Temu vs Wish: The Worthy Guide 2024 Make the Right Decision

Welcome to our DETAILED Temu and Wish 2023 guide!

Most online reviews are either MISLEADING or BLATANT sales copies.

That ends now…

I’m a serial entrepreneur, writer, and eCommerce enthusiast. I’ve used both Temu and Wish countless times. And I’ll be brutally honest to help you save more money on your next purchase. 

This no B.S guide covers EXACTLY what Temu and Wish are. Key factors that differentiate them. And which is the BEST platform to shop from. 

Let’s dive in…

Temu vs Wish

Temu vs. Wish: A Quick Look

What is Temu, and how does it work?

What is Temu

I’ve been in the eCommerce biz since BC days. And here’s my experience with this 

AMAZING e-commerce platform.

Temu is more like a Mercedes Benz in the online marketplace – a luxury shopping platform. With a superior online shopping experience and PREMIUM product quality.

Temu is barely a year old and is making MASSIVE strides in the industry. Just like when the luxury German machine (Mercedes) first hit the airwaves.

This eCommerce giant offers high-quality products, including stylish clothing. Outdoor furniture, car accessories, beauty products, basically EVERYTHING. (much more on this later).

Plus, they provide express shipping, which mirrors the classy sedan’s crazy speeds.

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What is Wish, and how does it work?

What is Wish

Wish is like a BMW, an equally premium luxury sedan. They offer many products at incredibly low prices. 

Just like BMW’s stellar performance. Wish works to provide a premium experience to ALL their shoppers. Providing user-friendly interface, responsive customer service team, and FAST shipping options.

Rant incoming.

BMW has faced backlash for its vehicles’ overall reliability and high maintenance costs. And Wish isn’t off the hook, either. Yes, you’ll get lots of products at reasonable prices. But often you might get disappointed. Especially if you buy a product for half its original market price.

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Temu vs. Wish: Key Features Comparison

Let’s see how these two giants clash head-on. That way, you’ll understand which of these two online shopping platforms is worth your money.

It’s going to be fun, I promise!

Business Models

Temu vs. Wish: Business Models

I’m a fan of the two, so pardon me for not taking any sides.

Temu and Wish have distinct business models that have made them e-commerce giants.

Here’s how Temu works…

Temu connects buyers with Chinese suppliers, offering INCREDIBLY low prices. 

Also, Temu focuses on gaining a broader customer base by offering discounted prices. $20 free sign-up discount. And coupons worth well up to $100.

Plus, you can refer friends to sign up on Temu and earn $10 on each sign-up. 

Wish positions itself as an AFFORDABLE e-commerce platform. Offering millions of products at competitive prices. 

Wish MAINLY focuses on shoppers looking for the BEST deals in the marketplace.

Did you know? Wish gives you a 15% discount on your first purchase. SWEET.

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Pricing and Discounts

Temu vs. Wish: Pricing and Discounts

Temu is known for offering significant discounts and customer coupons for most products. 

I came across a tweet that Temu was offering HOLY S*** discounts in the Philippines. Check it out:

Temu vs. Wish: Pricing and Discounts

They still offer free shipping for MOST of the products. This is a PERFECT opportunity if you are launching your eCommerce store.

I got my $50 Temu discount on my first purchase. So, go ahead and grab yours TODAY.

Wish is the CLOSEST thing to free products in the eCommerce world. Prices can go for as low as $3 for trendy and quirky fashion items.

You get crazily discounted prices, which include free shipping for some select products.

What about minimum order quantities?

Here’s the thing…

Wish doesn’t necessarily impose a minimum order quantity on you. Hence, you only buy what you need. 

However, there are sellers with a minimum order quantity for certain products. Sucks, right?

Verdict. Wish is the No.1 go-to website if you are looking for the LOWEST prices in the market. Prices can go for a little as $2 for quality products. 

Product Variety & Quality

Temu vs. Wish: Product Variety & Quality

There are 10 million products on Temu across 30+ product categories. These categories include appliances, pet supplies, shoes, tools, and so much more.

In general, Temu’s products are sourced from Chinese vendors. Allowing them to offer not only competitive prices but also GOOD quality products.

My gym sneakers from Temu are almost a year and they’re still solid. No signs of wear and tear ANY TIME soon.

Consequently, Wish has MORE than 300 million product listings. This is 30X the products on Temu, giving you more flexibility when buying products. 

Although Wish has EXTREMELY lower prices since they source directly from Chinese suppliers. Product quality is top-notch!

The statistics are grim. Wish got a 4.5 customer rating from 180,000+ customers on Trustpilot. Many customers appreciate their quality, sizes, and their extremely low prices.

Verdict. I’m a bit skeptical about making bulk purchases from Wish. I still have a lot of noise from the mixed reviews I’ve been reading. I’d prefer to make bulk purchases from Temu since their prices are equally LOWER. And products are TOP QUALITY. 

Interface Ease of Use

Temu’s website and app are easy to navigate thanks to their super-friendly user interface. 

Temu vs. Wish: Interface Ease of Use

I’ve been using Temu to shop personal items since it launched. And the experience has been AMAZING. No lags, no pop-up ads…nothing! Just filter your product desires from the search bar at the top – BAM. Hundreds of products appear instantly.  

Wish’s user interface is a piece of cake. Man, even my grade 3 son can make a purchase EASILY.

Temu vs. Wish: Interface Ease of Use

Products are thoughtfully arranged. Prices are clearly shown. Reviews perfectly indicated. There’s no way you can miss!

Both Wish and Temu applications are well designed. Finding products and checking out has never been easier.

My verdict. Temu’s user interface destroys that of Wish. Everything is well organized, super fast, and no lags. Jumping from different web pages is such a breeze with Temu, HANDS DOWN.

User Shopping Experience

Temu vs. Wish: User Shopping Experience

Temu has a very intriguing design, I must admit. I remember telling a friend how the website is easy to navigate. 

Just head over to this bad boy, and you’ll see how product categories are WELL-ORGANIZED.

As I said previously, their user interface is world-class. Compared to any other e-commerce shopping platform. 

Plus, you get a search bar at the top of the page, so you can find products HASSLE-FREE.

Wish is good at what they do, evidenced by its EASY-to-navigate website. 

Wish has made their website as simple as possible, with product prices. Huge discounts and offers are shown IMMEDIATELY when you enter their website.

Critics say that Wish’s move for its ABSURDLY low prices might confuse customers. Make them feel cheated and scared away altogether.

My verdict. Both Temu and Wish have a wonderful shopping experience. I have made bulk purchases from both websites. And never had ANY challenge navigating pages. Remember to take time to find the BEST products at affordable prices. 

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Shipping Options and Costs

Temu vs. Wish: Shipping Options and Costs

Temu offers AWESOME shipping options – standard shipping and express shipping.

The standard shipping is for eCommerce newbies and budget-conscious shoppers. Here, you get your packages in 8 – 25 days. (I know, but it’s still better than spending months waiting for your package).

But if you are like me (no patience at all), then try Temu’s express shipping. It only costs $12.90, and you get your delivery in 2 – 3 working days.

Oh, and Temu gives free express shipping for orders above $129.

On the other hand, Wish shipping costs vary depending on the size, weight, and destination. Shipping fees will automatically appear at the checkout stage. 

And although many claim they got their packages in 15 – 30 days. Don’t get too pumped up, you might get yours in 7 days OR 45 days!!

Verdict. Temu has FASTER shipping times compared to Wish. You get goods delivered in 1-3 weeks. That’s better than waiting for 4 or 5 weeks to get your Wish package. 

Customer Support

Temu vs. Wish: Customer Support

Temu has lots of mixed reviews regarding its customer support team. 

C’mon guys, these guys are REALLY trying…I’ll give it to them. 

In fact, Temu offers 24/7 customer support. You can reach out to them using their contact number, (888) 495-8368 or via email. You get TIMELY responses and FAST solutions to your problems.

In my opinion, this is a HUGE red flag. I get we are in the AI era. But still, customers want to talk to real human beings. And not just some random bots.

Wish gives customers an alternative to contact them through their customer email. Honestly, I haven’t used it yet, but customers give their response pretty solid reviews.

Verdict. I’d choose Temu any day just because of their human-feel customer support. You get real-time responses that are FAST and HELPFUL!

Refund and Returns Policy

Temu vs. Wish: Refund and returns policy

Temu has a 30-day refund policy. You can return low-quality products within the first 30 days after delivery.

Here’s how I got mine…

I fired up Temu’s website and went to the “Your Orders” page. Clicked on the Return/Refund icon. Temu sent me a return label after submitting your request. I smacked it on the return package and dropped it off at a nearest UPS or USPS station. That’s it!

Check on your return status through your order’s page or Temu’s Email and push notifications.

NOTE. The first return is FREE. But the 2nd, 3rd, and so on will cost you a whopping $7.99. 

Unlike Temu, Wish Return and Refund policies are straightforward.

You are ONLY eligible for a refund if you return the package within 30 days after delivery. 

Contact Wish customer support, get your return label, and drop it off at a courier station.

You get your refunds within 14 days after submission. Pretty cool, right?

Verdict. Both Temu and Wish have stress-free refund processes. Just ensure you are eligible before seeking a refund. And you’ll get it in under 2 weeks on both platforms!

Payment Security and Options

Temu vs. Wish: Payment Security and Options

One major concern when purchasing goods online is your data. Credit Card data, to be precise. Imagine waking up one Sunday morning. Checking your account balance only to find NOTHING!!

The good news is that Temu takes safety a notch higher. They offer world-class encryption and SSL certificates that create secure connections. Between your phone/laptop and Temu websites.

Temu accepts multiple payment options, including Visa, American Express, and Mastercard.

Wish also prioritizes shoppers’ credit card safety. That’s why they don’t store such sensitive information on their website. Rather, it is sent to payment service providers such as Paypal, Stripe, Adyen, and Braintree.

You can pay for goods on Wish through Apple Pay, American Express, Visa, etc.

Verdict. Both Temu and Wish are working TIRELESSLY to ensure your card details are safe. Rest assured that your credentials are in safe hands while using any of the platforms.

Temu vs. Wish: Dropshipping

Temu vs. Wish: Dropshipping

Now, to the million-dollar question asked in every seller group out there. 

Can you drop ship on Temu? 


But you can use it to source products for your dropshipping business.

The ONLY downside is that you have to use Temu’s product package. This means that customers will INSTANTLY know that you source from Temu.

And due to some customers’ perception of Temu. You’ll have to move mountains to get them to make a purchase.

On the other hand, I’d totally recommend you dropship on Wish. The platform boasts over 107 million buyers ready to buy your products.

Wish has more products compared to Wish. And they don’t brand themselves on every product you sell, giving you 100% FLEXIBILITY.

Verdict. Wish is a GREAT platform to start your dropshipping business. The customer base is HUGE, and you get the flexibility to use your brand name. Hence, you attract even more customers and enjoy HIGH-PROFIT margins.

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Plus, it comes down to what you actually want

Pricing & Discounts High discounts & coupons Extremely low prices for ALL goodsWish
QualityTop-quality productsGood quality, but some are just cheap knockoffsTemu
User InterfaceSeamless interfaceLess organizedTemu
ShippingFree shipping on some products and faster shipping timesHigh shipping costs and longer shipping timesTemu
Customer support24/7 active toll-free numberNo customer support numberTemu
Shopping ExperienceGreat shopping experience. Over 10 million downloads in 1 yearSuperb shopping experience with over 150+ million users every monthWish

Temu offers huge discounts on its products. Plus, you get to enjoy free shipping on almost ALL purchases. Products are top-notch, and you won’t have to wait for months for your shipments to arrive.

But if you are looking for EXTREMELY low prices than anywhere in the world. Wish is the BEST place to be. You’ll get crazy deals for EVERYTHING you need – clothes, shoes, electronics, NAME IT.

People Also Ask about Temu vs Wish

1. Is Temu safer and better than Wish?

Both Temu and Wish prioritize their customer’s safety and overall experience. Yes, there might be a few scammers hiding on the sites, but you can avoid them. Just read the product reviews and check customer ratings to find a REPUTABLE seller.

2. Would you recommend ordering arts and crafts supplies from Wish or Temu?

Two reasons. 
Wish offers relatively lower prices, so you are likely to find good art suppliers for cheap. And Temu offers crazy discounts. So, you are likely to buy an art supply worth $100 for $30 – $40.

3. Is Temu like Alibaba?

Not really!
Temu focuses more on providing products to end consumers. Alibaba offers products to eCommerce sellers and other businesses. 

4. Is Temu competing with Amazon?

Temu is competing for its spot in the eCommerce space. Thus, automatically becoming Amazon’s competitor. 

5. Which one is more popular, Temu or Wish?

Temu is FAST gaining more popularity than Wish, considering it’s only a year old. Although Wish still has millions of shoppers every month, Temu is catching up. And is set to beat the veteran e-commerce giant in the coming years.

What’s Next

Hope this helped – I’ve covered ALL the critical sections differentiating these two sites. 

Be sure to check out our detailed review on Temu as well as Wish. You’ll get deeper insights into the pros and cons of these websites.

Remember to read the product descriptions and reviews before making purchases. This helps you avoid getting scammed. Or ordering the wrong size products.

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