Temu vs Alibaba: Let’s See Who Is The Ultimate Winner

GIANT VS GIANT! Gorilla Vs Gorilla! Have you seen such FIGHTS? If not, today, we have it in this blog. 

One is the RISING GIANT—TEMU. Another is already ESTABLISHED Giant— ALIBABA. 

Guess who will be the winner? 

Our Leeline Sourcing Experts have worked on BOTH PLATFORMS. Searched Through the BEST SUPPLIERS. And FOUND the BEST deal with high-profit margins. You’ll enjoy a BETTER business reputation. 

Our thorough experience has LED to accurate information on Temu vs Alibaba. And help you decide BETTER which one is better for you. 

So, are you ready to ROLL N ROLL? 

Let’s explore! 

Temu vs Alibaba

Temu vs Alibaba: A Brief Introduction

What is Temu, and why is it popular?


Temu is an EMERGING PLATFORM with 100 million PLUS users. And 250 product CATEGORIES. It was launched in July 2022. 

And now, in less than 14 months, it has SHAKEN the e-commerce giants with HIGH PRODUCT RANGE. And best Chinese suppliers. Marvelous, right? 

Do you know the SECRET of success? 

It is the AFFORDABLE prices of the products. Along with that, you get PREMIUM shipping. No minimum order quantity restrictions elevate your MORALE. And help you to be on the SAFER side. 

One more thing I FORGOT. It is the WIDER RANGE of products. From consumer electronics to CAR, everything is waiting for you, BOSS! Go ahead and buy it. 

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What is Alibaba, and why is it popular?


Alibaba is one of the TOP eCommerce Giants with EXCELLENT inventory. Jack Ma founded it in 1999. And SKYROCKETED it within periods of YEARS. 

Now, Alibaba is not a single ONLINE Marketplace. Instead, Alibaba is Alibaba Group Holding Limited. Alibaba Group has MANY other sites Like Aliexpress, Tmall, or Taobao! 

You get EVERY product you want. No matter it is the electronics or the car, suppliers have. 


Incredibly LOW PRICES. Broad RANGE of products. Above all, access to the manufacturing of LARGER QUANTITIES. That means you don’t have to PUT a PAUSE In your sales. NON-STOP supply is your SHIELD for higher revenues. 

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Temu vs Alibaba: Main Features Comparison

Temu Vs Alibaba; it will be a BREATH of fresh air. Want to know? Let’s start! 

1. Market Strength

Temu vs Alibaba Market

Want to know who is the BOSS of the market? Market strength is the STRING you catch onto. Let’s check between both sites. 

Temu is a RELATIVELY new platform. But it has ACHIEVED immense success. If we compare it with ALIBABA’s success in FIRST, NO MATCH at all!! Temu is AHEAD of its time compared to Alibaba. But overall comparison TELLS a different story. Temu has to take YEARS to become in TUNE with Alibaba. 

Alibaba has 20+ years in the market. And almost 45% of the Chinese market share. It is BIGGER than Mount Everest in the eCommerce scene. That is why Temu is not NEAR to it. 

Winner: You already know. Alibaba has a BIGGER share and more years. So, it is a a winner here. 

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2. Interface & User Experience

Temu vs Alibaba interface

Interface and USER experience is EVEN STEVENS for both Temu and Alibaba. Let’s know who is better. 

Temu has a website and app. The app downloads have exceeded 100 million plus. And the rating is 4.5 stars. It works like the FLOW of water through the hand. No extra TIME waste. No extra hassle at all. 

The products have ACCURATE categorization. Plus, you get the LIGHTNING fast images that OPEN up once you open the website. When it COMES to make a PURCHASE, it is FASTER than light speed. You get relevant product ideas. And easy purchasing through FAST navigation. 

Alibaba also has a WEBSITE and APP. The app downloads are 100 million plus. At the same time, the RATING is less than Temu with 4.4 stars. I wouldn’t dish out. But the Alibaba app and website Experience is NEXT-LEVEL! 

For example, I want to find an EARBUD. Alibaba shows up HUNDREDS of relevant products. Pricing is SUPER AFFORDABLE. AND adding to the cart and making a PURCHASE is as fast as BUGATTI CHIRON. It takes no time to FIND a product you need! 

Winner: Temu is AHEAD of the game TWO REASONS. One is Comparable Play Store app downloads. Second, in less than 14 months. 

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3. Supply Chain and Business Models

Temu vs Alibaba Supply Chain

Business model REFERS to the exact working mechanism. It means how the TWO PLATFORMS approach customers. 

Temu is ITSELF a seller. Its business model relies MORE on B2C sales. That means Temu sellers retail the products to the CONSUMERS. Ship them on time. 

And ensure buyer protection. There are no B2B trades. One thing is For sure. You BUY and resell ahead. That still gives you the PROFIT. 

On the other hand, Alibaba is more ABOUT connecting buyers and suppliers. Chinese suppliers sell PRODUCTS on Alibaba. Small businesses come and purchase it. 

The business STRUCTURE is more dependent on the B2B. In this process, Alibaba is not a SELLER like Temu is. Alibaba is just a PLATFORM to connect businesses. 

4. Price Range

Temu vs Alibaba price

Every business has a relevant pricing structure. For example, Temu Pricing covers products under $10. Let’s know what Alibaba and Temu have price ranges. 

Temu is a B2C SITE. But the prices are meager. For example, you can get a necklace for 0.99 USD. Unbelievably, CHEAP prices. I have purchased many PRODUCTS under $10. Alibaba couldn’t do it. Because Temu can OFFER one item. While at Alibaba, you have to MAKE more oversized orders. 

My experience with the ALIBABA was in large quantities. In BULK quantity, prices are lower than Temu’s. It is because you get QUOTES from suppliers directly. No MIDDLEMAN. No fuss!! But again, it is GOOD for bulk orders. For no MOQs, you have fewer products available on Alibaba. 

Winner: Alibaba is a WINNER here. You save money by grabbing LOW PRICES.

5. Product Variety & Quality

Temu vs Alibaba Product Variety

Do you want to ENSURE quality? Find a GOOD supplier. Grab the OPPORTUNITY! Let’s check if both sites offer it or not. 

Temu has over a MILLION products. There are 250 PRODUCT categories. While 29 main categories. You get almost all the PRODUCTS you need. Beauty products. Fashion items. Machinery and AUTO PARTS. And many more. However, customers have CLAIMED to get low-quality products. 

Alibaba is a BRITISH LIBRARY. There are hundreds of millions of products. If a PRODUCT is not on Temu, it must be on ALIBABA. Have a QUICK go and check. Moreover, product quality is GOOD too! 

Winner: Alibaba has more products plus quality. So, it is the king of the hill here. 

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6. Shipping & Delivery

Temu vs Alibaba Shipping & Delivery

Shipping confirms the SUCCESS of any platform. And it is the heart of the MATTER. Let’s know the shipping process in Temu vs Alibaba. 

Temu has FREE shipping on Almost all the orders around the GLOBE. That is WONDERFUL! But the shipping is slow. It might take 8-25 days to reach. However, you have ACCESS to express shipping. I have shipped an ITEM within ten days. Based on your Shipping options, Temu manages the SHIPPING times. 

Alibaba is not like that. Most sellers have their OWN shipping options. They help YOU BE your own KINGMAKER. Choose air and freight CARRIERS. Get suitable shipping times. And boom!! The guaranteed delivery date is THERE. However, shipping might take 20-40 days

Winner: Temu is a BOSS here. You can SHIP faster. And make the best shipping opportunities. 

7. Customer Service

Temu vs Alibaba Customer Service

In Temu vs Alibaba, you must know who is GOOD at customer service. Here is the result. 

I have tested the TEMU customer service. They allow you to CONNECT with them on phone calls or email support. Plus, they have FAQs to resolve your ISSUES regarding problems. On the SCALE of 10, I would rate them 7. They are not VERY good, just AVERAGE! One thing is GOOD. They give you VOUCHERS for your recompensation. 

Alibaba customer service is TOP-NOTCH. Their live SUPPORT has been LOVE SUPPORT for me. Got a problem with orders? Just head over to the LIVE CHAT. Tell them your concerns. And congrats, you have RESOLVED your issue. No longer delays or any other problems. Good customer SUPPORT is available 24/7.

Winner: Alibaba has excellent CUSTOMER service. So, it is the PRIME here. 

8. Refund and Returns Policy

Temu vs Alibaba Refund and Returns Policy

Both Temu and Alibaba have made names in NEW markets. Their return and refund policy is IMPRESSIVE. Let’s check it in Temu vs Alibaba. 

Temu offers 90 days for BUYERS to return products to sellers WORLDWIDE. The TOP of it is the FREE return shipping. Such a refund POLICY GIVES extra purchase protection to the buyers. And urges them to MAKE purchases without any TENSION in the eCommerce industry. 

If we compare it with Alibaba, Alibaba has 30-60 days for the RETURN. However, the return TICKET is free for the same products. You can ASK for refunds for undelivered packages—or low-quality items. 

Winner: Temu has a BETTER policy. So, Alibaba has to LIFT its hands in front of its approach. 

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9. Customer Experience

Temu vs Alibaba customer experience

Customer experience DEPENDS more on buyer protection. And both sites are GOOD at it. 

Time Magazine features Temu as a BAD platform. The reason is the RISING number of scams. And NO MORE GOOD EXPERIENCE of the customers. No doubt some customers get a good experience. But we can’t ignore a LARGE number in e-commerce. 

As far as Alibaba is concerned, it has excellent buyer protection. For example: 

  • Verified Chinese manufacturers. 
  • Gold suppliers. 
  • Supplier Profile and History. 
  • Product Reviews. 

Every single point WEIGHS in the gold. You get an EXCELLENT experience. And trade safely. 

Winner: Alibaba has more protection options. So, it has a good customer experience. 

Temu vs Alibaba: Dropshipping

Temu vs Alibaba Dropshipping

Are you a dropshipper? If that is the CASE, you must know who best suits you. 

Temu doesn’t EXTEND hands for the drop shippers. No support. No RESELLING. It is just a BLIND SPOT. However, you can drop ship in another way. Choose products. Purchase. And ship directly to your CONSUMERS by adding the address. That is a NO-BRAINER

I have worked on Alibaba as a dropshipper. It gives a HELPING hand to the dropshippers. They can link the dropshipping apps. Import products to their STORES. And sell! Alibaba suppliers will SHIP the products to more customers in the e-commerce industry. 

Winner: Alibaba is the platform you SHOULD consider for dropshipping. Isn’t it simple here? 

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To Sum Up

Market StrengthIt is relatively new. So, less market share. 45% share in eCommerce is greatAlibaba
Interface and User ExperienceThe App has 100M+ downloads and a 4.5-star rating. The App has 100M+ downloads and a 4.4-star rating.Temu
Price RangePrices are Lower, not less than Alibaba. Prices are lower than Temu. Alibaba
Product Variety and QualityOne million plus products with acreage quality. One hundred million plus products with Good quality. Alibaba
Shipping and DeliveryShipping takes 8-25 days. Shipping takes 20-40 days. Temu
Customer serviceAverage customer support. Best customer team. Alibaba
Refund and Return policy90 days to return an item30-60 days to return an item. Temu
Customer ExperienceAverage customer experienceBest customer experienceAlibaba
DropshippingNo drop shipping facilityDrop Shipping is available. Alibaba

It seems Alibaba is the WINNER in the Temu vs Alibaba debate. But I can’t DECLARE one platform as the winner. If you want BULK products, Choose Alibaba. If you wish for one or two items, Temu is a GOOD CHOICE. 

People Also Ask about Temu vs Alibaba

1. Is Temu the same as Alibaba?

Both are online marketplaces. Both share SOME COMMON features like low prices. International shipping. High product RANGE. There are many differences in business models. And customer experience. 

2. What are some excellent places to promote Temu products?

Social media is ALWAYS the BEST IDEA. You can PROMOTE your high-quality products as a priority. In addition, Google ads are also a GOOD option to attract some buyers. 

3. How long will a shipment take from China to the US using Alibaba’s shipping service?

It depends more on your SHIPPING services. If you choose EXPRESS, it might take 5-7 days. For standard shipping, you might expect 20 years. For ocean shipping, it is 35-55 days. 

4. How do I ensure the quality of shipped goods from an Alibaba supplier from China?

You should follow SOME tips like: 
· Check product reviews. Confirm whether other buyers have good quality products or poor quality. 
· Verify the suppliers selling products. 
· Inspect the factory. 
· Ensure standard shipping methods are there. 

5. Does Temu have a US warehouse?

Temu is a US-based online marketplace. But it SHIPS products from China. So, there is a FULFILLMENT facility for the products. But no manufacturing SETUP! 

What’s Next

Don’t be TOO PICKY! Don’t be a PU**. Take it EASY. Decide on what you need. Measure your BUDGET. And then go for BULK orders on Alibaba. Or a single-item delivery on the Temu. 

But one thing is FOR sure— QUALITY. Do you need it? 

Contact our Leeline Sourcing experts. We have 10+ years of SOURCING experience. And thousands of successful deals. Enjoy higher PROFIT. And becomes the BOSS of your reputable business. 

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