Dropship Bra Sets To Sell Online

Leeline Sourcing helps you source HIGH-QUALITY Products from the BEST SUPPLIERS for dropshipping. Don’t worry about inventory management, stocking products, and packaging with us. 

What else? We also offer WORLDWIDE SHIPPING services at AFFORDABLE RATES. Now only think about PROFITS!

Dropshipping Bra Sets

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Is Dropshipping Bra Sets Online profitable in 2024

Yes, of course. As per reports, the global bra sets market is estimated to grow by more than 6.11 billion dollars from 2022 to 2026. During the forecast period, the EXPECTED GROWTH rate is 8.21%. The dropshipping Bra is a huge online market to earn RETURNS and HIGH-PROFIT MARGINS. 

Dropshipping Bra Sets

Wholesale Bra Sets For Dropshipping


Wholesale Bikini


Wholesale Bodysuit


Wholesale Bra


Wholesale Bustier


Wholesale Corset


Wholesale Bralette

Our Bra Sets Dropshipping Services Include:

Sourcing product suppliers

Sourcing Bra Sets Suppliers

Leeline Sourcing is a SOURCING AGENT and your long-term partner in China. We help to find reliable manufacturers and quality products for your dropshipping business. 

We help to GROW your online store by offering you a TAILOR-MADE service for Shopify or Amazon FBA.

Product Quality Control

Our experts conduct inspections during or after the production of lingerie. Before shipments, we check every product to ensure there is no DEFECTED PIECE. 

We always ensure to meet the production requirements. It helps to reduce YOUR inspection costs and increases the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. 

Product Quality Control
branded dropshipping

Branded Dropshipping

Having your brand of bra sets boosts SALES. No need to worry about product inventory management. We handle the branded dropshipping services for you. 

Leeline Sourcing builds the custom packaging of dropshipping businesses to deliver your brand. Secure your ecommerce business success by achieving BRAND SUCCESS with us. 

Private Label & White Label Bra Sets

Looking to build your product brand? GO FOR IT RIGHT NOW!

Leeline Sourcing’s private label service supports innovation. We help you drive PROFITABILITY, DIFFERENTIATION, and CONSUMER SATISFACTION

Whether a large-scale business or a startup, we help you find suppliers to bring your ideas to life. We offer you customized packaging to achieve your private label dreams.

Private Label & White Label
fulfillment center

Dropshipping Fulfillment

Open your dropshipping bra sets RIGHT NOW with no hassle. No Packaging, No Inventory, and No Shipping. JUST PROFITS. 

Leeline Sourcing helps you source the best manufacturers for your lingerie business worldwide. 

What’s more? We help you to select the BEST SHIPPING SERVICES at BEST RATES. We also assist you in integrating your products with ecommerce platforms like Woocommerce.

Hear it from fellow Bra Sets Dropshipper

I’ve been dropshipping bra sets with the help of Leeline Sourcing for five years. I’m delighted with their services. They always ensure to provide exceptional customer support. It’s unbelievable to have such a service worldwide. Thanks.

– Mark, USA

Source Your Bra Sets and Start Dropshipping

We offer the best price and dropshipping services to help you improve your dropshipping business. View More Products to Dropship

Best 8 Bra Sets Dropshipping Supplier

Are you thinking of starting your online business? Are you looking for a PROFITABLE niche for an ecommerce store? If so, then start Dropship Bra Sets RIGHT NOW.

Dropshipping bra and lingerie is a PROMISING niche to get potential customers. Lingerie and Bra are EVERGREEN products that cannot be out of fashion in any season.

We have more than decades of experience in the dropshipping niche. We assist you in CHALLENGING TIMES to run a successful business with more INCOME and PROFIT. (YES, we are here with exceptional customer support, then why are you worried?)

In the next 10 minutes, you learn about Bra set dropshipping and its advantages.

Dropshipping Bra Sets

Advantages of dropshipping bra sets

Amazing benefits of selling lingerie products online are:

  1. Low startup cost

Working with a dropshipping supplier cuts down the cost of inventory management. Dropshipping agents TAKE CARE of the product sourcing, inventory, and shipping procedures. There is no need to pay for the products until the customer orders the product ONLINE

  1. Save time on packing and shipping.

Worried about the hectic and PRICY shipping procedures? No need to worry now because the supplier is responsible for packing and shipping orders. 

  1. Variety of products available 

The Lingerie product niche is quite WIDE, with many suppliers. Access the TONS of trendy products to dropship in your store and earn more PROFIT

There are a lot of suppliers offering wholesale products and single intimate apparel. Buying single items at wholesale price is perfect for SMALL Businesses

We can Made Drop Shipping from China Easy

Leeline Sourcing is to help Shopify & small businesses sourcing products from China and build your branded business.

Best 8 bra sets dropshipping suppliers.

1. Petite Cherry

Petite Cherry

Looking for some attractive and stylish designs of bra sets and closure bras? Petite Cherry is the PLACE to dropship unique lingerie at very REASONABLE PRICES. The products are very easy to market, so you do not need to worry about SALES.


  • Price Range

The brand offers products at very AFFORDABLE PRICES ranging from only $10 to $40. Buying products at a low price and selling at a high price helps you to BOOST SALES

  • Shipping facility 

Petite Cherry company is also offering SHIPPING SERVICES. What’s EXCITING? The shipping service is valid GLOBALLY. You get affordable shipping no matter in which corner of the WORLD you are in.


  • Japanese designed High Quality yet Affordable. 

Petite Cherry is providing the JAPANESE designed bra sets in different SIZES. It’s the opportunity to buy bra sets in DIFFERENT STYLES and sizes at Reasonable prices. Many women love beautiful lingerie, so sell them in your store with more PROFIT, MARGINS. 

I have purchased bras from Petite Cherry. They procure excellent quality.

  • Simple Website Design

The website is EASY to NAVIGATE. The sizing charts help you to dropship the products in your desired sizes. 

2. Salehoo


Time is very precious in the dropshipping business. Salehoo is one of the best lingerie dropshipping suppliers. It helps you to start a business by managing inventory. Salehoo also provides exceptional support.

At Saleeho, more than 8000 suppliers and 2.5 Million products are available. You always start your business with CONFIDENCE with Salehoo.


  • Easy-to-navigate website for lingerie dropshipping

Using the website to find the best lingerie products for dropshipping is very simple. Browse the directory of Saleeho and find reliable dropshippers. Start selling quality products and earn more PROFIT.

  • Top 1 vendor 

Salehoo is the number 1 vendor providing the cheapest women’s bra sets online. Buy the products at low prices and sell at HIGH PRICES.


  • Cheaper wholesale market for dropship lingerie. 

Salehoo is a 70% cheaper bra sets online marketplace. It also offers product customization and bulk buy discounts.

  • Different styles

Salehoo offers more than 800 unique styles of bras and lingerie. You get stylish undergarments in different styles at BEST RATES.

3. Oberlo


Whenever I think about Shopify Dropshipping, Oberlo pops up in my brain. It not only dropships on Shopify but also on other platforms.

Oberlo provides everything that you need to run a dropshipping business successfully. It offers a variety of suppliers and women’s undergarments. 

Oberlo offers the latest and trending lingerie products. Sell the in-demand products at competitive rates and earn more INCOME


  • Customize product details

After adding the lingerie products to your import list, Oberlo offers product customization. What’s the benefit? It allows you to customize the product, descriptions, and images per your choice.


  • Find, sell, and dropship lingerie.

Oberlo offers to test the prices and products without any UPFRONT payment. You check your desired products before buying. 

  • Wholesale price

Oberlo offers bulk DISCOUNTS buying products in bulk amounts. Buying the products at wholesale price gives you more PROFIT MARGINS

Suggested reading: Oberlo Review: Is It The Best Dropshipping Platform?

4. Target


Target is one of the best lingerie dropshipping suppliers. The supplier is located in the U.S. It manages more than 45 private labels, such as lingerie businesses. 


  • Wide catalog of lingerie products 

A wide variety of products are available under the women’s clothing category. You find exclusive online Bra sets products at LOW PRICES. Sell them at HIGH PRICES and earn more PROFIT


  • Swift shipping times

Target provides the fastest shipping times at BEST RATES. Get your products shipped SWIFTLY and make the reputation of your brand HIGH.

  • Refund Policies 

Target offers refund policies and practical returns. It benefits you if you receive any damaged or lost products. 

5. Banggood


Banggood is one of the most reliable Bra set dropshipping suppliers. It is a Chinese-owned business that supplies undergarments products. 


  • More than ten domestic warehouses to dropship lingerie.

Banggood has more than ten warehouses worldwide. It enables the FASTEST SHIPPING for customers’ orders. 


  • Dropshipping friendly 

Banggood is a dropshipping-friendly company. I have drop shipped products by using the Banggood. I made over $10K by selling apparel products. 20-30% profit is an easy deal. It is because they have a good collection of products to sell online.

By providing quality products, it also manages the inventory and shipping. You do not need to worry about product listing or higher shipping rates. 

  • Competitive product prices 

Banggood allows you to source hundreds of thousands of products at competitive prices. Buying at low prices and selling with more profit margins is always AMAZING.

Suggested reading: Is Banggood Legit, Safe and Reliable For Your Online Business?

6. Best Wholesale Lingerie

Best Wholesale Lingerie

Best Wholesale Lingerie is a supplier of high-quality and trendy undergarments. The supplier offers undergarments in different categories, such as lingerie, underwear, and panties. All of the products are available at competitive prices. 


  • Become a member of a lingerie dropshipping supplier

You must become a member to buy the products at wholesale prices in different categories. Register on the website and see the AMAZING prices of products. 

  • Regular updates 

The supplier regularly updates the NEW ARRIVALS on the website every MONTH. It keeps you updated about trending products and their prices. 


  • Fastest and FREE shipping for lingerie dropshipping business

Best Wholesale Lingerie offers the fastest and most affordable shipping. Orders more than $99 are of FREE charge of SHIPPING. Now, get rid of the highest shipping rates and save more MONEY.

Looking to find a reliable Chinese supplier?

As the best China sourcing agent, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

7. Elegant Moments Lingerie

Elegant Moments Lingerie

Elegant Moments Lingerie is one of the extremely popular lingerie niche suppliers. The company has no minimum order requirements. It is best to drop ship bra sets from this supplier for small-scale businesses. 


  • Wide selection of lingerie products 

Elegant Moments Lingerie provides a wide range of undergarments in other clothing categories. They offer no minimum order requirement. I get my desired products at BEST RATES.


  • 24-hour shipping period lingerie supplier

Elegant Moments Lingerie offers the FASTEST SHIPPING Time of 24 hours. Get your products shipped quickly and earn the trust of customers. 

 8. LightInTheBox


LigthInTheBox is the GREAT SUPPLIER for dropshipping sexy lingerie products. The suppliers deliver the products to more than 100 regions of the world.


  • Diverse Product Catalog of lingerie items

LigthInTheBox sources a wide variety of lingerie choices for your online stores. The supplier dropship underwear and maternity bars as well. Working directly with this manufacturer results in LESS MANUFACTURING costs. The reason is that the prices of products are reasonably LOW.


  • Exceptional customer service

LigthInTheBox has reliable customer support. You contact them if you face any difficulty using the platform. The agents get back to you ASAP, and you don’t have to wait for longer times.

  • Flexible payments 

The supplier offers HASSLE-FREE payment methods such as Credit cards or PayPal. You connect any of your cards and make the payment EASILY. 

How to start your bra sets dropshipping business?

start your bra sets dropshipping business

SUPER-EXCITED to start your dropshipping lingerie business? Below are the steps to establish your online lingerie store. 

  1. Setting up Bra sets Dropshipping Business Model 

You must set up your online lingerie stores or websites via dropshipping channels. The sales channels are Shopify, Wix, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace. 

Keep the following factors in mind while choosing any platform.

  • Requirements for sign up
  • Limit of product listing
  • Fees for subscription and pricing plans

The above factors help to run a SUCCESSFUL dropshipping business. 

  1. Choose a reliable supplier to dropshipping lingerie.

After setting up the store, select the bra sets supplier. Make sure that your supplier manages the delivery, listing, and shipping of orders. 

Find the following KEY BENEFITS in your supplier while finalizing them.

  • Have a wide variety of products 
  • What is the minimum order requirement?
  • Competitive prices
  • Wholesale discounts
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Refund policy
  • Exceptional customer support 

As discussed above, some of the best suppliers are LighInTheBox, Saleeho, and Banggood. 

  1. List and start selling in the lingerie industry.

After listing the products in your online store, START SELLING. You must offer the right quality products to customers. It makes them buy again and again. What’s the benefit for you? You get more SALES and PROFITS. 

FAQs about Dropshipping Bra Sets

1. Where can I order the best wholesale bra set online?

There are many best wholesale companies to buy bra sets online, such as Saleeho and Bangood.

2. How much would it cost to start a bra sets business?

The average cost to start a bra sets business is between 3000 USD to 40,000USD. The amount varies depending on the size of the business you want.

3. What material is used to make bras?

Different materials are used to make bras. Nylon, cotton, silk slips, polyester, and Spandex have been traditionally used fabrics. 

What’s Next

That’s a WRAP.

We congratulate you on learning about dropshipping bra sets in just 10 minutes. Now that you have demanding products with a list of reliable suppliers. Who can stop you from ESTABLISHING the Bra sets dropshipping business? 

Struggling to automate your lingerie drop shipping business? Our experts at Leeline Sourcing assist you in optimizing the product listings. (SIGNIFICANT PROFITS) 

Message us and get your FREE Quote and Consultation ASAP. 

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