Temu vs Shein: Which Deal Site is Better? HONEST REVIEW

Temu Vs. Shein? 

Fast FASHION business model has been on the rise. Yesterday, I checked out Temu. Surprisingly, in less than one YEAR, it has crossed 100+ million downloads

Can YOU IMAGINE? It is FU**ING unbelievable! Just one year and 100 million downloads! 

Based on this scenario, I have decided to COMPARE it with the Shein. A FAST FASHION company! 

Our Leeline Sourcing Experts have been HELPING customers to find the suppliers. Get the BEST AND PROFITABLE deals on Shein or Temu. You make FAST business progress. And earn more revenue. 

Want to know more about Temu vs. Shein? In this guide, I will explore both companies. And evaluate significant points. 

Let’s check! 

Temu vs Shein

Temu vs Shein: A Quick Overview

What is Temu, and why is it popular?


Temu is an ONLINE MARKETPLACE with a focus on lower prices. And better quality. 

Is it really so? 

To be honest, I can agree with the PRICING. The quality justifies the price. But you can’t expect $100 PRODUCTS in $10.

Founded in July 2022, Temu has achieved VARIOUS MILESTONES in its age. It has a VAST collection of products with over a million items. You browse up to 250 SUBCATEGORIES. And over a MILLION items in clothing, beauty products, etc. 

That is FU**ING Amazing! 

The funny thing? 

It has a MOBILE APP with 100 million PLUS downloads

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What is Shein, and why is it popular?


Who doesn’t know Shein? It is a PLATFORM I have known for years. And many people already have it in their HEARTs. 

So what is it? And why is it immensely popular? 

Shein is a CHINESE online marketplace. Having a particular focus on the FAST fashion inventory. From beauty products to clothing, you can FIND tons of items. Almost all have seasonal discounts. And give you a FEEL of luxury. 

It is one of the top competitors for Zara and H&M. 

The best part? 

It has affordable clothing. Suppliers are from China. You get the LOWER PRICES. And enjoy higher profit margins on your ONLINE SUPERSTORE. 

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Temu vs Shein: Main Features Comparison

Side-by-side comparison? I have listed a THOROUGH comparison of features of both platforms. Check them out!! 

1. Interface & User Experience

Temu vs Shein Interface

Customer experience is the MAIN THING for a website to survive. I have seen many WEBSITES failing at the start. Once they focus on CUSTOMERS, they win. 

Temu is a COMPLETE PLATFORM, just like eBay or Amazon. It has multiple sections. Featuring the BEST PRODUCTS. However, it also has the SAME SORT of recommendations. I get the product range I am MOST INTERESTED in. 

Shein has a RECOMMENDATION SYSTEM. For example, I am interested in electronics. And browse it. Shein’s search system will RECOMMEND me the best products related to Electronics. 

It focuses on the TARGET audience. That is Gen Z. And attract Gen Z young consumers in the e-commerce industry. 

Winner: It is a DRAW! Both have almost the same system. 

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2. Supply Chain and Business Models

Temu vs Shein Business Models

As per my research, Shein is a FAST FASHION BRAND. And Temu is a complete platform with different products. Both have other business models to sell trendy clothing products. Temu is a BIT different. Let’s check out both. 

Temu is a COMPLETE platform in the US. Undoubtedly, it has SUPPLIERS from China. But we can’t say it to be a SOLE Chinese site. So, you SOURCE products from multiple suppliers. These suppliers can be the US, UK, or Chinese. 

Shein emerged as a CHINESE PLATFORM. Therefore, 90% of the suppliers are from China. In the e-commerce industry, they sell the products. And ship them to the CONSUMERS. Pricing. Shipping. Or supply chain VARIES based on the suppliers. 

3. Marketing Strategy

Temu vs Shein Marketing Strategy

The best one always wins. Do you agree? I have done ENOUGH RESEARCH. Strong marketing campaigns can be a PARADIGM shift. 

Let’s check out who and which platform does better marketing in the e-commerce industry. 

Temu lets the CONSUMERS shop like billionaires. Extremely LOW prices. Tons of products. And UNBELIEVABLE discounts of up to 90%. Everything contributes to the POPULARITY of Temu. That is why it has achieved faster PROGRESS in less than a year. 

On the other hand, Shein uses the INFLUENCERS for marketing campaigns. You might receive marketing emails for EXCITING offers. And buy Shein’s fashion accessories. Most customers buy through the INFLUENCERS. This demand increased Shein’s popularity. 

4. Pricing & Discounts

Temu vs Shein Pricing

Pricing and discounts? I have been SEARCHING prices before making a purchase. Expensive prices are a BOMBSHELL for a buyer like me. Let’s find out! 

After researching for hours, Temu has a BETTER price structure. I have explored multiple products on both the Shein and Temu. Surprisingly, Temu has AFFORDABLE prices. The purpose is to ATTRACT more buyers. Temu’s Clothing price is not GOING to exceed $15. Is that even a burden? 

Then, is Shein a BOMBSHELL? 

Believe me, it is NOT! You’ll get affordable prices on the Shein as well. They offer discounts to the new customers. A vast collection of clothes on Shein is available for under $10.

Winners: Our winner for the pricing and discounts is Temu! It has more affordable prices with an extensive RANGE of deals. 

5. Product Variety & Quality

Temu vs Shein Product Variety

Quality is something I NEVER compromise. I prefer to buy a $10 qualitative shoe than a $5 BUT ineffective quality. There have been BIG TALKS about the quality among our experts. I have listed the EXPERIENCE related to quality and variety of products. 

Temu has a WIDER RANGE of products. Footwear. Apparel. Electronics. From a simple tool to a CLOTHING inventory, you get everything. 

Apart from that, you get a WIDER RANGE of trendy clothing. The quality is just FINE. It’s not something I can say the BRANDED! But at least I am investing at a VERY low price, although. 

Shein has IMMENSE POPULARITY for its fast fashion products. You can explore from beauty accessories to apparel. All are available at a LOWER COST. However, you can’t rely on QUALITY as well. 

Winner: It is a TIE. Drawn comparisons here! 

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6. Shipping & Delivery

Temu vs Shein shipping & delivery

What if my order ships late? It URGES to cancel the order. I can not wait for a LONG DELIVERY process. So, I prefer a platform with FAST shipping—and an easy delivery process. 

Temu has a STANDARD SHIPPING process with a short delivery time. I have received some PRODUCTS within six days. Most users can expect up to 15 days. 

The BEST THING? It is free shipping available on MOST of the products. Only a few products charge a SHIPPING fee on standard shipping. 

In contrast, Shein has a SLOW delivery. It is because of the CHINESE suppliers. Complex customs process. It depends on your shipping country. You receive products within 7-15 days. That is also a reasonable delivery time. 

Winner: Temu shippers DELIVER orders faster. So, Temu is a winner here! 

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7. Customer Service

Temu vs Shein Customer Service

What do you like the MOST? Personalized customer agents of a company or automated messages? I often want to TALK to agents. Let’s check how Temu and Shein have it here. 

Temu provides the PERSONALIZED experience to the consumers. You can talk to the customer agents. Talk about your PROBLEMS. And get a SOLUTION as the priority.

The spice of life? Temu’s customer service gives you $5-10 for LATE PRODUCT DELIVERY. Isn’t it great? 

Shein relies on the AUTOMATED MESSAGE. That is a total disaster. Therefore, Shein’s customer service has been CRITICALLY criticized about the consumers’ experience. 

Winner: Temu is a WINNER for supporting customers with a DIVERSE range of solutions. 

8. Refund and Returns Policy

Temu vs Shein Refund and returns policy

I bet $100 here! Temu is a CLEAR winner. 

I have ordered the T-SHIRTS on the Temu. The product quality was low. So, I changed my mind. Returned the item. And the very next REFUND was in my account. The same scenario took ten days from Shein. 

Let’s check how Temu and Shein have a return and refund policy. 

Temu allows the user 90 days after confirming the delivery. That means I check the PRODUCT for 90 days. In case of ANY discrepancy, hit the return button. 

The Cherry on the TOP? It is a FREE RETURN shipping. Absolutely FREE. No FU**ING penny to invest! Insane! 

Shein gives only 35 DAYS. You have to generate the return shipping labels. And SEND the products back. 

The last straw? It is the RETURN SHIPPING FREE you have to pay. 

Winner: Temu is a WINNER for a better return policy. 

9. Payment Security and Options

Temu vs Shein Payment Security and Options

Don’t want to risk the PAYMENT INFORMATION. Choose the e-commerce site with BETTER security. Guess which one is it? 


Temu offers multiple PAYMENT options with ultimate security. You can pay by: 

  • Credit card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal 
  • Klarna
  • Afterpay

The cream of THE CROP? It is the SSL and TLS encryption. You safely transact. And avoid any scams. That is how Temu keeps its customers safe. 

Shein customers have access to limited payment options. For example: 

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Buy Now, Pay Later

It also has robust security LAYERS. Which keeps the hackers at PLUTO. You are safe on the Shein. 

Winner: It is a TIE. Both have excellent security. 

Temu Dropshipping vs Shein Dropshipping

Temu Dropshipping vs Shein Dropshipping

Are you interested in the DROPSHIPPING industry? It is an ABSOLUTE STUNNER. Because you’re choosing a SIX FIGURE store. People make MILLIONS of bucks by just dropshipping inventory. 

As far as I know about Temu, it is NEGATIVE here. That means Temu Fast Fashion BRAND does not allow you to resell products. Independent third-party sellers sell inventory. Not the dropshippers. However, it can be a DROPSHIPPING CHANNEL indirectly. You find suppliers. List the products in your store. And ship directly to consumers. Is that even complex? 

Shein, AS A FAST FASHION retailer, allows dropshipping. You can talk to the SUPPLIERS. Ask them for dropshipping. And get products shipped to the CUSTOMERS directly. It is profitable! 

Winner: Shein is a WINNER. It is because Shein offers dropshipping. 

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Final Thought

FeaturesTemu SheinWinner
User ExperienceExcellent User ExperienceIt also has an excellent user experience and recommendations. Draw
Pricing and DiscountPrices are meager. Prices are low but not less than Temu for the same item. Temu
Product Variety and QualityProduct quality is fine. Product quality is comparable with price. Draw
Shipping and DeliveryFast shipping: 5-15 daysShipping takes 7-15 daysTemu
Customer ServiceIt has a personalized team for customer support. Automated messages that cause lousy support. Temu
Return and Refund policyAllow 90 days for return with free return shippingAllows 35 days with a fee on return shippingTemu
Payment SecurityMultiple payment options with security Multiple payment options with encryptionDraw
DropshippingIt doesn’t allow. It allowsTemu

Which one are you choosing? Temu is a WINNER in almost all the points. But at some points, you need to PREFER the Shein. Choose the platform that is the BEST for you. 

People Also Ask about Temu vs Shein

1. Is Shein better than Temu?

There is NO EXACT answer. Temu offers budget-friendly options. Moreover, it has an extensive product range. You get FREE returns and STANDARD shipping on your delivery.

2. Which is cheaper, Temu or Shein?

Temu and Shein both have COMPARABLE prices. But Shein is cheaper if we compare the PRODUCT prices of multiple categories. But the quality is good in Temu compared to Shein.

3. What is Shein’s biggest competitor?

Shein is a FAST fashion company. Therefore, it has relevant competitors. For example, Zara, H&M, ASOS, and Boohoo. All these are fast fashion companies. You can expect the SAME sort of clothing or beauty products. 

4. What strategies have Temu and Shein employed to gain market share in the fast fashion industry?

Shein and TEMU have a robust business model. They use AFFORDABLE clothing and a VAST collection of products. It helps them attract price-conscious consumers. And get the latest fashion trends. 

5. Is Temu easy to return items?

Yes. Temu offers a FREE RETURN. You can generate the shipping labels in the product section. And return your ITEM quickly with standard shipping. 

What’s Next

Whether you are BROWSING shein or Temu, quality is your GOAL. One thing more, you always focus on the prices. 

Isn’t it true? 

You explore the SOURCING AGENTS like Leeline Sourcing to accomplish your deal! We have 10+ years of sourcing experience. Get you the BEST quality. And improve your BUSINESS reputation with highly qualitative INVENTORY. 

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