How To Use Terapeak? Turn On The MAGIC Of It

eBay seller, right? Great! You might be EMBARKING on the new JOURNEY to sell. Even if you are not, I have a GIFT for you! 

Any wild guesses? TERAPEAK! 

Have you heard of this TOOL? It is one of the WONDERS you could do to your eBay store. SUITABLE choice. And PERFECT products. But how to use TERAPEAK? 

Such a QUESTION is revolving around all eBay sellers. But, no WORRIES at all. I will explain it. 

Our LEELINE SOURCING experts have 10+ years of EXPERIENCE under their belt. Help eBay sellers grab HIGH-QUALITY products at lower RATES. Result? Boom up your PROFITS and Increase revenues — OUR PROMISE! 

In this guide, I will EXPLAIN the TeraPEAK, its various FEATURES, and step by step guide. 

Ready to explore? Let’s have some REAL FUN! 

How To Use Terapeak

What is Terapeak?

What is Terapeak

If you have experienced using various tools in the stores, here it is TERAPEAK! 

It is a specialized tool that gives INSIGHTS on active listings. Helps expand the best-selling listings on eBay. And gives sales data for MILLION of products. 

Sounds exciting? 

Let’s dig into the deep details of this tool. 

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How does it work?

The whole working mechanism of Terapeak revolves around the TWO fundamental tools. 

Guess the names? Yes, you are RIGHT. Let me have a BRIEF discussion on both tools from Terapeak. 

Product research is all about the DIP in the market. Dig the trending product CATEGORIES. Analyze the top-performing listings. And then grabbing the DATA. 

For example: 

  • Average sale price
  • Number of listings for a particular item
  • Number of sales for a specific item
  • Condition of the selling item
  • Sell-through rates
  • Sales trend over one year
  • Unsold inventory
  • Listing formats of specific items

These get you data of a PARTICULAR eBay category. 

Terapeak SOURCING INSIGHTS is all about eBay listings. It evaluates the HIGH DEMAND and LOW DEMAND product categories. Shows data for: 

  • Search volume
  • Active listings
  • Search-to-listing ratio
  • Click-through rate over one year
  • Total number of listings
  • Total number of sales
  • Top Opportunities
  • Top listings

The market RESEARCH for specific categories and items becomes EASY, PEASY! 

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Pros of Terapeak

Pros of Terapeak

Terapeak has various benefits for eBay users. Excited to KNOW? Wait a minute. 

And check the pros here. 

Helps choose the right products

First of all, I check VARIOUS factors when deciding on the products! 

  • Number of items sold in 365 days. 
  • Profits per item
  • Sell through rate
  • Highest sale price and average PRICES. 

Here TERAPEAK provides me with all of the information in the ONE YEAR period. 

Case closed! I understand the DATA! Make informed DECISIONS. It helps SHINE MY SELLING store. And excel with CUSTOMER loyalty.

Ensures better profits

Profitable ONLINE STORE? Every single seller DREAMS it. But do they all get it? 

Not all get it due to WRONG items sold for ATTRACTING buyers. TERAPEAK helps me drive ACCURATE items’ average sales prices. 

I get the IDEA of the profit. Improve my profit margins with profitable deals. And the results are IN FRONT OF YOU — a SEVEN-figure store on eBay! 

Increase sales levels

One of the BIGGEST reasons I adore Terapak is HEIGHTENED sales. It helped me BOOST my sales with 365 days of data. 

I was able to find the TOP SELLING inventory. Launched it in my store. And BOOM! 

In the first week, I sold all my stock, all thanks to TERAPEAK research help! 

Adjust Shipping Costs

Worried about SHIPPING? Forget it right away! 

Terapeak HELPED me get the shipping data. I determined the OVERALL costs and margin. Finally, I decided whether to OFFER free shipping or not. 

Such DECISIONS help boost the profit MARGINS. And increase your EARNINGS directly by cutting costs on shipments. 

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Limitations of Terapeak

Limitations of Terapeak

Like many other tools, I have EXPERIENCED some problems with it. You can call it the limitations. I have followed the FOLLOWING limitations on terapeak. 

  • No Data beyond one year. Terapeak sourcing insights and market research OFFERS data for 365 days. No sales and pricing data BEYOND this time. 
  • High sell-through rates. Some sellers offer QUITE low rates. And DOUBLE up their sales. TERAPEAK shows the number of sales, not the profits. So, it can INTERFERE in the proper product selection in the eBay marketplace. You might be stuck at the LOW-PROFIT inventory as well. 

I have some TIPS for you. (Just a bonus from my side)

  • Always do your research and COMBINE results. 
  • Have a picky EYE to detect the avg. Sold price RANGE. 
  • Understand the SELL through rate and check the products manually. Monitor whether they are OFFERING some discounts. If yes, that might not be the RIGHT product. Leave it! 

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How to access Terapeak on eBay?

How to access Terapeak on eBay

So, you want to use the Terapeak on your eBay store, right? Have some FUN because it is NO-BRAINER. 

I have listed the DIFFERENT steps to access it. 

  • Navigate to eBay SELLER HUB
  • Can you see the option RESEARCH? Great! Tap it! 
  • Three options will come out. One will be of the PRODUCT research. (It is free.) The second will be TERAPEAK sourcing insights. If your subscription is of BASIC STORE plan or above, it will show. Otherwise, you might not get it. The third one will be the LEARNING RESOURCE. It is for your help. 

Whenever I need to CHOOSE any tool, I do. Upon clicking the product research, I enter the TOOL. Research the products. 

That is so simple! 

How to Use TeraPeak? 

How to Use TeraPeak

The Crux of MATTER is here, where HUNDREDS of eBay sellers fail. No IDEA what to get. How to get it. Is that the case with you? 

If so, say GOODBYE to your WORRIES. I have MANUALLY used it and explained the WHOLE process in multiple steps. 

Step 1: See the Magic of Terapeak product research tool

See the Magic of Terapeak product research tool

As far as I have USED, it is a COOL product research tool. Easy PEASY. Quick RESEARCH. And top products POP up on the search RESULTS. 

Do you know the PRODUCT? Any of its identifiers? For example, I have FOLLOWING identifiers. 

  • eBay Product ID (EPID)
  • European Article Number (EAN)
  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)
  • Universal Product Code (UPC)
  • International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN)

If yes, great! TERAPEAK product research will get you directly to the product! 

If not, I still have ONE OPTION for you. And it is the MANUAL typing. 

Let me explain the eBay research through the TERAPEAK research tool. 

  • Add the product title. For example, you want to find the Samsung S24! Write it in the search box! 
  • Better use LONG-TAIL KEYWORDS. These are keywords that have three or more words. For example, you want Samsung’s latest device. Type: Samsung S24 Ultra, not just the Samsung or Samsung S24. Terapeak PRODUCT RESEARCH feature will show you the Samsung S24 + Samsung S24 ultra. All active LISTINGS will be visible. 
  • Multiple Keywords. You can add multiple keywords at the same time. For example, Samsung Google Pixel 7 Pro has two VERSIONS: 8/128GB and 8/256GB. Based on your REQUIREMENTS, you can type: Google Pixel 7 Pro 8/128GB. It will show all the GOOGLE PIXEL 7 pro with 8/128 GB features. 
  • Guess what, here is another EXCITING feature. Exclude the PARTICULAR eBay listings. For that, you can add “AND NOT, or “–” both work out. If you want to exclude the specific COLOR of the pixel phone, add it. For example: Google Pixel 7 Pro – Sky Blue. It will exclude all the results having the Sky Blue color of Google Pixel. 

Step 2: Apply Search Filters to narrow down your market research

Apply Search Filters to narrow down your market research

I want to give you some GOOD NEWS. Terapeak has INTRODUCED various filters to narrow down your research. For example: 

  • Data Period. Sometimes, I need the data just for PAST 7 DAYS. This is the MAGIC filter for me. It helps me customize the NUMBER of days for the given data.
  • Inventory Type. Do you want to sell the USED inventory? Great! This condition filter is for you. Choose the FIXED pricing, auction-based costs, or USED inventory based on what you need. 
  • Shipping Fees. Exploring the different types of COSTS is no big deal for me. Use TERAPEAK. Get the shipping fees, product fees, and VARIOUS other filters for pricing. 

Step 3: Data Analysis

Data Analysis

There are two MAIN things to understand here for you. 

In the SOLD data, I get all the items sold in a SPECIFIC timeframe. From my own experience, I grab the data from Dec 1 to 8 of 2023.

You need to UNDERSTAND eight points here. 

  • Average selling price excluding the shipping costs. 
  • Selling price range including highest and lowest costs. 
  • Average shipping price 
  • Free shipping on the products. 
  • Total number of sales. 
  • Sell-through rate.
  • Total number of sellers for the product. 
  • Total sales in a specific period. 

In active data, it shows the CURRENT and active listings. 

It comprises: 

  • Average listing price
  • Listing price range
  • Average shipping
  • Free shipping
  • Promoted listings. It involves the paid ads for the product promotion. 

A graph POPS up on the screen. I check it to determine the TREND of the sales for the specific item and period. 

Step 4: Do Optional Category Research

Do Optional Category Research

Do you have a subscription to the TERAPEAK sourcing insights? If yes, I have something more to EXPLAIN here. It is OPTIONAL category research. 

There are two options here. 

  • Manual research. You need to type the CATEGORY name and ID manually. 
Manual research
  • Choose from the given CATEGORIES. You get the SAVED categories, which allow you to select from. 
Choose from the given CATEGORIES

Once you have SELECTED the categories, I would like to explain FOUR factors here. 

  • Search volume of the SPECIFIC category in the given period. 
  • Active listings. Current number of LISTINGS active in the category. 
  • Search to listing ratio. Divide the volume by listings in the specific category. 
  • Sell-through rate. Total sales divided by total inventory 

In each category, you get TWO filters: 

  • All formats. Fixed price or auction? Choose the filter based on what you want to sell. 
  • All conditions. New or used? This filter helps in getting the favorite data for specific product categories. 

There are THREE GRAPHS shown: 

  • Click-through rate. It shows the number of clicks divided by the number of times the product is displayed. 
  • Total listings. These tell the total number of listings in a specific time. 
  • Total items sold. Over a specific period, you get this graph. 
Click-through rate

There are three tabs to understand. 

  • Top Opportunities. These products have a lower return rate and more clicks. 
  • Explore item specifics. It shows data for specific product variant sales. For instance, the colors of Google Pixel. 
  • Top listings. It determines the best-selling listings. 
Explore item specifics

You can save the CATEGORIES For future uses as well. 

People Also Ask about How To Use Terapeak

1. Is Terapeak Free?

Terapeka offers TWO main tools. TERAPEAK product research tool that is 100% FREE. Terapeak sourcing insights have a COST of $21.95 per month. You can UPGRADE it in your eBay store.

2. How can software like Terapeak help me increase my sales on eBay?

Terapeak research tool GIVES you real-world sales data of the products. Plus, you get the insights over the COMPETITORS. A proper strategy made with the TERAPEAK research can bring you HIGHER SALES. 

3. Terapeak is used on eBay. What is the equivalent software for Amazon?

Nowadays, you can use TERAPEAK as an Amazon seller as well. However, if you are looking for alternative tools, look at: 
· Channel sale
· Ink Frog
· Aman Pro

4. How does Terapeak get eBay’s sales data? And how hard would it be to get access to it as a third-party developer?

TeraPeak has partnered with eBay. That allows this tool to get into the data and grab the opportunity for increasing sales. However, IT CAN BE HARD, but increasing sales for eBay urges it. 

5. How do I interpret the data and draw meaningful conclusions about eBay from Terapeak?

Whatever the product hits the market, Terapeak shows it. You can check the LAUNCH DATE of the SELLING products. And understand sales trends over the PERIOD. 

What’s Next

Whenever you are USING the Terapeak, KEEP in mind: 

  • Identify top-selling PRODUCTS. 
  • Check the sales levels. 
  • Monitor your COMPETITORS. 

What next? Make a PERFECT launch strategy for a competition item. And become the TOP eBay seller. 

But how do you grab the BEST-QUALITY products then? 

Here comes the TALENTED professionals of Leeline Sourcing. We help you FIND the top suppliers. Negotiate the prices. And TEST the quality. What you get is a WORLD-CLASS quality item. SKYROCKETED sales. 

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