How To Sell Rainbow Friends Game To Make Money?

Do you want to EARN TONS while having fun? You’re lucky, as the Rainbow Friends Game can be your exciting revenue stream.

As an entrepreneur, I always look for ways to EARN MONEY online. And playing games is one of my unexpected sources of passive income. Say goodbye to endless searches for things to sell online. The Rainbow Friends toys are your golden ticket to a PROFITABLE business opportunity.

Ready to TRANSFORM your business by selling toys that gamers can’t get enough of? Read the whole article!

How To Sell Rainbow Friends Game To Make Money?

What Is The Rainbow Friends Game?

Rainbow Friends is an electrifying jumpscare game RELEASED by Roblox. A widely recognized gaming platform that is loved by many.

And if I’m about to describe this game, I think of only three words. It’s exciting, addicting, and VERY MUCH engaging! 

It surely keeps you on the edge of your seat as you make new friends worldwide.

The game is ALL ABOUT SURVIVING five nights at OddWorld Park. A place where kids once used to have fun. But now, it’s where five colorful monsters chase you down. 

The best part about the Roblox Rainbow Friends game? 

It’s completely FREE TO PLAY. And even a 7-year-old kid enjoys playing it. 

How To Play Rainbow Friends Game?

How To Play Rainbow Friends Game

Playing the Roblox Rainbow Friends G ame is pretty easy. 

But before you DIVE into this adrenaline-pumping adventure. Let me give you a sneak peek of what awaits you.

Picture yourself with your fellow players inside a school bus. Then suddenly, It took the wrong turn and crashed in a bio-hazardous area. No one knows what caused the accident. But I know for sure it was because of the mysterious figure that appeared out of NOWHERE.

Now this is where the real fun begins.

You’ll see next is a blue arrow that innocently heads you to the Theatre.

Your objective is to SURVIVE each night and complete the set of tasks given to you. But here’s the THRILL. There are five relentless monsters determined to FIND YOU. 

 So keep in mind NOT TO GET CAUGHT at all costs!

Here’s a quick rundown of the tasks YOU NEED to complete. Note that you must return all the items in the theater to WIN.

Night 1 – Collect 24 Blocks

This is where I had my first jump scare. Who wouldn’t if that gigantic one-eyed BLUE MONSTER was chasing me?! 

And oh, by the way, a show-stopping cutscene appears next featuring the GREEN MONSTER. 

So brace yourself; for every task you complete, you’ll meet each monster SUBSEQUENTLY. 

Night 2 – Gather 15 Food Backs

Beware of the green monster while completing this task. He’ll be EVERYWHERE on the map.

Once you finish the task, ORANGE MONSTER will be shown next. Eating those 15 food backs, you just collected.

Expert Tip: You’re allowed to collect multiple items.

Night 3 – Hunt 14 Fuses

The atmosphere in this round is more intense. Making the jumpscare become even MORE CHILLING.

I don’t even know how I survived this far. But one thing is for sure. I almost peed my pants! 

As you collect the 14 fuses, PURPLE MONSTER, and ORANGE MONSTER try to get you. 

Night 4 – Collect 9 Batteries

You’re a pro if you made it alive on this round. All monsters will be patrolling as the game NEARS TO END. 

Once you have collected all 9 batteries. The mysterious figure at the beginning again appears. 

Night 5 – Escape The Total Chaos

I’m not even sure how to narrate everything that’s happening here. But the scenes here were TRAUMATIZING as all the players found their way to escape.

And remember the mysterious figure? It turns out to be the RED MONSTER. He’s one of the monsters out, trying to kill all the players.

Rainbow Friends Characters

Getting FAMILIARIZED with each monster is what I did to WIN. This is also a strategy you need to make the most money from this game. Ready to FIND a pot of gold under this Rainbow Friends Game? Let’s go meet the characters!

1. Blue Monster

Blue Monster

Blue is the first monster that scares the sh*t out of you on your first night. 

He’s the MAIN CHARACTER of this gameplay. So he’ll be chasing you more often than the other monsters. He’s also pretty FAST, even if he’s big.

Each monster CREATES a distinct sound when they’re around. And for Blue, he growls loudly like a HUNGRY ZOMBIE as he walks. 

The sound he creates gets even creepier as he chases you. So make sure your volumes are up!

2. Green Monster

Green Monster

Meet Green, a blind monster that creates SQUEAKY FOOTSTEPS when he’s around.

They say he’s the easiest to avoid, but not for me. I almost got a heart attack outrunning him.

Since he’s blind, HE USES his long hands and legs to block the doors and hallways. The tricky part about his character? He will eat you if you touch him or green objects. 

3. Orange Monster

Orange Monster

Looking at it, you immediately know that he’s a lizard monster. 

Orange has its OWN HIDEOUT. Trust me when I say it’s the last place you’d like to be. 

HE’S ALWAYS HUNGRY. So feeding him is the only way not to get killed.  

He leaves an orange trail on the map, so you know when he’s around. Don’t touch it, or he will chase you down and eat you. 


4. Purple Monster

Purple Monster

Purple has the MOST terrifying jump scare of them all and lives inside the vent.

Imagine casually walking, and suddenly, you’ll get PULLED out of nowhere. So make sure your eyes are all over the place. 

You know if he’s watching you when you see a WATER near the vent, and his eyes are lurking. Remember not to touch or step on it, or he’ll get you.

5. Red Monster

Red Monster

Red’s character holds a mysterious nature. But to be honest, I don’t like this guy at all (LOL).

He guides every player at the beginning of the game. Ensuring they’re safe from all the monsters.

But wanna know the mind-blowing twist? He’s the MYSTERIOUS FIGURE behind the bus incident. And the reason for all the chaos. 

EXPERT TIP: HIDE under the box or CROUCH to avoid getting eaten on the entire game. 

Do you now see the endless opportunity that the Rainbow Friends Game offers? Buckle up cause I’m about to show you its REAL potential. Let’s turn it into a profitable business idea, shall we?

Why Selling Rainbow Friends Game Toys?

Why Selling Rainbow Friends Game Toys
  • The game is popular, making its toys in demand

See how a simple search of “Rainbow Friends Toys” in Google REVEALS all its trending toys. That’s how BIG of a market share we’re talking about here. 

Since the game’s release, toys have been flying off the shelves and selling pretty well. 

There are dozens of toy varieties you sell in your store. From cuddly plushies, lego sets, vibrant stickers, and more. 

  • Gaming-related products are easy to sell

There are gamers from every corner of the world. People who are MORE THAN WILLING to splash their cash on the games they adore. 

They go the extra mile by snatching up the merchandise that comes with it.

And considering the fact that the Rainbow Friends Game is a sensation for ALL AGES. It definitely is a walk in the park selling its toys.

  • It’s profitable

I know this is what you wanted to hear. And yes, selling toys is a profitable venture. Perfect for small businesses who DON’T HAVE products yet to sell online.

You HIT THE JACKPOT with its large customer base. And I’m talking about Millions of people playing this game. Just waiting to get their hands on these toys.

Fun Fact: The gaming industry presents the HIGHEST opportunity. When it comes to a profitable business. 

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10 Hot-selling Rainbow Friends Game products

Allow me to introduce the BEST Rainbow Friends Toys for your eCommerce store.

  1. Plush Toys

One of the most in-demand toys from Rainbow Friends Game. 

Your customers love it as it’s made from 100% cotton and high-quality fabrics. Plus, it’s also washable

IDEAL for gift ideas and room decorations. You even put it inside your car!

  1. Temporary Tattoo Kid Stickers

Parents around the world are gonna LOVE this product for their kids.

Tattoo stickers are PERFECT for birthday parties. Or simply a fun family day, allowing kids to get a little creative. 

They’re AFFORDABLE, making them super easy to sell.

  1. Collectible Action Figures
Collectible Action Figures

Collectors of the game won’t even think twice about adding these toys to their collections.

They’re safe around kids, so players of ALL AGES surely buy them. They’re also perfect for birthday gifts and home decorations. 

YOU WON’T regret adding this to your store offerings. 

  1. Key Chains Letter

You can never go wrong with SELLING Rainbow Friends Letter Key Chain.

Perfect gifts for all occasions and for all ages.

They’re affordable, easy to sell, and profitable. You definitely hit the jackpot for this product. So don’t miss this out!

  1. Reusable Straws

Make birthday parties FUN and sell these cute reusable straws.

The characters are movable, adding an enjoyable experience when drinking. It’s made from quality plastic materials and is 100% NON-TOXIC.

  1. Birthday Party Supplies
Birthday Party Supplies

Don’t let this gem slide, and ADD IT immediately to your eCommerce store. 

Party supplies are one of the most bought on any eCommerce platform. So bring a touch of GAMING MAGIC to every birthday celebration. And watch your sales soar! 

  1. SmallBos

These cute and cuddly round companions are another great addition to your TOY LINEUP.

It’s made from high-quality materials, ensuring a soft and huggable experience. You surely bring a smile to your customer’s faces with their vibrant colors.

  1. Birthday Party Gift Bags

These bags are the ultimate goody bags for BIRTHDAY OCCASIONS.

Perfect for kids who want to turn their Rainbow Friends-theme party to the next level. Start selling these and bring smiles to their faces EVERYWHERE. 

  1. Tablecloth

Don’t forget to add this tablecloth to your sellable cause it’s a surefire hit!

Perfect for hosting parties, a playdate, or any memorable occasion. You smell success and a GUARANTEED pocket filled with profits. 

  1. Face Stickers

Your Rainbow Friends merchandise won’t be complete without this cute little stix. 

A must-have for collectors, kids, and fans. They’re fun, affordable but PROFITABLE. Boosting your sales and bringing joy to anyone who wears them.

How To Sell Rainbow Friends Game Toys?

How To Sell Rainbow Friends Game Toys

This article won’t be complete if I’m not going to teach you how to sell these toys online. So buckle up, and let’s get started.

Step #1. Research the demand.

Start by knowing whether these toys are sellable or not. 

Although I have already mentioned that these toys SELL LIKE HOTCAKES. It’s still best to know which character in the game brings you the most money.

Once you know which can be your gold ticket, you may now…

Step #2. Choose an eCommerce platform.

Various platforms are already offering these toys. So choose the one that INTEGRATES WELL with your store. 

Plus, ensure that it’s user-friendly. You don’t want to give your customer a hard time navigating your store. Do you?

Step #3. Find your trusty supplier.

Of course, you must start selling these toys with a trusted partner.

Skip the world of endless internet searches. And TAP into the world of recommendations. Reach out to your fellow business owners and get the INSIDE SCOOP.

Why do you tie yourself up when you have the best one recommended by your friends?

Make sure that your goals are ALIGNED  and the price is right.

Step #4. Create product listings and descriptions.

These two ADD UP to the recipe for a successful eCommerce business. 

Make your product listings visually attractive. Enough for your new customers to click YOUR PRODUCTS right away once they see it. 

Your product listings must also have the same formula.  A perfect blend of attractiveness and conciseness. Don’t let your customers think twice about buying it. 

Have the ability to persuade them right away.

And finally, you may now…

Step #5. Promote your products and start selling.

Other entrepreneurs still need to be aware that ads significantly affect their sales. So take time to FOCUS on your promotions.

Create one that connects with your clients before you START SELLING.

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People Also Ask about Rainbow Friends Game

Where can I find Rainbow Friends Toys?

You FIND these sought-after toys on all eCommerce platforms. As I mentioned earlier, they’re very IN DEMAND. So it’s no surprise that business owners add these toys to their eCommerce stores. 

Is $10 000 enough to start a Rainbow Friends business?

Yes, that’s more than enough to start your eCommerce business. Rainbow Friends toys are very affordable and have so MANY varieties you choose from. I imagine you selling all sorts of toys from the game with that amount of capital.

What is the best way to start selling Rainbow Friends toys?

Dropshipping is the BEST WAY to start selling these toys. Especially if you’re on a limited budget. You don’t need to pay an upfront cost, so you’ll save more money. And, of course, enjoy most of your profit.

How many nights are there in Rainbow Friends?

Rainbow Friends has FIVE NIGHTS or five rounds in total. The goal of the game is to survive each night. However, the longer you stay alive, the more challenging each night becomes. And the scarier the jumpscare you get from the monsters that are chasing you.

Can you make money selling toys?

Definitely! Selling toys is one of the most profitable niches you hop on today. I always RECOMMEND this niche to my beginner clients. It’s profitable, the demand is high, and the customer base is incredibly high as well.

What’s Next

Rainbow Friends Game is UNDENIABLY one of Roblox’s most successful games ever. Its vibrant characters and thrilling gameplay keep the players CRAVE FOR MORE. Creating endless opportunities for entrepreneurs like you. So if you’re here to look for a profitable business idea. This game is surely HIT.

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Call Leelinesourcing! We help you source the BEST PRODUCTS at competitive rates. Plus, we connect you with the best local suppliers to help you with your selling journey.

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