7 Quality Assurance Examples: Critical To Driving Quality

Sharline Shaw

The success of a BUSINESS RELIES on two main factors. 

  • PRICE 

Do you have BOTH? If yes, QUALITY ASSURANCE must be your CHOICE. 

Different QUALITY ASSURANCE EXAMPLES are there. These DETERMINE how successful your business will be. 

Want that? 

The Leeline Sourcing team has helped EVALUATE THE product QUALITY. Our quality assurance focuses on the BEST QUALITY. You’ll save money and make HIGHER PROFITS. 


This wonderful article explores the QUALITY INSPECTION and determines the Quality assurance example. 

Read till END. 

Let’s know more! 

quality assurance examples

What is Quality Assurance? 

What is Quality Assurance

Whenever you CONTACT suppliers, they guarantee the PRODUCT quality. 


Can you define it now? Let me explain it. 

Quality assurance process is a SYSTEMATIC approach to ensure the QUALITY of products. The supplier confirms the HIGH-QUALITY environment of the production process.” 

It is like the QUALITY MANAGEMENT system. The testing teams confirm the BEST QUALITY of a product. 

Quality assurance system is EQUALLY important everywhere. Quality assurance always works with Quality control to provide ESSENTIAL QUALITY. 

Want further details about Product Quality assurance? 

Get more. 

What are the Benefits of Quality Assurance? 

What are the Benefits of Quality Assurance

Quality assurance system is the BEST THING EVER! 


It is QUITE EFFECTIVE for Product quality. The final product procures what exactly you need. 

Here are the benefits of the QUALITY ASSURANCE system. 

Improves the Production Quality 

QA focuses on SORTING OUT the quality. 

Quality assurance QA applies QUALITY STANDARDS. 

I have just visited my manufacturer. When I checked the FACTORY and various tools, I learned how it works. The process maturity framework was outclassed.

QA testing procedures produce HIGHER OUTPUTS. 

Increases the Cost Efficiency 

Do you want to save the COST? 

I have closely OBSERVED the Quality assurance system. It is great. You don’t have to REINVEST in achieving quality. 

Cost-effective production decreases concerns about Product products. 

Win Customers trust

Recently I ordered a product from my supplier. The supplier guaranteed to deal with quality issues. That assurance led me to get some confidence in the supplier.

The same CASE occurs with the buyers. Since you have IMPLEMENTED what the customer needs, you win TRUST. 

More customers become your REGULAR consumers. 

Business growth is Higher 

My business workflow relies on the CUSTOMER’S TRUST. And I get it by selling QUALITY products. 

What does a Quality assurance system provide? 

It gives me the QUALITY I can sell under the QUALITY ENVIRONMENT. 

So, business growth is 2-5 times RAPID than others. 

Inspection, Supplier Audit, Product Testing in China & Asia

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Exact Process and Requirements of Quality Assurance 

Exact Process and Requirements of Quality Assurance

Quality assurance eliminates TECHNICAL ISSUES and provides control and QUALITY. 

But how exactly does it occur? 

Want to know? 

Here is the EXACT process for implementing a quality assurance system. 

  • Creating a Management Plan 

You must have a BLUEPRINT to implement Product testing QUALITY ASSURANCE systems. 

What will you do in that case? 

Very SIMPLE. Prepare a testing environment. Make a Layout of the QC and QA activities you’ll perform. 

  • Setting the Checkpoints 

Quality assurance teams set up checkpoints. 


Checkpoints are the POINTS at which testing teams check QUALITY. 


It ensures the QUALITY management PROCESS is on TRACK. 

  • Formal Technical Reviews 

In the PLANNING STAGE, technical reviews are CRUCIAL. 

It concludes with a meeting with the quality assurance experts. They: 

  • Check the product testing process 
  • Ensure the performance testing is on TRACK. 

It is a 2000% crucial STAGE of a product development process. 

  • Multi-testing strategy 

In a QUALITY PLANNING process, the testing team makes a multi-testing strategy. 

Testing includes: 

  • Functional testing 
  • Exploratory testing
  • Test Criteria 
  • Performance testing 
  • Usability testing 
  • Regression testing 
  • Black Box testing
  • Process Monitoring and evaluation 

QA teams strive hard: 

  • Evaluate the entire system of Quality testing. It ensures everything is going according to plan. 
  • Monitor the process to get the expected results. Different technical teams are involved in Control and quality process. 

What if things get off track? 

There is always a Quality assurance plan B. 

  • Do Audits 

Got the RESULTS? 

Whether these conform to the expected result? 

Yes or no, audits of Product TESTING ensure the safety of quality standards. At some point, if something does not conform, audits bring RESULTS. 

Product engineering teams are KEY. 

  • Get records and reports 

Once the audit has been conducted, 90% of the TASK is done. 

Since 10% is still on the TABLE, you have to complete it. 

Every process has Reports. For example, if you have conducted an AUDIT, there will be reports. 

The reports will explore the different aspects of QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. 

Got the results reports? 

Save it. In the future, it will be VERY HELPFUL. 

  • Manage Good relationships

There are TWO IMPORTANT teams in the Product development lifecycle. 

  • QA testing teams 
  • Developers

The best results are POSSIBLE with the COORDINATION. 

So, make GOOD RELATIONSHIPS with both teams. Keep the CONFLICTS to the minimum. That is how you’ll get the EXPECTED RESULTS. 

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What are the Examples of Quality Assurance?

What are the Examples of Quality Assurance

A Quality assurance technique MIGHT involve some errors. The FUNDAMENTAL goal is to identify defects. 

Sometimes, you fail. 

Here are some examples that determine the QA. 

Manufacturing issues 

I ordered the SHOES from my supplier. There was one PROBLEM with every shoe— loose soles. Later, I told my supplier. The quality assurance tester rechecked the products. And I confirmed the QUALITY.

Later the soles were of the EXPECTED QUALITY. It is a PURE EXAMPLE of a manufacturing issue. 

Quality Assessors helped me out! 

Human error 

Human errors are a BIG PROBLEM in quality assurance. 

Let me tell you about an INTERESTING EXPERIENCE. 

“I asked my supplier to KEEP AQL under 2. Products went under production. The supplier mistakenly took two as 5. A supplier’s mistake leads to HIGHER DEFECTS.” 

Since the error is related to the human, it is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of human error. 

System improvements 

A website is a PERFECT example. 

A website relies on the NETWORK LATENCY and bandwidth. Higher bandwidth supports High traffic. When a sudden surge of traffic occurs, the website server is DOWN. 

Since the system takes time to recover, it is an example of a SYSTEM improvement. 

I have faced SUCH EXPERIENCE while browsing slow websites. 

Process enhancements 

I reported QUALITY ERRORS in the products to the supplier. The supplier hired a team. The team tested the products. And they reported back to me about the QUALITY reports. 

The whole process took time to IMPROVE. It is an example of a process improvement in a system. Data processing occurs in various steps. 

Most COMPANIES test strategy before they undergo the testing. 

Design evaluation 

Design is the BIGGER problem I have ever faced. A complete design PROTOTYPE always brings up mistakes. My quality assessors ensure the production setup is PERFECT. 

Product teams ensure the design is OPTIMAL. A single error is REPORTED, and test cases are implemented. 

Food safety reviews 

Food safety department CONTACT the customers about the FEEDBACK. If customers’ health is GOING inadequate, instant measures bring BETTER results. 

It is the EXAMPLE of food safety in the QA. 

I do not compromise on SAFETY. Whatever I order, make sure it is health friendly. 

Security improvements

Security teams are always there in a COMPANY. An IT team safeguards the company from HACKING. Many other solutions, such as Product testing, occur for vulnerability detection. 

I have HIRED the IT team to test the Product. The project manager makes a VALIDATION plan. Tests and brings results. 

FAQs about Quality Assurance Examples

1. Is quality assurance worth it? 

Yes. Quality assurance is 100% WORTH it. A Product testing level demonstrates the QUALITY. It helps you save some bucks and make more sales. Development activities drive results. 

2. What suppliers offer quality assurance? 

Any and EVERY supplier can offer quality assurance. 
Usually, a RELIABLE supplier guarantees QUALITY. It helps you choose the RIGHT ONE. 

3. What is most important in quality assurance?

Quality is the MAIN GOAL. But resource planning and implementing STANDARDIZED processes. Product development organizations apply multiple existing processes to get QUALITY ASSURANCE

What’s Next

A process relies on the QA and QC. For that, you have to hire the RIGHT suppliers. 

Sometimes, inspection teams assure QUALITY. A TRANSPARENT PROCESS is going to build confidence. 

So, do you need the suppliers or team for QA? 

Contact LEELINE SOURCING! We have the BEST suppliers. Our inspection team is TOP-NOTCH. A decade of experience has made our APPROACH perfect. 

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