shipping time frame. I like this thing and their tracking is very accurate without any errors.  

Here’s the catch:

Your package should not exceed 15.99 ounces (or one pound). 

Poly Mailer

Poly Mailers is another affordable option to ship clothes without breaking the bank. 

Prices start from as low as $0.25 per unit when purchasing bulk. In some regions, rates might rise up to $1.25 per identical cardboard box, even while buying bulk. 

UPS ground

UPS is an EXCELLENT shipping option for cash-strapped eCo-preneurs. (Did I just make a new word?)

Get this– UPS ground is affordable. No, it’s WAY affordable. 

They charge up to $2.47 if the package weighs less than 2 lbs. It saves me money while enjoying the best service. 

And shipping? Packages arrive within 1-5 days for orders within the U.S.

How To Package A T-shirt For Shipping?

Package A T-shirt For Shipping


I hate whenever I receive a poorly packed T-shirt. I know it is also because I love to try newly opened stores. So most beginners don’t know about T-shirt packaging. 

For a single t-shirt…

  • Fold nicely and ensure no wrinkles are visible
  • Place the t-shirt face down with sleeves folded backward
  • Pack it in a plastic sheath. Seal the plastic bag with packing tape
  • Put the package inside a poly mailer and add a shipping label. EASY PEASY. 

For multiple shirts…

  • Pile shirts in a packing box
  • Seal the box and add a shipping label. DONE!

Public Announcement: USE a box slightly larger than the average volume of t-shirts. It helps prevent wrinkling and folding when shipping. 

Also, use a cardboard box and packing material (e.g., brown kraft paper) when handling larger shipments. It reduces wrinkling on t-shirts during transit.

How To Ship A Single T-shirt From China?

Ship A Single T-shirt From China

The easiest, cheapest, and best way to ship a t-shirt from China is by ePacket shipping

Not only for T-shirts, but I also use ePacket for various shipping items. There are some packaging and product limitations of ePacket. 

In the past, most shipments were handled by EMS (Express Mail Service) in China. It was a PERFECT option, just that delivery would take ages (literally!!…)

ePacket now offers a cheap and affordable way to ship t-shirts and other low-value items. 

Here’s a breakdown of ePacket’s shipping International rates (single T-shirt):

Shipping optionsDelivery speedWeight (lb)Shipping cost
ePacket 7-30 business days    1    $7.69


  • Delivery is FASTER than other shipping companies, such as USPS priority mail. This means you get your goods on time. 
  • ePacket is cost-effective, meaning you don’t have to spend loads of cash shipping one t-shirt.


Best practices to save money while shipping from China:

1. DO NOT add any extra thing onto the package (unless it’s a thank you note😊).

2. Always use lightweight packaging materials (e.g., plain poly mailer). 

3. Remember thisPricing varies based on the package’s weight. The heavier, the higher the rates. And the longer the shipping process.

Suggested reading: ePacket Shipping & Tracking Guide

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Shirt?

Cost of Shipping A Shirt

If you live around the continental USA, shipping a shirt costs less than $5; using USPS first-class mail. 

Also, international rates start from $44.95 (which is pretty affordable). I prefer standard shipping options while shipping internationally. You could do the same to save shipping costs! 


These price rates are great for the following:

  • New entrepreneurs launching a clothing online store
  • Dropshippers on a budget
  • E-commerce store owners tired of coughing hundreds of dollars on shipping services

Generally, rates are LOW for shipments below three ounces. And applying USPS coupons & promo codes further cuts down on shipment costs, saving you more money.

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

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Packing Materials Required For Shipping A Shirt

Packing Materials

Packaging is a CRITICAL factor when it comes to shipping. 

Your packing material should be:

  • Durable: don’t settle for poor quality material that can’t do the job RIGHT
  • Cost-effective: eCommerce businesses should find a supplier who offers an excellent balance between price and quality 
  • Tamper-evident: security of products should be your #no.1 priority. We recommend using water-activated tapes, shrink wraps, container seals, etc. 
  • Environment-friendly: Only use materials that are eco-friendly and align with logistics and shipping laws. 

So, here are the BEST packing materials for shipping shirts (or clothing items);

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard display boxes are Ideal for multiple items or heavier packages. Are Ideal for multiple items or heavier packages. 

So you can use a large or small box depending on your package. 

Bubble Wrap

EXCELLENT for shipping shirts with trinkets. 

Soft envelope

So you only have one order?

Why waste an entire box? 

Stack it in a soft envelope and slap a shipping label on it!

FAQs about Cheapest Way To Ship A Shirt

1. What is the best way to ship shirts?

USPS Priority Mail is the cheapest shipping option for international and domestic packages. The estimated delivery time is between 6-10 business days (international) which is relatively FAST.

2. Can I mail a shirt in an envelope?

Yes, you can mail a shirt in an envelope. It is an EXCELLENT option if you are only shipping a single shirt. We recommend using soft envelopes or poly mailers while shipping t-shirts. 

3. How much does a shirt weigh for shipping in lbs?

The average weight of a normal shirt is 0.375 lbs (6 oz). Heavier shirts can weigh up to 0.5 lbs or slightly more. 
Note: The weight of a shirt is determined by its material. Thus, cotton shirts are MORE heavier than silk shirts.

What’s Next

USPS is the BEST option if you are looking for the cheapest way to ship clothes.  

But remember…

Keep packages as light as possible to avoid more fees (or additional charges). 

Lastly, don’t forget to seal your packages to avoid any damage. 

Are you looking to ship clothes from China? Or learn more about how to ship goods from China? Don’t worry! Hit us up on our contact pages with your request.

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