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China Trade Shows

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China Trade Shows: Ultimate Guide 2021




Everyone wants to export from the Chinese market. But sourcing from China involves a lot of risks, and you do not know where to begin?

One of the best opportunities that you can avail of is to visit the China trade show. By visiting the China trade fairs, you can meet a wide range of suppliers. You can easily discuss your requirements with them and build a successful business relationship.

They arrange an incredible number of China import-export fairs to showcase Chinese productsChoosing one of these China trade show will help you to make the right decisions and will save you time and expense.


What is the China Trade Show?

China trade shows are exhibitions arranged by the companies, where they can display their products to attract buyers. The public cannot attend these trade shows. The representatives of companies and members of the press are allowed to participate in the trade fairs.

If you import from China or you are considering it, there are several reasons for you to think about attending the China Trade fairs. For beginners, especially, it is a tremendously valuable way to explore the Chinese markets.

The Chinese trade show is the B2B business platform, which condenses the purchasing process from weeks to just one single day.

Trade shows can create a long-lasting impact on the attendees if all the things go right. They are the best place to show your potential.

If you succeed to impress the attendees, you may get direct sale opportunities. Therefore, they are considered as cost-effective networking and advertisement.

How does China Trade Shows work?

The trade shows try to help you in various ways. Such as:

  • They help you to find reliable suppliers.
  • You can develop relationships with the suppliers immediately
  • You can meet several vendors at a time
  • A visual display of goods can help you to choose the required product
  • The exhibition of products may also reduce quality risks.
  • The display of products can save you time and expense.
  • The China Trade Shows provides you a chance to connect directly with the connectors.
  • The manufacturers are available there to discuss the features of their products and to answer all your queries.

​How China Trade Shows work

How does China Trade Shows protect buyers and sellers?

China import export fairs bring opportunities for both the seller and the buyer. The sellers or manufacturers can bring their products to the exhibition, can display them, and introduce their products to the market. It is a golden chance for the producer to attract customers.

On the other hand, the buyer or consumer can visit the exhibitions to examine Chinese products. Importers can learn about the unique, fresh, and amazing products from China. They can purchase them and can bring them into their local market.

These trade shows entertain both buyer and seller equally. They can have a face to face meeting and can discuss their import/export procedure.  As no third party is involved so, the buyer is directly connected to the manufacture.

The probability of risk reduces ultimately. Furthermore, there cannot be any issue regarding product quality as the seller can check the displayed products.



Why Go to Trade Shows?

When you search for Chinese products, your journey will start and end at Alibaba. In this situation, China’s trade shows can be a good option. You can find plenty of better alternatives here.

Attending the China trade fairs will help you out to discover the best sourcing agents. China import export fairs give opportunities for face to face meetings, to develop the trust and understanding with Chinese agents. You can choose the trade shows according to the product you want to import.

You can find the china china sourcing agents online, too, but you know it is a little bit risky. There are chances of fraud and scams in online sourcing. In the China Trade Shows, there is no risk, as you are in direct contact with the suppliers.


The Top 7 Trade Shows Of China

Trade shows have a significant influence on the Chinese economy, and they are playing a vital role in the growth of the economy.  People from all over the world attend Chinese trade fairs to get access to the Chinese market.

1.    Canton Fair

Canton Fair is a national and most prominent trade fair in China. They display different kinds of products here but in separate sessions. Like in the first session, they will exhibit every industrial product from electronics to the automobile.

In the second session, consumer goods and gifts. The clothing, medicines, and all the recreational products are displayed in the last session. The event is organized twice a year, i.e., during spring and autumn.

The maximum number of consumers are from Asian countries, while onli10% comes from Europe, the US, and Russia. It is an international event, and to eliminate linguistic issues.

Multiple language assistants are provided for the participants, who belong to more than 200 countries. Furthermore, attending the Canton Fair is free of cost. The only thing you will need to participate in the show is a visa to visit China.

  • Featured products

They display almost everything.

  1. Dates

Monday, June 15, 2020, and will end on Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

  1. Exhibitors

There are about 25,000 exhibitors per session with 60,000 booths.

  1. Attendance

There are almost 19,000 buyers in every session. The number varies according to the meeting. Like in spring, there are visitors as compared to the fall. The maximum number of visitors belongs to other countries in Asia.

  1. Location and address

This show is held at China Import and Export Fair Complex, 380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou.

2.    Hong Kong Electronics Fair

Hong Kong electronics provide a different platform to the exhibitors and buyers both. It is beneficial in exploring business opportunities.

In this trade show, industry players from all over the world gather to witness the latest developments which are going to see the future of electronics. This trade show is held twice a year.

Hong Kong Electronic Fair is a significant show, as it attracts buyers from every continent. Hong Kong is known as the hub of electronic products.

You can find different kinds of products like Metal Detector, blood pressure monitors, Projectors, and cable & Accessories.

  1. Featured products

The sellers can display 3D Printing, AI & Voice Recognition, AR,  VR & MR, Audio Visual Products, Automotive & In-Vehicle Electronics, Business of IP, Connected Home, Digital Imaging, e-Health & wearable, Eco-friendly Products, Electronic Accessories, Electronic Gaming & eSports, Electronic Manufacturing Services, etc.

  • Dates

This trade fair will start on Tuesday, October 13, and will end on Friday, October 16.

  • Exhibitors

The number of exhibitors was 9,600, according to a rough estimation.

  • Attendance

This trade show was attended by almost 195,000 people last year.

  • Location and address

This trade fair is held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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3.    East China Fair

East China Fair is the second-largest regional trade display, with the maximum number of traders, a great variety of the products, and most onsite deals, held in China. This trade fair is organized just once a year. East China Fair is held in Shanghai, a city in China.

This trade show is supported by the Ministry of Commerce of China. The nine provinces and cities co-sponsor this exhibition. The East China Fair is the best place for exploring Chinese textile garments.

  • Featured products

Different kinds of products, such as products of Garments, Home Textiles, Consumer Goods, and Art Deco Gifts, are displayed at the East China Fair.

  • Dates

This trade was held bet 1st to March 4, 2020.

  • Exhibitors

There 4000 plus exhibitors in this trade show displaying their products.

  • Attendance

Well, almost 20,000 people attend this trade fair annually.

  • Location and address

The East China Fair is held at Shanghai New International Expo Center, Century Park, Pudong, China.

4.    Yiwu Fair

It is a matter of fact that from where ever you purchase handicrafts, it always comes from Yiwu, China. It reflects how Chinese crafts are spread all over the world.

Surprisingly, more than 60% of Christmas decorations came from China. This trade fair is organized once in a year.

Yiwu Fair always represents a huge showroom for the handicrafts. Beside it, they display toys, Knitwear, ornaments, accessories, and much more.

Since foundation in 1965, Yiwu Fair has become the most influential fair of China. This trade show is hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, the Government of Zhejiang Province, and other relevant authorities.

  • Featured products

It is a great platform to display handmade crafts, toys, ornaments, and knitwear items.

  • Dates

This trade show is organized during October (from 21st to 25th).

  • Exhibitors

More than 2,500 companies display their products at this trade fair.

  • Attendance

More than 200,000 people from all over the world attend this Yiwu Fair.

  • Location and address

The venue for Yiwu Fair is the Yiwu International Expo Center.

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5.    China Hi-Tech Fair

Shenzhen is famous for more high-tech enterprises than any other city in China. It is not surprising at all that Shenzhen always hosts the China Hi-Tech Fair.

A large number of exhibitors displaying their products at the largest fair and provides excellent opportunities to source from Shenzhen.

China Hi-tech fair is the best platform to get information about technologies and advanced products from China. This platform provides opportunities to display new technologies, products, and other services. It is held once in a year, during November.

  • Featured products

This China trade show focus on the advanced technology products related to different fields such as energy conservation, environment protection, the new generation of information technologies, new energies, biology, manufacture of high-end equipment, new materials, and new energy vehicles, etc.

  • Dates

This trade show will be held on Wednesday, November 11 to Sunday, November 15 of this year.

  • Exhibitors

More than 3,000 agents display their products at this trade show.

  • Attendance

The China Hi-Tech Fair is attended by up to 500,000 people.

  • Location and address

Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center is the venue for this trade fair.

​China Hi-Tech Fair

6.    China Electronics Fair

China Electronic fair brings executives, leaders, experts, decision-makers, and professionals of the industry at the same platform.

So, they can exchange their ideas and share their information. It is quite useful for exhibitors to enhance their market opportunities. They can also develop valuable contacts with the target audience through this platform.

The China Electronic Fair is something of a roadshow, visiting Shenzhen in spring, Chengdu in summer, and Shanghai in fall.

This trade fair ensures the flow of useful information through proper channels. It is an excellent opportunity for all the attendees to get an insight into the electronic products of China.

  • Featured products

This trade fair is a display of advance electronic products. It is the number one electronic fair of China.

  • Dates

This import-export trade fair is held during November of this year, from 11th to 18th of this month.

  • Exhibitors

Almost 1400 exhibitors attend this trade fair every year.

  • Attendance

The China Electric Fair is attended by 60000 people from all over the globe.

  • Location and address

The trade show is organized at Shanghai New International Expo Center-SNIEC.

7.    Asia Outdoor Trade Show

This trade show takes place each summer in the old city of Nanjing. It is the very first professional and most significant trade show industry in Asia.

It is a four-day show, where hundreds of exhibitors display their products.  It is the only event in the China outdoor industry to be approved by the UFI.

The exhibition also conducts various activities like climbing competition, Asian industry awards, and industry BBS. Also, according to the situation of the market in Asia, the exhibition adds the running area, water sports area, club, and outdoor theme pavilion, and other theme areas.

After the hard work of many years, the overall scale of the exhibition, the number of exhibitors, the number of professional visitors, the number of media participants, and other aspects of data are increasing gradually.

  • Featured products

The traders display new products and services from camping equipment, camping education, camping sites, outdoor clubs, RV & self-driving, and more others.

  • Dates

This trade fair is organized once a year, during June and July.

  • Exhibitors

The 600 Chinese companies display their products.

  • Attendance

More than 20,000 people attend these exhibitions.

  • Location and address

Nanjing International Expo Center is the venue for the Asia Outdoor Trade Show.

​Asia Outdoor Trade Show


How to Find the Best Trade Shows in China for your business?

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to gain exposure in your industry. These shows help you to get benefit from brand exposure but also update you about all the happenings in your industry.

From the media to the potential consumers, it is quite general for people to attend the China Trade Shows.

If you have experienced the trade shows ever before, you have likely seen how much it goes into the trade shows. You can explore the business displays, and can meet the manufacturers ready to talk about their products.

A lot of preparations are needed to be done before the exhibition, and the same is true when you prepare for a trade show in China.

But before attending the trade shows, make sure it will be a fantastic opportunity to explore the Chinese products. It can happen only when you will choose the best trade show.

Before selecting the best trade show to attend, try to get the answers to these questions.

  • What do you want to import?
  • What will be your estimated quantity?
  • How many orders do you expect to receive each year?
  • Determine the demand for the product in your local market.
  • Will the product require any testing?
  • Are you interested in working either vendors or you want to buy directly from the factory?

After that, do a research to know about trade shows related to your required product or industry. In the very next step, check the details of all the exhibitors so that you can check the display of their products.

Try to select the one where you can find the maximum number of suppliers. It will be a great platform to confirm your deal.

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General Tips for Visiting Trade Shows in China

Although you are not exhibiting, a business trade can be a brilliant offer for you to research your market. You can make connections with other traders and gain inspiration.

Here are the useful tips to help you make the most of your suggestions.

  • Try to set your objectives, especially when you are running a shortage of time. You can also visit specific exhibitors, catch up with specific contacts, or can also collect a certain number of business cards.
  • Make sure that you are attending the right show. Try to spend some time checking the website of trade shows. Make sure you will find the required companies there and make sure they have potential licenses.
  • Register in advance. It will help to save money. You can also get a chance to be first in the line for the latest show news, offers and benefits through e-alerts.
  • If you are going to visit a critical trade show, try to meet a lot of people. Time can be short, and you may not achieve all of the things as you set out. So, before visiting the trade show, try to make questioner which will help you a lot.
  • Look what the organizers and exhibitors are offering in terms of seminars and conference sessions. It will help you to learn new things.
  • One of the significant advantages you can have from the exhibitions is learning about new ideas, which you have never considered before.
  • Try to take a quick visit so that you can talk with all the suppliers. You can also visit for more than once, if feasible.
  • You will find many competitors there, who will be offering similar services, just focus on the business you came to see. It does not harm to stay informed, and you may visit all the products if you have plenty of time.
  • Keep the number of meetings minimum, as this will allow you to spend your time at the show. Otherwise, you may get failed to achieve your targets.
  • Try to look confident. Be aware of the factors about which you will speak. Try to make eye contact and smile, and remember a quick stop in your speech may result in an invaluable find or an enlightening conversation.
  • At the end of the trade show, you may collect a lot of brochures and business cards. Try to select the required ones and discard the remaining as early as possible.
  • Stay in the hotel associated with the event. It will cost you more, but most of the retailers and buyers stay there.
  • Make plans before going to the show; set your goals and objectives.
  • Dress up appropriately, so people may take you more seriously. For example, if the show is about sports and fitness, the three-piece suit will be impropriating.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Walking the floor will exhaust you.
  • Bring business cards and copies of your sell sheets with you everywhere. You may get the chance to meet the critical client anywhere.
  • Try to pick a copy of every literature available there.
  • Avoid approaching booths when they are packed. If you approach when it is busy, the chances of you getting the right person may get slim.
  • Wait for the salesperson to engage you. Approaching a booth can intimidating as it feels like you are walking into the living room of someone.


Frequently Asked Questions About China Trade Show

When a new buyer plan to find the supplier, visiting the Chine Trade Shows can be a good option, but there come many questions in the mind of a buyer.

So, all of these questions with the best possible answers have been displayed below.

·        Where is Canton Fair Guangzhou?

The Canton Fair is a Chinese trade show. Formerly it was known as Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. It is located in the Pazhou Island in Guangzhou, a city of the Republic of China.

It is considered the largest convection center of this world. It also contains the most extensive exhibition hall of this world.

This trade show is organized twice a year. It is an international business event and is widely recognized as the Canton Guangzhou Fair.

It was also known as the China Import Export Fair at once. It happens every year, between April to May and October to November. No doubt, it is the most significant trading occasion for China.

The fundamental function of this trade show is to promote and develop the export business industry of China. Other forms of commerce related activities such as advertising, consultation, and commodity inspection, technical and business exchange take place.

The participants consist of the enterprises of China and foreign trade companies. If you want to sell the products online, then going to Canton Fair can be a good option.

·        How big is the Canton Fair?

The Canton fair being the largest convention center of the world is 12,174,000 sq ft and also contains a large hall of about 1,700,000.5 sq ft.

·        How do I get an invite to the Canton Fair?

  • To get into the trade show, you need to register yourself by filling the form. Your application will be approved within three business days.
  • After getting the approval email, you can log in to request your IC Card.
  • You will shortly receive an invitation letter, which you can use to apply for the visa.
  • Registration is free (so long you do not have a Chinese passport, in which case you will have to pay 300 Yuan each day).
  • Do not forget to bring your passport with you since it is necessary to enter the show.
  • The most suitable visa for the Canton Fair is a business visa. Once you get the invitation letter, you can request a visa at CVASC, Chinese Embassy, or Consulate in your own country.

·        What time does the Canton Fair open?

China Import and Export Fair, or Canton Fair, is held twice a year in every spring and autumn (i.e., in April and October). During the opening period, the show will remain open from 9:30 to 18:00 and will go through the weekends.

·        What are China’s main exports?

Located in East Asia near crucial trading partners, including Japan, South Korea, India, Vietnam, and Singapore, China shipped US$2.499 trillion worth of goods around the globe.

The main exports of china include Electrical machinery, computers, furniture, bedding, lighting, signs, plastics, plastic articles, vehicles, optical, technical, medical apparatus, knit or crochet clothing, accessories, items of iron or steel, toys and games.

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·        Is Canton Fair Canceled 2020?

The venue for the Canton Fair has suspended the exhibition activities until further notice due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. The Canton Fair was scheduled to hold in April.

But on May 10, 2020, the Ministry of Commerce had a recent announcement regarding the show. They declared that the online canton fair to be held on June 15 to 24, 2020.

The reporters asked about the expected changes and why they are arranging the show within the limited time. Gao Feng replied, they have started the investment promotion, and it is progressing smoothly. More than 400,000 buyers have sent the invitations.

He further added that the requests had been sent through the international business organizations and multinational companies.

They are striving to get more participants, but the limiting factor is time. Local buyers are also actively invited.


How Leeline Sourcing Help you find the best Trade Shows in China

After identifying the product you want to import, from where to find a suitable supplier is a crucial question.  Well, if you are going to see a maximum number of suppliers at one roof, China Trade Shows can be a good option.

Sourcing fairs are a great way to find new products. Visit the trade shows, and you will find exciting new products that you have never thought to see.

Furthermore, trade shows can save you time. Sourcing online can be risky, and suppliers can take time to deliver the shipments.

On the other hand, trade shows you can shortlist the products within no time. You can also ask questions from the manufacturers.

Chine trade shows can be a better option to find a reliable supplier. A reputable supplier plays a vital role in growing your business. The supplier helps you to find the product you have in your mind.

Sourcing companies actively participate in trade shows. They visit almost all the trade shows, as being sourcing companies display there.

So, they have a brief description of all the trade shows. They can let you which trade will be best for you according to your product. So, you contact the Leeline Sourcing to find the best trade show as well as the best supplier too.


Final thoughts on China Trade Show

When the buyers search for the required product, they usually tempted to focus on the best price.  Well, concentrating on the lower estimate may hurt you in long terms.

The reason is that shaving off a few cents can decrease the quality of the products. So, instead of focusing on the price, it is better to focus on reasonable price with good quality of products.

China Trade Shows play a vital role here. They help you to select the best products at the lowest possible prices. The manufacturers display their products at the trade shows, and they make themselves available to answer all your queries. You should grab this golden opportunity.

You can find all the brands under the same roof, and it will help you to choose the best product. Besides, the exhibition of products will help you to check the quality of the products. You finalize your deal by discussing all the issues directly with the manufacturer.

So, the trade shows are the gateways that lead you towards the best Chinese products. They provide a way for sourcing from Chinese.

You can select the China Trade Show according to your product and get the best items. Leeline Sourcing can also help you to choose the best Chinese trade shows.


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